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David on “Bench” holiday campaign

David on “Bench” holiday campaign

Dec 7, 2012

David is part of the “Bench” Holiday Campaign! Fans in the Philippines can look forward to seeing this festive picture at “Bench” stores around the country.


  1. lesarchie /

    Cool.handsome handsome boy.

  2. skyangel /

    Heyyyy handsome ;)

  3. joyluck /

    Love this pic and he entire Bench campaign. Miss you David. Be well…. #DA2014 see you then. <3

  4. syd-sf /


  5. erlindita /

    sure wish we could have davids pictures posted in our malls here in the US. He is so photogenic.

  6. Bebereader /

    Would love to see David’s picture at my mall! Hope he does some endorsements when he comes back home. His face could “launch a thousand ships.”#DA2014

  7. Heidijoy /

    Woo Hoo!! Handsome young man. Lucky Phillipines. :) Nice they are keeping David out there in the Public Eye.

    Thanks Team for keeping us posted :)

  8. blue123 /


  9. VaBeachArchie /

    David and Bench are a perfect match….class all the way! Hope to see more of the same come 2014!

  10. Martha /

    This is a great pic! Bench did a fantastic job with David!

  11. djafan /

    Great picture for a holiday campaign! Thank you David for doing the Bench photo shoot and thank you Bench choosing David. Keep them coming! #DA2014

  12. David looks AMAZING in this picture!! He looked so fantastic in the photoshoots Bench did with him! Makes me smile :)

  13. padmango /

    Love the shirt. Hope Bench is supplying David with lots of new clothes during his mission.

  14. SlashFox14 /

    Nice pic :)

  15. Scott_NJ /

    Very Cool!

  16. rusharr /

    Haha…button up right?! Looks like heading out for a good time, with the glasses hanging out from that cute pocket!Hehe awesome pic! :)

  17. Fira Archuleta /

    woohooo :D

  18. connie-da2014 /

    I wish we also have it here in Bench Toronto. Happy for Archies friends back home in the Philippines your Bench picture in the malls will surely make their holiday season shopping merrier. We miss you as always. Take care.