“Rather Be Lonely” is about the sadness you feel when you feel lonely, even when you’re around others who love you. Some people push others away because they believe they don’t deserve to be loved. I’ve come a long way, but there are still some beliefs I learned as a child that I can’t quite get rid of, that continues to overshadow love. The other songwriters and I also wanted “Rather Be Lonely” to feel soothing and comforting. I hope the song provides a space for a listener to reflect on triggers, trust issues, and the hope to find healing.”


June 2024

hell together-The Remixes

As David continues to unlock new levels of freedom in his music and beyond, Archuleta has found an endless source of inspiration in his growing passion for dancing, raves, and festival culture. “EDM festivals and dancing have been a new way of feeling a sense of community and togetherness that I was worried I would lose,” he says. “Feeling a oneness through music and dancing is so magical and therapeutic—it’s freeing and also creative. It has encouraged me to be more fearless and to not be afraid to express myself in more creative ways.” To celebrate, David has released 3 new dance remixes by Ty Sunderland, De’La and Andrew Lux for his hit single, “Hell Together.”


mar 2024

hell together

I wrote this song based off what my mom told me a few days after I said I was stepping away from our church. She said she was going to step away too and then said, “If you’re going to hell, we’re all going to hell with you.” While we didn’t look at hell as many people do as Latter-day Saints at the time, and even now my transition out of religion has shifted the idea as a whole for me, I understood the sentiment she meant in what she said, and it meant a lot to me. Thank you for always loving and supporting me mom. ❤️ This song is dedicated to those who show unconditional love in a world where it’s so easy to judge things we don’t fully understand, the way my mom showed that love to me.