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¡Hola! from David

¡Hola! from David

Aug 7, 2012

Wow, I can’t believe the album release date for “BEGIN.” has finally arrived!

There was so much to do in such a short time, but I have to let the fans know how much this album means. This was definitely an album done against the odds, but done for the people who have meant so much to me, and a way to bring them on the journey I’m currently on right now to an extent. These songs have a reason behind them, and I hope that through this album you will understand better why I am out here on my mission.

Muchísimas gracias a todos que me dan apoyo. ¡Espero que puedan sentir el corazón que está en cada una de éstas canciones!

– David

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  1. joyluck /

    Hello David—I love BEGIN. Thank you for caring enough about your fans to leave us this beautiful gift while you are away following your heart. I will be here in 2014 waiting for your return and can’t wait for your first concert so I can hear these great songs live! Hope you are doing well. May God Bless you and keep you safe until your return. Thank you again.<3<3<3 #DA2014

  2. myfourteenth /

    didn’t understand it the last word, but Muchimas gracias that I only knew .. LOL :’D we really loves BEGIN as well! thankyou so much too, David!

  3. DorkAngel-GBW /

    Happy 5 months down! We’re getting there! :)

  4. melva jean /

    Love the album “BEGIN” It’s very inspiring. love your voice. keep up the good works!!! I pray for your safety out there in the field….

  5. BEGIN. Just simply pure listening pleasure. Congratulations David! This is truly a Gift of love for all your fans…

  6. canarchaudry /

    Howdy David! so great to hear from you:).sorry for my late comment.as the saying goes…better late than never haha..well,it’s been 2 weeks now since the release of your album cover BEGIN. and I loove it!:) although a blip in my life took me away from cyberspace, I must say the album kept me sane and connected to what this songs are all about…truly moving,emotional and awesome songs with great messages. I know you carefully chose these songs for a reason which I think makes the album extra special. you have a great gift from above, a voice that speaks to people’s heart through your music like this album does. really grateful for that, David.

    Oh, May I add that Kurt Bestor did an awesoome job too! really love the arrangement and the orchestral accompaniment, the cello and all which add to the beauty and feel of the song. well,idk…that’s just me lol.

    Lastly, Thank you for letting everyone knows how much the album means. thinking of you while on your mission and Yes, we do understand why you are doing this, God bless your heart David.

    Sorry for rambling too much lol..goodnight for now:):):)>

  7. daltamer /


  8. I totally in love with this guy.
    You are a true artist ! Thanks for everything you’ve done before you leave. Means the world for us ♥

  9. erin boisse /

    david i got your album the other day and then i put it on my itunes and i put the music on my ipod i love the music it made me cry thanks for making this cd for your fans i love it

  10. lesarchie /

    David. I got the album yesterday. It’s sooooooo great.Amazing and beautiful. I can’t stop to repeat again and again. Love them all. Especially Beautiful and Everybody hurts. And thanks for your message from the song.Love you.

  11. heartsong /

    Libbie Linton :)

  12. archangle_30 /

    duet with whom can i know pls

  13. pabuckie /

    Hi David, I just got your CD tonight and it is beautiful, magnificent, and stunning. I really do LOVE the whole album but the ones that touch me personally the most are Beautiful, Everybody Hurts, Angel, and Be Still My Soul. They go straight to my heart and soul and touch me emotionally. Thank you for making this album when you didn’t have to. I also love BOTW and PRIDE – your vocals are powerful and these songs almost seem as if they were made for you to sing. Take Care David and I hope you are doing well. Miss you always and love you for all you have done for me in my life through your music and just for being who you are. I am blessed and grateful to you always. Love, Patty-Ann

  14. TrudyFOD /

    Hi David…I found a couple of you albums in WalMart today! I love the new music…thank you for the hard work you did at such a busy time for you. The album is AMAZING! I especially love “Broken”, “Somewhere Only We Know”, “Everybody Hurts”, and “Don’t Give Up” — really nice duet — love the melding of your voices…like you singing and us as fans responding back. I hope you are well, God Bless.

  15. HushCats /

    Thanks, David, for your thoughtful note. We miss you & are thinking of you. BEGIN is like a dream come true… So special hearing you sing your wonderful choices. But, I must tell you that BROKEN is my favorite… I hear your heart, David! <3 from Sandra @ Guadalupe River TX #DA2014

  16. Fira Archuleta /

    ahaaa…very happy :D

  17. DianeFOD /

    I can’t stop listening to “BEGIN.” David… I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much for this beautiful gift!! I can feel your heartfelt passion in each and every song. You have truly spoiled all your fans!!!

  18. Patty467 /

    Gracias David por el hermoso regalo. Siempre estaremos contigo. BEGIN is just AMAZING!!!

  19. rocktellme /

    Thank you so much for gifting us such a beautiful and heartfelt album. And I appreciate your hard work to make this happen. I feel your heart wherever you are and cherish ‘BEGIN.’ as it’s’ your heart. Through the messages in this album, I knew I could BEGIN to do something for someone.

  20. TrudyFOD /

    Is that a Matt Clayton pic above…I love his pictures of you/David. I’ve been listening to BEGIN. all day today. The whole album is amazing…and I’ve been gifting a bunch to some of your fans. Love Kurt Bestor’s arrangements with your voice shining through. Just know that we are here to support you forever. Thank you for this gift. I hope your mission is giving you the spiritual experience and peace you are seeking.

  21. David, Thank you for blessing us with such a special gift; the gift of your incredible healing voice and tremendous giving heart as displayed in BEGIN. The moment I saw the track list for this album and realized that several of my all-time favorite songs were to be included, I knew it would be amazing, and you did not disappointment. I know BEGIN will be a comfort to many of us as we go through different things in our lives. Personally, it has already made an impact on my life in just this short amount of time. I’m sure I will be turning to it more and more over the next few months as I adjust to my son leaving home to serve in the Navy. Your songs have been my saving grace before during times of difficulty and I’m sure this new awesome collection will continue to bring me peace for some time to come. Thank you for caring for your fans so much. May God continue to bless you always. Margy

  22. Shelia /

    Sorry about missed spelled words. You know what I meant.

  23. Shelia /

    David BEGIN is amazing. It’s unreal what you have done for us fans. You followed what God wanted you to do & look whats happened. You could have annoounced your mission decision way before Christmas tour & thousands would have came. But NO your were no after the money & fame.
    It is climbing to the top of the charts fast. I hope everying goes well with you. You know if you need something all you have to do is ask. Take care & GOD Bless

  24. we do love you with all our hearts, David…you are really too kind to us…we love you David, we wish you well, we can’t wait till you get back… <3

  25. Rashley /

    You always inspaire me David..
    With your smile..
    It makes me feel good!
    I’ll always admire your kindness to your fans,David..
    And i’m thankful for that!

  26. noneetoj /

    Aww!! What a warm message from David. You definitely know that its coming straight from his heart.

  27. trace /

    Dear David, You know how one sometimes gets tongue-tied when one is emotionally overwhelmed? All I can think of saying at the moment is Thank You Thank You Thank You.
    Thank you for the beauty of Begin.
    Thank you for the soul of Broken.
    Thank you for every song covered.
    Thank you for leaving a huge part of your heart with us in the music of Begin.
    Thank you for saying that you will come back in 2014.
    And a big Thank You too from all my friends in Malaysia.

  28. katrina_cacal /

    That’s so nice of David to leave a message to the fans! I love this incredible album. Listening to this has made me feel happy as well as cry. I feel his heart whenever I listen to it. Thanks to David for this wonderful gift that he has left for us while he’s on his mission. God bless.

  29. i love u David :D
    love the album!

  30. halimelisa /

    when BEGIN album released in Indonesia? i’m waiting.. :D thank you for keep in touch with us.. i love you! <3 god bless. take care until #DA2014

  31. David, what can I say to you? First, thank you for this heartfelt note to us.Do you have any idea how very much this mean? A second gift to us today.To be in touch with you on this awesome day is such a blessing. Second, I want to tell you that BEGIN.is the most beautiful CD that I have ever listened to.You have not only touched my heart but you have melted my heart.These songs are all so full of emotion and I have been in tears all day.Very happy tears beause you have poured your heart and soul into this CD for us. Knowing you love us as much as we love you is the most special thing you could ever give us.We are the most fortunate fans in the world.I hope and pray that God will be by your side on this spiritual journey that you are on. Take good care of yourself and we will be here in 2014. <3

  32. awesome… david…t are there store in asia,,,?? specially indonesia ????

  33. wow… u get it catharchie.??? awesome… and conlatulationt

  34. juls10 /

    Thank you David for giving us such an awesome album. It truly means a lot to your fans. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying every minute of your mission! I’m loving Don’t Give Up…. We won’t give up and anxiously await your return. #DA2014 ~ Julie from Idaho

  35. shelley /

    It is so good to hear from you David!! BEGIN. is absolutely AMAZING!! It’s a very special album and means so much to us that you did it for us!! <3 I pray you are happy and doing well. Thank you for the music you left us and for everything you have done for us. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are so special to your fans. <3 There are not enough "thank yous" for all you have done. I know this next chapter in your life is going to be wonderful for you and this mission is filling up your heart!! I have been listening to BEGIN. nonstop!! :D God bless your heart David! <3

  36. sunny /

    Thank you so much David for this AMAZING album!! Can’t even tell you how much I love it!! You are unbelievable!

  37. skyangel /

    I feel spoiled <3 thank you!! Miss ya!!

  38. Vicky Panjaitan /

    I want to ask you a question. Why did you choose Somewhere only We Know?

  39. skyangel /

    I missed your words so much!!! Thank you for the heart felt music <3

  40. free4all /

    BEGIN is just amazing David. Thank you for always putting your heart and soul into everything you give to your fans. Know that you are loved, cherished, admired, and prayed for each and every day. Your wonderful message just assured me that you are doing exactly what you were meant to do. I am so proud to be your fan.

  41. Heidijoy /

    David, You are a Gift!! Thank You for BEGIN. sung with your HEART, SOUL, and beautiful voice. I appreciate the messages you convey with so much passion and tenderness.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I picture you as you sing and serve the people of Chile and have the time you need to get closer to God as you desire so much.
    I’ll be here while you are gone and when you get back.
    Thank You, Thank You, Gratias P.S. Yes your Sincerity comes through loud and clear.

  42. skyangel /

    Come back to us in 2014!!! Your voice is amazing on every song of BEGIN!!! I love this music David!!! My favorites too! I feel your heart hope you feel ours! Gracias for the most amazing album yet!!!

  43. archieangeltx /

    Words cannot conceive how I feel about BEGIN. Yes, David, I do feel your heart in each and every note you sing. Each song is so amazing. I pray for you each day, hoping you are touching other people on your journey. Please remember, WE WILL BE HERE AWAITING YOUR RETURN. DA2014.

  44. ds1no /

    ” done for the people who have meant so much to me, and a way to bring them on the journey I’m currently on right now”…. Aaww :) you are truly the sweetest and most genuine person! Thank you over and over again for being so real! We will be here with arms wide open! #DA2014!!!

  45. Again I say David, Thank you cannot even BEGIN. to cover how we love and appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness and your gift for bringing happiness to a whole lot of people.

    BEGIN. is a gift of love. Am honored as a fan that you would consider taking us with you in your journey in this special phase in your personal life.

    Gracias mi querido artista. Mi artista de la elección.

    Please take care always!


  46. Thank you David for not leaving us. You made us feel that even though you are far away, you still never failed to communicate with us, made us feel how your music touches our hearts and our very soul. We love you!

  47. rubi_DA2014 /

    Oh my David, thank you for everything you’ve done to us. Love this wonderful and very inspiring album. We are so blessed ‘coz in spite of everything (doing this album against the odds) you and your team decided to share it wih us. And we are so thankful for that. We are enjoying every song in the album and felt every word in it. Hope all is well to you to you out there. Come back to us safely. We are here waiting for you, #DA2014. God bless as always David.

  48. TrudyFOD /

    Hi David: Thank you for the message today. I did receive one of my orders for your album. As always…you have touched my heart and soul with these new songs. Each song makes me ponder about my own life…and as always I think about how you are doing. I miss you a lot…but understand this is something you needed to do. We all make choices … and I’m sure you felt this was your time to do what was right for you. I just wanted to say that no matter what happens in the future…I have always, and will always, love your music, your voice, and my deepest respect for you as a person. I hope you return and do music…but whatever choices you make…just know that “I will wait for DA2014″ and I’ve have had the most fun 4 years past and have made some awesome new friends because of you and your music.

    I am meeting up with a friend this weekend and am finally going to get to try thai food! and then we are going to go to a park or somewhere quiet and just soak in the words and music from your latest album.

    Thank you David for all that you have given me…a deep appreciation for the little things, which are really big things. Enjoying life, good people, and GREAT music.

    Love you, miss you, and God Bless You

  49. archftw /

    So happy to hear from you, David, on such an exciting day! Thanks SO much for giving us the gift of your BEGIN. CD. It means the world to us! Love the encouragement you offer us through the songs you chose for this CD, even as you are encouraging those who are around you. Your selflessness and big heart are humbling. Thanks for all you do, David.

  50. Shirley /

    It means so much to hear from you on this speical day. BEGIN is truly a wonderful gift from your heart to ours. THANK YOU for going against all odds to give us new music and taking us on this journey with you. May your mission continues to bring you much joy and fulfillment. Take care and God bless.

  51. First of all thank you for doing this when you did..we know you were so busy during this time. It is a blessed CD, I believe. It will comfort many, inspire many, and also entertain many! I am listening to each song carefully as I know you sang them with love and purpose. This means so much, David. And yes, we feel your heart and hope you feel ours. Continued prayers and support. Jana Norton OR.

  52. peacesignpam /

    It is so great to hear from you David! Thank you so much for this beautiful album full of love and messages!! It is soooooo incredibly beautiful!!
    I can truly feel your heart as I am sure you can feel ours too. We think of you each and every single day while u are away. Please know~ we will always be here waiting for you with open arms! You are so very loved and very missed.
    God bless!!!
    Pam and Lexi (Michigan)

  53. heartsong /

    David, I can’t tell you how much it means to have you send us this message yourself. Or maybe you do. I think you feel my heart (and all of your fans’ hearts) just as we feel yours. I’m praying for you while you’re away. You truly are missed.

    Dios te bendiga, David. Nuestros corazones están contigo.


  54. pepper /

    So good to hear from you David! Thank you so much for BEGIN. It is fantastic. Such a meaningful and beautiful album, can’t stop listening to it. Well, guess the odds were in your favor, so grateful for that! We love this gift that you left and you did an amazing job on it, your heart in the songs and your vocals are beautiful. Thank you so much again and Bless you David.

  55. First this amazing album and now a special note?? You are too good to us, David … but we’re not complaining! :) I can’t even imagine what you had to go through in order to record BEGIN. in the short time before you left but please know how much it means to us. Love it all, but especially “Broken” … can’t stop listening, it’s hauntingly beautiful, David, thank you!!!

  56. VaBeachArchie /

    Thank you for this wonderful gift of incredible songs sung from your heart! Every song is so special in it’s message….one you deliver right to our hearts!Hope this mission is everything you hoped it would be. Looking forward to your return to music…#DA2014

  57. This is so wonderful!! I’m so happy that I know enough Spanish to understand that last part lol. Thank you again for all that you do David! Can’t wait to get my album in the mail tomorrow!! :D

  58. cadthu /

    All I can say David is that this cd is a work of art! I feel the hard work and love that you put into it. For me it’s a masterpiece of emotional, powerful vocals and arrangements that I will be listening to for many many years to come. I love all the songs but especially EH, GDU, and SOWK with Broken being on a planet of its own :) THANK YOU and I love you for all you have done for us. I’ll be at that concert in 2014 ;)

  59. connie-da2014 /

    You just don’t know how crazy it is that this day has arrived. We are so happy to hear your new Album “Begin”. Tears of happiness hearing this Album made against all odds as you said. Thanks to your gift. You touches our hearts in every song. We understand why you are in your mission and we wish you all the success out there. We are here waiting for you till you come back in 2014.
    Eres amado, perdidas y estamos rezando para que todos los días. Muchas gracias de nuevo.

  60. PlatinumArchie /

    THANK YOU DAVID, for your dedication to give us this gift “against the odds”! BEGIN. is a beautiful album; each and every song tells something about your thoughts and feelings… I felt a huge sense of this upon reading the list of songs! I love everything about BEGIN.; your tender vocals with so much emotion goes right to my heart and soul!
    God bless and keep you safe as you serve your mission, so far away from home! And a heartfelt “thank you” to Kari!

  61. iteachkidz22 /

    David, It is so wonderful to be able to read a message from you on this special day. Your music has touched my heart for over four years and continues to do so with BEGIN. I thank you for giving us so much.

  62. DBSandra-VZLA /

    Gracias a ti David! Gracias por todo el trabajo que haces por tus admiradores, inclusive desde tu misión. Te admiramos y respetamos mucho! Te mereces lo mejor. Dios te bendiga.

  63. cathk_ /

    Hola David!! The way you’ve kept us connected to you through all the amazing music you worked on is simply remarkable! I am absolutely in LOVE with BEGIN.!! You’ve chosen some of my very favorite songs and I am hearing them again, as if for the first time, especially Angel! Your tenderness and passion shine through like never before on every one of these meaningful songs! Also, congrats on your BEAUTIFUL original, Broken! It is GORGEOUS! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  64. rusharr /

    Querido Dave, las canciones han sido en la repetición, va a dormir en ella, señor. Esto hace que el corazón se siente bien y tranquilo. El apoyo es sin costo alguno, pero como usted, que siempre es “dar” y eso es lo que nos gusta de ti. Es tan rica en la grandeza para el álbum hecho en contra de las probabilidades. Al igual que yo a dar todo lo que pueda. Muy feliz de llegar a escuchar a tu corazón en el que Dave canción. Puede que me sonríe hasta las 2014. Tenga cuidado, señor! Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar. El amor siempre!

  65. AnneMarieFOD /

    Thank you so much David for this exquisite album! Listening to all of the songs for the first time last night brought happy tears to my eyes! I feel can feel your heart and soul in each and every song. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you did and time spent into putting this album together for us! God bless you as you continue to serve on your mission! :)

  66. betsy /

    I just love it David. And Broken is at the top of the list. ♥
    Thank you.

  67. empath2809 /

    So nice to hear from you on this amazing day! I am so happy for this music you have created and shared with us. I know it could not have been easy figuring everything out and getting it done. It means so much that you did it. And that each song has meanings you want us to understand. It’s the most personal music you have ever shared with us. I feel like the songs are in my heart and your voice is, too, like always. I understand. :) Love from Maine, USA.

  68. EimiSugita /

    Muchas gracias por tu gran amor y su regalo musical inspiradora! Siempre vamos a amar y apoyar a usted! <3

  69. djafan /


    Es increible todo lo que hiciste para tus fans. BEGIN. un regalo del corazon para nosotros es recibido con brazos abiertos y se mantendran asi hasto tu regreso.

    Te adoramos y apreciamos con todos nuestros corazon ♥

  70. maribelarchie /

    Hi David, I love BEGIN so much.It’s so amazingly beautiful & cant stop listening to it.Hope your doing well & in good health on your mission. Miss you & waiting for you #DA2014

  71. gitanads /

    take care there david :)) in this album i can feel your heart in every song :) miss ya david!

  72. tawna21 /

    Yes, David, your heart is felt in each of these songs. This is such a beautiful album. There is so much in the messages of each song. Thank you for your dedication in providing us with these messages. God bless you as you continue to do exactly what you are meant to be doing at this time. ♥

    Thank you to Kari, also, for her diligence in ‘being there’ for us. You’re a sweetheart. :)

  73. roxfox /

    Listening right now :) Thank you David!
    Nos escucha a tu corazón.

  74. Gracias a ti David!
    Gracias por haberte dado el tiempo de habernos dejado este increible disco, te queremos mucho todos tus fans :’D

  75. Julieta /

    Muchas gracias David por este hermoso album!!! Saludos desde Argentina :)

  76. Rohdegirl /

    Yes David, we can feel the heart in each and every song. Thank you for this beautiful gift. Know that we are waiting for your return and will surely be here when that time comes. I know that you will touch the hearts of all those you come in contact with on your mission, just as you have touched ours. Gracias
    a ti y te bendecire.

  77. skyangel /

    THANK YOU DAVID!!!!!! we love it!!! Hola!!! Lots of great messages in BEGIN.!!!!! you’re amazing!!!

  78. lilygirl2400 /

    Yes, we feel your heart in each and every song! Thanks you so so much for this album. Can’t wait to hear you sing these songs live when you get back. God bless you on your spiritual journey!

  79. Gmax4 /

    David… thank you so much for this beautiful album. I love each and every song and can feel your heart throughout. You have given us so much…we are truly blessed fans!!! God keep you safe happy and healthy as you devote your time now to reaching out to others!!! Thanks a million for sharing your heart through this amazing CD….BEGIN. ! :)

  80. supergrandjudie /

    David thank you for BEGIN. The whole album is fabulous. Your voice is right on. I love every song. You are the greatest. Love You Listening to it right now. Heavenly!!Sing David Sing BEGIN.God be with you.

  81. Sí, David, siente que su corazón en estas canciones! Siento tu corazón cada vez que canta. ¡Muchas gracias! Por favor, ten cuidado! <3

    Yes, David, I do feel your heart in these songs~ I feel your heart every time you sing! Thank you so much!! Please take care of yourself. I LOVE BEGIN. .
    You are prayed for, loved, supported and celebrated every day! :) We are here! #DA2014 ~Joanie (suttygal) :)
    PS Kari is taking GREAT care of us here! :))

  82. violet4ever /

    Si!!!! Me siento el corazón!!! (with the help of Google translate :) Your heart warms my heart. Thank you David!!

  83. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Dearest David ~ SO WONDERFUL to hear from you & especially on this very SPECIAL DAY! Your devoted fans are losing sleep lol because all we want to do is listen to BEGIN ever since our ITunes download arrived last night. I love each & every song David & I honestly do have a better understanding why you chose them. Yes..there is a reason behind them. It’s as if you are telling us your story of how you came to the decision you made & I have a new-found respect for your decision even though it takes you away from us for two years.

    It’s hard to say which is my very favorite but I can tell you that “Everybody Hurts” speaks to me…comforts me.

    God Bless You on your Mission David ~You are loved ♥
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  84. pabuckie /

    Aww, David you mean so much and I can’t thank you enough for recording this album. I hope you’re doing ok and miss you so much but I am so proud of you. I admire you so much for following your heart and doing all you did before you left. Take care David …. for now. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and in my heart. Love you.

  85. Scott_NJ /

    Oh man THANK YOU David! You have no idea how much it means to hear from you and how much this album means to us! I LOVE BEGIN. and this is just the Beginning of many wonderful things to come ! You worked so hard to leave us music with a meaning and really put your heart into it! We can never thank you enough! We feel your heart in every song we hope you can feel ours from across the miles! YOU sir are the best ! I hope you are doing great on your mission. You are in my prayers always!
    Mucho Gracias !

  86. creatingagem /

    Thank You David!! I know why you needed to go on your mission! You will be a wonderful missionary! You are in my prayers every day. Along with all the other missionaries of the church.

  87. CathArchie /

    David, thank you soooo much for “Begin” ♥ we love it! y tu español es el mejor de todos jaja ….we miss you so much Elder!!! be healthy ♥

  88. Siempre te apoyaremos David ahora y siempre. Gracias por este regalo. BEGIN. es increible!!

  89. Hope all is going well for you David.. I LOVE BEGIN!!!
    Each and every song is my favorite and can not wait til the day comes to see you sing these live for us!