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Don’t Run Away Video

Don’t Run Away Video

Mar 25, 2013

Check out the official music video for “Don’t Run Away”, the first single off of David’s new album “No Matter How Far” – in stores tomorrow!

Get “Don’t Run Away” now on iTunes or Amazon.

Music video by David Archuleta performing Don’t Run Away. Music Video Animation by Kylie Malchus
(c) 2013 Entertainment One U.S., LP

And here is Kylie Malchus explaining how she came about doing the animation for the music video and the process of creating it.

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  1. TheOnlyMe12 /

    Amazing MV ; ; )

  2. lesarchie /

    Brilliant! Thanks for the great video.LOVE #DA2014

  3. DorkAngel-GBW /

    This video is so AWESOMELY CLEVER!!! I just LOVE all the fine details and how Kylie Malchus captured the “Essence of David Archuleta”; facial expressions, hunkerdown, etc., I’m so impressed. She’s so talented. The song is so beautiful, so addicting and David’s singing is beyond, beyond; no words!!! KUDOS Team Archie.

    Happy 1 year down and 1 to go! :) #DA2014♥

  4. amb4da /

    Wow, only just saw this today~amazing amount of work went into this Kylie…great job! You really captured the song and David. I love “Don’t Run Away.” I remember your “Elevator” video too, which also captured the feel of that song so creatively. The minute you said they Kari contacted you because of another video you had done, I knew which one you meant. Thanks for lending your talents again.

  5. cathk_ /

    The vid is CRAZY GOOD!! Congrats, KYLIE! What an amazing artist you are! Love the song, love the vid! :)

  6. connie-da2014 /

    Another album and a music video you and your team have created for us. We very much appreciate all the music you made that keep us going while we are all waiting for your return in 2014. You are really one in a million. We’re all be here waiting for you. Another year will pass by so fast. Take care and God Bless you always in your mission.

  7. sunny /

    delete me out of my last comment.

  8. sunny /

    Such an amazing mv!! Loved Kylie’s Elevator me too!

  9. jeaniut /

    Kylie, I loved the video. I was thinking that is was so much like a fabulous one done of Elevator and then I saw you telling about it and that you did do Elevator. Wow, Drawing is hard enough, but making the motions match. I am just in awe. My son is a graphic designer. I’ve really got to have him look at this. You captured David and gave the girl a personality. It is just fascinating. I can’t believe how many drawings you had to make to do it. Thank you sooooooo much.

  10. Abigail /

    is super… the drawings, the song and the video…

  11. Summer Walstad /

    Somebody’s got drawing skills

  12. skyangel /

    Thank you!!!! Skillful! Talented Archies ♥

  13. djafan /

    “I have a relationship with my fans” Yes David, you most certainly do. All the music you’ve left us, the unexpected surprises continue to amaze me. You are truly one in a million.

    This MV is perfect for Don’t Run Away.

    Thank you from a fan for life. DA2014

  14. Scott_NJ /

    Love the video! Great job to Kylie and all involved.David and his team have gone above and beyond to bring new music to the fans in his absence. What a great surprise this was on the eve of NO MATTER HOW FAR’s release! Can not wait until tomorrow to gt my CD’s! THANK YOU a million times over! So very proud to be a David Archuleta fan! #DA2014

  15. syd-sf /

    The MV is amazing and compliments the song perfectly! It’s subtle and dramatic at the same time! Love the SLC scene with the mountains and lights, David’s expressions are spot on! Great job Kylie!
    Thank you David once again!

  16. Jonerz /

    If you read any current music industry blogs it will tell you how important it is for an artist to maintain a good relationship with their fans. David has done that in spades. From day one he has gone out of his way to show his fans how important they are to him and I think that using a well done, unique and artsy fan-made video to promote one of his songs takes this relationship to another level. Well done David.

  17. Absolutely love David’s song Don’t Run Away and Kylie’s new DRA video!! Kylie is UBER talented and truly knows the “heart” of David as evidenced by the theme and special “additions” to this vid!! (the DA2014 train, SLC, the hunkerdown…) Thank you Team David for choosing her to do this, and thank you Kylie for so beautifully “answering the call.” So many gifts.. and NMHF on iTunes late tonight/tomorrow!!!Does Christmas as a DA fan ever end?! :)

  18. I really like it! And to use a fan is beyond special, has that ever even been done before? How could anybody question why this fanbase is so loyal:) ? Nice job, and great song. This is very touching.
    #DA2014….says it all!

  19. Linda C /

    Ok make that ur SKILZ R brilliant! Lol just a tad Excited here! :)

  20. Martha /

    What an amazing video done by a very talented artist! Each detail is perfectly David, his music, his personality, his surroundings! What a unique way to express this great song! Bravo to everyone!

  21. Linda C /

    Kylie! You’re skiz & heart are Brilliant!! I almost forget I’m watching an amimation!Stunning <3 Thankyou Team Archie & Kylie for this Exciting suprise on pre-release day!

  22. pabuckie /

    Thank you for the beautiful video :)

  23. Heidijoy /

    Love it!! Kylie :) Even a Hunkerdown!! My Cd orders on the way!!

  24. KathyH /

    This is so cool! Kudos to the team for employing the considerable talents of a fan! Can’t wait to get my copy (well, copies, because I need one for my car, and one for my office, and one on my iPod, and one extra :) ) of NMHF!

  25. rusharr /

    What a brilliant idea Dave and the TEAM! Totally AMAZED!! Love the fan involvement too! Great move! Love the #DA2014 train too haha. Take care Dave wherever whatever you right now. :) Missing you that’s no lie. Oh can’t wait to download #NMHF from iTunes !