Orion 5-19-2017
David is in the Philippines

David is in the Philippines

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David Archuleta – Seasons ft. Madilyn Paige

Published on Jan 25, 2018

“Seasons” is the duet between David Archuleta and Madilyn Page from David’s CD “Postcards in the Sky.” It was the subject of an exclusive article on Variety.Com. This official video is by Dusty Barker. David wrote the song with Stephanie Mabey and Dustin Christensen.


This is the official lyrics video for David Archuleta’s “Invincible.” The video is by Tarek Kasmi with drawings by Maddy Ashton.

Up All Night

Published on May 19, 2017 David Archuleta’s song “Up All Night” is available now as part of his CD “Postcards in the Sky.” It was written by David, Isabeau Miller, and Shaun Balin.