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Exclusive Preview #2!

Exclusive Preview #2!

Jul 5, 2012

Here is another exclusive snippet from David’s upcoming new album BEGIN. – set for release on August 7. Check out the preview of “True Colors” below.

“True Colors”

Preorder BEGIN. now at DeseretBook.com, Walmart.com or at Amazon.com.

Missed preview #1? Listen to “Somewhere Only We Know” here:

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  1. True colors is my favorite song and I’m so glad that my idol sing this for us :D I’m so proud to be one of his fans! He really pour his emotion every song he gonna sing ;)

  2. Alynne /

    Never been one of my favorites but it might be now. I love what you did with it! Laid back, whole in the wall pub kind of feel. BLUES :D

  3. Astrid /

    WOW!! I’m seriously impressed with this arrangement of True Colors. I wasn’t expecting it, but I love it!! David, you worked so hard for your fans and we couldn’t love you more for it.

  4. Bebereader /

    The two teasers are AWESOME! David, you’re making it so hard to wait until August 7 for BEGIN. But we’re the best waiters out there! If we can wait two years for you then we can certainly wait four more weeks for BEGIN. haha Missing you madly!

  5. Robin Tuyen /

    David!! You have stolen our hearts; “that is why we LOVE you”. Thank you for these amazing previews!!!. August 7 comes fast and so 2014, can’t wait!!

  6. joyluck /

    I know I am going to love love love this album. Thank you so much David for leaving us these wonderful gifts while you are gone. I miss you and hope you are happy and doing well. See you when you get back! #DA2014

  7. PURRFECT! Cant wait for August 7th!!

  8. DianeFOD /

    What a pleasant surprise to get a second snippet! You really do spoil us David and team!! Love this one also!!! The excitement for BEGIN. just keeps building.. it’s going to be beyond AMAZING!!!!

  9. penciltopaper /

    Even a little preview shows how special your voice is David! Even in this little bit, I hear some changed notes which make the song more you. I hope I can survive the whole album!!

  10. pepper /

    Thank you, this is snippet heaven! Love True Colors, sounds soooo….good and uniquely David, love that. <3

  11. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    I can’t BEGIN. to describe how good this snippet of True Colors is!!!! I love it! I’m so thankful for all your beautiful music David! Aug 7th come on and get here already!

  12. Fira Archuleta /

    yeah !!

  13. pabuckie /

    I can’t stop listening to this. “I see your true colors and that’s why I love you so don’t be afraid to let them show.” This snippet totally changed my mood today. That’s what your music does for me. Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

    • julieannehabacon0928 /

      Really excited for the new album XD …

  14. missitii91 /

    I love this song because of you David even though I just heard this snippet haha

  15. AMAZING!!!!!!!! I want my BEGIN. now!!!!!!!

  16. free4all /

    Thank you David for giving your fans such great music. I was excited about “BEGIN” but these snippets are killing me. I hope Kari is letting you know how much we miss you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers while you away. #DA2014

  17. Shanny in Australia /

    Just wanted to add…listening to this is already making me feel like I always want to make the effort to see the true beauty in every person. Trust David to spread the love around and enrich our lives with his music and special spirit. <33

  18. Shanny in Australia /

    Gosh, this snippet is bringing tears to my eyes, knowing that David means what he sings. I’m listening to this song in a new and beautiful way I never have before. And…20 secs is NOT ENOUGH! I need more! lol Love you David!

  19. Jana /

    David makes it easy for us to show our “True Colors”. Complete admiration for a stellar talent! TY for this! Hugs all around!

  20. TrudyFOD /

    Wow! another suprise today! Just heard the new snippet from True Colors – love David’s spin on the song! I am getting really excited for the new album!

  21. Suzy-Q /

    True Colors is my favorite Cindy Lauper song so I was happy to that you included it on your album. I can’t wait to hear the entire song. Good Job!!!

  22. bankergin1 /

    Another beautiful song from our one and only David Archuleta. Everyday its gets closer to the day that will make us all so very happy. Your fan Forevermore.#DA2014
    We will be right here waiting for only you.

  23. hollyre /

    Love how David put his own spin on this song. I always love the way he changes things up a bit. This album will be fabulous! Off now to order another copy.

  24. a new snippet just before i go to school…ANOTHER AWESOME ONE!!! <3 displays his vocal ability again and good background vocals too!! :D KEEP THE SNIPPETS COMING OK??? XD

  25. Shirley /

    Yet another amazing snippet! David, cant wait to hear your phenomenal vocals on this CD. Makes missing you so much easier. Thanks to Kari for doing a great job too!

  26. AntoVonK /

    I love it!!!! =) David is AWESOME, SO PERECT!!! <3 I can't wait for Begin =) <3

  27. Simply Great and Amazing…

  28. Saol94 /

    I’m sure I’m not the only one pressing Play to “True Colors” and after 20 seconds to “Somewhere Only We Know” and then repeating the whole process again and again. I can’t wait to hear the complete album! I bet it’s beautiful!

  29. Linda Marty /

    Surprise to me…David did not sing True Colors the same as Eva Cassity. Still amazing. I am so happy just to hear him sing. I really like Somewhere Only We Know, and can’t wait for the album.

  30. When Begin comes out, will it be on iTunes?

  31. rocktellme /

    Awww, ‘True Colors’!!! That’s my first desire for the possible snippet♪ Awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear the whole song. Thank you David and your team♥

  32. foddonna /

    I was almost in tears within 20 seconds; that’s what David’s voice does to people. I think i may have to take off work the day the album comes out. Beautiful and touching, David. Thank you soooo much, Kari and team.

  33. jazzypink_ /

    LOOOOVEEE!!! <3

  34. MaggieFOD /

    Love it! On a scale of one to ten hearts, I give it ten hearts! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  35. archie4life3110 /

    the 2 snippets are beyond amazing i cant wait to actually hear them :)
    I LOVE it!!!!!!

  36. Jonerz /

    Holy toledo! These song snippets are blowing me away! I can’t believe you pulled this off in a month’s time. It’s a testimony to how phenomenally talented you are. You walk into a studio and magic happens! You’re the David Copperfield of the music studio! LOL Can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs!

  37. 1SpecialSong /

    Gosh! These snippets sound UNBELIEVABLE! And in the short time they were recorded, WHAT TALENT! In such a short time to make these songs sound SO GOOD, it’s impossible to explain! I’m a very proud fan right now…as I always have been and will be! :D Can not wait until “BEGIN.”!! <3

  38. StephanieViri /


  39. skyangel /

    WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! Sounding AMAZING!!!!! loving David archuleta right now!!!

  40. stephdanielle /

    Another beautiful snippet, can’t wait to hear more David! Thanks so much to you and Kari for sharing, so looking forward to Begin!! #DA2014

  41. RaquelArchie93 /

    OMG, I love it!!

    Can’t wait to BEGIN!!


  42. rusharr /

    I mean #soundsosogood!! :D

  43. rusharr /

    ♪♪You call me up
    Because you know I’ll be there
    And I’ll see your true colors
    Shining through
    I see your true colors
    And that’s why I love you
    So don’t be afraid to let them show..♪♪ #soudsosogood #loveit! #Gottaloveyou Dave. God bless you! :”)

  44. I just woke up in the middle of the night and knew about this new snippet. O my gosh! love it. It more makes me cannot wait for the BEGIN. please release it in Indonesia too!!!

  45. PlatinumArchie /

    WOW~ Christmas in July~ what a wonderful gift!! LUV the *rich tones* in your “True Colors” snippet! Thank you for including in your new BEGIN. !! :) ♥♥

  46. sunny /

    WOW!!!! Love both snippets! Can’t wait to have the cd in my hands so I can play it over & over again!!!! BEGIN.is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. djafan /


    You have a voice in a million. You make a connection to a song in 20 seconds or less.

    True Colors, one of my all time favorites is yours now, I know it.

    Thank you for all you do for us. We love you forevermore.

  48. Shelia /

    This is great hard work. It will pay off. I love love the sound. Maybe one friday!!!

  49. vanarchie /

    David you sound amazing!!WOW!THANK YOU! THANK YOU!More please!! I’m sooo excited with this album & I wish you are here.Love it sooo much.

  50. SusanLynn_M /

    I’ve been waiting so long for this. You’re truly in your element with this song. The perfect gift for your fans!

  51. Gmax4 /

    OH MY!!!!! David you are just amazing!! I could just live on your snippets for months!! The only down side of this for me is that you are not here to feel all our excitement and love for this wonderful gift you have so generously given to us. I know Kari will let you know….but wish you were seeing all the comments and tweets. :) We all are truly grateful to you and Kari. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us through this wonderful music! How are we ever going to get through the entire album….and most especially “Broken?” We all sure do miss you and will be here on your return!! We know you are sharing your beautiful heart and spreading joy!

  52. JH13 /

    Less than 5 weeks to wait for this EPIC album!!!!

  53. sweetonda /

    Loving these snippets! You are one of a kind David. Love how you make all these covers your own. I love True Colors the way you see it and feel it. Thank you for this album. I can hardly wait to BEGIN. listening to it in it’s full awesomeness!!!

  54. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    David Archuleta! My TRUE COLORS are shining through after hearing this fabulous (but way too short lol) snippet! COUNTDOWN is on my dear ~ BEGIN. 8-7-12 ~ ♫CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES♫ ..so proud of you David & only hope that you know how you are appreciated & loved young man.

    Miss you! ♥ Be happy & healthy…
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  55. colleen1591 /

    FANTASTICO! David, you spoil us! Can’t wait til Aug. 7th!

  56. violet4ever /

    Oh wow!!!!! You did it your own way and I love it!! I adore your singing. And you’re pretty nice yourself :)

  57. HemaPreya /

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of BEGIN :) This one’s different. I can feel it. Thank you so much, David.

  58. LOL /

    This album is going to be EPIC!

  59. syd-sf /

    k…needs entire cd NOW!!!

  60. skydancer1x /

    Oh WOW,I love it David!!! This album is going to be soooo amazing!!
    eeeek! Hurry up August 7!!

  61. joyluck /

    Wow! I love the vibe on this song. This album is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to BEGIN. Thank you again David for loving your fans enough to go to all this trouble. And thanks Kari for taking such good care of us. Love you both! #DA2014

  62. Maureen_abms /

    I keep playing that 20 second snippet over and over again. I just love what David has done with True Colors…he has made it his own.

  63. Scott_NJ /

    WOW! True colors sounds Amazing! I am SOOOO ready to BEGIN. !
    He outdid himself once again! There is no one who interprets a song like David!! Just incredible!

  64. skyangel /

    I’m ECSTATIC!!! I tweeted you the Eva Cassidy True Colors a few times!!! I’m so EXCITED you’re singing it ttoo!!!! SOUNDS AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  65. iheartarchie /


  66. Pastel /

    The spirit of the song is “Shiiiiinnnninnnnggggg through……” in that snippet ! This song is gonna be groovalicius! I cannot believe all the hard work you did David to get these songs ‘just right’. So good!

  67. Rohdegirl /

    With each snippet I am reminded just why I am a fan of David Archuleta. Will I still be here in 2014….You better believe I will!!!!!

  68. AnneMarieFOD /

    Love the vibe on this!! David always knows how to take a song and make it his own! Thanks David and Kari for sharing this gem! Can’t wait for this album!!

  69. blue123 /

    sounds great!

  70. heartsong /

    “…you know I’ll be there” I will too, David.

  71. pabuckie /

    Love how you make the song your own and still pay tribute to the original artist. Thank you David for all you’ve done. Miss you more and more each day. Can’t wait for this new album. :)

  72. connie@toronto /

    OMJOSH!!!! SOUND AMAZING…..Can’t wait for your album “BEGIN” Why you’re so good to us? HUH!!!! Thank you so much and to you too Kari. Love you both….MUAHHHHHHHH……

  73. Love it!!

  74. kimk /

    I love True Colors.. it is folksy!! ha this cd is going to be amazing!!

  75. aldrien /

    WOW!! That’s all I can say!

  76. cathk_ /

    Well, this second snippet is just sorta perfect, that’s all. A little jazzy!! This album is gonna be incredible!

  77. Heidijoy /

    Woo Hoo!! Thanks David for all your hard work, talent and gifts you have left us!! You are the best!! #BEGIN. The Next Chapter!! We are here and we will be here. 99 Days and Counting!! Bless Your Heart!!…beautiful voice and Inspiration!!

  78. Maureen_abms /

    I love David’s take on True Colors. The snippet sounds great! So excited for the album to drop on August 7.

  79. YayonGarcia /


  80. suzzyy123 /

    AHHHH! Thanks again so much David and Kari for sharing another snippet..this is amazing! This album is going to be AWESOME!

  81. noneetoj /

    It’s seriously AWESOME!!!!!!

  82. oh my…… this albun is going to be FANTASTIC!!!
    Thank you David for all your work prior to your mission

  83. Love it… sounds so different. I love how David makes a song his own. Can’t wait for this album!

  84. Linda C /

    ….”cause you know I’ll be there”!!!……Thankyou David & Kari for sharing these gems!!Sounds AWESOME so far! & you KNOW We’ll Be Here DA#2014 <3

  85. funfee /

    Eeeeeeeeeek!!! Love it!

  86. heartsong /

    This was perfect timing!! I just came home for lunch. I am sooo loving this album already. Bring it ON!!