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BEGIN. photo contest

BEGIN. photo contest

Jul 19, 2012

Update: The contest has ended. No new submission will be accepted from this time on. All eligible photos will be posted on the BEGIN. Photo Contest gallery. Contest winners will be announced shortly on this post after staff deliberations and those winners will be contacted by email.

To celebrate the launch of David’s new album BEGIN., we invite you to submit a photograph to a special contest to win prizes! You can send in any photo that represents the theme or idea of BEGIN. to you so long as it meets the rules below. Example photos might include newborn babies, seedlings, kittens, first day of school, etc. Three “Staff Favorite” photos will earn their owners VIP t-shirts and bags from the “My Kind of Christmas” tour, and the sender of the top photo will also receive a photograph autographed by David! All accepted photos will be displayed in the BEGIN. Photo Contest gallery on DavidArchuleta.com, with credit given to the owners.

Contest Rules: Participants must be 13 years old or older to participate. Each person may submit only one photo. Each entered photo must be owned by the person who submits it. We will check to ensure that photos are original; participants who submit photos that are not their original work will be disqualified. Photos must NOT contain the image of David Archuleta or his name in them.  Photos must be a minimum size of 400 by 600 pixels.

Send your photos to contest@davidarchuleta.com by August 14, 2012 with your name and location, as well as a title or short description of your photo. Winners will be chosen and and notified via email shortly after that date. Photos will be added to the gallery as they are accepted so get yours in early for the most views!

DavidArchuleta.com retains the right to reject any photo submission that is deemed inappropriate. Photographs remain the property of their photographers who retain responsibility for the photos.

Important Notes:
Because of the large number of questions, we have decided to notify fans of problems with sent images. Please note that this may slow down posting of accepted photos. Your patience is appreciated.

Because of the popularity of this contest, we had to create a new email address to handle submissions. If you sent your photo on the first day of the contest ONLY and do not see your photo in the gallery, you may resubmit it to contest@davidarchuleta.com. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting David and BEGIN.

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  1. tricia zuñiga /

    Are there winners already?I haven’t seen the post yet..thanks

    • editor /

      We will announce the winners on another post when it’s ready.

  2. triciarchie /

    just wanna ask if you’re going to post the winners?(I hope so!haha):) thanks!

  3. have the winners been announced yet?

  4. i just saw my entree!! yaay! so happy! my mistake for not looking for it well.. i don’t mind if i don’t win this contest! as long as my entree got in, i’m happy! ^_^

  5. Notice my photo there. Hope it will work out :) Thanks to the staff for making these cool contest and for all the effots you’ve put !

  6. Maryana Hidayat /

    I’m so happy my cute little nephew pic is in the galery.. wish I can win the prize too :D

  7. my entry didn’t make it.. =\ kinda disappointing..

    • editor /

      We accepted all entries that adhered to the contest rules.

      • triciarchie /

        just wanna ask if there are winners already?thanks!

  8. Nie Archie /

    is that all photos have been entered in the gallery?

    • editor /

      Yes, all accepted photos have been posted in the gallery. The gallery is now closed.

  9. fatima27 /

    yes I received your e-mail today aand I have submitted my photo again. I asked about this before too and you guys said that it’s not a prob, buh I’ve resend it. Please add mine as well :)x

    • editor /

      You re-sent the same photo containing multiple images, even though we emailed you to say that we cannot accept photos with multiple images. So we have to reject your entry.

  10. admin /

    I would like to thank everyone who participated for the AWESOME photos and the insight into BEGIN. in your lives. Helping select winners for this contest is going to be so difficult, I wish we had over 400 prizes; but can you imagine the shipping costs? So we can’t.

    • I am so happy to have been a part of it, and love all the pics that were entered! :)

    • sam.nanie.pinoyFOD /

      It doesn’t matter whether I win or not. I’m just so happy to have my daughter’s picture among the many entries. We love David, we will forever support him! :-)

  11. awww!! My photo is disqualified. );

    • admin /

      You were given a day to submit a photo that follows all the rules.

  12. fatima27 /

    I send my photo a loooong ago buh I still can’t see it on the gallery, I even received the e-mail and they said that it will be published on 15th aug .. buh its still not there???

    • admin /

      Check your email. Your submission contained multiple images which is against the rules. You were given an extra day to submit a new photo.

  13. There’s a lot of cool photos… :D good luck to everyone…:D

  14. I love the “Fan Support” Icon…so cool. Also does the OS have a twitter account I can follow? Thank you!

    • admin /

      We do not have a twitter account. @DavidArchie tweets for us. ;)

  15. editor /

    Update: The contest has ended. No new submission will be accepted from this time on. All eligible photos will be posted on the BEGIN. Photo Contest gallery. Contest winners will be announced shortly on this post after staff deliberations and those winners will be contacted by email.

    • Amal Archie /

      Till when will you announce the winners … we are all eagerly waiting :)

  16. I forgot to put my location. Is it Ok ? Will I be disqualified ? :(

    • editor /

      You will not be disqualified if you did not put in your location, but you can send us an email with your location if you want it included with your photo and name.

  17. DRALE /

    Like. :>

  18. Today staff have hardworking day. So many people sent photo in last day. My English is not well. But I want to talk to staff. Thank you so much ^^

  19. My photo is 720 x 478. Is it disqualified? :(

    • editor /

      We have not gotten round to check and post your photo yet. We have many photos to do before we reach yours.

  20. sandyronquillo /

    I just sent my entry yesterday and haven’t received a reply. Is my entry sure to be posted in the gallery anytime soon? I,m worried it won’t be posted. Thank you.

    • editor /

      The photo needs to be at least 600 pixels wide. Your photo is way too small. You need to resubmit a larger-sized photo.

      • sandyronquillo /

        Can I still submit? I just have to re-size it as you said.

      • sandyronquillo /

        I submit a resized photo. As well as a new description of it. Hope I can see it in the galley soon. Thank you.

  21. Chintia Frastica /

    I already sent my photo.. ^^

  22. dying4bread /

    If I send my photo on August 14th, will it be accepted?

  23. I don’t see my entry in the album.

    • editor /

      We ask for your patience as we have a large volume of photos to process. If there is a problem with your photo submission, you will receive an email from us.

  24. Robin Tuyen /

    I’m so thrilled to see my photo got accepted and shown in the gallery today. I’m as anxious today awaiting BEGIN. as I was in 75 waiting to begin our new life in America. I have been counting my blessings and having David in our life is one of them. Thanks David for all your hard works and for bringing so much joy and hope to millions around the globe.

  25. sweetprincess /

    I already posted a few pics of me and my baby. I don’t see my pics yet. What will the contest winner get? I really want an iPad. I already have a laptop. A winning passport ticket would be nice to meet David Archuleta for the very first time in my life. I’ve never met him or been to his concert. Actually…I’ve never been to a concert before. Not even once. Nada. Nothing. Not one. Even if I lose this contest at least I tried my best with all my HEART.-Nancy Colon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • editor /

      Only one photo is allowed per contestant. Please make sure you emailed your photo to contest@davidarchuleta.com. For the prizes, please read the contest post.

      • It’s been 4 days since my friend submitted her photo to that e-mail. She also has got a reply from it. But her photo hasn’t appear yet in the album. What should she do?

      • editor /

        We have a large volume of photos to process. Her patience is very much appreciated.

  26. I had sent my picture at the beginning of the contest unfortunately it did not meet the required size so I resent it but now even after 6 resents I have not yet received an auto-reply.The mail is neither in spam nor my picture appears in the gallery.
    Thank you. :)

    • editor /

      Your photo was just uploaded onto the gallery. As we said, we have a large volume of photos to process every day and sending multiple emails to us will only delay the uploading of your photo.

  27. efher /

    yes2x … i already see it tnx

  28. Sultana Patwary /

    When will you guys announce the contest winner?

    • editor /

      Shortly after the contest ends. We do not have a date yet.

  29. cameroncobb /

    I took some really good pictures for this contest, trouble is don’t know which one to pick. They are of a baby lamb. This is a tough choice.

  30. 369edit /

    Please help in trouble several times when I sent the picture? Unfortunately, because I’m clumsy and I always forget something.

    • editor /

      You need to tell us what exactly is causing you the problems for us to help you.

  31. I see my photo!! Thank you staff of davidarchuleta.com :)

  32. Kristel /

    Hi!just curious, I already submit my picture like what others do but, why still didn’t appear my picture in the gallery? thank you so much.

    • editor /

      Because we need time to process the large volume of photos sent to us. Your patience is much appreciated.

  33. Kristel /

    hi!i just want to ask about the location,should I indicate my exact address or just location(e.g manila)?thank you:)

  34. Kristel /

    I already submit mine.and I’m looking forward to this contest.I loved to have those prices to be given:)

  35. fatima27 /

    I accidentally sent the pic without description, and then i resend it with description and my name etc. Is that okay ? My description will appear or what should I do ?

    • editor /

      We will be able to see your description. Whether or not it will appear with the photo in the gallery is the decision of the staff.

  36. Question: I just submitted my photo and it said it will be posted by August 15? The contest ends August 14th? Can you help clarify?

    Thank you for your help

    “Thank you for your submission to the BEGIN. Photo Contest. We are processing photos in the order received. If you have submitted an appropriate photo that follows all the rules, it will be posted by August 15.”

    Thank you for your support of David Archuleta!

    • editor /

      August 14 is the deadline that fans can email their photos to us. After the contest deadline, all accepted photos will be posted in the gallery a day later by August 15, as it takes some time for us to review the photos.

  37. Yeaaaaa!! Finally submitted my photo :)

  38. closia /

    It was said that every member of the house could submit a photo but is it necessary that each one should have an account on this site? Also in one the pics we forgot to mention the name of the place what should we do in this case?

    Thanks :)

    • editor /

      It is not necessary to have an account on the site to join the contest. Forgetting to mention the name of the place where the photo was taken will not disqualify you from the contest.

      • closia /

        Sorry to bother again but I submitted my picture some time back and then resubmitted it but than also received no auto-reply! Just curious!

        Thanks :)

      • editor /

        The auto-reply might have ended up in your spam folder. Also, if you send the photo using a mobile phone, the auto-reply might not reach you.

  39. steffy /

    Wii!!! :D now I can see it!!!, thank you very much <3 C:

  40. mashah /

    I’m from Brazil. Can I enter in the contest?

  41. Ezra /

    Will there be many winners for this photo contest? thank you

  42. I have sent my photo few days ago. But I don’t receive email from “fans” yet.

    • admin /

      Check your spam folder. Also, if you sent to “fans” then you sent it to the wrong email address and it will not be processed.

  43. steffy /

    Hi C: I sent my photo and received a mail, but my pic doesn’t show in the gallery! my picture is original and doesn’t break any rules of this contest, may I know why? Thank you so much C:

  44. archiejoy /

    Yay! Just submitted my photo:) thanks!!!!

  45. Heidijoy /

    Lots of Creative Fans and Photos depicting BEGIN. Concepts

    Great Job getting so many entries up this Weekend!!

    Yoo Hoo Let the excitement BEGIN.

  46. Ah, it’s great to see my photo in the gallery! :D but…there was a mistake with the name of the photo though…it’s the same name with the location…

    • what about if picture that is already seen in the gallery has the wrong name of the person there? thank you! :)

  47. Ezra /

    It feels great to finally see my photo entry in the gallery. Thanks!

  48. DorkAngel-GBW /

    Finally posted my picture. Although I don’t expect to win, it’s a lot of fun just participating. Thanks

    We’re 4 months closer to David’s return. YaY!

  49. melissad309 /

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was a certain format you would want our photos to be in? Is the .PNG format okay? Or would you prefer another formet?

  50. MunkFOD /

    Hi! I sent in my photo a few days ago and haven’t received an email.. Should I send it again? thanks!

    • admin /

      You’ll be notified if there’s a problem. Please be patient!

      • MunkFOD /

        ok. Thanks so much. Just wasn’t sure if I submitted it correctly. Loving all the pictures that have been submitted so far! Awesome contest! :D

  51. rubi_DA2014 /

    Just sent mine. :)
    Love seeing all the photos above.

  52. archjietech /

    is this the real site of david?

  53. closia /

    I sent my photo and received a mail too but my pic doesn’t show in the gallery! may I know why?

    • admin /

      All acceptable photos will be posted to the gallery before the contest ends. If it is not acceptable we will tell you.

      • closia /

        Thanks and its really nice of the team to clear every user’s doubt separately! :)

  54. Can I put a photo of chili tree that just have leaf? the seedling photo is not really clear, and can I edit my photo? like crop it and put more contrast and brightness.

    • admin /

      No, the first picture you send is the only one we will accept.

    • editor /

      You can send in any photo as long as it meets our rules, so a photo of a chili tree is fine if you are the photographer. You can edit the photo however you like.

  55. Can I edit my photo? like crop it and put more contrast and brightness.

    • admin /

      Yes, you may do this if you have not yet sent in your photo. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  56. dying4bread /

    Could you tell me the contest choose the winners according to what? votes? most views? or there are judges? Thanks

    • editor /

      Winners are chosen based on the votes of the official site staff.

  57. safa /

    Although my picture is in the gallery on page 8 but the caption i sent has been shortened.Should i resend it or send a new short caption?

    • editor /

      The captions may be summarized based on staff’s decision. As we are receiving a high volume of photos, unfortunately we cannot accept changes to captions.

  58. Linda Marty /

    Just finished looking at all of the photo entries. They are really amazing, some people are truly talented. I enjoyed looking at the photos that represent the people who love David. We are a diverse bunch.

  59. Heidijoy /

    How long is it taking after submission to be posted?? Sent mine in Monday. Will you notify fans if there is a problem?? with submission.

    • admin /

      Because of the large number of questions, we have decided to notify fans of problems. Please note that this may slow down posting of accepted photos.

    • archangle_30 /

      you should look 4r ur pic after pg 5 it will be there in the gallery I to sent it on Monday and it was there (in the gallery) on Wednesday..

  60. archangle_30 /

    just saw my pic in the gallery!!!!!

  61. how often updated gallery?

    • admin /

      All acceptable photos will be posted to the gallery before the contest ends.

  62. pabuckie /

    Hi. I sent a picture in two days ago. If the jpeg image is smaller than 400 x 600 will it not make it in? I didn’t know how to resize it? Thanks. Love the contest.

    • admin /

      Photos smaller than 400 x 600 pixels will not be accepted.

      • pabuckie /

        oh dang it. thanks for the reply though! :)

      • Heidijoy /

        Is 400 X 600 pixels the same as 4X6 photo???

      • admin /

        No, this is not the same as a 4 x 6 photo.

      • Heidijoy /

        Ok I will get some guidance and re-submit!!

        I’m new at this :))

  63. editor /

    Please note that photos are reviewed and posted in the gallery IN THE ORDER that they are received. If you keep sending the same photo to contest@davidarchuleta.com over and over again, it will only push your entry DOWN the list and it will DELAY (not speed up) the posting of your photo in the gallery.

  64. I send the photo and I have not received the message “Fans” or does it take?
    i send a photo and i have not received anything.

    • editor /

      We will not reply with confirmation messages as we have too many entries. If the photo you have sent meets our rules, it will be posted.

  65. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    I have a question. After I submitted my entry, my grandson sent me a cropped version that shows up better. I re-submitted it & was wondering if it’s possible to switch them out. Thank you since I know how busy you are. Love this project..so many great photos being shared!

    • admin /

      We understand how you would like to have your photo look its best, but we cannot update the photo first submitted.

      • NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

        OK …I understand :)

  66. mainegalang /

    I sent my entry last night but it is still not up on the gallery neither I have received an email.

    • editor /

      We have a huge volume of pictures to process and it will take us some time, so please be patient. If your photo meets the rules, it will be posted but we have too many entries to send out individual confirmations.

  67. Just sent my photo in. Super happy :)

  68. Heidijoy /

    Yoo Hoo! Submitted a picture today!! Loving all the Photos. Thanks for the inspiration.

  69. the image can be a person who was abused and begin again???

  70. safa /

    My picture is not in the gallery although i had sent it yesterday, don’t know what to do. Plz help :(

    • admin /

      Please be patient. We have many submissions which we are processing in the order received.

  71. archangle_30 /

    my pic is still not in the gallery should is send a new pic or try submitting it 4m a new id.
    PS:iv sent a mail to both the given ID

    • admin /

      We have many submissions which we are processing in the order received.

  72. Peter_Fun /

    Can it be a collection, or like a collage, of pictures edited to create more meaning ??

    P.S. All pictures would be originally taken.

  73. Dann A /

    I’ve sent an email to fans@davidarchuleta.com and it told me to send the email to contest@davidarchuleta.com, I’ve sent it to the second one yesterday but i haven’t received any reply and the photo isn’t on the gallery. is it done already? I’ll keep waiting :)

  74. So which email should I sent my photo?

  75. Hello

    Are we allowed to edit this picture in any form? :) Thanks. Good idea by the way. :D

  76. polisharchiefan /

    Great idea! Thank you :)

  77. lesarchie /

    wow, sounds good.:)

  78. loisirvin /

    beautiful entries so far.

  79. Jana /

    Very good idea. Great contest. Fun and inspirational!!!! Love you guys at DAOS!

    • Jana /

      oops, forgot to ask..I see my photo in the gallery but did not receive and email confirmation..is that ok?

      • admin /

        We aren’t doing any sort of confirmation other than posting accepted photos.

  80. Riska Archie /

    I had sent the picture via email. but i don’t receive anything a message from the “Fans” address. and I had check the gallery, there’s no my photo in there. so what must I do? :”( I already desperate

    • archangle_30 /

      the sames with me :’(

    • admin /

      “If you did not receive a message from the “Fans” address on the first day of the contest only, keep checking the gallery and if your photo does not appear soon, you may resubmit it to contest@davidarchuleta.com. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting David and BEGIN.”

      • I already re-submit my entry..

      • I don’t received any email reply from the “fans” after i sent my entry :((

      • admin /

        If you sent your entry to the correct email, which is contest@davidarchuleta.com then all is well. Submissions sent to the wrong email will not be accepted unless they were sent the first day.

        Please be patient as we work to get the many, many photos we have received posted in the gallery.

      • Okay, I’ll wait for my photo to be post at the gallery. Thank You :)

  81. archangle_30 /


  82. safa /

    Can more than one family members from the same household have to send in only one picture or their individual photos?

    • admin /

      Each person must send in an original photo that he or she has taken. If there are multiple fans of David in the household, all are invited to participate.

  83. AntoVonK /

    The owner of the photo that I want to submit is a friend of mine, and I asked him about using the pic or the contest, and he told me “sure thing! you can use it”….
    So, can I submit the photo?? =)

  84. If you sent your picture in, how do you know if it has been seen? :)

    • editor /

      If you emailed your picture to us, it will DEFINITELY be reviewed.

  85. sunny /

    Love the pictures that are coming in!!! Looking for a picture to send.

    • How do u know if your pic was seen? :)

      • admin /

        If you followed all the rules correctly, it WILL be seen.

        Also, “If you did not receive a message from the “Fans” address, keep checking the gallery and if your photo does not appear soon, you may resubmit it. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting David and BEGIN.”

  86. Nie Archie /

    are allowed to send pictures, other than newborn babies, seedlings, kittens, first day of school? for example, save the earth?

    • editor /

      Of course, if the picture has the meaning of “BEGIN.” to you.

      • Nie Archie /

        if in the form of paintings,is it allowed?

      • editor /

        Okay if you own the painting.

      • admin /

        Clarification: Okay if the painting is your original work and follows all other rules. Photographs will be given preference to drawings or paintings for prize purposes.

  87. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Love this idea! sent an e-mail inquiring about a picture taken by a family member & shared for my family album created by me??? I’m not the photographer in our family. :)

    • NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

      just received my e-mail reply…THANK YOU.

  88. jaszforDJA /

    Are we allowed to just draw a picture?

    • editor /

      A photo or a scan of a drawing is okay as long as you own the drawing.

  89. efher /

    oh men,,, i’m stock w/ too ideas ;(

  90. I just took the cutest pic with my 1 year old baby cousin yesterday… Would that qualify

  91. jazellezaj /

    i’ve been sending entries to many contests long before, i am hoping my entry here will be the first to win:)))

    Thank you:) To God be all the Glory.

  92. Are edited pics allowed? ex. there’s a caption on the photo? :>

    • editor /

      Edited photos are allowed but if there is a caption, make sure it does not contain the words “David Archuleta”.

  93. RaquelArchie93 /

    Oh, cool!

    Great contest! :D

  94. can people not living in the States join as well??

    • admin /

      Yes, anyone can join this contest.

      • Oh that’s wonderful anyone can join! :) Can I ask another question?. I didn’t take the photo myself but the person who did is fully aware that I entered the photo in. (they are in the photo too also it’s taken at a late date already) is that alright?

      • editor /

        If the photographer is willing to transfer the ownership of the photo to you for the contest, then it is okay.

  95. iheartarchie /

    Cool contest! Can we send in as many photos as we can or just one?

  96. Fira Archuleta /

    i still confused T.T

    • admin /

      Please let us know the problem in more detail.

      • Fira Archuleta /

        confused for what the photo that i’ll send :)

      • Fira Archuleta /

        i forget that the photo must be a minimum size of 400 by 600 pixels..

  97. TrudyFOD /

    This is cool! and a fun thing to do. I’m not a great picture taker…but will try to submit something. I’m VERY excited for David’s new album!!!

  98. juanm31 /

    I will definitely be entering this contest!! Can’t make any designs, but will be bringing out my camera skills!!! :D

  99. blue123 /

    good idea

  100. sunny /

    This sounds like fun!!!

  101. angellyfish27 /

    just sent mine in! :D

  102. Heidijoy /

    Should be fun!! We have lots of Great Photographers in the David Archuleta Fan World. Love everyone’s enthusiasm about the Album and this will add a little more Excitement!!

  103. angellyfish27 /

    can the photos be edited with special effects?

    • admin /

      You may use special effects, but it will not give your photo any advantage for the contest.

  104. I think I have a perfect idea for this! ^.^ I think you may find it interesting. Keke. ^_^

  105. rusharr /

    Wow! Sounds fun!! Love this!!

  106. Scott_NJ /

    Cool contest! Hm.. I must start thinking about this. THanks again for EVERYTHING!