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Rainbow Remix Music Video

Rainbow Remix Music Video

Jan 14, 2013

Here is the official music video for “Rainbow (Remix)” from David’s latest release “Forevermore Expanded Edition”, available at music stores in the Philippines and for international online order.

Get the album now – for local orders (Philippines) go to: AstroVision.multiply.com and Odysseylive.multiply.com. International orders click here: AstroVision.multiply.com (International Store) | Shop.Odysseylive.net.


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  1. Abigail /

    This video is very very good… you look amazing David…

  2. Love this mv & song!! David looks so adorable & playful! :)

  3. syd-sf /

    Thank you David, Love it! :)

  4. Summer Walstad /


  5. Summer Walstad /


  6. Archie Chan /

    It’s amazing!! The whole MV is filled with your smiles!!! Love it so much !!!
    btw can anyone give me instruction how to upload my profile pic?? I can’t find it anywhere … :-(

  7. David, although I don’t “know” you I feel as though you are a member of my family! Maybe it’s because you’ve been in my musical life since your Jenny Jones performance! It has been such a joy and sincere pleasure to follow and support your career. Please know that whatever choices you make, I am here for you!
    I look forward to your return to the music world and am eager to hear what you will be singing for us.
    Thanks alot for all you do! You give in so many ways, and that is so refreshingly beautiful!

  8. PlatinumArchie /

    Love this video..so uplifting! Thank you David and Team Archuleta for being so thoughtful to all the fans! No one does it better! :) ♥

  9. Heidijoy /

    Woo Hoo!! Love the Remix. Much better than Album version!! No Scratchy Intro :) Have a copy at home and a couple for gifts.

    Thanks David and Team :)

  10. skyangel /

    I love that Ryan Seacrest for posting David Archuleta’s Rainbow on his site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. suzzyy123 /

    Awesome remix…love this song and the video! Very uplifting and fun!

  12. Rohdegirl /

    I have watched this video so many times since I received my copy of the Extended version of Forevermore. Makes me happy that so many more will have the chance to see this uplifting video. I can’t wait to see what David will have in store for us when he returns from his mission!!!

  13. heartsong /

    I love this video! I’ve enjoyed watching my DVD of it and I love that it’s now accessible online to all to see. Thanks so much David and team Archuleta!! ♥

  14. djafan /


    THANK YOU!!!!

  15. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Love this so much..thanks to David & his team once again for doing everything they could possibly do for the fans in advance of his Mission. I’ve said it so many times but just can’t emphasize enough what it means to the fanbase. David, you’re the BEST & I’m so honored to be your fan for life.
    God Bless You!
    Marylee_DAangel aka Marylee_DA2014

  16. Scott_NJ /

    AWESOME ,Thanks for posting! I have the album but it’s great to be able to watch online too! Thanks David and Kari , great job. Love the video!

  17. pabuckie /

    Thank you, David for another awesome song and video. :) Miss you…take care.

  18. rusharr /

    left out *know after the you! haha sorry bout that. if you are even there lol

  19. rusharr /

    Hehe You we love Rainbow! And the Remix is so much fun and you look awesomeage Dave!God bless you!! Stay safe take care! :)