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Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated regularly as your questions roll in.

How can I write to David?
Send your mail to:

David Archuleta
PO Box 4297
Apopka, FL 32704

Please send letters and cards only, no parcels, thank you.

Where can I get an autograph?
We’re sorry, we currently can’t offer any options for that.

I used to be able to log in and now I can’t.
We’re sorry, we had to clean up our database. If you had not commented by that time, your account was deleted. Please register again, and don’t forget to comment!

Will David go to the prom with me?
Not if you’ve only just met.

Why aren’t my comments showing up?
This could be for any of the following reasons:

  • We moderate all comments to ensure that they are respectful. If your comment is respectful, it will show up after moderation.
  • You asked for money or donations in your comment. Please contact us by email to see if we can support this cause.
  • Your comment was not in English. We can only moderate comments that are in English and we cannot post comments that haven’t be moderated.
  • Your comment shared personal information, such as your Facebook account.
  • Your comment contained a link we could not share on this site.


Will David come to my country, my state, my city?
David loves to perform for his fans, and he wants to go to your country, state, or city but realistically he can’t make any promises at this time. Watch this site for official concert announcements and sign up for the newsletter to get notified about upcoming events near you!

Why isn’t this event we just heard about listed on this official site yet?
We post all event information as soon as David is satisfied that it is official. But not before.

How can I go back to the main page – I can’t find the “home”-button!
Simply click on the “David Archuleta”-logo on top of the site. It will take you back to the homepage.

Why can’t I see David’s music videos on Youtube?
Unfortunately David’s music videos might not be available on Youtube in your country due to regional copyright/licensing issues. However, all of David’s music videos can be seen here under “Videos”. You can also purchase them on iTunes in high quality.

Why doesn’t David tweet on Sundays?
On Sundays David takes a well-earned break from all things “work” to focus on his family, friends and personal life.

Why don’t David’s tweets get sent to my phone?
That service is provided by Twitter, not by us. Technical difficulties with their system might occasionally cause issues or delays with the send-to-phone-feature. We are positive the amazing Twitter-folks are doing the best they can to solve the issue as fast as possible.

I have signed up for the newsletter, but haven’t received anything yet – what went wrong?
Always check your spam or bulk mail too – some email clients might wrongly classify the newsletter as spam mail. Also, we might have not sent anything yet after you signed up. You can always check if we sent out a newsletter on the Newsletter Archive page. If you still haven’t received anything, even after something was sent, try signing up again. Thank you!

So, where DID they all park?
We’re still trying to figure that out, too!

I want to comment, but your site won’t let me use my regular WordPress-account! Where can I login/register?
In order to leave comments, you have to register for this site. Go to the registration page and type in a username and your email-address. You will receive a password in your email. This may take a little while as our servers are busy handling traffic. After receiving your password, you can login to leave comments. Please note: comments will be moderated to ensure everyone’s stay on our site is enjoyable at all times.

Okay I’ve registered. But I have not received my password?
We regret that we are experiencing very slow email. If you have not received your confirmation and password after 2 hours, please use the contact form so so we can help.

How can I upload a user pic?
Go to Gravatar.com, login with your WordPress-account and follow the instructions there to choose or upload a picture (make sure you’re using the same email address on all accounts). Please note: you need to use your own WordPress-account, not your user account for DavidArchuleta.com, and make sure you’re using the same email-address on both accounts. If you don’t have a WordPress-account yet, please go to WordPress.com to register.

I sent you a message using the “Contact Us” form or posted a comment on your site, but didn’t get a reply. Why?
We’re trying to answer as many messages and comments as quickly as we can, but as you probably know David has many fans and we’re getting a lot of messages/comments, so unfortunately we won’t be able to reply to everyone individually. We promise we read all messages and comments you’re sending us and respond if necessary (e.g. when you didn’t receive a password when you registered or ran into other issues concerning your user account). General ideas and concerns will be taken care of by providing the requested information or change on the site or forwarding your message to the right people. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Would you post my fan-made material (e.g. tribute videos, fan art, videos/photos taken at David’s event)?
In general we do not post unofficial videos, photos, art or other fan-made material. There may be exceptions. However, we can only post material that does not infringe copyrights or other rights, and meets our standards for keeping this site’s contents G-rated and respectful.

Why didn’t you post photos/videos of David’s event/concert in my hometown?
We try to document all of David’s appearances, but unfortunately cannot have a photographer and/or videographer in place at every event. We may use professional press pictures or videos if they are available to us, but we cannot post them without express permission of the copyright holder.

I thought David is on a church mission and can’t use the internet – why are there updates on his twitter and facebook?
Well, he’s back now. But while David was away on his mission, David’s management team and website staff take care of his twitter and facebook for him.