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Video: “Everybody Hurts”

Video: “Everybody Hurts”

Aug 22, 2012

Here it is: the official music video for David Archuleta’s rendition of “Everybody Hurts” off of his new album BEGIN. – available at Deseret Book, Amazon, and other retailers.

Get a digital download of BEGIN. on iTunes, at Deseret Book, or at Amazon.


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  2. TrudyFOD /

    awesome video! I am excited I just order the Taiwan edition the other day from WOWHD that offered the album with the postcards! Just stopping in to say “hi David” even tho you aren’t around right now. Miss you and God Bless.

  3. canarchaudry /

    I thought it is so cool to see on this video a clip of David with the orchestra while recording “Everybody Hurts”…idk, it felt like I was transported in the studio for a split second there lol..love the whole video which is quite moving.

    So grateful that David picked one of REM’s great song ever and made it his own which I love:)…I think he wants to make sure every listener will understand the positive message this song may bring to everyone who are in despair, in pain or hurting at some point in life. I would like to think we,human,are blessed to feel and experience emotions at many level,whether good or bad and help us learn and grow from it…gosh, what do I know.

    Anyway, just a little note for David: Really loving the Album BEGIN. Thank you much for leaving everyone a perfect album to enjoy, to ponder and be inspired with while you are on your mission :):):)>

  4. Jackie Zarate /

    this video is amazing, i love it! :D made me cry

  5. DRALE /

    amazing !. Ilikeit ..

  6. rubi_DA2014 /

    The message of this video is so real and touches the heart.
    EVERYBODY HURTS MV is Beautiful and Moving. Love it.

  7. rocktellme /

    This is so beautiful and touching! You remind us that there is always Love and Hope even though we get hurt sometimes. Thank you so much David and your team for making this video♥

  8. concha2 /

    very beautiful. Wish we could purchase this video.
    Made me cry.

  9. polisharchiefan /

    A music video and song are beautiful and of this reason I cried when I saw first time this video. Thank you David. :’)

  10. oh yeah, and thanks would never be enough, David…but thank you anyways and we give you our love too!!! <33

  11. breathtakingly moving and it’s beautiful to the eyes and ears… :’) the MV is made wonderfully and the song is put together to perfection… <3

  12. inspiring songs from an inspiring singer.. keep it up David!!

  13. Vicky Panjaitan /

    There’s nothing I can say than a big THANK YOU to David Archuleta and Archuleta Team. The video is so wonderful and lovely. You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to the next wonderful surprise. :) XOXO

  14. David, this music video is so very touching.I think each and everyone of us can relate to this beautiful story. Your voice just gives us all so much hope. Hope that we can get through anything. Thank you for giving each of us a piece of your beautiful heart.I just cherish your BEGIN CD.

  15. You are in a Good Place Bianca and You Can do this . Just Hold On and know that every step of the way David is right there beside you. Lean on him for support.Listen to BEGIN. each and everyday and know that you are in our prayers. Stay strong.

  16. skyangel /

    You you you <3 soul stirring. Miss you David!

  17. DorkAngel-GBW /


  18. Fira Archuleta /

    woohoo love it ^^

  19. connie-da2014 /

    Thank you for the lovely music video. It’s full of emotions and feelings. David’s voice plus the orchestra are “SUPERB”. “Everybody Hurts” message is so touching and relate to our lives completely. It brought *TEARS* while watching it. To the team who created this video THANK YOU for making it so beautiful. David you and your music are always our inspiration. Take care and God Bless!!!

  20. geomakk /


  21. Keep Holding on, bianca, and Things Are Gonna Get Better.

  22. VaBeachArchie /

    Beyond my every expectation! David singing in the studio brought me to tears…thinking of how he’ll miss that part of his life! The video and it’s message is BEAUTIFUL! David and everyone involved….some very HAPPY FANS THANK YOU!

  23. You can feel the Emotions; You can feel the Heart; and definitely You can feel David.. Wonderful Music. We are just here #DA2014…

  24. sweetonda /

    Love, love , love everything about the song and the video. Storyline’s are perfect and showing David singing is such an added bonus. David and team, thank you for this gem of a gift! Miss you but happy for you also!

  25. lesarchie /

    Great and meaningful video. Although EVERYBODY HURTS in this world. But God always with us.Thanks everybody. Love so much.

  26. Pastel /

    Stunning. Poignant. Relatable. Classy. The young couple, the struggling dad, the courageous mother. Yes, EVERYBODY hurts. Well done David and team. Bravo.

  27. Linda Marty /

    Thank You so much David. This is the very best music video so far. I know there are going to be many more to come. I love the entire theme and approaches you have used to demonstrate some of the ways people hurt. Thank you for a beautiful album. I just gave another one away to my Comcast repairman. He was in my office and saw all of my posters and pictures and said, “Oh, you like David Archuleta.” Well that was an understatement. He shared that he watched you on AI and thought you should have won. I told him, “He did.” Now go out and buy his albums.

  28. RaquelArchie93 /

    Me encanta el nuevo videoclip. Me encanta.

    Muchísimas gracias por todo lo que haces, D. Significa mucho para nosotr@s. :’)

  29. Shirley /

    Wow! Beautiful video from start to finish…impeccable vocals, touching images and a happy ending.  Am very impressed with what David has done to leave music for his fans.  BEGIN. is truly a gift. Thanks so much to David and his team for such a well done music video. 

  30. nellie83 /

    I am overcome at how beautiful this video is. Jed Wells did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the song. Hold on to the ones you love, hold on to the memories, hold on to life. David’s mission will be a fleeting moment, hold on, he’ll be back. We have so much of him he left for us while we wait.

  31. heartsong /

    So well said, Emily. I feel the same way.

  32. sunny /

    David, thanks so much for this beautiful mv & for your album BEGIN.!!! You are an ANGEL!!

  33. This song will inspire and comfort so many. This is such a precious gift to all. It is so life affirming. Thank you David for knowing your fan base so well!

  34. suzzyy123 /

    This is a beautiful video! The message in this song is something that everyone can relate to. One of my favorites on BEGIN…thank you!

  35. Thanks so much for this beautiful song, video, album… everything! <333

  36. emilyluvsarchie /

    David, The thought of you in the studio, recording this for us, the day before you left is just beyond belief. You are so special, I am so proud to be your fan….really there are just no words. Love this song, this video, and you. DA2014

  37. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    David I just want you to know how much you have touched me with your beautiful rendition of Everybody Hurts & the MV that reflects the way we all can hurt & come through it even stronger. The messages in all the songs you hand-picked for BEGIN are powerful and there is no doubt in my mind that you put a great deal of thought into each one. I feel your heart with every listen David.

    God Bless & Keep You Safe ♥
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Maryee_DAangel

  38. Rohdegirl /

    It is very touching to think that up until the very end you were creating gifts for your fans. Thank you David
    for yet another one of those specials gifts. The video is lovely, just lovely.

  39. Susan /

    Thank you Team Archuleta for this great video and for all you do to give the fans so much of Elder Archuleta while he is away. And thanks to Elder Archuleta for leaving so much for us to enjoy!

  40. Heidijoy /

    Beautiful video David!! The meaning of the song was so well depicted and represented real life situations so well. I especially like that the Military and family were so well illustrated. The other scenarios were touching as well.
    You sing this song with such empathy David and Kurt and Musicians supported the song so well.
    Thanks to Director of film and all involved.

  41. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  42. pepper /

    Really, really love the video too. Very beautiful and heartfelt with a lovely message. David sings this great song with such sensitivity and heart, thank you for this!

  43. --bianca /

    David, this is a lovely video. This song is especially meaningful to me as I am going through chemotherapy for cancer. There are days when I really need to “Hold on, hold on.”

  44. Scott_NJ /

    GREAT video! Always loved the song and David truly makes you feel every word of it! Love the hopeful message of the vid too! Thank you so much David for this video and the entire BEGIN. album full of hopeful and inspiring messages! Truly a treasure! OK going to watch the vid again!

  45. Maureen_abms /

    This is a beautiful video from start to finish! I love the concept of the video and what a great story it tells. Fabulous job to all involved in the making of this video to accompany David’s wonderful cover of Everybody Hurts. Bravo!!

  46. pabuckie /

    Loved it David! To me it was all about letting go and having faith :) Thank you for everything you do, David. And to everyone who helped make this album happen.

  47. rusharr /

    Aaah what a motivating song to pick for a MV! Reaching workplace now! Will see it soon! I know it’s gonna be awesome! Bravo!!

  48. heartsong /

    I just watched this for the first time and it is just so meaningful and beautiful and full of hope and promise. Love it, really, really love it.