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David to tour Military Bases in Middle East

David to tour Military Bases in Middle East

Jul 10, 2014

David is accompanying motivational speaker Dan Clark on his tour of military bases throughout the Middle East.

Asked by Armed Forces Entertainment to put together a show for US combat troops in the Middle East, Dan Clark has invited David and entertainer Jason Hewlett to join him for “An Evening of Music, Comedy and Motivational Theater”.

They will perform their 90 minute show 18 times for US troops stationed on bases in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Ethiopia and Djbouti.

David’s repertoire includes “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Simon & Garfunkel), “Imagine” (John Lennon), his chart-topping first single “Crush” and more.


  1. Hai David, how are u ? I hope u can reply the comments if u have a relax time. :) thanks

    from Indonesia
    big hug.

  2. tawnyalinsley /

    David!! Hope your trip is safe! Are open to speaking at youth conferences in salt lake? I am planning the youth conference for my Logan ward and want it to be amazing. What better way than to have you there inspiring the youth? I would love you to contact me! Travel safe home!!

  3. AnneMarieFOD /

    Best wishes to you, David, as you travel to the Middle East to share your God given gift with our troops! I just know they will be very touched by your voice and you will put huge smiles on all of their faces! God bless you, Dan, Jason and Dean on this journey, as you all share your talents! Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences when you get back! :)

  4. suzzyy123 /

    Have fun, take care and safe travels to all of you on this journey. David, it’s so awesome that you’re doing this tour for the troops and their families! Keeping all you guys in our prayers!

  5. pepper /

    This is such a wonderful thing to be doing, bless David and his companions and bless the troops. Should be quite an inspiring experience for all involved. <3

  6. sunny /

    Thank you David, Dean, Dan & Jason for doing this wonderful show for the troops! I’m sure they appreciate it very much!! Have a great time and remember your fans are here praying and thinking of you! :)

  7. Mary Dee /

    Thank you for taking the time to be with our troops. God bless you and your team as you give encouragement to our brave men and women serving to protect our freedoms. Maraming salamat. :)

  8. Rohdegirl /

    May God be with you and your group as you spread joy and hope to our Troops.

  9. Gmax4 /

    Thank you so much David, Dan, Dean and Jason. You all are representing our country in such a loving, caring way. Our hearts and our prayers go out to all of you …and the amazing troops… who are sacrificing so much to help “heal the world.”!

    GOD BLESS all of you, the troops and their families, the people in these war torn countries, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!
    May the troops feel the love and the hope your hearts are sharing. :)

    With much admiration, respect and gratitude…for who you are and all you do. Your beautiful spirit is so contagious! :)

    Peace and Love be with you All! :)

  10. Heidijoy /

    The Troops are in for a treat!! Praying for a safe and wonderful journey. Bless your heart!!

  11. cathk_ /

    You always make us proud, David! You continue to prove that you’re a person of tremendously strong character and regard for others. God bless you and all the entertainers who perform for our troops! What a GIFT they’ll get upon hearing your beautiful voice! <3

  12. rusharr /

    Bless you sir! Take care…go entertain them Dave! :)) Make them smile..touch their hearts.

  13. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    just want to send my love and admiration to David and all that share this incredible journey with him! I am, once again, inspired by the giving spirit of a young man I have followed since seeing him sing Imagine many years ago ~ I continue to be amazed by you, David Archuleta! God Bless You on your journey ~ sing your heart out for our troops! We’ll be right here cheering you guys on!

  14. pabuckie /

    God Bless you and everyone, David for doing this and singing for our troops! Hope they’ll feel the hope, love and joy by watching the show. Thanks for being a part of it. I know your smile and your voice will touch their hearts.