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Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

Jan 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a wonderful 2013!

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  1. Summer Walstad /

    I wrote my first song this year!!! It really stinks, but I’m just glad I was able to come up with my own original Idea. That’s how my 2013 has been going.

  2. lesarchie /

    o sorry for the late reply.Glad to see you David.HAPPY 2013 and God bless.#DA2014

  3. pabuckie /

    Hello…it’s good to see you! I hope the New Year ahead brings you many memorable moments. Always follow your heart. Miss you and love you and hope to see you when you get back.

  4. skyangel /

    Happy 2013! Thank you for the message. We’ll have to catch up when you come home!

  5. syd-sf /

    Happy New Year David! See ya next year woohoo!

  6. Shirley /

    Happy New Year to you too David. Thank you for leaving this message for us. May your 2013 in Chile be one of your best years. Take good care always.

  7. Heidijoy /

    Thanks David for leaving us a Happy New Year message. Working on a list of Resolutions/Goals.

    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful team :)

  8. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    So wonderful to see your smiling face David…your fans SO appreciate all the ways you have thought of us *in advance* of your Mission. It’s one of the reasons we are still here supporting the most incredible artist EVER. You continue to motivate & inspire us from a very far distance and I hope you know that. I pray that 2013 is good to you in every way possible.

    As always, thinking of you ~ God Bless!
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  9. Scott_NJ /

    Thank you so much David for EVERYTHING you did before you left on your mission for your fans. You really thought of everything! You’ve always gone above and beyond for us!

  10. rusharr /

    Haha Love that title Dave! “Happy 2013″ Reminds of great memories! Yeah it’s gonna be a happy 2013 alright, many good plans ahead..will be exciting!And you sir concentrate on your mission sir. Achieve what you aimed for! God bless your and may on that smiley face always! Take care always Dave! Here we go :)