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David’s Christmas greetings from Ivory

David’s Christmas greetings from Ivory

Dec 10, 2012

David sends his Christmas and New Year greetings on Ivory Music & Video.

The David Archuleta “Forevermore Expanded Edition” album is now on sale in the Philippines and for import.

Video Source: ivorychannel


  1. Happy 22nd Birthday, David! As always, I pray your heart is full and happy, and fulfilled while on your mission.

    Thank you for the Christmas wishes~I hope yours was special this year. Loved hearing the beautiful music from the concert in Chile. CFTH, Glad Tidings (and MKOC videos) kept your infectious Christmas spirit alive here, playing non-stop in my home…from early November. :)

    Blessings in the New Year~ …patiently waiting #DA2014~
    ps. Tks, Archuleta Team!

  2. DorkAngel-GBW /

    HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY, Elder Archuleta! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have will a BLESSED New Year!! I really miss hearing you sing live and am so looking forward to your return. :) I pray the LORD bestow abundant GRACE and LOVE on your life as you do HIS will!!! #DA2014♥

  3. blue_pearl /

    merry christmas & happy new year too david :) always waits your return ! #DA2014

  4. silverfox /

    Feliz Navidad y Feliz Cumpleanos!

    Wishing you peace & joy this Holiday Season & may the coming New Year be filled with new & amazing experiences as you go forward in your special journey.

    Will be thinking of you on your birthday too! Can you believe it? 22 years old! What a pleasure it has been to be your fan and so looking forward to your return. Take care & stay safe!

  5. This is such a wonderful surprise! A Merry Christmas right back atcha David! So happy for you as you follow your heart! I will be here waiting for your return! #DA2014

  6. David makes my Christmas Merry, even when he is far away. He has left us a ton of presents.

  7. tawna21 /

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas in return!! And, a super Happy Birthday!! Your gifts to us have been outstanding and gratefully accepted. Your dedication to providing for us is remarkable. Thank you. Don’t ever forget, or doubt, the fact that we are waiting for your return, and can’t wait to see the person that you bring back. :) You are an amazing person, Elder Archuleta.

  8. Bebereader /

    Missing you this Christmas season, David. Thank you for all the gifts you left us; it’s quite a feast! Counting the days until you return. Season’s Greetings to all who make this site possible!

  9. sweetonda /

    A very Merry Christmas to you also David. May your holiday season and birthday be filled with much love as you continue to serve the Lord on your mission. May your family and team Archuleta also have a joyous Christmas . Thanks so much for all you have done for us while you’re away. My prayers are always with you. You are missed! #DA2014

  10. A very sweet and thoughtful holiday greeting from David. Merry Christmas Elder Archuleta, may your time away during the holidays be filled with love and peace. Happy Holidays to all.

  11. Rohdegirl /

    Merry Christmas to you too Elder Archuleta. Seems like you thought of so much for your fans before you left. May you have a happy Birthday and a Blessed New Year too. Come on 2014!

  12. Angelicavoiceda /

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you, Elder Archuleta! Thank you for the sweet video greeting and your thoughtfulness. You are loved and in our prayers. Merry Christmas to the Archuleta family, Kari, team Archuleta and all his fans! God bless us, everyone.

  13. bluesky /

    Hey! I love what you are doing in Chile. I love how great you sounded on the Christmas program in Santiago. Thanks so much just for being who you are and remaining true to your heart.

    Wishing you a Merry, Merry Christmas, a very Happy Birthday, and a Wonderful New Year!!!

  14. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    It was just wonderful to see your face & hear your cheerful Christmas/New Year greetings to your fans, David! I feel like the past couple of days has been an early Christmas for us ~I love surprises & you sure have shared some with us lately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to David, Kari and the entire Team Archuleta ~ such lucky & blessed fans! #DA2014

    God Bless You David at Christmas & ALWAYS ♥
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  15. And a super Merry Christmas to youuuuuuu!!! Thank you for all your gifts and will be here waiting for #DA2014 ♥

  16. Heidijoy /

    Merry Christmas David!! How sweet of you and your team to plan ahead for us :) So Happy for you and so appreciative of your thoughtfulness. Bless your Heart.
    Enjoying all the gifts you have left for us, including the Forevermore Expanded Edition. There is a “Rainbow” after the rain.

  17. Scott_NJ /

    What an awesome surprise! Wishing you a Very Merry and Peaceful Christmas too David and the most wonderful New Year as you continue to spread love and joy to all you meet. Thanks and Merry Christmas to Team Archuleta too! This message means so much to us.

  18. Fira Archuleta /


  19. What a wonderful surprise to get this Merry Christmas greeting from David!! :) Merry Christmas to David and Team Archuleta and thanks for everything you do to keep us updated!!!

  20. joyluck /

    Happy Holidays to you David and the Archuleta management team! Thank you for all you are doing for us while David is gone. Many Blessings!

  21. pabuckie /

    Just want to wish you a very peaceful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too, David :)

  22. skyangel /

    Something, somehow , some way always brings me back to you. Wish you were here!

  23. rusharr /


  24. Thank you so much David! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Have an amazing time with your new friends and companions in beautiful Chile for your first Christmas away from home, take care and love you! :)

  25. heartsong /

    What a wonderful surprise. Merry Christmas to you too, David and to Team Archuleta. Very grateful for you all. ♥

  26. skyangel /

    Merry Christmas David, family and the Archuleta Team!!!

  27. rusharr /

    Awesome! :) Haha love the posting pic too up there!Got FEE alreadt and superlove it! Take care Dave. Thanks team!