David Archuleta did an Instagram series about the people he worked with to create his new album “Postcards in the Sky.” In David’s words, “These are some of the writers/ producers that I had the privilege of working with on the new album #postcardsinthesky. They helped me to find my voice and get out what was in me through lyric and song.”

Jeremy Bose

This is writer/producer Jeremy Bose! Jeremy took part in writing 3 songs on the Postcards album. I gave background on "Say Me" on the Trent Dabbs post and how "Other Things in Sight" was a collab the 3 of us did. Jeremy and I worked with @cindymorganmusic to write "Someone To Love." (Which you'll see how the time flew in the picture since the day we wrote it. 😂) Jeremy also did additional production on the title track "Postcards in the Sky," (produced by Jeff Trott) and then I chose Jeremy to produce "Upset With Me," the only song on the album I wrote by myself. I knew Jeremy would get the emotional journey I needed to take it on, and wanted the song to feel like I was in the room alone like when I had written it. Many of you have asked about details on this song by the way. It was a feeling of being alone, nearly defeated, and surrounded by darkness, but also a sense of hope and movement forward. Although it was from a dark place there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. It was finding strength to move toward that light. Writing about it helped me know where I really stand. It brought healing and closure. For a while it wasn't on the album as I've since moved out of that place, but I knew there are people in that same place now, and they may need to hear they're not alone and can have hope and get help needed just like I needed help. The rest of the story for now is still personal and I need my space and time with it. I didn't know how else to express the emotions of loss, darkness combined with hope and moving forward aside from chords, and melodies. Thus the section without words and just chords, vocal expressions, etc. I knew Jeremy would get this too. Jeremy and I have known each other for 7 years now after being introduced to each other through @sensibilitymusic and @joy__williams. We wrote 2 songs with Joy and producer Robert Marvin (though these songs were never released) and bonded after that. This lead to the sessions where we wrote "The Other Side of Down" (along with Joy and Blair Daly) and "My Kind of Perfect" (also with Joy, and Cindy Morgan). Thanks for all the wonderful collabs Jeremy on this album, and also Cindy!

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Trent Dabbs

The wonderful @trentdabbs . So here's the story with him: Trent took part in writing 3 songs on the new album with me: "Say Me," "Other Things in Sight," and "Numb." If I'm not mistaken, Trent may have been the first person I met with in Nashville to start writing when I got back from my mission. That first day we met the idea for "Say Me" came about. We needed a little extra inspiration after we had the first verse, and so called up writer/producer Jeremy Bose and went over to his studio to finish the song. The same trio for "Say Me" brought the throwback groovin' "Other Things in Sight." Speaking to Trent that first day helped me realize I could speak about how important my mission was and to keep that change in me incorporated in my life and keep it going. The most pivotal writing moment I've had so far was probably with Trent and producer/writer @jskenney writing "Numb" where I realized I could incorporate those changes not only into my personal life, but into my music. When I wanted to quit on music to stay away from a place that left me feeling so empty before, speaking with Trent and Jamie helped me realize God could be a part of every moment and everything that I did, and there were people like them I could team up with to make it happen. Working with Trent was the beginning of me finding that I could be heard speaking up about what mattered most to me, and that my own voice was important. Thanks Trent for being a positive influence in this journey I've been on the past few years! Thanks for listening to how important spirituality and God being a part of everything I do is to me, and helping me find a way to express that in music. #storytime #postcardsinthesky #songwriting #trentdabbs

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Cason Cooley

A couple more story times for y'all to go! Cason Cooley is a writer/producer that helped me finish writing "I'm Ready," and along with @the_katie_herzig the 3 of us wrote "A Little Goes a Long Way." In addition to doing production on those 2 songs that we wrote together, Cason also produced "Invincible," "Waiting in the Stars," and "Shine a Light." I reached out to Cason after I heard his work that he did on @ingridmichaelson 's song "Girls Chase Boys," and other songs on her "Lights Out" album. I have always loved @ben_rector 's music as well and I came across Cason's name on the credits of a few of Ben's songs. Aside from creating music, Cason loves food and introduced me to a lot of great restaurants! He also loves to cook, and I've yet to try some of his Thai dishes that he makes. What's great is Cason is a lover of life and experiences rather than being a workaholic obsessed with getting music done, and so creating experiences and interacting with people is what motivates him to do music. During lunch his wife Katie (not herzig) would sometimes join us or Cason would catch me up on his kids and show me he latest pictures. Other times he'd share with me artwork and architecture he loves or talk to me about a podcast that was interesting. It was great collaborating with Cason on 5 songs off of the Postcards album along with Katie Herzig. Thanks for an outstanding job on everything and here's to more in the future! I added a throwback photo to when we wrote A Little Goes a Long Way too. #storytime #casoncooley #katieherzig #musicproducer #songwriters #postcardsinthesky

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Shaun and Isabeau Miller Balin

These 2 are Shaun and Isabeau Miller Balin. This collab brought 3 songs to the "Postcards" album. With them I wrote "Up All Night" and also "Shine A Light." I was introduced to them by artist/songwriter @camillenelsonmusic after I met Camille at church one Sunday in Nashville back in 2014. She invited me to join her for a writing session she had later that week with Isabeau and Shaun. The 4 of us had a great time talking, and I totally connected with them. That first writing session together we ended up writing "Spotlight Down." It was a very therapeutic song to write and get out of my system. Being told many times what I needed to be and being walked over because I was timid has gotten the best of me many times. As an introvert, I was tired of seeking attention and labeling it as what would give me success and happiness—Especially when I found out for myself on my mission that all the attention and celebrity isn't what brings (and didn't bring me) happiness. This time I could lead my life in the direction I felt best about, and not have to play an act every time I hit the stage of life where everyone was watching. It was time to stop playing someone else's part, turn the spotlight off that seeks out superficial recognition and attention, and look for the light from within and allow that to be the emphasis and focus. That is the real light to look for. So I hope that we all, rather than the Spotlight, look for the light that shines within. Shaun and Isabeau got married since we wrote that song and are expecting a baby literally in the next week! :) congrats Isabeau and Shaun and thanks to both of you along with Camille for these great songs! #songwriter #storytime #postcardsinthesky #spotlightdown #upallnight #shinealight

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Thomas Doeve

This is music producer Thomas Doeve! I said in my last post that I would talk about each songwriter/producer in the photo that worked on "Postcards in the Sky". Thomas produced the following songs: 1- "Spotlight Down," 2- "Cracks of Heaven," and 3- "Aiming for Hope." After a song is written, a producer will come in to design the way the instruments and background sounds fall into place. They will add the sounds and effects that go beyond the lyrics, melody and may even alter/enhance the chord structures used. It was fun to sit in with most producers on this album and decide what sounds, instruments, and background vocals would be used. It's been the most involved that I've gotten with production on an album. To see a song come to life step by step, start to finish is pretty exciting! Thomas brought a cool, low-key.. almost eerie-like yet lifting vibe to the songs on my album, which is what I was looking for with these particular 3. Thomas is one of the most easy-going, unassuming guys I've ever met. Any changes I wanted to make or try he was always excited about and always found a way to make it sound so good. In my opinion he really brought this Nashville sound to the "Postcards" album which I was hoping to bring as it is where I now live and is such a part of my life (both musically and personally). Thomas is originally from Georgia, and we met through A&R/publisher Josh Sarubin. So glad you came to the show Thomas, and thanks for making these songs so beautiful! #thomasdoeve #postcardsinthesky #music #musicproducer

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