Here is the official music video for “Up All Night”, from David Archuleta’s newly released Orion EP.

In addition to the Orion EP David Archuleta put out today, he released a music video for one of the songs: the upbeat “Up All Night.” David wrote “Up All Night” about getting through a rough patch he was having.  A trip to the country gave the singer some much-needed perspective at a time when he was imposing a paralyzing amount of pressure on himself to prove himself.
“I think American Idol, the whole process, from the momentum on afterward, I never took time to slow down and think about who I was,” the singer says. “People wanted me to work in an adult world without growing up. … When I went on my mission, it was the first time that I took time to say, ‘Who am I? What do I want?’
“When I got back, I started doing music again, and that’s when I started working on these projects.” 
After a decade under the discerning eyes of American Idol judges, TV viewers, record label know-it-alls and music critics trying to shape and define his identity, Archuleta has discovered he’s the only one who can find himself, and, with confidence winning out over self-doubt, that’s what he’s done on Orion.