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  1. mantoubobi /

    love itttt

  2. lesarchie /

    Thanks David. This is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE SOOOOOO MUCH.
    God bless!

  3. melva jean /

    I do love your song especially the song “Everybody hurts” It really made me cry…thanks a lot for making that music! Hope your doen good out there on your mission!!!keep up the Faith! Endure well!!! Take care always!!!CTR!

  4. Kathy /

    I am enjoying Begin daily! You truly gave your heart for us all before you left for your Mission! Thanks so very much David.
    #DA2014 I’ll be here.

  5. pabuckie /

    I LOVE the album, David. Your heart and soul and emotions are all wrapped up in one beautiful and amazing gift you left us :) Thank you and everyone involved for all your hard work. Will always be here for you. ♥

  6. Scott_NJ /

    This is awesome! Wish I could see the ad here in NJ!

  7. Fira Archuleta /

    hmmm…LOVE it, Archie……………….

  8. Heidijoy /

    You selected great songs with messages and sing with such compassion and hopefulness. (instead of you selected great message song etc.)

  9. rocktellme /

    I enjoy and love the album. Thank you so much David! I hope not only your fans but also lots of people know this album to keep or get back courage, hope, love and friendship,etc in their lives. BEGIN. has such a power!

  10. Heidijoy /

    Thanks David. Yes we enjoy the Album :) You selected great message song and sing with such compassion and hopefulness. I do understand and know you are speaking from your heart to those of us back here and to those you are serving as well as yourself. This TV add does explain the next chapter with some good selections, lets people know where to get the CD and adds your sweet Wish at the end. Utah folks have been seeing it during Olympics and we are privy to the video of it. People are also hearing Beautiful at the Movies. Woo Hoo!! Really enjoying the Album and Pray all is well with you. :)

    The staff is doing a nice job of keeping things updated and Kari is posted info on Twitter. It’s a Win Win :))

  11. Thank you for uploading it to YouTube! :D I can image how exciting it must be to see that on TV!

  12. rusharr /

    Love the ad!! Welcome to the next chapter of your life Dave! And of course we’ve enjoyed BEGIN. The album… Only too much! LOve it so much ..love to hear your heart in each song. Thanks is not enough..will always support you! Forevermore! :) Take care Dave!!