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In the studio with David

In the studio with David

Aug 7, 2013

Here’s a short video to celebrate one year since release of David’s album BEGIN: a little peek inside the studio with David.


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  1. lesarchie /

    Bravo.I’m glad to hear his voice again.So amazing.Thanks so much Kari and the team.#DA2014

  2. Thank you for posting this. It is so nice to hear a little bit of that voice. He REALLY does justice to that beautiful song. :)

  3. pepper /

    Oops, meant to say David has the best vocals and background vocals of anyone. :)

  4. pepper /

    Thank you for this, still watching and listening to this every day. such a beautiful little video! David has the best background vocals of anyone. :)

  5. sweetprincess /

    How do you set up your profile photo?

  6. sweetprincess /

    I still can’t believe that I still don’t have the BEGIN album and No Matter How Far album yet. I have been to four different Wal-Mart stores and I still can’t find. Can someone please help me? I only have 3 of his albums. Crush, Christmas from the Heart and The Other Side Of Down. I want the BEGIN album is No Matter How Far also.

  7. BEGIN. A perfect gift from David to all his fans, Here, There and Everywhere…Thank you and Congratulations Team David!

  8. connie-da2014 /

    Thanks Kari and Team Archie for sharing this video of David in the Studio. I always love seeing BTS of David. Sharing the passion, the hard work he is doing for us is very much appreciated. I can still remember the excitement we had that time waiting for this album to be release. I sure hope David knows how much this meant to us. Looking forward to hear you sing live the songs in this Album when you return in #2014. Bless you David in your mission and Happy Anniversary BEGIN. :)

  9. heartsong /

    This is just so incredible to get to watch David’s process as he’s recording. Really just so very cool and meaningful to us especially while he’s gone. Thank you is just not enough…but thank you. ♥

  10. MaggieFOD /

    Thank you for this special BEGIN present! Love watching videos of David in the recording studio! Can’t wait to see David sing “Everybody Hurts” live! #DA2014

  11. Heidijoy /

    Happy Birthday BEGIN. Love this special treat. Love the passion, expressiveness and beauty of this, as only David can do.
    David is so talented and conscientious. A Breath of Fresh Air in a world of Autotune and lipsynch with many other “artists”

    Thanks David, Kari, Team!! Yes Everybody Hurts but hearing David sing helps the healing. :):)

  12. Scott_NJ /

    What a treat. THANK YOU soo much for this ! I love seeing David create magic in the studio. He sounds amazing! We have been so blessed to get these little “gifts” while David is away serving his mission. Miss the guy a lot and so looking forward to #DA2014!

  13. erlindita /

    Thank you so much, Kari & team. You have no idea how much this surprise was needed. Happy Anniversary BEGIN!!! Its almost like hes here with us and recording.

  14. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Perfect gift on this special BEGIN anniversary! To Kari & Team, I hope you know how much these “treasures” mean to the fans while we wait for David’s return & I pray David knows how much he is loved for all he has done for us over the years..not just the past two but for this entire unforgettable journey we’ve all been on with him. God Bless You David Archuleta ♥ #DA2014

  15. pabuckie /

    Miss you David! LOVE watching you sing with such EMOTION! Thank you!!! LOVE your album, BEGIN. :) Thank you for always being just you.♥

  16. Martha /

    Thanks so much for this surprise on BEGIN.’s anniversary! David always sings with such emotion! Thanks to Kari and the Team for giving us things like this. Makes us even more excited for the big homecoming!