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BEGIN. – Album Out Now!

BEGIN.  – Album Out Now!

Aug 7, 2012

David Archuleta’s new album BEGIN. is now in stores and available online!

On BEGIN. David puts his spin on some of modern music’s most moving songs, such as “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M., “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and many more. The album also includes the inspirational hymn “Be Still, My Soul” and the breathtaking, new original track “Broken”. David’s powerful vocals are showcased beautifully throughout the album and make it a must-have for every music lover.

Each song was thoughtfully hand-selected by David and holds special meaning to him, as he worked on the album while preparing for a new chapter of his life to BEGIN. – a two year mission in South America for his church.

“Some people may not understand why I have made the decisions I have chosen to make, but that is the reason why I made this album”, explains David. “It really comes from my heart. While I can’t always explain what I want to say using words, I hope that these songs will help people know where I am coming from on my mission decision.”

1. Beautiful
2. Somewhere Only We Know
3. Everybody Hurts
4. Don’t Give Up (feat. Libbie Linton)
5. Angel
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water
7. Broken
8. True Colors
9. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
10. Be Still My Soul

The CD is in stores now, and available for ordering at several online retailers, such as Deseret Book, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Sears, and Walmart.

For digital downloads of BEGIN. go to DeseretBook.com, Amazon and iTunes.

Watch the video below for a message from David to his fans:

Check out David’s Youtube for more videos of David talking about BEGIN.!

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  1. syd-sf /

    David, I’m officially obsessed with BEGiN. ! Can’t wait to hear you perform these songs live on tour when you get back! :)
    Thanks again and hope you’re enjoying every minute in Chile! Love u!

  2. pabuckie /

    David, I’ve been playing your new album and it’s beautiful! I really do love the entire album. A few of my favorites are Beautiful, Everybody Hurts, Angel, and Be Still My Soul.
    I miss you so much and can feel your heart on these songs. Your original, Broken is also very beautiful. Like I said I love them all so it’s very hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for making this album so much!! I hope you are doing well. Love & Miss You. Always in my prayers. Love, Patty-Ann

  3. Kyle Pearson /

    I’m so excited, but I can’t hear any song of this album

  4. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    How could I forget to send you a message David..I’m slipping! lol I don’t just “enjoy the album”….I’m CRAZY about it David. Each song is special in its own way & each carries a message..truly inspirational. The fact that you took the last few weeks to create this album for your fans speaks volumes about your character & reminds us of the reason we became your fans in the first place. To say I thank you from the bottom of my heart just doesn’t seem enough..some day I’ll find the right words.

    Be safe/healthy/happy/fulfilled~♥
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  5. sunny /

    Absolutely love every song on BEGIN.!!! Broken is my favorite because of the words & the music! Thank you from the bottom of my heart David for this wonderful album!

  6. Fira Archuleta /


  7. Rose Tran /


  8. Edidas /

    HEY! I’m really excited for this album. David Archuleta is so inspirational!!! Do you guys know what is the best way to get the hard copy of this album if you are in CANADA?!

  9. syd-sf /

    wow i’ll treasure this gem forever, just got my CDs & it’s fabulous! Thanks so much David for all your efforts

  10. TrudyFOD /

    Good morning David & fans. Love the new album…so heartfelt and David voice just soars. Awesome arrangements and collaboration w/Kurt Bestor — a talent unto himself. Well, I’m off to BEGIN. my day :-)

  11. noneetoj /

    Love the whole album David. You never fail to impress ever haha! But I do have a question to the support team/Davidteam, its about the iTunes digital download, does it have a digital booklet? Thanks!

  12. ArchieDavid /

    So Excited!

    Love Broken

  13. iteachkidz22 /

    David’s voice continues to amaze me and simply soars on BEGIN.! The way he can share such emotion through his interpretation of the lyrics on each of these songs is incredible!

    Kurt Bestor’s gorgeous arrangements on this CD mesh perfectly with David’s stunning vocals.

    The entire CD has an inspirational, relaxing tone to it. Yet, there is also something really special about it that makes me want to join David in song.

  14. pepper /

    A huge heartfelt thank you David! From the sweet, sincere video message to this incredibly beautiful album, you have given us a little piece of heaven. Can’t tell you how much this album means. I am listening to my Itunes downloads on repeat while I wait for may CDs. Every song, just stunning! Many have brought me to tears because of the pure beauty and heart in their delivery, outstanding! Not sure if I can pick a favorite but Broken is definitely very special. Love every track on this album, just gorgeous. Thank you for including Be Still My Soul too, so very moving and beautiful, wow.
    It would be easy to write pages about this album but I will just say…It is a work of love and it shines through on each song, you are a healer in song David. <3
    Thanks to David's team for everything…loving the look of the site, looks fantastic! BEGIN. Oh yes.

  15. bankergin1 /

    These are the times that I don’t like Florida. Called 3 Wal-Marts no Begin. Went to 3 Wal-Marts no Begin 2:oopm. Get my mail no Begin from Deserets Books ordered 3. How sad is that. I did get Begin on ITunes thank God. But it is very sad to know that Wal-Marts dosen’t have Begin at 2:00pm.

  16. Ok as of this date and time (10 AM Pacific) BEGIN. is #27 on overall albums and #9 on pop albums #itunes. It is holding!

    Just a beautiful accomplishment. It will be listened to for years. Just another piece of the TALENT PUZZLE that is David Archuleta. Thank you David! Jana, OR.

  17. connie-da2014 /

    I’m in heaven when I got it downloaded and heard the entire album tracks. I’ve heard a totally different David. A mature sophisticated beautiful voice of David Archuleta. Remarkable song choices David. I feel your heart and your message is loud and clear. Thank you for your gift for all the hard work you’ve done for this Album. It’s worth the wait. You are really beautiful inside and out. Can’t hold the tears of excitement to hear your CD and at the same time the thought that you are not here to join us is a lil’ sad. Hope you can feel our heart too like we feel your heart thru these songs. “BROKEN” is still my favorite along with Beautiful, Don’t Give Up, Everybody Hurts and SOWK. Hope to see your live performance of these songs in 2014.

  18. RaquelArchie93 /

    I Can’t wait to get BEGIN. in my hands!!

  19. Waiting for mine !!

  20. rusharr /

    Yay! Got it from iTunes last night! well it’s actually noon on my side of the world! haha Congrats Dave!! Fabulous album! Thanks so much for the gift! Well Broken is the top song for me still. Next difficult choices! #2 is between True Colors and Somewhere Only We know…well i need more time to choose! :D Take care Dave! LOVE LOVE LOVE SO MUCH BEGIN.!!!

  21. Scott_NJ /

    I LOVE the album. Every single song is so heartfelt and powerful! I love that he included BSMS too. It’s a very special song for me too and David’s version is amazing and Broken is phenominal!I am so grateful to David for taking time to work so hard for his fans before he left for his mission! It definitely comes from his heart and we totally get why he chose to serve a mission. David has endeared himself to all of his fans and we are here now and always to support him! Hope he is doing well on his mission and we’ll see him in 2014!