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David Does “The Dougie”

David Does “The Dougie”

Jul 27, 2013

A little treat for fans, David dances “The Dougie” while in the Philippines in 2012. With him is Rain who worked on makeup for “Nandito Ako.”


Corrected from earlier version in which the girl was misidentified.

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  1. lesarchie /

    Cool!it’s great.Thanks Kari for sharing this Dougie video.Miss him so much.#DA2014

  2. Scott_NJ /

    Thanks so much for sharing this vid! Such FUN!

  3. Ha,ha!This treat is awesome!

  4. pepper /

    Love this, thanks to Kari and Team David and especially to David, you’re still the best. Boy, you got the moves too! This was a terrific surprise. :)

  5. Rohdegirl /

    Was great to see this little bit of JOY!!!. So much fun seeing him enjoying just being young. AND the boy has moves…. who knew lol.

  6. Heidijoy /

    This is such a special treat!! Love your spirit and Moves David!!! Thanks Kari and team for sharing it with us on National Dance Day. It made our day and put a BIG Old SMILE on our faces. Bless your heart!!

  7. AnneMarieFOD /

    What a special treat!! LOVE watching David dance the Dougie!! Can’t wait to see him repeat this gem of a performance in 2014! Thanks Kari and team for posting! :)

  8. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    How many times can I watch the same video over & over again?! lol ~this is just all kinds of wonderful! Not only does David have the moves…he flashes that beautiful smile the entire time. If this combination doesn’t make a fan’s heart race, nothing will. Thanks to Kari & Team Archie for knowing just the right time to share something special with us and, most of all, thanks to David for being so good to us. There’s just no way I can thank him enough. God Bless You on your mission David. You have fans all over the world praying for you & awaiting your return. #DA2014

  9. pabuckie /

    This was such a great surprise! You were great David! Thanks Kari and Team! David, you look great up there dancing :)) I watched it so many times!

  10. Kathy /

    David and his team are tops on my list! Thanks to Kari for posting this beauty! David is having so much fun I can’t help but snicker and smile…I just knew he could move! What a natural!

  11. connie-da2014 /

    This really makes our day. Thanks to Kari and Team David for sharing this video from the vault. No doubt David is a good dancer. Can’t stop watching it repeatedly. We need to see more dancing when David return in #2014.

  12. sunny /

    I can’t believe how adorable David is in this video!! :) The guy can dance! Thanks Kari for sharing it with us!!! So fun!

  13. heartsong /

    What a fun little treat this was for us today!! :) Thanks Kari and of course, David!! ♥

  14. erlindita /

    I love the Dougie Video! David is adorable on it. The boy can dance. He better not say he can’t thank you Kari for posting it. We needed it. to keep going.

  15. Martha /

    This was such a great surprise! Thanks so much to David, Kari, and his Team for watching over all us fans! This was such fun to watch and to see the David we know and love! Excited for
    Spring, 2014!