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Win a piece of MKOC !

Win a piece of MKOC !

Feb 4, 2014

UPDATE: The contest has ended. The winner will be announced soon.

Bearing David Archuleta’s name against a red background with a snowflake motif, the gigantic “My Kind of Christmas” concert backdrop is a memorable part of that concert tour. Fans – we are now giving you a rare chance to own a piece of this iconic curtain of fabric!




Simply log in to this site and leave a comment on this post by Saturday, February 8, 2014, 11.59pm PST and you will automatically be entered into a random drawing to win a 20 by 20-inch piece of the backdrop! The winner will be announced on February 9, 2014.

Picture is shown for illustrative purpose only; the actual piece sent to the winner may not have the same pattern. 12-in ruler and CD are shown for scaling purposes only and are not included with the prize.

The contest is open worldwide to everyone above the age of 13. Please post only one comment. Anyone who posts multiple comments will be disqualified from the drawing.

Last but definitely not least, if you don’t win, there will still be chances to take home a piece of MKOC history and benefit ChildFund International at the same time! Don’t forget to check in with DavidArchuleta.com every day as we will tell you how, very soon!

Questions? Leave a comment or email contest@davidarchuleta.com. Your comment to ask a question will be counted as a contest entry.

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  1. This contest is ended; the winner will be announced soon. Comments are closed.

  2. frapplejuice /

    Oh how I’d want to win this!



  4. frederickarchie /

    I really hope I win I’ve been a huge fan of David for years!

  5. heyyitsaejay /

    Flabber Jabber. Did I win a piece of David Archuleta yet? LOL.

  6. KennyMeetsArchie /

    This is truly a blessing of an opportunity!

    I don’t deserve this because I just became a fan but I can’t help it! David is my one and only role model.
    I’m probably conceited but I feel destiny has brought me here!

    David, through his music, book, and his very soul, has helped me change my whole life; his radiance reached out to me and pulled me out of darkness and despair. For that, I will be eternally grateful :).

  7. Melaniee /

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait for him to return!

  8. pocoelsyjariya /

    This is so cool :), I’m still here waiting for David DA#2014.

  9. gabrielleh17 /

    Loved the the MKOC tour! Got to see it with my family. Awesome tour.

  10. We miss you David! We know that you are doing great in your mission. :) take care and God Bless always. :) we are hoping to see you soon!

  11. ChristyR /

    What a great item to cherish the memories of David’s wonderful Christmas tour! My Mom and I went and we enjoyed every minute!

  12. WOW!!!! What a wonderful concert that year. Went to the one in Cedar City with my girls, my daughter,grand-daughters and my sister. It was my Christmas Present to them. Then I took my cute granddaughter to the one in Salt lake where David announced his mission. What an amazing night. We also took in the VIP that night. Best concert ever.

  13. mallory03 /

    I would LOVE to win this!! This is awesome! Thanks for doing this contest! :) #DA2014

  14. Rejoice /

    If I had given a chance to have a piece of the gigantic “My Kind of Christmas” concert backdrop curtain, it would be the best Valentine gift that I will ever receive and it feels like it’s Christmas in February. :)

  15. LisaArchulover /

    I can honestly say that this tour changed my life. Hearing David’s inspiring voice sing such inspiring songs was an incredible experience. I would absolute love and cherish a piece of this tour.

  16. mkcs03 /

    What a great prize! Thanks for having this contest. Can’t wait for David’s return! :) #DA2014

  17. This tour meant so much to me. I absolutely loved it. The shows and meet and greets were so perfect and I’m just so excited to see the results on the MKOC contest. And I can’t wait for David to return! Best of luck to everyone and I really hope I can be one of the prize winners.

  18. Joy4archie /

    I Didn’t Get A Chance To Go To The Christmas Tour. So It Would Be Really Cool To Have A Piece Of The Fabric. Really neat Contest.

  19. apowell91 /

    This was such a fun concert. It was a hard year for me and going to this concert made me appreciate the trials I had because they made me stronger. :)

  20. This is great! Would love to have this as a memory from such a memorable tour :)

  21. snowfan /

    Such an inspiration!!! Have enjoyed seeing him many times in concert and in person!!! A genuine joy to be around!!!

  22. bacougar04 /

    I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity to admit that I’m #teamarchie. Would love to win!

  23. sydlovesdavid1124 /

    I’m a HUGE fan of David, and I have been since the beginning! I went to this concert and it was one of the very best! :) His Christmas concerts have always been the highlight of my Christmas seasons! He’s so talented and knows how to bring the Christmas spirit! This is such a great opportunity! Thanks Team Archie! :)

  24. stenocruiser /

    Didn’t get to see the tour but would love to have this memento. Looking forward to David’s return!

  25. archfan /

    Love me some Archy.

  26. iamsheilla /

    Can’t David be the prize? Hahaha kidding :)
    I’m grateful though for this contest and I believe almost everyone can’t wait for his comeback #DA2014! !! Good luck to me and to David then *fingers crossed*

  27. tfarish /

    My hubby took me to this concert as an early Christmas present. This was the concert where he announced he would be serving a mission for the LDS church. It made his concert all that more special. I love his voice and humbleness!!!

  28. haidetgonzalez@yahoo.com /

    Mind blowing how such a talented voice can impact a life. True Archuleta fan!! He has such a drive to do good in this world and sings with so much passion and drive. Grateful

  29. sheersam /

    Too excited to know the 20 winners!
    There are many people but I believe I have a big chance.

  30. nmbr1archangel /

    I can’t comment so I’ll have to reply. I had the bio package for the mkoc tour and my computer crashed and I lost the picture with David. I’d love to have something from the tour! :)

  31. dani2803 /

    Hi really i want to win this i’m from mexico and i’m a very good fan of david archuleta and i love his son

  32. madisiebers /

    I love him

  33. Nazlee Singh /

    Awesome idea!!!! Whoever wins is going to be over the moon!!! Can’t wait for Davids return!! Psyched!

  34. pjalabat /

    i’ve been suffering from too much pressure and stress at my daily commitments. David Archie is my ultimate motivation (except from the creator above). since, he’s on mission i always listen to his songs and keep me inspired by him and by his acts.

    having this kind of very unique prize is as priceless as David Archuleta is <3

  35. ilovedavidarchuletaalot /

    I love David Archuleta so much I need to win this plllzzzzz I<3 David Archuleta yay

  36. carolineepotter /

    I never win anything like this… Here’s to my chances. :)

  37. aRt TuBiO /

    Mabuhay! Hehe. I’ve been waiting for 2 years. And since I saw your videos of My Kind of Christmas Tour in youtube I’m playing them weekly aside from the I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus which by the way I’m listening to everyday before I start working in the office. The Filipino fans are waiting for you so please return. You’re such an inspiration to me. We miss you so much.

  38. So awesome! Would love to win!

  39. I would love to win this! Really excited for David to come back and visit the Philippines again! ♥

  40. Mar.cindyy /

    I would love to win this!!!


  41. David archuleta musics complete my life. Without him, I could not survive heart broken and move on. In this short and simple message I want to say thank you to David. I hope that I can get it so that i can have a chance to treasure something given by my hero, david archuleta

  42. krista /

    Ahhh I would love to win, such a great way to remember the MKOC tour :)

  43. ArchieFan4 /

    I would love to win a piece of my favorite artists history!:D

  44. davidsgiftFOD /

    GRATEFUL for the opportunity! What a wonderful token!! <3<3<3

  45. kenzieb15 /

    I’ve been a fan of David for so long. Wish I could have come to the tour!

  46. evelyn_ /

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait for David to get home. I’ve been waiting for this and I know I’m not the only one. Truly excited to see him back. We missed him and his beautiful voice. Hahaha ❤️ I can’t wait!

  47. Hope to have a piece of that! And I can’t wait to see or meet my one and only Idol! #DavidArchuleta! You’re my kind of perfect! :)

  48. jkayr12 /

    This is an amazing idea! It would be so cool to win.

  49. archuletacrazy /

    I’d love that memorabilia! Can’t wait for David to come back

  50. Hey David, I’ve been a fan since your season 7 American Idol appearance. I’ve read your book and own all of your albums. I would love to add this to the collection. Keep up the good work!

  51. amyyy1307 /

    This would be amazing to win :’) I never got a chance to see the MKOC tour, which was about the last performance David gave :( so to win this would be reallyyyyy awesome !:’)

  52. such a neat idea!! Would LOVE this!! Thanks so much!!

  53. abbbbyx /

    This is awesome!!!!! Love you David can’t wait for your return!! :) <3

  54. gabibazinet /

    hello i love david archuleta and i really want this

  55. closia /

    Wow! this would literally cover for the excitement (barely 2 months left)!!! :)

  56. KathyH /

    Can’t resist! Can’t wait to get that first communication from David, either!

  57. lisheba /

    Finally! Able to log in and write a comment! Hahahaha, we miss you david! Please come to indonesia again on your comeback tour or something because i wasn’t able to make my dream come true which is meeting youuuu.
    Aaanndd, it would be amazing if i win the piece of MKOC. Haha :D

  58. Awesome idea! Would love to win!

  59. Dasha122093 /

    I am a SUPER DUPER BIG FAN of DAVID!!! I know it is very impossible for me to see him in person but winning this one would definitely make me feel like I have met him already. David is such an incredible person. I have always been a PROUD FAN! Hope he’s doing very well. Nothing would make me feel happier than knowing that he is happy and healthy wherever he is right now. Thank you for this! :)

  60. Archie, may i to impatient enough to say “Welcome back Archie, still here :)” really wish that i can tell you directly :) God bless you and your servants… tell me if you has a plan to see Indonesia again :)

  61. hiepdavid /

    I wish to see you comeback soon.Love you so much.

  62. Great idea! :) The MKOC tour was amazing! I live in Poland so I couldn’t be at concerts but anyway I was happy because of this tour. :)THANK YOU.
    Greetings from Poland and good luck for all! ;)

  63. Martee /

    What a great idea! Was fortunate to attend 3 MKOC concerts. Loved every one of them! Looking forward to his return.. thank you team Archie!

  64. dindadian /

    Hellooooo… dian from Indonesia joined!
    hope i will be one of 20 luckiest winner.
    love you David <3

  65. skyelermacdowell /

    This is very exciting. I would probably faint if i won. Good luck to everyone entering.

  66. xtwinkl3 /

    May God continue to do amazing works through David. Thank you for sharing this :)

  67. “when it comes down to it , its all about the feeling a connection to the song” – David Archuleta =)

  68. JasonR /

    Wow, this is so awesome! I wanted to see David on this tour. I can’t wait for him to get home from his mission! Thanks for this! Fun stuff!

  69. CiairaFashion /

    Wow, I am so happy that u guys made this idea. It really means alot to us. And I just want to say I am so happy and excited that David is returning soon. And u have no clue how excited I am to hear new music from u David.You have an amazing voice, and make great music.I would love to go to your concert and watch you perform bc your music is unbelievable and I just would like to see u perform every song.And One day I would love to meet you at the concert. I would definitely love to win this peace of MKOC I wil have the biggest smile on my face. And If I don’t win, that’s fine bc I appericate the opportunity of joining this contest and is very excited for David to return in the early spring. Wish me good luck everyone. I am so happy and blessed to have a good artist like David Archuleta. :’) #DA2014

  70. Not being a Catholic, my parents and I don’t really celebrate Christmas. But being able to have something in connection with David to remind me of him whatever season of the year will be great! We’ve all been waiting for him for two years already and how I wish all of the archangels will have the chance to get a hold of this wonderful piece of memorabilia! Let’s keep supporting David to the best we can! Isn’t it exciting that he’s coming back really really soon? #DA2014

  71. SarahMK /

    Love this so much! Didn’t get to go to this tour spit would be awesome to have a piece of it :)

  72. dayzee /

    Who wouldn’t want such a unique prize? I would love to hold a piece of that backdrop in my hand

  73. Naraly /

    It would be so fantastic and awesome to be the one who wins this. Honestly, my life would be (almost) complete, haha! Anyway, good luck to everyone who wants to win this!!

  74. mainegalang /

    This is awesome. I would like to receive one. I miss having new David stuff. :”> Thank you guys! You’re awesome.

  75. Blueberry Ice /

    The very thought of David’s magical MKOC shows brings back such wonderful and heartwarming memories! Thank you Team Archie for sharing this special memento. So excited for David’s return!

  76. chergehr /

    I saw David in Stroudsburg and would love to have a piece of the tour backdrop!

  77. Lovnangels /

    My favorite concerts are David’s Christmas concerts! Yes, I would love to win!

  78. Big fan of your work and person, win this i’d be awesome. Can’t wait to see you soon david on a concert. I’m saving money to see you, big big fan, a mexican one :)

  79. angelbaby2128 /

    It would be so cool to own a piece of the tour! Excited for his return! ;)

  80. ivandarcy /

    I’m a fan of David Archuleta. I like the way he sings! He’s really talented!I have watched his mini series “Nandito Ako” he did a great job and singing Filipino songs! I was able to ordered his Forevermore album even though I’m here in the U.S! Can’t wait till he come back!! Make new album again and come back in the Philippines!! #DA2014 #FilipinoFanInTheUS

  81. knguyen209 /

    This is truly amazing! I really do hope I win this competition! David Archuleta’s songs and voice is just indescribable! :D <3

  82. jzeeil /

    Love it!

  83. growyourownlemons /

    That tour has special memories for me! It was a fun event with my family listening to wonderful music. It would be amazing to win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  84. Gisela Prado /

    My first concert i ever been to was David`s My kind of Christmas tour in Santa rosa and having a piece of the backdrop would be amazing especially since it would be adding more to the best day of my life.

  85. sangarchie /

    woww, I want one :x

  86. bookworm5496 /

    I would love to get this for my friend! She went to see David back in Stroudsburg, I told her that he would perform in our area, and even though I didn’t go, I think she would love it!

  87. Huong La /

    Elder Archuleta, we miss you so so much. Vietnamese fans miss you and always wait for you.

  88. LightsHannahAction /

    It would be an honor to own something so beautiful ♥~

  89. Suzanna Miller /

    I can not wait for the day I get to see David again. I will be whooping and hollering and probably doing a little dance. Winning his backdrop could possibly get me to exhibit the same joyful behavior.

  90. RanaeLeona /

    How cool!! I love it! :) I wish I could have gone to the tour!

  91. Giao Nguyen /

    This is really great! Thank you so much :)

  92. tjiaern /

    This is an incredible opportunity as a fan! Thank you so much to David’s team for still involving us as we all await his return! :)

  93. Marite /

    This is great! =) Esperando que David vuelva =D!!

  94. Fernanda Vite /

    :D I’d wish he come to mexico soon!
    and I’d wish more win this beautiful piece of his tour

  95. Although I didn’t get to go see this tour, I would love to add it to my David memorabilia!
    I can’t wait till he comes back!

  96. archielover /

    I can’t wait to see him again!!! :)

  97. allison_nic /

    I went to his first show on this tour and it was wonderful! It would be so nice to win this and it would mean a lot!

  98. jkatherine96 /

    I love you David and I’d love to win! Best wishes God bless

  99. Priscilla /

    MKOC Tour didn’t include a Dallas, Texas date and I’d love to have a memory of it since there was no way for me to go, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for giving us this opportunity! Amazing way to let the fans remember this wonderful tour.

  100. bpetty31 /

    I love your music David and hope I win!

  101. jbarchiefan /

    Christmas From the Heart is one of my favorite David Archuleta albums and Christmas albums! Wish I could have seen him on the My Kind of Christmas tour! He has such a unique talent and gift. I’m looking forward to hearing some new music from him in the future! Much love and God Bless! :)

  102. Darkpallyxx /

    This is so cool! This is a great idea! Would be a great keepsake! I would love to win this from David’s MKOC tour.

  103. Keish93 /


  104. HemaPreya /

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 year since David left for his mission, and a few months after, I left my home country Malaysia and came to the United States to pursue my college degree. Now I’m a Senior, graduating in May. So much has changed in my life, and I can only imagine how much he has learned and grown since then. #DA2014

  105. avalancheallie /

    this would be the GREATEST birthday gift ever

  106. AlisonSal24 /

    I love David and this tour was amazing!

  107. AlisonSal24 /

    That concert was my birthday present and it meant EVERYTHING to me. I didn’t want anything else other than to see David on my birthdat, and I will never forget that amazing night. I’d love to have a piece of it to remember how amazing it was.

  108. woahitsbronwyn /

    this is pretty hypee. tbh, id be pretty shocked if i won this o:

  109. hibasmoon /

    i wish to meet u and sing broken with u one day

  110. cklammm /

    Such a great idea. Would love to have a piece of this! Can’t wait for his return!

  111. stephaglee21 /

    David is amazing and i been a fan since day one. Never was able to see him live, would love part of him to live on with me forever.

  112. Di_intx /

    I was never able to attend a MKOC concert so to have a little piece of that would make my heart very happy! :-)

  113. What a fabulous idea to share with David’s fans! What’s next…. maybe an auction for the drum sticks he used!

  114. happpydance /

    That was a concert to remember even though I didn’t get to go. I still enjoy the vids that fans shared. I’m looking foward to seeing David’s next concert tour in person! And I’ll proudly wave my 20″ x 20″ curtain flag :)

  115. kaleiluvshawaii /

    Cool idea! I wanted to see who was the first one to comment – and it was heartsong! Good luck everyone – it’s a piece of ArchuHistory!

  116. The MKOC tour was so lovely and memorable even for those of us who didn’t get to physically go! I’m ecstatic for David’s return, and can’t wait to hear his music live again.

  117. Amal Ciareh /

    It’s amazing how these two years went by … It was one heck of a long time but we’ve made it through…
    Good luck to all … God bless :’)

  118. JessArchie /

    Okay so i really admire David and i would really like to have part of his “history” so im going for it! count me in! :)

  119. AllstarEmily /

    He comes back in less than 3 months!!!!

  120. cleeker2 /

    Awesome! I love it!

  121. It’d be awesome to win especially for a fan who had never been to MKOC since it was only in US.

  122. MunkFOD /

    Awesome idea!! I didn’t have the opportunity to go to the MKOC tour but relived it many times thru videos and stories told by great friends who were there! I hope to have the opportunity to see and hear David in the future! He has a very bright future! So excited!!!! :D THX!

  123. CinthyaMirella /

    Thanks David Team. You are awesome!

  124. skydancer1x /

    Oh wow!Thanks,Team David.. what a great contest!
    David’s MKOC tour was my first time vip/meeting David!I would love to have this!eek!Good luck everyone!

  125. davion100 /

    This is awesome :)

  126. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    This is wonderful! Kari, and Team David have been so amazing over the past 2 years by keeping us updated with everything David while he’s been away! I would love to win a piece of the MKOC stage backdrop! I got to go to the SLC show and it was fantastic! Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I’m so excited and can hardly wait for David’s return!

  127. Bebereader /

    Nice memories of MKOC. I was at the first show (Westbury) and when David came out onstage, the audience went wild with excitement! It didn’t calm down until the show was over! He’s truly one of a kind!

    Thank you for the opportunity to own a piece of the backdrop. It’s great to see so many people here! :)

  128. Still here, David. :)

  129. quiteblanc /

    It will bring back some fond memories of Santa Rosa MKOC VIP and concert!

  130. Victoria Peanut /

    OH NO!! It was the ONION BAGEL wasn’t it?! :D
    David, YOU ROCK!!! <3 :)

  131. kikaabdia /

    What a perfect idea to create this contest and give a chance for those who never attended MKOCT, like me. So anything can happen. This team is incredibly amazing!! :D

  132. Alil2NotOverU /

    The curtain from MKOP tour is truly epic. This was probably the most anticipating tour for us fans. Can’t wait to see what’s more to come when he returns and works on his music again! :) #DA2014

  133. lizardj /

    Would love a reminder of this wonderful concert! Hoping David is well and ready to sing! :). I am so glad he was able to go on a mission!

  134. fallingstars /

    MKOC tour was such a wonderful experience…1 of the best days of my life! David did an awesome job! I would only enjoy a set of mostly Christmas songs from him! I loved the decorations and I would love to have a piece of it to keep!

  135. star-gem /

    GOSH!!! This is fantastic. I would absolutely love to win this piece of David’s MKOC tour. I saw David in concert on my Birthday and I’ll never forget it. He even sang Happy Birthday to me (and others) during the VIP before the show. This is a great idea! Good luck to everyone who enters!

  136. _AnGeL_ /

    Hi, i’m an Archie :)

  137. Wow!! This is great!! David’s MKOC tour was an awesome experience… so special!! I would love a piece of the banner!!

  138. Joanna316 /

    This is so great! It would be awesome to have something from that incredible tour to accompany all of the memories!

  139. ascphil /

    Wow, judging by the size of that MKOC curtain, more than 200 fans can be given a piece! Would love to have one since I was never there but loved all the videos I’ve watched of it! Thank you for coming up with this great gift to David’s global fans!

  140. haroldcpim /

    Great news have been to all David’s Christmas concert . This would be awesome to win . Welcome back david can ‘t wait to see you in concert. . It’s been a long two years with lots of changes .

  141. dhusary /

    I’ll take the D letter, just kidding. I would treasure any piece of that cloth. This give away is a great idea, keep the Thinking Out Of The Box in regards to David, he is not your cookie cutter celebrity type.

  142. Would love to get this piece of memorabilia to add to the dozens I already have. Perhaps it will be big enough to wear as a scarf or bandana for the next VIP and test if David will recognize and remember it. HAHA! Thanks for allowing the fans to maintain their connection with David. Much appreciated.

  143. archiefan4eternity /

    I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the wait is almost over! My birthday is this week and if I win that will be a totally awesome bday gift! Ive never been to his concert and I remember being in biology class with my friend and complaining and whining about not being at the concert instead having to sit in a class for 3 hrs dreaming with each second and minute how he would be getting ready to go onstage and then being on stage and having fun while while i am missing out :) my fellow archies can u imagine that feeling. I hope to meet all archies in 2014! I have never been to his concert and Im striving to meet him in 2014! there is so much i wanna say but cant think it all right now! I have been checking FOD every post everday! Our golden guy will be back :) anyways take care and god bless #DA2014 I feel like rambling on and on about D haha also even if I dont win I know whoever gets it will deserve it :)

  144. Anticipating new music and a tour in 2014 ! Can’t wait to say “Welcome home David!”


  145. djafan /

    What a great idea! I would love a piece of David’s musical genius journey! I attended 3 MKOC concerts in one week loading up my 7 passenger car with different folks so they may also witness “The Voice” of David Archuleta!

  146. abanana77 /

    This is awesome!!

  147. JenAIowa /

    I was unable to attend any of the MKOC tour concerts because my father was ill and passed away during that year. I did however watch endless videos shared by the wonderful generous fans! David’s performances were inspiring!!
    This contest is so clever and what a way to rally the “troops”! DA2014#

  148. Jessica Velazquez /

    OMG! I’d really like to win! is very difficult to obtain items of David here in Mexico, so I would be very happy to win! Thanks to Team David for this opportunity! thank you :)

  149. TheOnlyMe12 /

    Such a Nice Gift, The Tour, The Snowflakes and Of Course David especially. More David’s Stuff in my David’s Box !

  150. geomakk /

    I would LOVE to win this amazing piece of art since we don’t have any kind of David Archuleta merch down here in Venezuela (South America)!!! Thank you David Archie Team for making this chance world wide so any archie could win :)

  151. WOW! This contest is surprisingly cool ! I hope that I could win this ! Thank you so much to the team for and also David! Much love from Indonesia!! We all look forward to having you back :)

  152. Taking my chances.. This’ll be a really nice keepsake from the MKOC tour! :)

  153. sweetonda /

    Wow, I’m late to the party, been so busy, but I’m here and celebrating the soon return of David. You are sorely missed mister! I’d love to have a piece of this curtain. Loved the MKOC tour and hope to see another Christmas tour this year.

  154. What a great gift!! Some lucky fan out there will be holding a piece from David’s MKOC tour so exciting!! I hope you choose me :) I MISS YOU DAVID!!! #DA2014

  155. larasarchie /

    YES I AM HERE :D i’d be so happy if i get that. We miss you David :’)

  156. Sarah2219 /

    Thanks for the contest. HOPE I WIN!!!!!!!! But congrats to whoever does. ;)

  157. marian /

    Great idea! It would be the ultimate souvenir of such a fun tour!

  158. archangel2428 /

    well what exactly are we supposed to comment???
    in that case I’ll just say that am sooo excited for this!!!….
    hoping the winner would be me!!!
    but is this available in India??…..am from India so…..

  159. archmae1228 /

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! Wahh.. I Really LIKE that ONE. I WANT that.
    Hoo. This MAKES me MOre EXCITED for DAVID’s COMEBACk..
    THANKS for THIS.. I hope I win that.. ME for the WIN. LOL

  160. woww…that’s cool…good job #TeamArchie…but even more be great if I to be the winner,,, lol,,,unforgetable of MKOC…and still waiting david’s concert for next time…welcome back DAVID ARCHULETHA. WE ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU…Keep#DA2014

  161. Fira Archuleta /


  162. VaBeachArchie /

    THANKS Team Archuleta for this GREAT idea and opportunity! Like having a piece of history of DAVID ARCHULETA! Good luck to all!

  163. hopedale56 /

    Such a fun idea!! Thank you for continuing to think of David’s fans!

  164. rubi_DA2014 /

    This is amazing! Thank you so much team Archuleta!

  165. Yay! David comes back in a few months and now, THIS! 2014 is truly THE YEAR OF THE ARCHULETA! Archies, UNITE! :))) This is really great!

  166. gladyssinambela /

    I was never able to attend the concert of David, so when I read this news on facebook I immediately excited. I wish I could get a piece of “My Kind of Christmas” concert backdrop is a memorable part of that concert tour so I can feel that I went to that place. I wish that I can win this one :)
    And thanks for making this open worldwide! :D

  167. RandyFOD /

    This is a great opportunity for everyone! So excited to see David return in just a few months now =-D.

  168. theonlytrace /

    I would love to win this! Can’t wait for David to return!

  169. Bella Permatasari /

    This is So AMAZING!!! This is drawing games and it so fair.
    Indonesia love David Archie.

    I hope i win it, coz its so amazing, in waiting for david for 2 year and i`ll be passion about it! I have all Archies song. Hahaha. Love all people. NoH8

    @1CoralineJones is on twitter

  170. joelynecanda /

    This is A M A Z I N G! It’s like being on the tour myself! Thank you Team Archuleta! This is a really nice treat to whoever will win it! Good Luck Archies!! #DA2014

  171. That looks fancy. It would be great to have that.. Thanks in advance..:) Anyway, I’m so excited David’s come back!! :D

  172. Thank you for such a great opportunity! The MKOC tour was something else… Even though I wasn’t able to attend, it will always be a tour close to all of our hearts! And what a great way to get pumped for David’s homecoming! Thank you Team David :) #DA2014

  173. haelii89 /


  174. snowymufli /

    I wish that I can win this one :D…
    the more, I wish David will come with another inspiring book after finished his 2 years mission. Chords of strength has been the most inspiring book I’ve ever read so far…
    Take care, David :D
    we’re waiting your comeback concert …

  175. gemcruz /

    Thanks for this awesome contest for all of David’s fans!!! We miss him so much and can’t wait ’til he gets back :) Thanks again, Team David!!!

  176. What a great idea!! Would love to have a little keepsake from MKOC as I had to miss it. What a beautiful and meaningful concert that was. I can hardly wait to see what the future brings!

  177. LetItRain13 /

    Thank you David, for my new Beginning. :)

  178. paolavalle /


  179. HellenFLUFINESS /

    I’m honestly so bummed that I never really got to attend this Christmas tour because i live in florida, but i’m honestly excited to see david perform here sometime when he gets back.

  180. PlatinumArchie /

    This is a wonderful idea! Thanks once again, for thinking of us, David’s fans! Kudos to Team David, you’ll make someone very happy ~ you’re the best! :)

  181. ntislove13 /

    Thank you so much! :)

  182. BellaVita /

    Love it! Am a total big fan of David Archuleta – cannot wait for his return! :D
    David you are my inspiration. You’ve helped me more than you know.

  183. DorkAngel-GBW /

    Seeing the MKOC backdrop brings back ♪special memories that remind us♪ of what a wonderful tour it was and how much we’ve missed him. #DA2014 /♫

  184. connie-da2014 /

    Aww…. what a nice thing to have a piece of that backdrop as a souvenir. I’ve never been in any of David’s concert. Hoping to be there in his concert when he return this year. (Fingers and toes crossed). Thanks team Archie for this awesome contest. :)

  185. Cassandra /

    The MKOC Tour was one of the best! Every song was amazing and David really connected with the audience. I can’t wait for David to come back and start touring again :) I’d love to have a piece of the MKOC tour to remember forever <3

  186. Omg. Should have commented yesterday. Sooo many fans have signed in! :) Please let me win a piece of history.

  187. emilyluvsarchie /

    This is awesome! My family and I attended the Stroudsburg concert, and it was amazing. Can’t wait for his return! It’s getting so close! #DA2014

  188. koko (nance from ct) /

    What a great idea! Thanks so much for doing this for us; the MKOC tour was the best! Can’t wait for David’s next concert/tour!

  189. Veronica Sanabria /

    This is absolutely a perfect idea! #DA2014 ♥

  190. awwwrchuleta /

    Thanks for making this open worldwide! :D #DA2014

  191. luvDJA /

    What a great idea. Who would not love a piece of MKOC? Was at both Verona and Strousburg so this would be be a super momento.

  192. Sultana Patwary /

    I love you David. This would be super amazing. To hang this on my wall! =D

  193. jenlalalovesdja /

    saw my MKOC show on my 20th birthday! was one of the best concerts ever.

  194. WEIYAN /

    Haha, what a cute and smart way to use the backdrop! Thank you! (:

  195. i watched videos of his performances in MKOC tour from youtube…i hope next Christmas he’d include the philippines in his tour..we miss him..i miss him :)

  196. stephdanielle /

    This is such a nice contest for the fans, what a great keepsake to cherish! The backdrop is beautiful & so are the memories we have from all of David’s tours, but especially his MKOC tour. Our favorite was being in Beaver Creek and having the chance to wish David well on his mission, that meant so much to us…we will never forget it! #DA2014

  197. willia02 /

    This would be way cool to win, this is one way to have a piece of David until he return to his fans here.

  198. wildecow /

    I love his MKOC so much it would be amazing to win this right before he gets home too! Its really cool that this will help Child Fund at the same time!

  199. I was fortunate to attend VIP and MKOC concert in Stroudsburg, PA. I think we are all winners when we get to attend one of David’s concerts so a piece of the curtain is icing on the cake. The best thing will be to see David’s new curtain rising whenever he’s ready to put on a new show.

  200. ANCendraa /

    OMG!!! THIS IS WONDERFUL! Please please pretty please let me win this time. I would be the happiest person in the planet!! A bit of christmas with David would be marvelous even when it is not Christmas. Also, miss you Dave! Glad to know that you’ll be here soon :-)

  201. Carlene /

    I have watched MKOC over and over again and still now after Christmas. I love every bit of it and it never gets old

  202. Sheila /

    Love it!!

  203. Aisim Chan /

    Wow it’s a beautiful souvenir from MKOC Tour! Thank you Team Archie for this great idea! I was blessed to be able to travel from Malaysia to the US to meet my best friend brought to me by David. We attended 3 MKOC concerts in New York. It was a very special Christmas for me! Great concerts beautiful memories!

  204. MaggieFOD /

    #OhMyGoshBackdrop! Would love to have a piece of the My Kind of Christmas Tour! #DA2014

  205. Maureen_abms /

    This is such a great idea you came up with. The MKOC tour was fabulous! I was able to attend Westbury and Stroudsburg and have such great memories. Looking forward to David’s next tour! Good luck everyone!

  206. This is wonderful, thank you! ^_^

  207. This is such a cute idea!It is such an amazing and exciting thing to have! I cannot wait until he comes back! This would be so exciting to win!

  208. suzzyy123 /

    MKOC was an amazing concert and fun adventure…getting together with wonderful friends to hear David sing! Such great memories! Can’t wait to hear that voice live again on stage when he returns! Thanks Team David!

  209. I have never seen him in person, or seen any of his concerts. But I have been a fan since Star Search days. I wish I could meet him someday and perhaps sing a duet or work with/for him. This souvenir cloth would mean so much to me as I have never been to any of his shows live. I love David A. so much!

  210. foddonna /

    What a wonderful thing to do for the fans! That backdrop was so impressive at the MKOC tour. I have many great memories from that tour. So looking forward to David’s return next month! <3

  211. Mary Dee /

    Wow! This is so cool. I would love to win a piece of the backdrop. Exciting to see a new activity going on here. Are we getting ready for #DA2014 to officially take off?? wheeeeeee

  212. LauraHeartx3 /

    David Archuleta has always been a big part of my life, and has helped shape me into the person that I am today. I would love to own a piece of MKOC! That was a fantastic tour, and I can’t wait to see more concerts in the future! #DA2014

  213. annisaahahaha /

    This is so amazing !! I don’t get the chance to be part of the amazing concert tour but to win some items for the tour itself would be a dream come true :) And most importantly I can’t wait for the man himself to return. Anyway good luck to everyone and myself! :)

  214. elianetulipa /

    Beautiful gift!I want hehehe

  215. sweetbekahrose /

    I LOVE David Archuleta!!! I wanna win this sooo bad!

  216. Tonette /

    Thank you for including international fans in this contest! I just watch the MKOC tour on YT and it would be cool to win a piece of the backdrop. God bless and good luck to all of us! :)

  217. Wow! This is so cool!! I loved David’s MKOC tour and was grateful to be in Verona and Beaver Creek. This tour that David, Kari, and Team Archie planned and worked to make a reality was in itself a beautiful gift for the fans. The chance to own a piece of that pretty red snowflake curtain backdrop from the concerts each night is an additional tangible gift whether (you) attended or watched vids at home. :) #DA2014 ~Joanie

  218. This is a really great idea! I was lucky to be at the SLC concert when he made his announcement and took many photos that had that beautiful curtain in the background! I would love to have a momento of it to add to my collection.

  219. Aninha /

    Wow, thanks! What an opportunity! #speechless #DA2014

  220. pringle3 /

    Cool contest! That curtain was soooooo pretty. I’d love a piece to add to my Christmas decor collection and to hang in my room year round with my other David mementos :) Looking forward to seeing what more DA2014 has in store for us and I can’t wait to welcome David home in just a few WEEKS!

  221. jonya12 /

    I am a new fan regrets that I haven’t discovered him not until I watch him in Nandito ako tv series..from then on I watch a lots of his performances..thanks to youtube. I am totally amazed of his voice and simplicity. waiting for his return I hope he’ll have a concert here in paris.. or any country nearby,i am ready to fly.loved to have that small piece red backdrop.

  222. Whao! This is really cool! I’d love to have a piece of the backdrop. :)

  223. Arluda /

    I went to the Verona show and will never forget it <3

  224. Hunnzy /

    THANK YOU DAVID for the MKOC Tour! I know that it wasn’t easy to do that for us fans! But you did and I personally was able to attend the Anaheim Grove with 3 friends! My non Archies are now David Fans! All 6 of the concerts that I have attended.. MKOC was my favorite! Your light and soul showed the love of Christ..for that I am thankful! God will Bless you for the way you represent Him! Cheers to many more concerts! And yes I would love to have a piece of that concert.

  225. kianasachii /

    This is an amazing idea! Really wished that the Philippines was part of this tour! :)

  226. davidrbecken /

    When I attended this concert in Beaver Creek, I wondered what would become of the backdrop. Now I know, and I am glad it wasn’t just tossed out. Great way to stoke the fans!

  227. DavidFTFOD /

    Wow! This is a fantastic prize!!! Good luck to all! This was one of the tours that I really wish I would have been able to attend. I love that backdrop and would love to have a piece of it. I love watching all of the videos that came from the MKOC tour. Thanks Team David for giving us all an opportunity to own a piece of the backdrop. <3

  228. danielarchie /

    :)Pretty Good :)
    I Love this one ღ
    I hope I have an opportunity. Thank You! ♡

  229. What a great idea!! I was at the Salt Lake MKOC concert and will never forget it!

  230. 1FootFrontTheeOther /

    This is so cool! I’ve always loved that background, would be awesome to have a piece of it! ;) Love it!

  231. Jonerz /

    Sadly I was not able to attend any of his concerts on this tour so having a little something from it would make me feel like I didn’t completely miss out! :)

  232. This would be such an awesome keepsake for any fan. I wasn’t able to attend any of the MKOC tour concerts, but thanks to the wonderful fans who posted videos I feel like I was right there for all of the shows.

    I’m looking forward to the future and more shows. #DA2014 is almost a reality.

  233. Musicalsoul18 /

    I never got the chance to see David’s concert and would love to have a piece, but if the MKOC is so important don’t cut it up. Give one lucky winner the whole thing. Of course putting it in pieces would give a chance for everyone to have a piece of the special remembrance, but in opinion it’s more special to have it as a whole.

  234. This is amazing. Wow to have an opportunity to win something from that tour. Thank You.

  235. akratwig /

    This is such a great opportunity, I love that it is worldwide so that fans all over the world have a chance to win!

  236. evfavela /

    This is so cool .I would love to win this from my lover ..Love u david ..eres muy hermoso y adorable.

  237. krnbbyn /

    I’ve always wanted to request for something like this! Thank you!!!

  238. Evancristobal /

    I’d love to win a piece of the backdrop! The MKOC tour was amazing and unforgettable!

  239. lilygirl2400 /

    Awesome idea! I shall never forget the last show at BCreek- what a fantastic, memorable show with David. I shall never forget it!

  240. ruthrabbit /

    Great David.

  241. erica010 /

    I want. It was such a great experience going to this concert.

  242. DebVaFOD /

    MKOC Tour was so special … I made it to 4 shows with a fellow Archie & cherish the memories! It saddens me that the backdrop will be cut into pieces, but I’d love to have one!

  243. dominiquei /

    I remember going to his concert and seeing the backdrop . We had to leave mid way through the show because my awesome boyfriend had just gotten surgery and was hurting. It was an amazing experience. This is way to awesome to do this, letting the fans know you care.

  244. hollyre /

    What a great idea. I think I could make a throw pillow out of that piece of the backdrop. Great memories of great concerts.

  245. Archugeezer /

    What a fun idea! The MKOC Tour was fantastic, and so was David. I was at a few stops, every one of them amazing. A piece of that familiar backdrop would be the perfect reminder of a wonderful fan experience. Count me in!

  246. tawna21 /

    How fun!!! MKOC in SLC was THE most amazing night! ♥ ♥

  247. rhyunc /

    When is David coming back? Are tour dates set yet? PLEASE COME TO BLOOMINGTON OR FORT WAYNE, INDIANA! <3

  248. ashleyyyyyo /

    I LOVED his christmas concert so much! Winning this would remind me of the crazy fun night I had. I love David!! :)

  249. Stephanie B. /

    I wasn’t able to attend any of the shows, just because I don’t live in USA but I would’ve loved to. Anyway, Good Luck everybody! (I hope someday Archie came to my country) Saludos y Gracias.

  250. amandamelton20 /

    Such a good idea

  251. I’m sad that I never got to see David on his Christmas tour! I would love to win a piece of the backdrop so it’ll feel like I have a piece of the tour with me. I know the tour was really special.

  252. Oh man I suck at contests but I have to try this! I need that! Haha :D
    I wish there’s more than one winner though. But anyway thanks for the chance to participate in this contest :) Missing David (even though he doesn’t know who I am haha). x

  253. jyannella /

    Awesome concert and FANtastic

  254. Marcia /

    Thank you – fantastic idea! I would love to have a piece of the banner. I was lucky enough to see it 3 glorious times!

  255. I would love to have a piece of David Archuleta history! Loved the concert, love Christmas music, love red, love snowflakes (they are one of a kind, like David) and of course, I love David and his wonderful voice and persona! So looking forward to his return!

  256. Daniela07 /

    This is so cool! I’m in!

  257. AnneMarieFOD /

    What a sweet, wonderful idea and gift! I was so fortunate to have been at the Westbury MKOC show and and had the best time with my family and friends!

  258. Love this!!! What a great idea!

    We have lots of real snowflakes up here right now but I’d much rather have this one! :)

    Thanks so much for getting us all back here again!

  259. redsky7 /

    I would also like to win this, I haven’t been able to see David live yet but I hope to get the chance. I am so grateful to Kari, the OS, and the fan sites for keeping the fires burning for David!

  260. sunshining /

    Having a piece of the MKOC tour backdrop will get Christmas and David vibe at the same time! Raffling a piece of it is a cute idea. It’s like you’ve been there in the actual tour if you havent had the chance to go there (like me!) :D

  261. Love it! Thank you so much for doing this!! :D

  262. My oh my! I’d definitely love to own another collectible from David…any collectible from him, for that matter. We’ve missed him so much and we can’t wait ’til he comes back to the US! Preferably, be a guest at this season of American Idol too! *fingers crossed*

  263. smsproul11 /

    I saw David Archuleta in concert back in 2009. That’s the night I officially decided that I loved him more than I love the Jonas Brothers. It was a huge deal. I am proud of him for this full-time mission trip, but I miss him immensely and cannot wait until he is back. I want to win! :)

  264. sweetnloo4 /

    That’s so amazing! I would love a piece of that backdrop. That was such a memorable tour.

  265. One of my absolute favorite concerts David did. Loved everything about it, including the awesome props and backdrop. Would love to own a piece :)

  266. redcarousel /

    Can’t wait until you are back home. Would love to win this.

  267. Attwittsend /

    This is MKOC … My Kind of Contest! Thank you for the fun idea and I would love to have a piece of the MKOC … My Kind of Christmas backdrop. I love David and I love snowflakes :) Looking forward to David’s return and all that awaits him in the future. Thanks again. :)

  268. Richard Tucker /

    Attending this concert and the VIP experience is something that will forever be special to me. If I was ale to win this I would be so excited! I’d be able to hang it up in my room next to my autographed picture of David!

    Can’t wait for your return David :)

  269. thatskinnthguy /

    Awww, now I miss David a lot more!

  270. blue123 /

    great idea

  271. What a great idea for a prize!!! I hope I win :)

  272. Linda C /

    Fun Stuff!! How cool it is to have a chance to win such a Special piece of #ArchuHistory ! I know Exactly where & how I’d display this treasure! Thanx Team Archie for thinking of the fans <3

  273. fenfan /

    I didn’t get a chance to attend any of the MKOC concerts but I have watched lots of fan videos of the tour. It was fantastic. I hope to see David on tour in the United States one day. Looking forward to David’s return.

  274. mannym67 /

    Would love to have this piece of memorabilia of one of my most favorite American Idol contestants ever. Praying that David will continue to impact positively on people’s lives especially as he shares the love of The Lord with them. Would love to have David visit us again in the Philippines as part of the MKOC Tour in the future. Watched his concerts when he performed here and would love to go o another Archie concert. :-) God bless you David! :-)

  275. ArchieTina /

    It’s nice to see David’s homepage getting active again! How thoughtful of team David to do this for a fan, not much longer now you guys!!

  276. I would really love to win, since I haven’t had the chance to attend a single one of his concerts. I’d be nice to have a memorabilia from one of them! However, I’m terrible at being drawn for prizes, so congratulations to whoever wins :D

  277. emily4archie /

    It’s hard to believe 2014 is here already! These 2 years went by fast and it’ll be good to have David back again :) It would be a privilege to be able to own a part of David’s last tour.

  278. heather_hawkes /

    I didn’t get to see the tour so it would be awesome to have a little piece!

  279. What a wonderful idea! I would love to have a piece of that beautiful cloth! It brings back such special memories of the MKOCT that I was fortunate to be able to attend in SLC. It was such a wonderful concert!

    Thank you for making this possible for the fans. That beautiful backdrop was such a treasure…and his tour was just a piece of heaven. We all appreciate everything David and his team have done to gift fans while he has been away.

    Even though he has been away, we have felt his heart! We are very excited for his return home! Thank you again for everything!

  280. Bissy4 /

    Thank you guys for all you’ve done for David’s fans while he is away! Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to go see any of his shows during the MKOC tour, I would love to win this. Can’t wait to see him on tour after he gets back, though! I wish him the best of luck and a safe return:)

  281. LPandArchie /

    OMG I would love to win! MKOC tour was amazing! :’)

  282. Ellyna /

    Wow, this is awesome! You could tell that MKOC tour was lots of fun even just by watching the videos posted online! I had such a great time watching the live streams of MKOC performances, getting connected to the Archies from all over the world sharing the joys together! Thanks for this special opportunity :D

  283. ash0031 /

    I was at that concert and it was the best concert ever. I would love to win this. David is my favorite singer and unfortunately last year when he came to New York I did not get meet and greet. It is my dream to meet him and this will bring me closer to him. Please I would feel so blessed to win. I will be attending concerts when he returns shortly. I would be the luckiest girl in the world if I win!

  284. shunya_ /

    Hi I saw this in David’s twitter.I’m just an ordinary person. I love music especially David songs .i know, u too all of u guys love him and his songs.actually I leave this comment and have a little bit hope to win this. But if possible it will be my turn to win .can I say something to David?. My mom really love your songs and me too.the song ‘you can’ is so sweet .my mom and I sing it every morning on the way we go to the school in a car .i hope u have a good day everyday I will be here and always support u ,thank you a lots and big hug to u from me and mom

  285. Allen Grace /

    GOSH! This is so amazing! I will glad to have one of most memorable part of MKOC tour. The Color, the season, and his name on it!! Wow :D SO GOOD ♥

  286. pikepss /

    Love David on stage…love this curtain…..would love to have a piece of Heaven! Looking forward to the next part of his journey!

  287. adubb4da /

    What a wonderful idea, I never thought I was going to be able to attend one of the MKOC shows, I am so glad I was able to make the trip to Beaver Creek, and now to have a chance to own a piece of the memories is Awesome, Thanks Team David!!

  288. davidAlover /

    I would love to win this. Pick me!

  289. benjiearchie /

    Ohh wow!! That’s awesome! I’d love to win that backdrop!! Feels like i’m present on MKOC before if i own that. Thanks guys for this great opportunity!! :) #DA2014

  290. Dedamorado /

    Wow! A new contest! This made me smile. :) Can’t wait for his comeback!

  291. justintygr /

    I went to my first ever David show on this tour and had an incredible time. He’s an amazing talent and so funny and down-to-earth. Can’t wait for his return #DA2014!

  292. Ha Nguyen /

    Great contest!!! ^_^ And here is my question:…Can I be the winner??? lol
    Love you guys Archies <3 Good luck ;)

  293. Bernadeta /

    Woa, this is so great. hope that I can have it :) I wish that I;m lucky enough to have that :)
    Good Luck!

  294. Wow this is a great idea! I wanna join! :D

  295. truearchiefan /

    What a fun idea! This brings back so many amazing memories :) I can’t wait for David to come home and make more! Good luck everyone!
    -Lindy :)

  296. michellemac0040 /

    This is such a great idea. To have a little part of that day.

  297. MKOC TOUR OF DAVID ARCHULETA! I’ll be the happiest fan in my Country if i win this contest by a random pick!,, hehe.. But most importantly, I can’t wait to see David performing again in his left and right concert tours after his 2 years devotion on a Mormon Mission. It is or it was worth to wait! #mykindofperfect #DA2014

  298. Heidijoy /

    Exciting to see some Activity on the Official Site. Cant believe 2014 is finally here. I was there at the last two MKOC concerts and hold the Memories near and dear to my heart.
    Looking forward to the next Tour whenever that might be.

  299. what a fabulous idea and would love to have a little piece of the backdrop from David’s MKOC Tour! I was at Stroudsburg and it was such a blast!! I MISS HIM!!

  300. cwidup /

    This is a wonderful way to give back to your fans. I am looking forward to your return!!

  301. rocktellme /

    Wow this is a very special prize for anyone who has been to MKOC concerts and who has not been to!!! It will be honored to have a piece of the backdrop which traveled through the entire tour with David♥
    Thanks for doing this contest, OS team:)
    I hope every David fans join this contest!!! 

  302. pat brack /

    Yes, I would love to have a piece of the backdrop as it was during the MKOC tour that I first really experienced David and immediately contracted an incurable case of ODD. Having a beautiful piece of the Red would help alleviate my symptoms – at least until I can see and hear our ChuletaMan again. Thx.

  303. cheche_3d /

    oh wow, thanks for making this available for the international fans!!

  304. StephieRose /

    Best idea ever! It would be one of the coolest things aside from meeting D himself to win one of these.

  305. YayonGarcia /

    It definitely may be just a simple piece of cloth but it sure does mean so much to everyone who comments here. This would be a very nice token of remembrance from David and his team. Thank you guys from David’s management for coming up with simple yet very special prizes for us loyal fans. I hope I get to bring home a piece. Kudos to you guys!

  306. chelso2011 /

    Id love to win! I must have seen this show 4-5 times in just as many states!

  307. peacesignpam /

    This is an awesome idea! MKOC tour was my favorite tour because I was finally able to meet my best from who traveled from Asia to spend time with me and meet David together!! This would truly be a wonderful momento!! Thanks again!

  308. Woohoo nice! Good luck everyone! :DD

  309. I would to win a piece of David memorabilia!!! It would add to my David Collection! How exciting this is! Pick me please!! I can’t wait yo see him perform live again too!

  310. Amy (in VA) /

    Oh wow! I attended the MKOC concert in Stroudsburg and was so touched by how David took a few moments to say “hi” to my daughters who had waited in the cold for hours, even though he was running late. Such a wonderfully uplifting show!

    I must say how thrilled I am at how David’s team has continued to keep his music and his name out there at an appropriate level while he’s been gone. To see the team encouraging everyone to keep checking the site is a good sign for things to come. Thank you so much!

  311. MKOC is David’s last concert tour before he left for his 2 year Mission…We are now now all set for the #DA2014 Welcome Back Worldwide Concert Tour of David Archuleta!!!

  312. zelle13 /

    Dear David,
    I’ve watched videos of your MKOC tour and I cannot wait for you to come back to do another Christmas tour! Hopefully Manila would be one of your stops when that happens. :) Not too long now! #DA2014

  313. cadthu /

    Awwww. Am I the only one sad to see the backdrop cut up?? I LOVED that backdrop. Went to 3 MKOC concerts and it was so festive. However, if it”s going to happen I would also love a piece of it (hanging it up every Christmas lol!). Can’t wait for even more activities here once David is back :)))

  314. PaulaFOD /

    Great idea! MKOC tour was my first time to hear David sing Christmas music live. Have a great day!

  315. roseinmaryland /

    I would love to have this for my “David” wall. I went to this concert and it was amazing. I can’t wait for David to return from his mission. DA2014!!!!!

  316. archftw /

    Would love to win a piece of MKOC backdrop. Can’t wait for the next touuur :)!!

  317. 4evermore /

    I would love to own a piece of the snowflake background. It would look great framed with my 3 concert tickets of the first 3 shows in New York where I had the most fabulous times.Will be a sweet reminder of the fondest memories. Tks!

  318. dangitdavid /

    MKOC in Verona was the first time I saw David in concert and was totally blown away!! Never ever have I been so touched and moved by a performer!! What a wonderful idea to share pieces of the beautiful background with fans who would treasure them forever :))). I would love to have a momento of my first David show!! I can’t wait until he gets home and we get to hear that stunning voice in person again.

  319. empath2809 /

    Wow! I was able to be at the first four and last two shows. I feel like SLC and Beaver Creek VIPs and shows were life changing. So much emotion and David’s spirit just filled us. I would be so honored to own a piece of the backdrop. I love memories! I am still here, David, like the rest of us lol! To those waiting for your first show or chance to meet David, don’t give up on that. It’s more than worth it.

  320. TabithArchuleta Long /

    my heart skipped a bit when I saw this contest, I thought to myself why not give it try? Cos I have nothing to loose but a much higher chance to win a piece of MKOC. Being a Malaysian is not really fun cos I can not go to ALL David’s concerts in the US cos it’s SO expensive. But i’ve watched all his videos from MKOC and I wouldnt mind having a piece of HIM in my room, freaking out a lil but *fingerscrossed*

  321. pabuckie /

    What a nice idea! I was honored and priviledged to see him twice on the MKOC tour. It was a great tour. Thanks!

  322. Scott_NJ /

    What a great idea! The MKOC tour was my favorite tour and I was privileged to have been able to be at s few shows including the last show of that tour! What great memories and this piece would be a great reminder! Thanks for doing this !

  323. Ehrmehgerd! February 8 is my birthday! :”D <3 I wish there will be a Christmas tour in Asia someday :)

  324. cathk_ /

    David’s MKOC show was one of the best live concerts I’ve ever attended! I would be thrilled to own a piece of that red back drop! Looking forward to future concerts!

  325. Mspoohbear /

    I am new but not so new fan of David, so I have not been to any of his concerts. I am anxiously waiting for his return in hopes of being able to see him perform live in concerts (fingers crossed). I’ve scoured YouTube to watch videos of David’s concerts uploaded by fans all over the world. This is so cool! I would love to win a piece of the backdrop for MKOC concert. Thanks Team Archie!

  326. prd9601 /

    What a cool and fun idea! While I was unable to attend any of the Christmas concerts, it was fun to follow along on the fan sites and see all of the great videos posted by fans lucky enough to attend!

  327. Wow, this would be awesome!! I haven’t been able to get to any show yet, had tickets to Beaver Creek but had to give them away, so this would be so cool. Good Luck to all!! #DA2014

  328. Winning this would be so awesome! I haven’t actually been to the tour as he didn’t come to my continent but I would love to win this wow

  329. Oh, this is exciting to be able to maybe have a tiny piece of that magical tour. I was there in Salt Lake and I have never been so touch by any VIP, any performance, his announcment or by any person as I was by David that magnificent night. This tour was so very special to him and what a gift to all of us.The best tour EVER!!!!! Thank you Mr Archuleta and thank team Archie for this opportunity.Fingers and toes crossed.<3

  330. Nancy L /

    I was fortunate to attend several of the MKOC concerts including the last one at Beaver Creek. It was an amazing tour and I would love to have a piece of the backdrop. Thank you for the opportunity. Team David is great.

  331. To win the curtain fabric thing would be so random hahaha but so cool!

  332. lizmag /

    What a great idea!! Thanks for doing this! I was at the last MKOC performance in Beaver Creek & loved ever minute of it! This would make my birthday extra special if I were to win! Good luck to all Archies!

  333. So thankful to have attended the MKOC tour before David left on his mission. Can’t wait for the next Christmas concert! #DA2014

  334. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    I love this idea! I was blessed to travel to Stroudsburg, PA for David’s MKOCT. He was out of this world! It was truly a gift from David to his fans, a beautiful memory. God Bless him on his mission journey. Counting the days ’til he comes home & sings for us once again.

  335. Lyndsie714 /

    Aw, I love it so much! Good luck everyone!

  336. pepper /

    Oh what a great contest! Can’t say enough about how much I loved that concert I attended. Like many others I hopped on a plane to get there and so glad I did, just couldn’t miss another Christmas concert of David’s. I have such incredible memories of that tour, very special. Thanks to Team David. :)

  337. rusharr /

    This is super duper great! Awesome opportunity! Thumbs up! :)

  338. Martha /

    This is a great idea! Would be a great keepsake! Thanks so much! Appreciate all that you all do!

  339. I never attended that MKOC tour so I want to have a piece of that backdrop so I can feel that I went to that place. :)

    By the way is the commenting until February 8, or exactly on February 8? Thanks in advance for the response. :)

  340. shelley /

    This is just wonderful!!! I would love to win a piece of this backdrop!! MKOCT as amazing!! Thank you team David! What a wonderful idea!!

  341. This is SO neat, omg. The MKOC Tour was so special to me (and obviously to David, too). What an awesome contest. Seriously. I’m freaking out a little bit. /o\ FINGERS CROSSED. Good luck, everyone!

    Not long until #DA2014! :D

  342. heartsong /

    This is so cool! I would love to win this from David’s MKOC tour. What wonderful memories I have from that tour. Thanks for the opportunity!