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David covers “Heaven”

David covers “Heaven”

Nov 7, 2013

David Archuleta covers “Heaven” by Bryan Adams while in Singapore in 2012. David and Yusaini Samat (who played guitar for David while in Singapore) played around with some acoustic covers during some downtime between shows and this one we recorded.

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  1. skyangel /

    Thank you for allowing us to listen, watch and enjoy your talent. You’re entertaining, talented and I’ve enjoyed every one of your performances.

  2. pabuckie /

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the missionaries there. Thank you for all you do. You’ve been a Blessing in my life. May you continue to enjoy your last few months and may God continue to Bless you. In my thoughts and prayers and my heart always. Love you and miss you always. Patty-Ann ♥

  3. Unplugged..perfection from David Archuleta, thanks. This is really beautiful.

  4. Wow!, this sounds very well, really an amazing rendition… I’m new in this site, so congrats to David and thanks to the team for sharing this jewel.

  5. coleen /

    Thank you David:) What an amazing gift you have, simply magnificent!

  6. sweetonda /

    Thank you Team David for this lovely, awesome cover. He’s the best and is so missed!

  7. Rohdegirl /

    Amazing cover from an amazing performer. David sings with his heart and it touches the soul. Thank you!

  8. heartsong /

    I’ve completely lost count how many times I’ve both watched this and listened to it. It truly is HEAVEN!! Thank you again David and Kari! ♥

  9. rocktellme /

    What a treasure you gave us, David! And thank you to Kari and Team Archuleta for posting this video♥♥♥

  10. skydancer1x /

    I love this acoustic version of Heaven!

  11. pepper /

    Meant to comment and say thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful video. Can’t say enough about how much I love David’s cover of this song and to hear him sing this acoustic version is wonderful….so natural and incredibly beautiful! First song I ever heard David sing live and I will never forget how much it moved me, as does this video…captivating voice with the heart to go with it. Love it!

  12. pabuckie /

    Your voice is so lovely and authentic. You sound so amazing singing this. Just your voice and the guitar. It’s so beautiful. Miss you. Thanks, Kari and Team.

  13. blue123 /


  14. How many young singers can sit down with just a guitar as accompaniment and sound so AMAZING?!! David you are the BEST!!

  15. rusharr /

    LOVE IT!! Sung beautifully like always! Tq! Take care Dave! :)

  16. jonya12 /

    beautiful rendition love it. . . .missing david please come home.

  17. Beautiful!! Thank you to David’s team for all you do!

  18. Just Cool and Awesome. What a great cover of one of my favorite songs! I really want to sing like him. LoL :)

  19. What a treat for those who were able to hear this live! We fans appreciate all the music coming from you while you are away. Thank you David and the Team !

    The Voice

  20. Bebereader /

    Can never stop watching this awesome video!
    Sung with so much emotion as only David can do!

  21. Heidijoy /

    Beautiful cover!!! Nobody does it better!!

  22. djafan /

    David’s voice never ceases to connect with the soul. I love the mix of his high energy and acoustic performances at his concerts and this here is pure heaven.

  23. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Pure HEAVEN!!! So appreciative to David, Kari and all of TeamArchie for bringing us these GEMS along the way…a genuine THANK YOU! ♥ #DA2014

  24. Martha /

    What an awesome cover! Just perfect and sung with such emotion! Hopefully acoustic concerts will be on the agenda for him when he comes back. Thanks to Kari and Team A for posting this!