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Don’t Run Away out now!

Don’t Run Away out now!

Feb 12, 2013

David’s new single “Don’t Run Away”, from the upcoming album “No Matter How Far” (release date March 26, 2013), is now available for digital download on iTunes – get your copy now!

“Don’t Run Away” is also available as mp3 on Amazon.com.

Preview the track here:

Click on the single cover below to go to iTunes:

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  1. Archu /

    ohh damn .. I guess I can’t wait for march !!!

    Can’t wait for the Album .. Can’t wait for David !!!!

    I love David Archuleta

  2. Summer Walstad /

    I just heard this on the radio and it totally made my day! :)

  3. YEahEyy!!! Cant wait to buy his album this coming March.. yahoo. I am so excited ,hope theres also a MV each songs . !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!

  4. I’m so excited for March 26th! Can we get a sneak peek at another song from No Matter How Far? PLEASE? ;-)
    #DA2014 I’ll be there!

  5. Summer Walstad /

    I’ve been listening to this for two hours…..

  6. Still loving this song and how your voice just soars! Thank you David, you are the best and we will support you always!

  7. lesarchie /

    The song is great.I’m still here and wait for you.#DA2014

  8. RaquelArchie93 /

    I love the song!!!

    Can’t wait for the album!! :D

  9. goldenlotus /

    “The human heart, at whatever age, opens to the heart that opens in return.” M.E. ▬ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

    What is this song but LOVE :)

  10. Amy (in VA) /

    David, David, David. You are so good to us!!!! Of course, I have your new song and am playing the mess out of it. Can’t wait to hear it on the radio! Thank you so much for keeping the music playing for us while you’re away. Big hugs and lotsa love to you and Team Archuleta for the lovely gifts ♥

  11. Just bought from itunes Eeeekkk! Anyone would like to be gifted let me know! :)
    Thanks again David, can’t wait to see you perform this gem live on tour when you return!

  12. pabuckie /

    I love your new song, David. Love your voice, the melody and the lyrics. Can’t wait to hear the whole album…No Matter How Far. You’ve done so much for us. Can’t thank you enough.

  13. Richurd /

    Amazing! Can’t wait to get the CD! Love you David and everything you do. It is just always amazing. You truly are my Idol and a role model. :) Can’t wait for you to come back!!

  14. Just have to say love listening to and having this beautiful song on my Ipod. Such a catchy tune with David’s stellar vocals. Thank you again for the new and great music David and team, you’re the best. Really looking forward to the new album too! #blessedfans

  15. Last I’ve seen “Don’t Run Away” is #172 on the Itunes Pop chart. Hopefully, it will continue to climb! Bought 2 copies last night!

  16. violet4ever /

    I got it on iTunes just past 11PM EST last night then helped some others find it. I just searched for this on the iTunes initial screen and that gave me a link to it in the store: David Archuleta Don’t Run Away

  17. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    In all the EXCITEMENT…forgot to visit here & comment! David Archuleta, you have outdone yourself young man! Your song is just PERFECTION! Was up late last night waiting to purchase my copie(s) & didn’t mind one bit…SO worth the wait..PLUS I was in very good company! Bless you for being so good to us..not enough words!

    …and once again my thanks to Kari & Team Archuleta..you guys are just the BEST!

  18. Eeeeeeeeeek!!! Running to iTunes! I sooooooo wanna hear this song on the R.A.D.I.O. :)

  19. Purchased and downloaded! Wonderful song! David’s voice just soars! Very much looking forward to hearing more of No Matter How Far! Thank you, TEAM!

  20. Rohdegirl /

    Purchased my copy of Don’t Run Away this morning. Beautiful!!
    I can’t wait to buy several CDs next month. Thanks again for all the music you left for your fans. God Bless!

  21. ArchieDavid /

    Excellent Teaser for his upcoming album. Can’t wait for the rest.

  22. Scott_NJ /

    Couldn’t make the trending party or stay up late to buy it but got a few first thing this morning! Love the song !! Thanks David ,Kari and Team Archuleta for EVERYTHING! Can not wait FOR NO MATTER HOW FAR on March 26th too!

  23. penciltopaper /

    Thank you David for giving us this song! I absolutely love it! I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning with Don’t run away Don’t run away Don’t run away in my head! I am so happy :)))

  24. THANKS so much for this wonderful song!! Can’t wait to hear all the songs on the album! What an exciting surprise this album has been!

  25. It makes me smile seeing David trending on Twitter! :-) Way to go Team Archuleta!
    “Don’t Run Away” is a fantastic song! Got my copy and gifted some too! LOVE IT!

  26. DorkAngel-GBW /

    YaY!!! Got mine. Sounds sooooooooooooooooo GOOOD!!! Thanx TeamArchie *carry on :)

  27. Yaaay, thank you so much for this beautiful song, David!! <3 #DA2014

  28. rusharr /

    Bought #DontRunAway ! Rated and reviewed!! Listening on repeat! Brighten the day sheesh smiley face now..haha Gotta luv you sir! If only i can get it on Malaysia iTunes now..i could do some gifting, cant do it on US one! GBU sir. Muchas gracias! And BRAVO TeamArchie! :))

  29. Such a gorgeous song! It’s gonna be on repeat for a LONG TIME. I’m so touched that David planned all this new music for us to enjoy while he’s away. He’s the best. :) Can’t wait for the album!

  30. Thank you for another gorgeous song. Just bought from ITunes, what a sweet gift!

  31. Thank you so much, David, for this awesome song! Your voice is just amazing! Thank you Team Archuleta for making it all happen!

  32. FANTASTIC!!!!!! It has been on repeat ever since I got it. Can’t get enough.David ,Kari and the whole team thank you for this wonderful Valentine’s Day gift to all of us. Sure does beat roses anytime. Can’t wait to hear it on the radio and to hear the rest of No Matter How far. We will not be running away any time soon. Think he is stuck with us. Excited for the future.

  33. blue123 /

    got it finally! thanks for the link. it doesn’t come up if you search for it under David Archuleta or David Archuleta Don’t Run Away. Only if you search for just Don’t Run Away. or at least that’s what happened when I tried to buy it.

  34. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    Thanks for this incredibly uplifting song! just bought my copy on Itunes! Thank you so much David and Team :)

  35. skyangel /

    THANK YOU AMAZING SONG! I’m not running away!! Waiting for DA!! thanks team Archie wow! Happy Valentines everyone!

  36. Heidijoy /

    Yoo Hoo!! Worldwide and US trend on twitter. Ordered from ITunes. Spreading the Word. We are not running away. Thanks David and TeamArchie