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I’m back

I’m back

Apr 3, 2014


Wanted to let you know I’m back and catching up on things.







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  1. BChristine /

    Alma 36:24-28
    David, thank you for serving a mission. I am sincerely thankful for your example and obedience to God. I love thinking about how many people’s lives are impacted by the missionaries. You made the best choice possible by going on a mission. I know that even though some might say it was, it wasn’t a sacrifice to go because not only were you blessing the lives of those receiving the Gospel, but you were also being blessed: your family was blessed. God was with you every step of the way and I know He’s proud of who you’re becoming. I know you have a lot on your plate, but don’t stress because you’re already an amazing person and anyone can see that. Please remember to always put God first. Thank you for inspiring others to realize that no matter what their situation is, God should always come first. Thank you for your music and example, you’re a great example of a faithful member.

  2. RoccoFling /

    Wow has it been two years already?!?!? You are looking great David and as a fan looking forward to your next musical endeavors. We missed your smile and genuine thoughtfulness and concern with others less fortunate. More than being a great vocalist you are a tremendous human being David. God bless.

  3. Erii_Heredia /

    Thanks for keeping us abreast of your life in this new adventure you just live, thanks for letting us be part of it at all times to share … Greetings from Tamaulipas Mexico.

  4. Marfe_67 /

    Welcome Back David !!! :)

  5. rodelfaulve /

    Oh Hi! David ! i am so happy watching and listening all of your songs! I love so much! Hope to see you soon here in the Philippines.

  6. lesarchie /

    Hi David,thank you for your vlog.We will be here.God bless.

  7. Scott_NJ /

    Welcome home David! Thank you for taking time to do a vlog for us. I also want to thank you for your service as a missionary :) Please take as long as you need getting readjusted to things and reconnecting with family and friends. we are not going anywhere!

  8. pepper /

    So very thoughtful of you to do this vlog so quickly David. Thank you for that. Really good to have you back. Yes, we will still be here. You should definitely take all the time you need and want. Wish you only the best!

  9. tonyplatz /

    Hello David,
    Thanks a lot for communicating so fast with us, we will wait for you,do not worry, take your time, so happy to see your smile again!!


    from admin: At this time we support only English on this site.

  10. free4all /

    Welcome Home David. Thank you for the short sweet message. I have been waiting for 2 years to hear “Hi It’s David”. Take all the time you need and enjoy your time with your family. You deserve this time to yourself to readjust and relax. Your fans will always be here.

  11. sunny /

    Thank you David for this sweet vlog and for thinking of us!! Take care of yourself and remember we will be patient while you are catching up on things and trying to get use to being back! Welcome Home David!!

  12. Hola David! It’s so very nice to see you. Thank you for checking in with us. We are here~ I am here, and I just want you to continue to take the time you need to readjust, catch up, and reacquaint with your family and friends. Do not hurry~ Por favor, tómese su tiempo y que Dios los bendiga. <3

  13. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    lol sent him the BRAVE MV in a tweet yesterday. Hope he sees it! Love the message! :)))

  14. Happy to welcome you back David… Thanks for always keeping everyone updated. Wishing you all the Best!!!

  15. blue123 /


  16. pat brack /

    I love that he is always REAL with us – he simply could have waited weeks/months til he transitioned through this very vulnerable phase – but no, he just showed us the vulnerable David. Amazingly thoughtful – perhaps even a little brave! I wonder if he has heard Sarah Bareille’s song Brave yet?

  17. Thank you for taking the time to do this vblog and see that glorious smile. This will keep us going while you readjust. Time to start visiting those favorite restaurants.

  18. jonya12 /

    happy your back..looking fresh and as usaual so handsome and very net very clean like your personality…we’re looking forward of your music in the future or whatever you can share with us..we love you and here to support you all the way..missing your voice..

  19. suzzyy123 /

    Thank you for this vlog David…it means so much to your fans, to hear how you’re doing since you’ve been home. Adjustment takes time, but that’s OK and we will still be here. Looking forward to continuing this musical journey with you!

  20. Vicky Panjaitan /

    Glad to watch your vlog again, Dave. We’ve been waiting for two years to feel this happiness, and you know that.
    I should say that I’m so happy that there will be no more ‘(KS)’. It’s you! And, I personally, can’t wait to see another update from you and the Archie Team. Thanks.

  21. connie-da2014 /

    Hola David! That was your first tweet and I was hoping next is you first vlog which happened so quickly. Thanks David for being so thoughtful of you. We understand that you are still in the process of adjustment and you don’t have to worry we’re just here when you are ready. You slim down a little but still cute. Take care and God Bless :)

  22. Shanny in Australia /

    Aw David, I wasn’t expecting a vlog so soon! Thank you for thinking of us. It’s my pleasure to allow you all the time you need. Enjoy yourself, decompress, reconnect and process all you have experienced over the last two years. Thank you for your service and your example. You are a light in this darkening world for which I am grateful. My prayers continue to be with you.

  23. DianeFOD /

    Hi David, just want you to know that I could not have chosen a better person to become a fan of. Your thoughtfulness in giving us this heartfelt vlog is incredible. I imagine the adjustment period can probably feel overwhelming at times and understand the time you need to take for yourself right now. I’m so glad you are back and look forward to your bright future! 

  24. SandyBeachesNS /

    SandyBeaches on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 10:20 PM

    Dear David,

    We spent two interesting years while you were away. We went through holidays and for some, personal stormy weather, but often coming together to mention you and wonder how you were doing!

    We talked, exchanged thoughts and sometimes had small debates with plenty of humor on the dull days! Special thanks to SnowAngelz for that!!

    On Saturday nights we often came to the Voice Unplugged and listened to your music with special Christmas videos from Chile.

    As fans we finally learnt one thing and that was patience. Your music is so very special to each of us and we are looking forward to hearing you sing once again.


  25. kelly /

    Welcome back! Be happy…take your time…we are here for you! Turns out, two years went pretty fast…you and your music are worth waiting for :)

  26. Linda C /

    Please excuse all my typos! I’m kind of famous for that :) ..but you get what I’m saying right?

  27. Linda C /

    Hi David
    Thankyou for making a vlog & thinking about us.
    You are a remarkable young man.
    We care deeply about your happiness & hope you rnjoy your time reconnecting with what ehat is important in uour life now.
    It will all fall into place I’m sure.
    We will be right here when you’re ready

  28. Heidijoy /

    What a nice treat, to hear your voice and know you are doing well. Like you said, two years is a long time and lots to catch up on and adjust to!! The main thing is you are well and arrived safely!!!
    We know it takes time to adjust and catch up and you are sweet to take the time to greet us.
    Bless your heart!!

  29. pat brack /

    Very thoughtful of you to do a little vlog for us so soon. I’m thinking of us as just “being with” you in spirit and in our hearts – not necessarily waiting for anything in particular but I would lie if I said my ears aren’t hungry to hear you sing for us WHEN you are ready. My mantra for you right now is “God loves you, David, and God tells you the truth – comfort for your soul then, and that deep, deep knowing that all is truly well in Him, ALWAYS.” xo, pb

  30. Carly /

    Welcome home David! :)

  31. archftw /

    Thanks for the vlog and update, David. So appreciative of you letting us know how you’re doing and please take all the time you need to readjust. Two years is a lot to catch up on. We will be here when you are ready. Thanks for all you do. Will be continuing to pray for you.

  32. erlindita /

    Thank you David for the vlog! You are very kind to share a few words with us even though you are still adjusting. Please take time! You will need it. Your fans will be here waiting for you because we think you are special and worth waiting for. Que Dois lo bendiga!

  33. Oh and one more thing David…so far I love the person you have brought back…just sayin’. :)

  34. Sheliabama /

    Thanks David for thinking of us fans and keeping us updated. That’s why we love you so. Take care of yourself and don’t over do it. That 1 min.vlog means the world to us.

  35. pabuckie /

    Welcome home, David! It really is so sweet of you to give us a vlog right now. I can feel how much you appreciate your fans. Take your time adjusting and just have fun with your family. Thank you again for always thinking of us :)

  36. Hola David! Thank you for the vlog…it was good to hear and see you again! I know this homecoming has to be a big adjustment for you and a little overwhelming. Please don’t worry about your fans…we have waited two years, we can wait some more. We are learning patience, ha ha. Take care of yourself and go at your own rate. You deserve the time to soak it all in. We are just so happy you are home. God Bless!

  37. violet4ever /

    Welcome back David!!! And thanks for the Vlog!! I love your vlogs (getting to hear you talk and see you smile at the same time is a win-win). We can wait a bit longer – get yourself used to being David again!

  38. Jana /

    Take your time, and know we want what’s best for YOU. It is very considerate of you to post a vid already:) Enjoy your life David:)

    And when you feel inspired, food tweets rock;) Jana

  39. leeAnn /

    Hahahaha your funny! thanks for the video! take all the time you need to adjust, we understand! so glad your back!

  40. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    omgsh, David~ how sweet of you to take the time to send out a vlog so quickly! It was just SO wonderful to see your smile & hear your voice ~ little bit of an accent there lol & I love it! PLEASE take all the time you need ~ there is so much to adjust to~ mind boggling! We’re here for you as always! ❤️ Welcome Home, David.

  41. MaggieFOD /

    Thanks for the vlog David! Welcome home! We are waiting patiently! :-) #DA2014 #StillHere

  42. AnneMarieFOD /

    Welcome home David and no worries! Take all the time you need. We will be here!

  43. dayzee /

    So great to see a new blog! Been waiting a long time for “It’s David here”. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  44. Martha /

    Thanks for this video, David! No problem on taking time to adjust; very understandable! I’m sure you were a great blessing in Chile, but we are happy to have you home! We will be here whenever you are ready!

  45. Rohdegirl /

    Take all the time you need to readjust to your environment. Your fans will be here for you always. Thank you for taking the time to check in with us and thank you for your service
    to our Lord.

  46. rusharr /

    Great to see currently you Dave! Some weight to gain i guess but all in all you look awesome as always! Take care! :)

  47. heartsong /

    Welcome HOME David! I know it will be an adjustment. Thank you so much for taking the time to say ‘hi’. Take the time you need to adjust. We’ll still be here.