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“Forevermore” most downloaded song on MyMusicStore

“Forevermore” most downloaded song on MyMusicStore

Jan 3, 2013

“Forevermore” and “Nandito Ako”, both from David’s OPM album “Forevermore”, were the most downloaded and second most downloaded songs respectively in 2012 on MyMusicStore Philippines.

Check out MyMusicStore.com.ph Facebook for the full results.

The “Forevermore” Expanded Edition album is out now in stores in the Philippines and available for import to most areas! Click here for ordering information.


  1. pabuckie /

    Love the whole album, David. Every single song on that album is so beautiful and special. :)

  2. Congratulations Team David! Starting the New Year with a Blast…

  3. rusharr /


  4. Fira Archuleta /

    woohoo….amazing ! haha