21 OCT 2021


Beast was written after a frustrating time of seeing the relationship I was in going downhill because of my own internal battle. I wasn’t really sure why it was going wrong, and was the same pattern of every other relationship I’d ever been in. I was feeling discouraged to see that no matter how I tried and who I was with, and how great they were it always ended by this other side of me coming out and dragging things down. I normally consider myself a pretty cheery person even though I’m shy. But the more close I would get to someone the more anger and suspicion and resentment I would feel, which would then translate into my behavior that would unfold in the relationship. It brings a lot of insecurity making me fear even myself in a relationship.

21 October 2020


I just released 2 brand new songs for all of you from the Therapy Sessions songwriting vault! They are included in my deluxe version, Therapy Sessions: The Lost Sessions. Out everywhere now!