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New Edition Out Now!

New Edition Out Now!

Nov 14, 2012

The Gold-certified* album, “David Archuleta – Forevermore” now comes in Expanded Edition with more additional tracks such as the anticipated “Rainbow (Remix)”, more minus-ones and a bonus DVD of the “Forevermore”, “I’ll Never Go” and “Rainbow (Remix)” music videos!

Out now in stores in the Philippines and available for import to most areas!

Order “Forevermore Expanded Edition” online now:
Local orders (Philippines): AstroVision.multiply.com | Odysseylive.multiply.com
International orders: AstroVision.multiply.com (International Store) | Shop.odysseylive.net

1. Forevermore
2. Rainbow
3. I’ll Never Go
4. You Are My Song
5. Hold On
6. Wherever You Are
7. Maybe
8. Tell Me
9. Reaching Out
10. Nandito Ako
11. Rainbow (Remix)
12. Forevermore (minus-one)
13. I’ll Never Go (minus-one)
14. You Are My Song (minus-one)
15. Hold On (minus-one)
16. Maybe (minus-one)
17. Tell Me (minus-one)

1. Forevermore – Music Video
2. I’ll Never Go – Music Video
3. Rainbow (Remix) – Music Video


* certified Gold in the Philippines as of June, 2012.

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  1. …………………………………………………………”HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID JAMES ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  2. DurahArchie /


  3. syd-sf /

    Yippeeee! Finally got my FEE, thank you David so much for all you do even while away!

  4. Got my copy of FEE yesterday in the mail. LOVE the Rainbox mv!!! Thanks David & team for leaving us with all these wonderful goodies!! :)

  5. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    a RAINBOW arrived in my mailbox yesterday! ♫Heaven..I’m in Heaven♫…THANK YOU David and every person who helped to get this treasure to the fans. Love you all ♥

  6. lesarchie /

    omg,i want it too.Miss you.

  7. Yippeeee! My FEE order has been shipped!

  8. Got my email today that my copy of FEE has been dispatched from WOW HD!!! YAY…can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MY FEE HAS BEEN DISPATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. tawna21 /

    Patiently waiting (really!) for mine to come!!! Congrats on the release!!!

  11. penciltopaper /

    I am anxiously awaiting delivery of FEE! So excited to have more music and also music videos from David! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for us! Love you <333

  12. Hope I get my order soon, really excited!

  13. padmango /

    So glad you did an expanded edition of Forevermore. This is really your best CD to date. More people need to hear this music, especially outside of Asia.

  14. Amy (in VA) /

    Thanks to everyone for this gift for us fans, but of course, especially David. I hope he knows how much we love him and so appreciate all his hard work for us. :)

  15. Heidijoy /

    Looking forward to it!! Love all the surprises David worked so hard to provide. Thanks Team for keeping us posted. :) Can’t wait for mine to come.

  16. Thanks, Team David, for all you do to bring us new items while we wait for David’s return… Looking forward to this EXPANDED edition… Missing David sooo much! ❤✰❥✽♥ LOVE…

  17. pabuckie /

    Looking forward to seeing your new Rainbow video! :))

  18. Pre-ordered mine from WOW HD…hope I get it SOON!!!

  19. Can’t wait to receive my copy! Hope it will be soon!!

  20. Scott_NJ /

    Ordered more yesterday! Can’t wait to get them!!

  21. violet4ever /

    Is there a reason WOWHD is not on your list? They have sites in a number of countries and ship to a longer list of countries for free. I preordered at their US site.

  22. yelshar /


  23. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    This is exciting news! I have my pre-order in already ~the RAINBOW REMIX MV has been SO anticipated by the fans…thanks so much to David, Kari & the entire Team Archuleta for EVERYTHING. ☺♥☺

    Marylee_DAangel aka Marylee_DA2014

  24. I’m so excited about getting this! Thank you David! Thank you Team!

  25. rubi_DA2014 /

    Yay!!! Thank you Team Archuleta.
    Hope to received mine sooooo SOON!!!

  26. rocktellme /

    Thank you all who’s been working with the Expanded edition:))) Can’t wait to receive mine!!!

  27. howieborja /

    Can’t wait for my copy.. :)

  28. rusharr /

    Woot! Pre-ordered already! Hope it’ll reached as fast as lightning! Lol Congrats for FEE Dave! Can’t wait to see Rainbow Remix MV! :)) Take care!

  29. Fira Archuleta /

    I want to get it later. haha