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Exclusive Preview #3!

Exclusive Preview #3!

Jul 6, 2012

Three is a charm, so here is exclusive preview #3 from David’s upcoming new album BEGIN. – to be released August 7. Listen to a clip of “Don’t Give Up” here:

“Don’t Give Up”

Preorder BEGIN. now at DeseretBook.com, Walmart.com or at Amazon.com.

Check out the two previous song snippets from BEGIN. below as well:

“Somewhere Only We Know”

“True Colors”

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  1. Alynne /


  2. Someone once said that David had a “cry” in his voice…I hear that so clearly on this snippet of Don’t Give Up… He has such an amazing and uncanny ability to tap right into the emotions of a song and transfer those feelings to his listeners. He is a gifted musical storyteller.
    David, thank you so much for blessing us with these heart-felt gifts while you are away. You are terribly missed, but your beautiful vocals soothe the soul and make the wait a little easier. God Bless you and keep you safe in Chile!

  3. sunny /

    David you are sooo amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear all the songs in their entirety! What a wonderful gift you left us!!

  4. have all of you pre-ordered your many CDs???

    I pre-ordered 3 yesterday at my local Deseret Bookstore and plan to pre-order from Wal-Mart.

    • DorkAngel-GBW /

      ♪It’s getting closer now, closer now♪ to BEGIN.

    • violet4ever /

      Yep – I preordered two at Deseret Book when the preorder was announced and plan to order some more for my sisters.

    • HemaPreya /

      I have a question, can I pre-order the album but request it to be shipped on a later date?

  5. Blueberry Ice /

    Absolutely gorgeous vocals! Can’t wait to hear the whole album! Thank you for this beautiful gift! We are truly spoiled! ♥

  6. djbell13 /

    WOW!!!…David doesn’t release “snippets”…. They are GOLD NUGGETS!!! Can not wait to hear the gold mine of BEGIN. Thank you David!!

  7. These snippets are INCREDIBLE!!!!
    I want more!!!

  8. cindylimcom /

    this is snippet is just…AMAZING!! It totally blew me!!! Nobody can’t deny that *my eyes* part is so beautiful. I can’t believe he had finished this work just before he went for mission work. Well..definitely DA can!!!!

  9. jkma4you /

    This is going to be an awesome album. I can’t wait for August. Two years is a long time to be without our David and this album will help ease the pain. David is an inspiration. God Bless this wonderful young man!

  10. archftw /

    Loving the vibe of these snippets!! Thanks for working so hard to leave all these treasures for us, David. It doesn’t get better than you.

  11. djafanfromil /

    How can we promote more ? Twitting isn’t enough…. Any idea, David team?

    • kimk /

      not sure we can but if this cd is as amazing as the snippets are.. it will sell itself!!

  12. allen /

    one month to go! sooooooooo excited!

  13. LucyPR /

    Wow! I have listened to David sing since American Idol and he just surprised me with this snippet. That sounded amazing. This might be one of my favorite song from him. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice. Gracias David.:)

  14. polisharchiefan /

    Wow..I ran out of words..I love it ! ♥ Ooh, one month till BEGIN. ! I’m sure that this album will be amazing ♥ I can’t wait :D ♥ Thank you :))

  15. lesarchie /

    wow, Can’t believe I can hear these snippet now. Love all the songs can’t wait for it.:)

  16. RaquelArchie93 /

    I love all the snippets!!

    Can’t wait to BEGIN!!:D

  17. HemaPreya /

    Not familiar with this song but now I am, with the parts “Keep my eeeeyes down below, whatever may come.. and whatever may go, that river’s flowin’, that river’s flowin’..” :)
    Love this snippet. It’s so beautiful already.
    Gonna keep listening to these previews till August 7th! :)

  18. skyangel /

    Honestly, I didn’t think David would have time for this album but man did he give us an album or what?!?!! I can’t believe it! This is incredible! The wailing in this song… Mind blowing! Such emotion! Really heartfelt meaningful music, and his vocals are KILLING me! THANK YOU DAVID!!! I am loving this album! Thank you for giving us this music! All these songs are POWERFUL and your voice is impeccable. You really gave us a treasure here! I can’t wait to have BEGIN.!! I hope you’re having an amazing time in Chile! gracias can’t wait to thank you in person for this album. Some songs are worth singing again & again. Great song selections! Timeless <33 like you! Love ya!!

  19. sam1346 /

    Effortless, just wow , Is it Aug 7th already ?

  20. Bebereader /


    That sound you make at the very beginning of this snippet when you sing the word “eyes”….

    “keep my eyes….”


  21. “My aaaeeeyyyyyys down below…” GAH!

    The man wails beautifully. WHO DOES THAT?! This album will be epic.

    Thoughtful is a word that is regularly used. But you personify it David – in words and deed – at a level that is as astounding as your gift of voice. Thank you so much! #DA2014

  22. violet4ever /

    Wow jumping up a major 6th to C5 is stunning. I am still playing this clip over and over :)

  23. blue123 /

    holy cow

  24. noneetoj /

    Gosh! These previews are killing me. I can’t wait for BEGIN. any longer lol. I’m not familiar with this one but it did gave me goose bumps (as well as the other two previews but I’m familiar with them). AMAZING! Can’t get enough.

  25. Bebereader /

    Loving all the snippets! More please!!

  26. shelley /

    I love these snippets!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh I am super excited!!!!! Thank you David for your music!!! <3333

  27. OMG, Begin David Archuleta! Oh I wish I can get the album easily. Just whispering in my head “Is anybody want to help me to get Begin David Archuleta?”

  28. iheartarchie /

    Love the high notes. His singing is so effortless!

  29. Shanny in Australia /

    You’re killing me David! Completely unexpected high notes there but I’m lovin’ it all! You’ve always got surprises up your sleeves for us mere mortal fans, lol. I don’t know of this song so I will look forward with eager anticipation to your full unveiling of this treasure! Thank you! <33

  30. Ayn /

    Amazing previews!!! Can’t wait to hear the whole album! Miss you, David! <3

  31. Fira Archuleta /


  32. suzzyy123 /

    Woohoo! Another great surprise today! Haven’t heard this song before, but it sounds awesome and I love hearing David’s higher range! Thank you for all the snippets!

  33. Shirley /

    David, WOW, your vocals just soared on Dont Give Up! Thanks for all the snippets, they just fueled my anticipation to listen to the whole CD…like NOW! Cant wait for Aug 7 to come around.

  34. donnafromny /

    Wow, Can not wait to hear the whole album. I hope it will be on I Tunes, too! So pleased to be a David Fan. I think I am going to have this on repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. skyangel /

    OMG!!! WOW!!! this album is EPIC!!! please let David know that we are so grateful for all these beautiful songs he’s chosen for BEGIN.!!! It’s summer and we’re being blessed with his music that will carry us through for a very long time!! He’s such a darling!!!

  36. I love these songs!!! The album is gonna be SO good. Ah he has such a talent, and he always picks the best songs we both can relate to! :)

  37. bankergin1 /

    WOW another snippet. Don’t Give Up. This is perfect song we won’t give up on you and you won’t give up on us. What ever would we do would out you David. Thank you to everyone that is making this happen We will be right here forevermore.

  38. Jana /

    Love Love Love!!!! This CD is a Stellar project.. Please August 7th…don’t be dragging your feet! ;)

  39. pikepss /

    I don’t wish to seem greedy but a snippit isn’t enough! But it is awfully nice to give us three snippits……Thank You David! We will take any amount of sound you wish to give us. BEGIN will be before us in no time…..What else do you have up your sleeve? A video perhaps? Just dreaming!

  40. David….how on earth do you expect us to survie on 20 second snippets??? LOL

    Can’t wait to BEGIN. listening to your entire masterpiece.

    You have recoreded 2 songs I have never heard before that are fantastic. You chose great songs with superb messages and if this might be a direction your music takes when you come back from your mission…so excited!!!

    I don’t care what song you sing…you always aways always make it amazing, superb, fresh, unique and so playable!!!!

    Thank you, Kari and the entire team for putting this together in such a short time. Also, please thank your friends and family for being so gracious in allowing your precious time to be used to leave something so special behind for all of us and them to enjoy.

    You are loved!!


    Jennifer Barry

  41. Gayle /

    THE MANNN!!!!!

  42. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    LOVE at first listen…thank you from the bottom of my heart David & to Kari for being with us on this journey. Love you BOTH ♥

    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  43. Angelicavoiceda /

    I want to cry. I want to live in that high plaintive land where the sound of “my eyes” never ceases to echo through my soul forever. He has with this one song, this one snippet, turned Peter Gabriel’s song into a country ballad worthy of only the best in that genre. This man can do it all.

  44. Dee /


    I’m trying so hard not to be cheesy with my compliments to you so please bare with me if I fail. Here goes…you continue to knock me off my feet! I always expect quality from you & you have never ever disappointed me! Your vocals on these three snippets, not surprisingly have been delicious ear-candy. I have never looked forward with as much anticipation as with this album. Counting the weeks, days, hours & minutes for that magical day, August 7th!

  45. sweetonda /

    Just listened to this snippet of “Don’t Give Up” and I’m floored at how great it sounds! David, you are truly amazing! Thank you for all your hard work getting this album done before leaving for us. I can’t wait to hear this from start to finish. Can we have it sooner? Love it!!!

  46. kimk /

    David THIS IS INCREDIBLE… I have been taken to church!!

  47. jazzypink_ /

    Oh my heck!!! that note!!! my mouth literally fell open!!

  48. PlatinumArchie /

    I’d been hoping for a snippet of this song after I heard the first two..THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for this ‘gift! David is a *Master*, projecting his interpretation of another artist’s song! August 7th cannot get here fast enough!!! :)

  49. jandy /

    Christmas in July, indeed! Love it!

  50. rocktellme /

    David, this is amazingly beautiful:) Dying to hear the whole song!!! Can’t wait for the realease on August 7th!!!

  51. padmango /

    Wow, so powerful. Wish the clip were a bit longer. I think this is my favorite clip so far.

  52. 1SpecialSong /

    I am going to be totally honest, I HATED the original version of “Don’t Give Up” (too slow, could’ve had more done with it, but amazing lyrics, so it was frustrating in that sense), but when I heard David’s version, tears just came to my eyes. Very impressed! “BEGIN.” is going to be my STUNNING! :D

  53. skydancer1x /

    eeeek!!This sounds amazing! Thanks David, and Kari♥
    Between these snippets, and the summer heat, I may just spontaneously combust!!

  54. geomakk /

    IT’S PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!!!!!! I <3 all the songs!!! David's voice has gone to another level… what a precious gift from David, making this album for us. I'll be here waiting. #DA2014 Te amo, esperaré hasta el 2014. #VenezuelanArchie

  55. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    This must be Christmas in July! That clip of Don’t Give up… AHHHHHH SO AMAZING! Love the falsetto. I’m sooooooooo EXCITED for BEGIN. These song clips are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL :))))

  56. heartsong /

    Oh my GOSH!! That second note! I had been anticipating this album ever since I heard it was coming. I am almost overwhelmed now with just 3 20-second snippets. This is going to be so amazing. Whoa David. Really. Just wow.

  57. hollyre /

    Another GREAT song snippet. This is the one I’m looking forward to most! Thanks!

  58. MaggieFOD /

    OhMyJosh! Is is Christmas in July? I’m not familiar with this song but it has a country vibe in this snippet! Thanks!

  59. connie@toronto /

    Whoaaaaa…. what’s this you are really spoiling us now. Oh my, oh my…..what else can I say except thank you, thank you, thank you. All this snippets sounds amazing and I can’t wait to have my pre-ordered “BEGIN” album. Bless you David and more success to your mission in Chile. Waiting for you #DA2014.

  60. This Album is a precious Gift especially left behind by David to all his fans while he is away. We can’t wait to BEGIN #DA2014… Thank you so much.

  61. AnneMarieFOD /

    Oh my word!! I’ll admit I’m not familiar with this song but holy cow!! David’s voice soars in this snippet! Can’t wait to hear the whole song and the whole album!! Thank you so much!! :)

  62. Maureen_abms /

    I’m just loving all the snippets from BEGIN. I’m not familiar with the song “Don’t Give Up” but from that 20 seconds…it just might end up being one of my favorites on the album. Wish August 7 would hurry up and get here!! :)

  63. Oh my goodness, David!!! This is glorious!! Your voice just soarrrs. In :21 you have melted me once again! Can’t wait to hear the whole song..I was very curious to see what you would do with “Don’t Give Up” but knew that I would love it! From this snippet I already do!!! :)) Thank you thank you thank you! <33

  64. pabuckie /

    Not familiar with this song. Love your voice but can’t wait to hear this one from beginning to end :) I can just feel that this is going to be a great album, David.

  65. Heidijoy /

    Wow!! What a nice surprise #3 So looking forward to the Album!! BEGIN. The Next Chapter

    Trending tonight!!

  66. juls10 /

    Just love hearing David’s voice. Thanks for sharing the snippets. Can’t wait to hear the entire album. Anxiously awaiting for BEGIN.

  67. djafan /

    You are amazing David. Thank you ♥

  68. rusharr /

    Whaaaa!! another snippet?! What a surprise! this definitely rock my weekend. Thanks. Be happy Dave..as happy and more like you’ve made us feel. :)

  69. violet4ever /

    You’re gonna kill me with these clips :) Oh wow. Thank you David for leaving all of this beautiful music for us. eeeeeee

  70. prd9601 /

    Wow! I am so gonna dig this album! Can not wait!!

  71. No words for how awesome this music will be for everyone!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee