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He’s home!

He’s home!

Mar 24, 2014

Words we have been waiting for…..

David says it all in this short video.

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  1. canddrussell /

    Welcome home David!!! Praying for the people in Chile tonight, and glad you are home safe and sound. Enjoy your time with your family and friends. We’ve missed you tons.

  2. XianMeds /


    And you’re always welcome here in the PHILIPPINES!

  3. leeAnn /

    I couldn’t have said it better!

  4. dhusary /

    W E L C O M E H O M E David, we missed you so much! Thanks for letting us know your safe and sound. Thanks for leaving us music during the two years. Congrats on completing your mission and following your heart. We will always be here for you to support your musical journey. Looking forward as the Best is Yet to Come.

  5. Melissa, we cannot allow comments that are not in English. Here is an automatic translation of your comment. I hope it conveys what you wanted to say.


    Congratulations David (: I’m glad to hear that you’re done with this special time in your life, which was to serve as a full-time missionary .. It is great to know that you were able to make such a desicion despite having to leave everything left .. I admire all your love you have to Salvador is really wonderful .. I hope you’re very well at home, you can remain strong and the person you are .. Thank you for showing the world your beautiful example … And encouragement, I have been told that sometimes when I get home it is difficult to get used and all, but have the support of thousands of your fans, and mine! Animo David and CONGRATULATIONS

  6. leeAnn /

    WELCOME HOME!!! I am soo glad you are back!! I am sure you were a GREAT missionary! excited for what you have in store for us!


  7. Thank you so much! :)

  8. DianeFOD /

    Welcome Home David! I’m so glad you’re back and appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Enjoy your time with family and friends and I can’t wait to witness the amazing journey you have ahead of you!! ♪♫

  9. lesarchie /

    hi David,WELCOME HOME!Glad to see you again.LOVE.

  10. Sheliabama /

    Welcome Home David Archuleta. At first I thought 2 years was forever. I didn’t want it to fly by because that would mean I would loss 2 years of my grandchildren’s life. It did fly by & they are still young. Take all the family time you need. I hope I meet you at a Christmas concert this year #DA2014. You are a great role model. Kari was great & did a wonderful job. The sun will never go down on you.

  11. Ash_archie /

    Welcome home David! I’m excited to hear about your adventures, upcoming appearances and new music. Whenever you’re ready of course. Take Care!

  12. koko (nance from ct) /

    Welcome Home, David, and congrats on completing your mission! You look great, and so happy! Thanks so much for thinking of us … we have missed you! Take all the time you need now; we will be here!

  13. Elder..noe Eder #eggonface

  14. Welcome Home Eder Archuleta! The world is a sweeter place today:) I can almost hear the mucis now:) Enjoy your time with loved ones.

  15. AnneMarieFOD /

    Welcome home David!! Thank you so much for letting us know that you were home safe and sound! What a sweet surprise! Enjoy every minute with your family and friends! God bless!! :)

  16. pepper /

    Welcome back David! These really were words all your fans were patiently waiting for, so thoughtful of you to do a little video for everyone. Thrilled that you are home. You have really been missed, your time away was a very special and sacred time for you, happy that you could follow your heart. When you are ready, we will still be here. Looking forward to more music eventually and that beautiful voice of yours! Whatever you do, all the best to you. Thank you for everything you gave us, even while away and thank you to David’s Team and to wonderful Kari for all she did for the fans. <3

  17. suzzyy123 /

    Welcome Home David! Can’t say that enough…ha! Thanks so much to you and Kari for your wonderful video…letting us all know you’re home safe & sound! So excited to see what the future holds :) We’ll be here!

  18. connie-da2014 /

    WELCOME HOME DAVID! It’s a long 2 years and finally you’ve made it. You’re back. I’m so happy and proud of you for following your heart and doing what you meant to do. You are an inspiration to so many. Take all the time you need to spend time with your family and friends cos they miss you. A lot of things to catch up cos you’ve been away for 2 years. We’re just here and we will not go anywhere. NANDITO KAMI FOREVER !!!

  19. Amal Ciareh /

    Did I mention how GLAD we are to have you back ?!! … WELCOME HOME DAVE !! :’)

  20. sweetonda /

    Welcome home David! It was so nice of you to think of us and do this vlog. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and thank you for your service. We’ve missed you and that’s the truth. Take the time you need to reconnect with family and friends, we can be patient a little longer. We told you we’d still be here!!!

  21. tawna21 /

    Welcome home David! Welcome Home!! How blessed we are to be fans of someone so humble and willing to serve others. The beauty of your spirit shines even brighter.

    Thank you Kari for staying here with us. You are such an amazing person!

  22. pat brack /

    p.s., and I will stop now – LOL.

    Pat, we can’t allow videos by other artists even though we know you mean well. There can be copyright issues. Thanks for understanding.


  23. pat brack /

    Wow – the wait was worth it – to see you so incredibly happy; to see those already gorgeous eyes softened even more beautifully by this long labor of love you accomplished. How lucky are we, your fans, to benefit from all that is in your heart! Have been re-reading Cords of Strength as a fun way to prepare for your return – p 176: “The fans stepped up as the much-needed providers of faith and motivation that I would come to rely on as I continued down this new path.” Welcome back to the path of us. Thanks for bringing all those extra goodies in your heart and soul which we can not WAIT to share. However, we did get your memo on “Patience” – hardy-har-har, so we will be so…. Welcome back. Thank you. We love you. xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  24. funfee /

    Welcome home, David!!!!! We missed you so much & prayed for your safety often. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family!!

  25. Amy (in VA) /

    haha True that! LOTS of hugs coming your way, David, so get ready ;)

  26. Amy (in VA) /

    Welcome home, David! I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your quick vid to let us know you were home. I’m sure the last 24 hours have been so special visiting with your family/friends and meeting your new niece! Take your time, and when you’re ready, you know we are here to support your career. Congratulations on the completion of what I am sure was an incredible mission experience! Thank you for your service and love for mankind in the name of the Heavenly Father. Take care! ♥

  27. Tonette /

    Welcome back David! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in making your “I’m Home” vlog! You really care for your fans as much as we care for you….and that is why we have waited for your return :) May God bless you and watch over all your future projects. We will always be here to support you in whatever you choose to do. I also want to thank Kari for being there for the Archies these past two years! May God bless you too Kari!

  28. crejas /

    Welcome back David! You are a great example of determination and obedience. Since the day you decided to serve the Lord leaving all your sucess aside you win a place in Heaven. You are a humble servant and a great example to the youth. I wish you lots of blessings your way and to continue with you life and passion.

  29. PlatinumArchie /

    Welcome HOME, Elder Archuleta… we’re very proud of you! THANK YOU for your “I’m home!” video… I just got home myself, from Eastern Canada via Atlanta! Thanks Kari and Team Archie too!

  30. Jonerz /

    Thank goodness you’re back! ALMOND has been eating waayyyy too much sugar! http://youtu.be/IiCxQxgBqsI

  31. Welcome Home David! So very proud to be your fan!
    Excited to see where the next chapter in your career goes!

  32. Pastel /

    Eleven perfect seconds. Thanks for this meaningful video, David, Kari and Team Archuleta. Have a wonderful homecoming with family and friends Elder.

  33. cathk_ /

    Welcome home, David, and thank you for this short video because it meant the world to us! :) Kari is an ‘angel’!! Also, congrats to you on your past two years of mission work in Chile. We are so proud of you!

  34. VaBeachArchie /

    WELCOME HOME DAVID!You were missed! HUGE THANKS to Kari and Team Archie for everything they did for the fans the past two years! APPRECIATED! Your “I’m Home” vid was so SPECIAL..PERFECT way to let us know YOU’RE BACK!

  35. archftw /

    Drat! Nothing under “Tour and Events” yet haha. What an amazing thing that you have done for the past two years. Very proud and thankful to be the fan of someone with such a giving spirit and big heart. My heart is full. Welcome home, David.

  36. Joy4archie /

    Welcome home David!! That was so thoughtful of you to think of us fans as soon as you got home. :D Thank you so much!! So glad you get to spend time with your family again! Have fun and enjoy your time together! We’ll be here whenever you want to reach out to us.

  37. dangitdavid /

    Welcome back David!! It was so nice to hear “I home…”!!! Also a huge thank you to Team Archie & of course Kari, along with the fan sites for keeping the home fires burning while you completed your mission :) Now that you’re back, enjoy family time and take all the time you need….patience is something we’ve all become great at the last couple of years :) #DA2014

  38. Attwittsend /

    Welcome home, David. Thank you so much for the video letting us know you’re home … it means so much. Thanks to Kari and team Archie for helping out with that and for keeping us updated while you were gone. Also, a big thanks to your many fan sites for their devotion and for giving us a place to keep connected with each other … twitter, too because I love my Archie peeps. I’m looking forward to your future adventures and endeavors, but for now, I’m just so happy for your family and friends and hope you enjoy every single minute with them … maybe some lunches with the sisters coming up, huh? Get ready though … we’ve got two years of hugs to dole out, so prepare yourself! #DA2014 is here. :)

  39. Told ya you don’t need to start from scratch, NANDITO PA RIN KAMI (We’re still here)

    Welcome Home David :) HUGS!

  40. Shanny in Australia /

    Aw thank you so much for thinking of us during this special moment in your life David. Congratulations on what you have achieved these last two years! Rest up and enjoy your time re-connecting with family friends.

    Welcome home dear Elder Archuleta.

  41. sunny /

    Welcome home David!! Thanks for this wonderful short video! You look AMAZING!!! :)

  42. Scott_NJ /

    Welcome Home Elder Archuleta! Thanks you so much for taking a few seconds to let us know you are home! You have been missed sir but I am so thankful and grateful for your service as a missionary! Proud to be a fan always. I hope you have a wonderful time reuniting with your family and friends! #Stillhere #DA2014 !

  43. KathyH /

    That “I’m home” video was a total spot of happy. Thanks for that, and looking forward …!

  44. Amal Ciareh /

    It’s been a long ride for us all, especially you, but we’ve held on to the hope that each little act of patience and strength will surely be rewarded greatly by our Lord.
    I want to thank Ma’am Kari for proving to be the best manager ever !! And Dave, I’m blessed to know you served our Lord for full two years and will continue to do so in all small things in life. Your passion for good is a great inspiration for so many !! You will be loved wherever you are and by whoever to meet :’)
    Thank you for all you do. Even though a simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t cover up the gratitude I feel :)

  45. Amal Ciareh /

    Hi ya,
    Wow! Two years. So much has happened. So many changes. Yet here we are still stalking you, praying for you and well also waiting for a twitter party

  46. geomakk /


  47. Rohdegirl /

    Welcome home David! Thank you for your service to the Lord and thank you for all you gave to your fans before your departure.
    Finally thank you for this wonderful 10 second video. This was just what the fans needed. Hope all your dreams come true and I believe they will if you continue to follow your heart!

  48. searay /

    Welcome home, David! It must be overwhelming to be back, catching up on 2 years of your family’s lives and world events, music, etc. Wishing you all the best!

  49. booradleigh /

    Welcome Back David from everyone at Archuleta Avenue Malaysia! Hope you have a fantastic time catching up with family and friends and we look forward to new music from you whenever you’re ready :-)

  50. Welcome back David!! Looking forward to whatever is next!! ((((your voice))))

  51. KimmieDavid /

    Welcome home David! Glad you’re back! :)

  52. Astrid /

    David, you are such a light. It makes me so happy to see your smiling face. Welcome home and enjoy your time reconnecting with your loved ones! Happy for you!

  53. rocktellme /

    Congratulations David! You completed your mission:)
    AND WELCOME BACK! So happy to watch this airport vlog♥
    Thank you David, Kari and Team Archie:)

  54. David we are still here for you and have missed you.. A LOT!!

  55. ☆*•.¸¸ღ✽*¨*✰ Oh happy day! @DavidArchie is home! ✰*¨*✽ღ¸¸.•*☆

  56. Julie /

    Welcome home! Thanks for taking the time to let us know you are back, really appreciate it. Now take the time you need with your family and friends. Also, thanks to Team Archie and Kari for everything they have done for us.

  57. Welcome home, David! We sure missed you!

  58. Mary Dee /

    Welcome home, David! I hope your heart is full of everything you had set out to accomplish in your mission. So proud of you for always following your heart. May the Lord bless you and your plans. =)

  59. admin /

    Alex, please use the address in our contact link below for media inquiries.

  60. joyluck /

    Welcome home David! So happy you let us know you got home safely! We’re still here thanks to Kari and Team Archie. Can’t wait for what’s to come! Enjoy your family and friends!

  61. Congrats David! Thanks for serving a mission! You’re a great example to us! Our followers would love if there could be a time in the next month or so when we could interview you about your mission for the Prepare to Serve YouTube channel, where we interview hundreds of returned missionaries. Thanks David!

  62. Home Sweet Home…Congratulations and Welcome Back Elder Archuleta!!!

  63. DorkAngel-GBW /

    This was an awesome surprise! WELCOME HOME!!!

  64. stephdanielle /

    Welcome Home David! You look great & so happy, we’re so happy for you! Enjoy this wonderful time catching up with you family & friends, God bless you always! :)

  65. Heidijoy /

    Welcome home David!! You are looking great!!! Thanks to Kari and your team for keeping us up to date!!! So proud of you and looking forward to what’s next.

  66. amb4da /

    Oh my goodness! I knew it was coming but never expected this tonight. What a lovely surprise. And that smile is like sunshine after a very long winter….:) You look happy.
    So good to finally say to you, David…Welcome Home!

  67. Richard Tucker /

    Welcome home David! So excited to see that you are home with your family and I am excited to see what is to come with everything for you. So glad to have someone so amazing in our lives. Again, awesome job on what you have completed! It is amazing :)

  68. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    the day we’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY here! I’m STILL shaking after watching that sweet “I’m Home” vlog! Thank you, Kari, for arranging that special moment for us. You, of all people, know how much we’ve missed him! To David, just want to say how wonderful it is to know you are HOME safe & with your family! Warms my heart! ❤️ You’ll never know how much you’ve been missed! KUDOS on this incredible two years of your journey! #DA2014

  69. pringle3 /

    Welcome home, David!!!!! It’s been two, sometimes long, years. But we have been patient and now you are finally home. Enjoy every minute of catch up time with your family(and snuggle time with baby Violeta). We are here, ready and waiting, when you are :)

  70. MaggieFOD /

    Welcome home Elder Archuleta! Thanks for letting us know you arrived home safely! Guess what! WE’RE STILL HERE! #DA2014 #StillHereDA2014 P.S. Hear any good dog jokes while you were away on your mission? ;-)

  71. pabuckie /

    Welcome Home, David. So Happy you’re back! You’ve been missed.
    So very proud and happy for you. Enjoy your family back home :)

  72. Linda C /

    Happy Homecoming Elder Archuleta! Have a glorious time reconnecting w/ “normal” life, family & friends.
    We care deeply for you & your happiness.
    We’re here when You are ready!
    Your “I’m home” greeting is just what was needed.Thanx for thinking of us.
    Shout out Team Archie & especially Kari for a job well done in your absence!!!
    Feel the love <3

  73. rusharr /

    WELCOME HOME ELDER ARCHULETA…welcome home! Tc sir! :)

  74. heartsong /

    Can I just say how completely perfect this was?! David, welcome HOME!! And Kari and Team Archie, thank you is never enough. ♥♥♥

  75. Carly /

    Welcome home David!

  76. Martha /

    Welcome Home, David! Thank you Team Archie, especially Kari, for all you have done! Very exciting day!

  77. jyannella /

    Welcome home! You were missed.