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Blog from Afghanistan

Blog from Afghanistan

Jul 18, 2014

Hey everyone,

I have written a letter to my family and friends, but I decided that I should share it with all of you as well:

First off, I am sorry that I can never write less than an essay and that my emails are always so long! But please bear with me and my imperfections with this one.

I wanted to write to all of you seeing as this last week has been quite incredible for me. Right now I am writing this to you as blasting winds full of dust attack my face and my eyes (I’m outside to have some time to myself). I am currently in Afghanistan, and as I don’t know when I will ever be here again I would like to take the time to write to you under interesting circumstances.

What am I doing here? I was invited by a man named Dan Clark. He is a world renown speaker who is the main contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. He has spoken many, many times to the troops all over the world. We are joined by a professional impersonator/comedian named Jason Hewlett (he’s hilarious), and my voice trainer Dean Kaelin (accompanying me on the piano and guitar, and performing himself a number) to do a military tour. It is a tour with the focus to inspire and give an uplifting message to the troops as we entertain.

July 8th we left for the Middle East. We began in the country of Bahrain– a country I had never even heard of before. Afterwards we went to Kuwait. It was amazing to see how empty it is here terrain-wise: sand, sun, dust, and desert. However, due to oil and gas these are very wealthy countries. We visited an Islamic mosque and I was amazed to see that they believe in prophets, and even believe in Jesus Christ… As a prophet of God; not as the Only Begotten, yet they believe that He will come again. It is Ramadan here which is the month of fasting, where they cannot eat or drink from sunrise until sunset. We cannot eat or drink in front of them, and have to keep long-sleeve shirts and pants when in public Muslim-eye to not offend their traditions.

Anyway, this is a military tour, not a desert tourist trip. I wanted to express my love for these military men and women. Here in Afghanistan– along with in Iraq–they are in combat and there are attacks going on. I was surprised at the friendships and the respect the local people have with and for the troops, as the reason why we have been in these countries is to protect these people from opposing groups who seek for power and are extremists and terrorists trying to overtake the countries. We are now making transitions to let the Afghan military take charge of defending their own country so that they may strengthen their own sense of duty and value those rights and liberties more by taking the lead themselves.

We have met so many fathers who have yet to meet their newborn babies in person; they are out in this blazing heat of 100-140 degrees day to day (and wow it feels like a hair-dryer blowing in your face!). We have seen and felt their appreciation for us being here as we “come out of our way” to meet with them, perform for them, and let them know we love them — it is the LEAST we can do!! It is amazing to have them come up and say, “you don’t know how much this means to us. Thank you for coming to see us and break the routine. You bring a piece of home.”

These are people who learn what the word “duty” means. They literally put their lives on the line with rockets being shot at the bases, mines exploding their and civilians’ paths, and suicide bombers coming at them. It is real, but they do it because of their duty to our families and to our country, and to their duty to protecting countries and people who cannot do it alone. How grateful I am for their dedication and for them being awakened to their duty.

I hope the next time you see one of these service men and women, you think of their commitment that they have to this duty: to protecting our amazing and beautiful country where we have freedom, and working to help others have freedom as well. We take what we have for granted– whether- we go to the air-conditioned malls, or sit at our peaceful homes bored. Let us think twice about our liberty that we have in this promised land, and how God has truly blessed us. During this trip we are also getting to do some special faith-based events that we call firesides. It has been a wonderful bonus to the trip.

We have one more week of shows, and I will try and give you another (shorter) update as we come to a close.

I hope you are all well!


P.S. I’ve attached some photos.

Photo 1: I don't think that's how you properly salute, but oh well haha. We have to wear the body armor sometimes when we travel from one base to another on military aircraft here in Afghanistan.

Photo 1: I don’t think that’s how you properly salute, but oh well haha. We have to wear the body armor sometimes when we travel from one base to another on military aircraft here in Afghanistan.

Photo 2: This is a mortar with some army men that is setup to shoot back quickly at locations where incoming attacks come from.

Photo 2: This is a mortar with some army men that is setup to shoot back quickly at locations where incoming attacks come from.

Photo 3: These army men use those giant explosion-protected vehicles in the back to search for mines. They basically go through explosions many times so that it doesn't happen to other military troops and civilians in normal cars or walking.

Photo 3: These army men use those giant explosion-protected vehicles in the back to search for mines. They basically go through explosions many times so that it doesn’t happen to other military troops and civilians in normal cars or walking.

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  1. Filisione02 /

    It’s very nice David! You have done so much to please your Heavenly Father. Keep up the good work!

    Write the longest I don’t mind the length. All that matters is the service and message.

  2. stephdanielle /

    David…as proud Americans we are ever so grateful to our brave troops & our veterans for their sacrifices & for what they and their families endure in the name of freedom for all of us, and we are proud & grateful too for what you, Dan, Dean & Jason have been doing to support our troops over there. The pics & blogs have been moving & inspiring, we can only imagine what an incredible journey this has been for all of you & for the troops to have you there…. God bless and safe travels home to all of you & our troops.

  3. Vicky Panjaitan /

    Thanks for updating David.
    Don’t mind your long email tho, I like to read it.
    May God bless you and everyone there.
    Have a great day! :)

  4. heartsong /

    LOVE the updated banner on the home page!! Great job, Team Archie! ♥

  5. rusharr /

    *Salute!* Back at ya sir.(Refering to your Photo 1) Well I guess it’s not how the proper salute too, haha.. Well sir, you totally “sunshine” Dave, keep shining on…your colors shining thru. :)
    P.S Thank you for making us smile, at a very perfect time most of the time. Take care.

  6. nanaweize /

    So happy you were able to do this tour with Dan, Jason and Dean. Something you will never forget. Thank you David for being who you are and for being such a good example to all. Take care and God Bless you all and our troops.
    Louise Perry..aka…Nanaweize from Midvale, Utah

  7. Amy (in VA) /

    David, thank you so much for letting those wonderful people know how much we appreciate them! I can’t think of ANYONE better to inspire and uplift them than YOU. Many thanks for your thoughtful decisions on how you spend your life and for your beautiful music to bring joy to ours. Blessings and peace to you and the Fab4 ♥

  8. pat brack /

    Hola David! Thank you – SO much – for including us in this blog. It seems this tour has been very good for your spirit! God definitely knows what He’s doing – sending you WHERE he does WHEN he does. And you say, “YES”. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us – may we all learn to say “YES” as unreservedly as you do. You look cute in the vest, saluting. We know you are a man now, and no disrespect – but you look like a very little boy playing dress up in that pic. Someday, David, someday… We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patricia

  9. Danny /

    I’m proud of you !
    David, please come to Indonesia.

  10. Martha /

    Thank you nellabellis for your service. So glad David, Dean, Dan, and Jason were able to bring a little of home to you. And David is always an inspiration to many people.

  11. Have a safe trip home!
    God bless your mission there!
    -Mary Ann Gomez,From Manila,Philippines.

  12. Heidijoy /

    Thanks for your service nellabells!!! Hope you are able to post the pictures and safely return.

  13. Thank you David for sharing your experienced in your military trip.Your blog update is so very inspiring ! uhm you’re such a great person indeed :)Take care always and I pray for your safe travel.
    I’m looking forward to meet you in person hahaha please come back here again in the Philippines ♥

  14. nellabells /

    Hi David!!! Thank you again for coming out here!!! It was awesome running into you at a few places here. I wanted to post the pictures I had from the concert and of the one I got from the flight line. It was great seeing you Mr. Clark and Mr. Hewlett perform for us yesterday. It felt great to feel a little “normal” for a bit. Thank you all again for being out here and giving all of us here a piece of home.

  15. Tin Hermoso /

    And This blog was so amazing. You never fail to impress and love you more David.
    This shows how much you care to people and how you appreciate every individuals esp. these brave men who was keeping the world in peace. Most people are afraid to be in a place where there are a lot of war and fightings; but it doesn’t stops you to visit these troops and share your talents with them and made them feel home.
    Your two-year mission really changed you to way more better David Archuleta.
    We,.your loving,.supported fans are always praying and always at your back. :)
    We love you David.
    Keep safe and continue doing things that makes you happy and things yiu love to do.

    Thank you,

  16. joyluck /

    Hi David- thank you so much for sharing what must be an incredible experience. Reading your blog brought tears to my eyes as I looked at the pictures of you and the brave men and women serving our country and think to myself– I can’t begin to even imagine how they must miss their homes, families and friends. Things we certainly take for granted. Thank you for reminding me how lucky we are to live here in this beautiful country. May God Bless you, Dean, Dan ,Jason and most of all, the brave men and women serving our country. Safe travels…

  17. pepper /

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog David. So interesting to read and so very heartfelt. Bless you, your companions and the troops. Take care and kudos to you for what you are doing.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos too!

  18. jankc /

    David, thanks for the pics and your blog, which are never too long. We just like to hear that you all are a-ok! It is a wonderful thing to go give some of your time to our very brave men and women that want to protect our country. Stay safe!

  19. skyangel /

    Thank you to all of those courageous men & women who sacrifice their lives for all of us to enjoy peace & freedom. I too was ignorant to what they actually are doing for all of us, the locations of operations, the dangers the weather conditions until as of lately. I’ve been reading all the blogs of your comrades and really had my eyes opened to the realities of these noble men & women who put their lives on the line for all. They don’t see their families, newborns, holidays and just having the freedom of waking up in the morning to hear the birds sing.
    Glad that they had the opportunity to hear your voice, have a laugh, and be inspired by you and your comrades on this tour. Let them know we are thinking of all of them in the highest honor & regards.
    Come home soon.

  20. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    Thank you David for your awesome Blog and your continued efforts to support our troops! You have really opened my eyes as to how much we take things for granted, and how much our troops really do so we can live in this Beautiful Country! God Bless you, Dean, Dan and Jason as you continue on your Military Tribute Tour .

  21. PlatinumArchie /

    David, you have given us all an incredible gift; through your eyes we are able to better understand all that is going on in far-away lands, as members of the Armed Forces are trying to provide safety and maintain peace! Being one of the toughest tours of duty for these men and women, you, Dan, Jason and Dean must be giving *them* moments to laugh (at Jason) and relax with your music and inspiration! Thanks very much for sharing your wonderfully looong blog, and very special photos… these gifts which I am seeing here on my 81st birthday! God bless all of you! Knock ’em dead during the rest of your shows… safe travels! ♥

  22. koko (nance from ct) /

    Thanks, David, for sharing this beautiful letter with all of your fans. It means so much to us! What an amazing opportunity this is for you, and you’re obviously learning a lot about that tense area of the world, as well as our incredible military. From the blogs & pics that we’ve seen, it sure seems like this tour has been a great success, and you have all brought much comfort, enjoyment, peace, & a sense of love & appreciation to our troops. Thank you so much for going! This trip has been a real eye-opener to all of us, too, and your words here have touched our hearts. All the best to all of you, and safe travels. Much love from CT

  23. pabuckie /

    You are right.
    Ever since you’ve been on this tour, I walk around and realize just how lucky and blessed I am to live where I live. I am grateful for the freedom we have here…and our soldiers pay the price for that. So proud of all of them and admire you and Dan, Dean and Jason for doing this tour.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Bless you all and safe travels.

  24. VaBeachArchie /

    Thank you David…for everything!

  25. pringle3 /

    Hello Sweet David,
    So wonderful to hear from you and know you’re enjoying your adventure in the Middle East. I’ll admit I was worried when I heard you’d be going over there. Too many scary stories in the news, especially about Afghanistan. Glad to know that you, Dean, Dan and Jason are safe and having a wonderful time with the troops :) It’s so heartening to see the smiles on their faces in the pics that have shown up for your tour. They deserve to smile and they don’t get to often enough in their usual day-to-day grind. You and the guys are giving them reason to smile and that is an amazing thing. I hope they’ll keep those smiles close in their hearts for always.
    Don’t ever worry about your blogs being too long. We wouldn’t have them any other way. We love when you ramble a little and loved the stories you shared. I can just picture you, huddled outside in the wind, maybe at a table, typing away. Hope you had a hat on while you were out there to keep the sand out of your beautiful eyes. We get some nasty winds here in CA, too, and they are certainly no fun. I can’t imagine how bad it gets there and what the troops go through marching through it all. You and the guys have opened a window into their world and we are so grateful for it. Not many of us civilians know what the troops go through and we appreciate the eye-opening you all are giving us. It’s definitely humbling, especially seeing how many of them are your age and even younger. Bet that’s been a mind blower for you. They and all of you, are in our prayers. May all of you, the troops included, come home safely.
    God bless you and them for always :)
    P.S. You in your gear is absolutely the cutest pic I’ve seen in a long while. You are an adorable little soldier. Donny Osmond’s song ‘Soldier of Love’ comes to mind because that’s exactly what you are; a soldier of love spreading joy and happiness wherever you go :)

  26. shelley /

    Thank you so much for the blog David! I love your writing:) those men and women you are performing for are true hero’s to me. I am so happy you are having a special time on this tour:) Take good care.

  27. MunkFOD /

    Thanks David! You have opened my eyes! I appreciate so much what our troops are doing for us and for those they serve in different parts of the world. Thanks for the awesome blog! Stay safe! Prayers for you all and for the troops! May you all return home safely! God Bless!

  28. idamae /

    David, just want to thank you for touching base with all your fans and giving us your up close and personal experiences while yet on another mission:)You, Dean, Jason and Dan are definitely what these servicemen and women long for…4 incredibly talented guys to transport them to a place of carefree fun, spiritual uplifting and some beautiful music with a voice that will reach their very soul! I think it’s a perfect exchange…they protect our freedoms and you guys recharge their batteries :)
    Please take care of yourselves, David and remind those heroes that they are loved and appreciated everyday! God bless you always!

  29. dhusary /

    Hey David,
    Thanks for the blog, you are a great writer! We really enjoy your perspective of your experiences. Keep us posted and know your fans will do anything for you. Thanks for bringing joy to our troops and send them our love. Also thanks to Dan, Dean & Justin, you guys make a great Fab4! We are praying for all of your safety. Hopefully we will get to see full videos of the show(s), you must know your forever fans are starving for anything you’re invvolved in because we love you and miss you performing!

  30. foddonna /

    David, Thank you so much for your thoughtful and inspiring blog. You remind us to focus on what we all have in common rather than on differences, and also to be grateful for our blessings–those of us who live in surroundings that are comfortable and safe. Looks like those servicepeople really appreciated your shows. What an honor it must be to do this service for them! We look forward to whatever news you can share with us, and we are praying for the 4 of you to return home safe. Love from Maryland, Donna

  31. Hi David… Thanks for your wonderful blog & pics… You, Dean, Jason & Dan are our ☆*•.¸¸ღ✽*¨*✰ Heroes honoring heroes! ✰*¨*✽ღ¸¸.•*☆ …But, you need some shades… seriously, protect those handsome peepers! B-)

  32. amb4da /

    Thanks so much for sharing your heartfelt reflections from this wonderful tour you are doing. Also, for giving us a glimpse into what those brave men & women are over there doing and why, from your perspective. I’m so glad you are so well-received and making them happy in what ways you all can, all sharing your personal gifts…but mostly, just being there for them, and like they said “bringing a piece of home” …I’m sure that means so much to them. God Bless you all for that.
    And David…I know you never want things to “be about you”…but I have to say I am so continually appreciative and in awe of the human being you are and how you use your talents, and celebrity, while being true to yourself. May your chosen paths always lead you to the life that makes you most happy, and content. Thanks again for sharing, for all you do…and always…for the music. :) ~Amy

  33. connie-da2014 /

    Hi David, thank you for the blog. I’m so glad you shared it with us. You know long or short blog we are happy to read cause we know you wrote it from your heart. Thank you for enlightening us on what this brave men and women are doing out there. I salute you Dan, Dean and Jason for bringing the show to the troops. We are all praying for your safe return home with your families. Hopefully you will have another chance to continue your blog. Prayers to you all. Be safe. God bless.

  34. Mary Dee /

    Thanks for sharing this letter with us and thank you for showing your love for our troops. It’s no joke what they do over there and what sacrifice they make in order to secure our freedoms. Salamat po for taking the time to be with them. Praying for continued safety for you, Dan, Dean, and Jason as you go on the last week of this military tour. God bless our troops.

    P.S. Don’t be too concerned about your blogs being too long :) It’s A-OK, really!! :D

  35. Jonerz /

    Daaaaavidddd! Isn’t this crazy? You are over there “giving” yet you are “receiving”. I think that’s pretty darned cool and the way it was destined to be, don’t you? I know this is a very personal experience for you but, trust me, if you could share your experiences it would really go a long way in helping us understand what our troops are up against every day! You have the power to do that and it’s been put in your very capable hands. Be safe. All of you are in our prayers. <3

  36. ChasingRevelations /

    David, thank you for sharing with us about your experiences with the US troops. These men have put their lives on the line for the benefit of their people and it’s great to hear that your trip and your gift of song, music and entertainment has brought joy to their lives in very dark times like this.

    I am also glad you visited the mosque and learnt more about our muslim culture. Maybe one day you could try fasting, I heard it prevents cancer! :) Fasting is also for a good cause, we partake in the act of fasting to to emphatize with those who are less fortunate than us and restrain ourselves from devious acts to cleanse and seek utmost piety from Him.

    Anyway, I think I’m rambling in my comment.. so stay safe and safe travels! God bless xx

  37. larasarchie /

    Thanks David for telling us about your interesting tour in middle east. I’m happy that you can know little bit about islam and respect muslims who are fasting there. I just hope that American military can also help our brothers and sisters in Palestine who are being attacked by israel military.

  38. kaleiluvshawaii /

    Thanks for the great blog! I can picture you sitting in a dust storm trying to write your blog – what a trooper! Glad you’re sharing your experiences with us – it’s good to hear your voice come through in your own words. Thanks also for bringing so much joy to our soldiers who put themselves in harm’s way as part of their duty to serve & protect freedom around the world. You’ve inspired us once again, with your music, your words & your actions. Thanks for the pics too – camo’s a good look on you! Stay safe & keep making people smile! :-)

  39. Shanny in Australia /

    Hi David,
    Thanks heaps for sharing this personal letter with us. This trip of yours sure has put a lot of focus on the issues, for those of us following along, and reminded us all over again that many are unsafe in this world and in need of help. I can feel your heart and spirit in this letter and once again, you leave me feeling grateful. Love the pictures too. Do take good care David and as always, we are praying for you and your group’s safety and success.

  40. violet4ever /

    David – thank you so much for the wonderful and informative blog (and btw they are never too long). Wow. I’m very proud of the soldiers and also of you four guys for going over into harm’s way to bring an inspiring show to the troops. Wonderful photos too. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about what you are doing. You are always doing something to remind me that I picked the right guy to be a fan of :) Take care!

  41. Everyday we discover and learn so many things…Thus, we begin to appreciate the simple things we have in our lives. Thanks David for sharing this experience.

  42. ds1no /

    U.S. Military risk their lives for our country everyday. Grateful to them for their sacrifice. Thank you for the blog and for doing this #militarytour

  43. iamflying /

    David, please come to Europe to do a concert. Please.

  44. syd-sf /

    David, I appreciate your blog soooo much! It’s heartfelt, informative, interesting, exciting, scary all at the same time! You’ve become quite the wonderful writer, such vivid descriptions and details!
    Love all the amazing photos also, please let the troops know how much we appreciate them back home!
    I’ve always known why you’re the only artist I’ve ever follow and ever will, thanks again! Take care & stay safe, see you back in the good old U.S. of A. Soon!

  45. iamflying /

    Why so short :(

  46. Monica /

    Thank you David for what you guys are doing. For bringing our great men & women of the military a little piece of home. I’m sure it’s something they will always treasure. Praying you, Dan, Dean & Jason will be safe. God Bless you all!!!!

  47. padmango /

    Thanks for the detailed blog David. Really enjoyed reading it. By the way, your writing has really improved. Not that you were not a good writer. Just more mature and focused.

  48. erlindita /

    Thank you David for sharing your blog with us! Please don’t make them shorter! They are wonderful. If you were to read one of mine you would probs think, HEY! I’m not so bad after all!. English was my worst clas in school. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention in English, so younguns, take English Please!

  49. archftw /

    Thanks for the update, David. Never too long btw. So eye-opening to read these blogs and get an insider’s view into what it’s like for these courageous soldiers. Pretty heart warming and heart wrenching to see the tweets of appreciation toward the Fab 4 for being willing to come there and perform for them. Proud of them for being willing to put their lives on the line each and every day for us and their country. And proud of you 4 for being so willing to go such a far distance and endure such harsh conditions to inspire and uplift these brave men and women. “It means a lot.” To them, to you, and to us. Thanks for all you’re doing there.

  50. Kristin /

    Gotta be honest David, a part of me isn’t surprised with what you wrote, but another is still continually impressed with you…and it’s the latter. First of all, thank you for sharing this with us and just writing it as you have :) and for including some photos too! I teared up a little with the salute photo :) I loved it.

    You have some dang serious guts for you, Dan, Jason and Dean to go to Afghanistan and entertain the troops as you all have been doing since you left for the Middle East. That is certainly to be admired and I’m sure that you’ve all been impacting many of our service men and women with everything you’ve been doing from laughter to speaking to music and the like.

    With writing this, I’m actually thinking of two of my close guy friends who went straight to the military right after we graduated from high school. That was two years ago. I unfortunately haven’t heard or spoken with them in a while so I’m not sure what’s been going on but I know one was recently on leave but is going overseas. Reading what you wrote made me proud of them for deciding to go to protect our freedoms and better understand why they chose to go.

    The other thing, I honestly wish you wouldn’t complain about your writing so much because what I read here was absolutely fantastic and so well written. Reminded me of my own writing actually…

    Also, if you saw the length of my emails and writings you probably wouldn’t say that lol TRUST ME. Write blogs now and again too you’re really good!!

    Either way, sending best wishes and prayers as much as I can to Dean, Dan, you and Jason. Come back to us safe and God Bless You Always :)


    P.S. My best friend also read this and said you’re very brave for going over there and loved what you wrote.

  51. Hi David! Thank you for keeping us updated! I never really understood what the US Troops were doing in the Middle East, but now thanks to your blog I do. Now I understand what and who they’re protecting. Aaand thank you for blogging about Islam! I am glad you got to see a bit of the Islam side. The end of Ramadan is next week, and Eid follows. I hope you get join in with thr festivities! Though idk what’s the culture there like. Again thank you, God bless and take care :)

  52. David this is awesome…. What you are doing and that you are sharing your experience. This certainly opens my eyes a bit to what the troops do! You are a great writer as well!
    Take care and God bless
    Nancy from Canada

  53. fatima saadat /

    this is lovely to see you visit my country the lands of mountains! my favorite singer! … i hope the situation was different so i could see you ! but its ok :)

  54. Suci /

    Hai David… Its a awesome experience of U.. Some place in the middle are complict area and u must being there. It’s a amazing tour I see.
    U look so cute with the Pink t-shirt in there. I always read Jason blog.. And he said U have many fans in the middle east… Great… Owh ya I’m from Indonesia… Keep touching us with ur blog or another accounts.
    Would u foll back my twitter? :) @Chyw_uchy26.


  55. Rizqi Amalia /

    Wow! It’s an amazing story. What you wrote makes us think and realize that there are people out there who are willing to make such sacrifices. And they mention it as an obligation. But to me, what they refer to as the obligation is actually the call of our conscience as human beings to protect each other.
    What you wrote makes us re-think and ask, what we have given to this world? What we have given to our country? And what we have given to others? Are we doing enough? I don’t know.
    More than that, it’s all about humanity.
    Thank you for this amazing story. Thank you for share it with us. You always inspire us. We will always support you. Cant wait for your new project. Ok, once again… Thank you for everything and I love you!!

  56. nandeeay /

    David, you are just the BEST!! Love your writing, love the pictures, love your salute, love what you and Dean, Dan and Jason are doing for our wonderful men and women in uniform. What an incredible experience for you!

  57. AnneMarieFOD /

    Thank you so much David for the blog! What you and the other 3 gentlemen are doing for our troops is a God send! God bless you all for sharing your God given talents with our troops. And God bless the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to keep our country safe. Can’t wait to hear more about it when you return home! ((HUGS))

  58. searay /

    Thanks to you and Jason, Dan, and Dean for sharing your experiences. We really do take so much for granted. It’s great to get this peak inside the military camps.

  59. Heidijoy /

    Thank you David for including us to receive your letter too!! What a wonderful experience you are having and I know the soldiers are so pleased. My favorite pictures have been the ones sent by the soldiers themselves posing with you and expressing their thanks. You, Dan, Dean and Jason are so good to share your talent and thanks to the troops. We’ve appreciated the updates and have been inspired to pay tribute to the troops. I spoke to a Military gal in the grocery line today and thanked her for her service. Here she was offering to put my grocery cart away!!!
    I worked for the Department of Army in the counseling department and know how important what you are doing for them is.
    Your fans are now inspired to do more for our Military. Thanks for bringing awareness to those that our fighting not only for our Freedom but the innocent people over there.

  60. David, you are my hero! I have to thank you, Dan, Jason, and Dean for bringing attention to the troops who are sometimes forgotten by us in our day to day lives when it’s because of their service and sacrifice that we are able to enjoy this “land of the free”. I’m sure the troops are very grateful to all of you for giving them some reprieve from the stress and of being in danger, while so far away from their loved ones and their homeland. Tell them we are grateful for THEM and are praying for their safety. Thanks for the blog and don’t ever cut them short. We love them! Stay safe and God Bless!

    Barb (Ohio)

  61. empath2809 /

    Hi, David. Thank you so much for your blog. You are a wonderful writer and it was good to hear your thoughts and experiences. I love that you went outside in the dust and wind to be alone for a bit. Your trip has made me much more aware of our troops and what they go through. I am grateful for what you and Dan and Jason and Dean have been sharing. Your impacts go well beyond the people you are performing for and meeting there. Please take care and be safe. Love from Maine, USA :)

  62. graceee /

    Hi David,
    I still remember you as that shy 17-year-old with the moving voice back on American Idol. My middle school friends and I were OBSESSED (no, actually) with your season. After so many years, I am glad that you are still the same kind-hearted guy I remembered, using music to serve. I bet this has been an eye-opening experience for you, and thanks for keeping us updated :) I hope you get a chance to share about Christ with some of these troops as well; After all, God uses the most unexpected situations and places to bring believers to him.
    Anyways, enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels!
    P.S. Please visit Toronto again someday ^^

  63. Jana /

    Thank you, David! This blog is so informative. I have been very grateful lately, and also learning so much. I love your clarity and simplicity of expression, it really let’s us know how things are. My husband and I were having a very casual outdoor lunch, happy it is the end of the week, when your blog popped up. We took a moment and I read it to him. We discussed afterwards how fortunate we are here in America.
    He especially found interesting your explanation about the dry desert terrain, so desolate yet so valuable because of oil..that really painted a picture, and had a lot of meaning on different levels..
    We miss you, David. Be safe and thanks again!! Jana in Oregon.

  64. suzzyy123 /

    David, thanks much for your blog and sharing some of your amazing adventure with us! The pics are great too! You guys are doing such an awesome thing… being there to inspire & support the troops. I really appreciate all the pics & blogs from Dan, Jason & Dean too :) Take care, safe travels & God bless you guys.

  65. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    well, David ~ I’ve cried tears of joy so many times since I saw you on American Idol, don’t know where they’re coming from! You are truly an amazing human being! I will always be in awe of the way you care for others more than yourself! Thank you, once again for thinking of us with your fascinating blog. You know we always love hearing from you ~ never forget that please.

    Safe travels , David, ~ please give our love to the brave soldiers who are holding the line.
    God Bless You ALL! ❤️

  66. David,
    Thank you so much for sharing your special (family) letter with all of us. Thank you for braving the tremendous heat and wind to take time away and write it. (Love the pics, too!)Thank you for explaining the tour that you, Dan, Dean, and Jason are on, for all you’ve been learning about the military’s work there, and for bringing to light some of the significant sacrifices they’re making for “freedom’s sake.” Thank you, also, for reminding us about not taking for granted our blessings, conveniences, and freedoms. Your work is a real blessing for the troops too, with your voice and through your words. Be well, continue on, and I’ll look forward to hearing more! You’re all in my prayers. :)

  67. kimk /

    WOW David what a fabulous blog thank you.. and thank you and the guys for going over there to support the troops!

    I love the pic of you saluting.. think one of my fav of yours I have seen.
    I am so proud of you David you are just amazing!

  68. betsy /

    Thanks David, this was beautifully and thoughtfully written. We appreciate your words.
    I like your philosophy. :)

  69. heartsong /

    Amen to your p.s.!!

  70. coleen /

    Thank you for the update David. You are continuing your missionary work though your music just as I hoped you would:) You are doing His work sharing your talents, touching and uplifting the lives of our brave military men and women. God bless you David, Dan, Dean and Jason for having the courage to yes to this call! Our family is keeping you all in prayer:) Bee safe! Much love from all, Smouse Family:)

  71. Rohdegirl /

    Thank you David for sharing a piece of this amazing experience with your fans. So many of us are praying daily for you, your companions, and our troops. Bringing your message of love and hope must mean so much to those who leave their homes and families so that we can enjoy the freedoms that this great country provides. Thank you again and bless you all!

  72. Linda C /

    Hi David,
    Thankyou for going to visit our military people & sharing your light. I’m sure it means much to them.
    Your strength is inspiring!
    God Bless you on your journey
    & our brave service men & women.
    GR8 to hear from you
    Take care..our hearts are with you

  73. DorkAngel-GBW /

    Wow! Thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop. Sounds dangerous and exciting at the same time. Thanks to all of you for taking a piece of home to our service people. Praying that you all have safe return to our blessed country.

  74. sunny /

    David, thanks so much for this update blog and wonderful pictures! You, Dan, Dean and Jason should be proud of yourselves for the wonderful entertainment you are providing for our troops!! Most of us would be too afraid to fly over to those areas. God bless you and the other 3 guys for doing this!

  75. Abrra /

    It’s so good to hear from you personally, David! You guys are being called “The Fab Four” by fans because of the joy you are bringing to the soldiers.
    Prayers for you all for a safe tour and return home next week. :)


  76. heartsong /

    David, what a wonderfully descriptive blog. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I have been overwhelmed with the blogs, etc. as well from the other guys there with you. I have such a better picture of what our men and women go through who are serving our country in such difficult circumstances. My dad served in the Korean War and is a proud veteran. It’s so easy for us to forget the real sacrifice.
    Thank you again so much for sharing. ❤️

  77. Pastel /

    Thank you for the insightful blog David and the pictures. It sounds to me like you are receiving much more than you are providing, and your respect for the men and women who protect the US and their neighbours is growing daily. I admire all four of you for doing this trip; a trip of love and respect. Would love to hear more about your discoveries on the last leg of your tour. Thank you for writing outside in the windy conditions!

  78. cathk_ /

    Hey David!! What an AMAZING thing the four of you men are doing for our Troops! There is no doubt in my mind how much they appreciate you! I have tons of respect for you, Dean, Dan and Jason along with a tremendous admiration of the men and women who stand guard for the USA! Stay well and Godspeed on your continued journey. I can’t wait to read more of what the four of you will send along! God Bless!

  79. nellie83 /

    Now David, no going and joining the military, that would not be allowed, no way, uh-uh!! ;) I admire the men and women in uniform and all they do. Thanks for you, Dean, Dan and Jason for giving them some enjoyment, laughter and inspiration with your talents. God bless!!

  80. I don’t even know what to say, except thank you, David! For everything you’re doing and for sharing your take on things with us, it means so much.

    P.S. NEVER worry about your messages being too long, love to hear every word! :)

  81. pabuckie /

    Thanks David. You, Dan, Dean and Jason have made me admire the troops even more so by what you are doing…so thank you! It has been so enlightening and inspiring. I’m glad you were able to have this amazing experience!
    p.s. prayers for all of you for a safe return. God be with you all :)

  82. Martha /

    Thanks so much, David, for this! What a memorable tour! Thank you for doing this for our heroes! They will never forget your kindness! Be safe, God bless, and “see” you in a week!