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Latest Album!

Latest Album!

Mar 26, 2013

David Archuleta’s new album “No Matter How Far” is now in stores in the US and Canada, and also available online!

“No Matter How Far” features a mix of newly released songs and tracks previously only available in Asia. The record’s tracklist includes the new single “Don’t Run Away”, OPM-classics like “Forevermore”, and fan-favourites such as “Nothing Else Better To Do” and “Wait”.

“No Matter How Far” is David’s 6th studio album after his debut record “David Archuleta”, holiday album “Christmas From The Heart”, sophomore record “The Other Side Of Down”/”The Other Side of Down Asian Tour Edition”, OPM album “Forevermore”/”Forevermore Expanded Edition”, and his 2012 album “BEGIN.” released in August last year. It is David’s third pre-recorded release during his two-year-mission for his church in South America.

1. “Nothing Else Better To Do”
2. “Everything And More”
3. “Don’t Run Away”
4. “Tell Me”
5. “Love Don’t Hate”
6. “Wait”
7. “Heart Falls Out”
8. “Notice Me”
9. “I’ll Never Go”
10. “Forevermore”

The CD is in stores now in the US and Canada, and is also available for ordering at several online retailers:
→ Amazon
→ Barnes & Noble
→ Best Buy
→ Deseret Book
→ Sears
→ WalMart

For a digital download of “No Matter How Far” go to:
→ Amazon MP3
→ iTunes.

Non-US residents can purchase the album from selected Amazon and iTunes country stores.

For a chance to win a copy of “No Matter How Far”, check out the official Twitter and Facebook contest!

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  1. dAvhEn /

    He is the best famous figure ever!,he never fails to show his love to his fans(like me :)),b.t.w.,,i love the songs he included in this album,even songs from “Forevermore”,”Heart Falls Out”,my favourite of all!,can’t stop listening to all tracks,God Bless You David.

  2. skyangel /

    Thank you Team Archie!!! Love the album!! Thank you David and congrats!

  3. MJ_yke /

    thanks for putting up the songs in your site. Team Archie you’ve been doing a lovely job and David I love you .

  4. pabuckie /

    Happy One Year Anniversary serving in your Mission, David. Just wanted to thank you for “No Matter How Far”. Such a beautiful compilation of songs. Thank you for all the gifts you’ve left us. I hope you are experiencing many, many wonderful moments on your mission. Your liner notes are beautiful like you. You are always in my heart and prayers. Always thinking of you and wishing you the best. Can’t wait to see you when you get back.

  5. goldenlotus /

    Timing is definitely everything and David and the A-Team seem to have it down to a Science. Outstanding job on the Album. I do have my favorites which will be on heavy rotation. Wishing this album all the success David and the A-Team hoped for and much, much more. ♥

  6. amb4da /

    Is this how it feels when a heart expands? Ahhh David…you make my heart happy.
    In fact, picture a world of happy fans around this planet, dancing around their living rooms tonight…a day with new David music is always a good day. :)
    I love everything about “No Matter How Far”…the familiar songs compiled in a way that flows beautifully, and the new ones which I love, love, love. I could listen to just the bridge of “Heart Falls Out” in rotation for hours and be happy.
    The vocals are strong and beautiful. The pics are “you.” The layout and colors are even perfect.
    I downloaded my Itunes version this morning and had the physical cd in hand by afternoon.
    Last but never least…I love reading your liner notes which always touch me. This time they sound so clear with intent and gratitude. …”what was in the heart before is still here, and will be when (you) return.” For sure. #DA2014. Thanks, once again, David…for the music and for being you!

  7. I just wondering if it will be release in Indonesia. And it’s not available (yet) on iTunes Inonesia

  8. Rohdegirl /

    Well here you go again David spoiling us rotten with yet another beautiful album. You have exceeded all of our expectations for what we would be hearing from you musically. I absolutely LOVE this CD but I do have to tell you the liner notes alone were worth the purchase. You are an amazing young man and I know you will receive many graces for the sacrifice you are making. Still waiting patiently DA#2014.

  9. stephdanielle /

    Thanks so much David to you and your wonderful team for everything you have done to make “No Matter How Far” possible. It’s a truly beautiful album and we will always cherish it! Know that your fans are here supporting you & your amazing music while you are away and will be right here when you return. You are the best David, we are so incredibly proud to be your fans! God bless you always! #NoMatterHowFar #DA2014

  10. Scott_NJ /

    Got several copies already from Walmart, Best buy, Barnes and noble and Itunes! LOVE the album! Thanks so much to team Archuleta and especially to David! Even while away you found ways to keep connected to your fans with new music! Never any doubt we will be here when you return! I could not be more proud to be a fan! LOVE the liner notes and your message to fans and your continual commitment to serve our Heavenly Father!
    To quote you , Hasta Pronto David! #DA2014

  11. sweetonda /

    This is a wonderful album! I am in love with all the songs, especially Heart Falls Out and Don’t Run Away. The flow is very nice. David, you are so good to your fans. I love what you said in your liner notes! I, for one, will always be here for you. A thank you to Team Archie also. You did a great job!

  12. cathk_ /

    This album is another unexpected gift from David and I could not be happier about it! Thank you to all involved! I am loving ‘Nothing Else Better To Do’ more than ever and ‘Heart Falls Out’ is SO addictive! These songs should be played on radio!

  13. suzzyy123 /

    Thank you for this special gift to all your fans…NMHF is fantastic! Downloaded from iTunes tonight, but also hoping to have that physical copy in my hands tomorrow…can’t wait! Also many thanks to Team Archuleta for all you do for the fans. #DA2014

  14. sunny /

    Love all the songs on this album!! My three faves are Don’t Run Away, Heart Falls Out & the beautiful Tell Me!!

  15. rusharr /

    Well love it! It’s a dream comes through! Thanks for your gift Dave and good job to the TEAM! Live the album perfect! :)

  16. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    P.S. your album is breathtaking…each & every song is special in its own way. I will be looking for reasons to run errands so I can listen in my car FULL BLAST lol ~THANK YOU DAVID ♥☺♥

  17. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    omgsh…just downloaded No Matter How Far from ITunes & read your message to the fans David. Please know that what is in OUR hearts will remain there during your mission and glorious beginning of your “homecoming” journey. In the meantime, please know we are here for you & will support you in every way we can. God Bless ♥

  18. heartsong /

    I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!! I have to admit, the first thing I did when I downloaded it from iTunes was to read the liner notes. David, my heart is here too and I will continue to wait. Thank you so much. It means so much to hear what you said and that you took the time to say it when you have so much going on. ♥