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BEGIN. in Asia Pacific

BEGIN. in Asia Pacific

Sep 13, 2012

Great news for fans in the Asia Pacific region: David’s new album BEGIN. is now available in local record stores in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and will be released in Indonesia later this week!

BEGIN. is now also available for digital download on iTunes in almost all Asia Pacific stores – check out the links below:

iTunes Australia

iTunes Hong Kong

iTunes Japan

iTunes Malaysia

iTunes New Zealand

iTunes Philippines

iTunes Singapore

iTunes Taiwan

iTunes Thailand

iTunes Vietnam


  1. Kekhrie /

    Why India don’t have itunes here? We love you here archie. Everybody here in Northeast India love you!

  2. i guess that was available lat month…!! now, i know that will available in my country indonesia,,,, i could’n waiting next week … i will get it,, i will..
    david,, thank

  3. lesarchie /

    Yeah!Good news …..I got it and listen everyday.#DA2014

  4. Indonesia version of BEGIN. was released yesterday. And I saw it at some music stores today! I’m so thrilled :))

  5. connie-da2014 /

    I’m happy for your Asian fans they will now enjoy your new Album ‘BEGIN’. This is a beautiful album that everyone will enjoy and cherish. They must be thrilled to see it in the music stores everywhere in Asia. I’m still hoping to see it in one of the music store here in Canada (Toronto in particular). Take care Elder Archuleta. You are loved and missed by so many.

  6. rubi_DA2014 /

    WOW! LOVE this news.
    David’s music deserves to be heard and distributed around the world.
    David’s TEAM are the best.

  7. Heidijoy /

    Fantastic to see BEGIN. is so widely available.
    Excited to see it on Promo for new I-Phone 5 too!!

  8. Scott_NJ /

    Happy to see BEGIN. available in so many countries!

  9. rusharr /

    Wow!! Massive!! Woot so happy for you Dave! Hurrah to the team! I can find BEGIN. at the back of my home literally speaking hah! Take care sir!! :)