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MKOC box auction

MKOC box auction

Feb 23, 2014

UPDATE: The auction has ended. Thank you to everyone who bid and congratulations to the winner!

David Archuleta fans who went to his 2011 “My Kind Of Christmas” Tour will remember fondly the touching moments when David invited children on stage. David read to them a poem, describing his kind of Christmas and what it meant to him. Then the children became part of his performance of “FaLaLaLaLa”.

David and his team are giving you the opportunity to own a beautiful piece of memorabilia from this heartwarming segment of the tour – the Christmas Box that David opened on stage to distribute its contents – the maracas and the Christmas hats – to the children. Complete with David’s autograph on its lid, this Christmas Box is now up for auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the ChildFund International charity.

For more information and to place a bid, please visit ebay.

Don’t miss your chance to take home this one-of-a-kind, wonderful keepsake from the MKOC Tour and help a charity close to David’s heart at the same time!

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  1. pabuckie /

    Congratulations to the Winner and for a great cause:)

  2. MaggieFOD /

    Congratulations to the successful bidder! What a great way to support ChildFund International! ♪♥♫

  3. Jana /

    What a keepsake, and for a wonderful cause! Good luck to all the bidders!

  4. heartsong /

    I’m not surprised at how high the bidding went and how quickly. What a great cause! And you know people would love to have that Christmas box with all the memories that go with it. Great idea David and Team Archie. Good luck to all who bid! :)

  5. skyangel /

    Very sweet, a great cause!

  6. Linda C /

    WOW!! GR8 job already! Generous Archies Rock!! Didn’t take long to out bid me :) Keep it up & Good Luck to All <3
    Thanx David & team for inspiring such a response of love.

  7. what a great guy thinking of others like that! cant wait for your return!!

  8. rocktellme /

    Wow that picture of “something” got cleared finally!!! Great auction for children:) Thank you David for preparing this before leaving!!! And thanks for Team Archie too:)

  9. pabuckie /

    Thank you David…what a cool idea and a great cause. Can’t wait for your return. :))

  10. This is awesome! A great cause, and I would love something from the tour I so badly wanted to go to but couldn’t because I live in Seattle. But the eBay link isn’t working for me :(

  11. rusharr /

    Gosh! This is an awesome way to give away this special memorabilia! And to think that it’s been planned way back! Thumbs up! :)

  12. Linda C /

    Placed my bid..feeling lucky :) Come on Archies & Try to out bid me for Childfund!!!I love how David has a heart for the kiddos in need <3
    Thanx David & Team Archie