29 july 2021

movin' video

Movin’ was a song I wanted to have fun with and challenge myself by literally movin’ with some choreography. I wanted just a touch of Latin feel even though it’s not necessarily Latin music.

29 july 2021

movin' - after hours

I asked Nate Dodge, the producer to see what we could do to spice up Movin’ original mix. He ended up coming uo with something completely different though, in Nate fashion lol. I loved the different feel but it felt like a completely different song. I fell in love with both versions, couldn’t make up my mind, and decided I’d just release both. Because they both get me movin’.

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21 October 2020


I just released 2 brand new songs for all of you from the Therapy Sessions songwriting vault! They are included in my deluxe version, Therapy Sessions: The Lost Sessions. Out everywhere now!