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Backstory on “Broken”

Backstory on “Broken”

May 28, 2013

David explains the backstory on the original song he wrote with Jon Hunt, “Broken” from the album, BEGIN.

Available for digital download at Amazon and on iTunes.


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  1. skyangel /

    Hey! Come home!

  2. syd-sf /

    Thank you David for the backstory of Broken! Can’t wait till your get back to perform it live for us fans!
    Take care and hope all’s going well with your mission!

  3. canarchaudry /

    Howdy David! Yeah…it is actually so cool how you recorded this for the future for us to see. I can’t helped but think…well, it is now the future as we watched your video of the past lol!…nevermind,I am not making any sense…One thing for sure, Everyone watched this cool video a hundred times as I did. Thanks to Team Archie and Kari for being kind to post the video, much appreciated :))

    So, I thought to come here and say few words about how great this song is. “Broken”(to me) is hauntingly beautiful,I must say,it is one of my most favorite original song that touched the core of my being. I only wish more people will get the chance to hear this meaningful song and open up their heart and mind to it. Jon Hunt is definitely an awesome talented lyricist and have a great future ahead of him. I am so delighted to know of your goal to make more original music that means so much to you which someday we hope will bring some lights to the world and make it a better place for all humankind to live. Thank you David for staying true to what you believe in and using your music as a tool to reach out. Looking forward to your next project. For sure, your fans will always be here waiting for your return in 2014 !:)

    Gosh, it’s been a while since I ramble lol…I know you will not be able to read this til 2014 but that is okay:)….Take care David :):):)>

  4. Cool,thanks,David!

  5. blue123 /

    I love it.

  6. jonya12 /

    what a beautiful soul u r david..proud to be ur fan I love begin it is such a beautiful song..love the melody too.u indeed have a good heart that is evident in this song u and hunt composed.. I salute u and mr hunt for this.

  7. Kathy /

    It was so nice to “see” you David! You and Jon created a beautiful song with Broken.
    By following your lead many have become aware of the sadness these children endure every day.Thanks for giving us your heartfelt explanation of where you found your inspiration.
    I LOVE hearing you play the piano and sing! DA2014!

  8. Bebereader /


    You made us laugh and cry in a matter of minutes! Hoping for more original songs with Jon Hunt in the future. This one’s a keeper! Thank you for bringing awareness to such worthy causes. Waiting for your return in 2014.

  9. pepper /

    Aww..thank you for this. This is a beautiful video, just like the song Broken. Gotta love David’s laugh at the beginning and then his heart felt inspiring words. An amazing compilation of music and lyrics and David’s heart and voice perfects the song. Love David singing at the piano, so grateful for this video!

  10. Martha /

    Very inspiring to hear David’s explanation and motivation for the song “Broken”. He’s such a caring person that it comes as no surprise that his heart is with disadvantaged children and their plight. The beautiful and meaningful lyrics by Jon Hunt make this song something special. Hopefully more collaborations between the two is in the future! I have to add that it was very nice to see David’s cheerful greeting at the beginning!

  11. djafan /

    Broken is my favorite song on BEGIN. Thank you David for all you did and do for not only your fans but for humanity. I’m so proud to be your fan and can’t wait for your return.

  12. Rohdegirl /

    David, your beautiful heart shines through in this video. I know you can’t wait to bring home the man you become but I think the one we all know and love is already beyond compare. Thanks for the video and everything you have done for your fans.

  13. sunny /

    LOVED this video so much!! Broken is one of my favorite songs by David! It is so beautiful, powerful and emotional! THANKS so much Team Archie for everything!

  14. Love, love, LOVE Broken! And have been hoping to see it live at the piano. Thank you, David, and Team Archie!!!!

  15. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Can’t stop watching this heartfelt video shared by David, his friend Jon Hunt and Team Archie. It is so touching to hear the story about what motivated David & Jon to write this incredibly haunting song. I will listen to it with a new perspective which makes me love it even more. How many times can I thank you, David, for all you’ve done for your fans..no matter, it will never be enough. Love you & Miss you ~keeping you in my prayers always <3

  16. Heidijoy /

    Thank you David for telling us the backstory of Broken and introducing Jon Hunt. Oh and singing too!! Love the song, the meaning and the message. Broke…but not Broken

    Bless your heart and thanks to the Team too!!

  17. pabuckie /

    Thank you David and Jon for sharing the back story. Love hearing you speak about it and watching you perform it. You look great by the way :)
    Hope you’re doing well. Can’t wait to see you again.

  18. Scott_NJ /

    Thanks so much for this! Broken is an amazing song and it’s great to hear about it in David’s words! Can’t thank David and Jon enough for this song and I hope there will be many more collaborations in the future!

  19. Fira Archuleta /

    ohhhh *0*

  20. rusharr /

    Oops apologize…Jon Hunt! :)

  21. rusharr /

    What a wonderful gift this is. You cant imagine how this video made our day, bring happiness to life and how proud we feel about it. Bravo for Broken and the aspiration behind it. Great friend you have there John Hunt, the way you introduce him, make me feel proud of everything. It’s a Good Place! :) Take care Dave! You pretty guy! heh..