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Exclusive Preview!

Exclusive Preview!

Jul 3, 2012

Let the excitement BEGIN. Check out this exclusive preview of “Somewhere Only We Know” from David’s upcoming new album BEGIN. – to be released August 7!

Preorder BEGIN. now at DeseretBook.com, Walmart.com or at Amazon.com.

“Somewhere Only We Know”

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  1. RaquelArchie93 /


    I’m so excited!!

  2. Noel /

    I wish today isn’t 7/8. I wish today is 8/7

  3. Noel /

    Love this comment. Be true fan

  4. JH13 /

    Ditto to everything that’s been said! BEGIN. is going to be an epic album, just like all the previous ones!!

  5. Ya ampun! I cannot wait to have BEGIN. Please tell me, is BEGIN. also release in Asia especially SouthEast Asia and Indonesia?

  6. Shelia /

    David you have out done your self. You were waiting for the right time. You have done so much for (us) yours fans. You really didn’t have to do anything. But thanks so much. Hurry Aug.7th. Can’t wait for BEGIN

  7. iheartarchie /

    Great song! I can’t wait for your new album BEGIN!!! You’re so amazing David! Thank you for doing this for all your fans. We love you! :)))

  8. rileybear /

    Just gorgeous. Absolutely stunning….Thank you David and Kari!! Can’t wait to hear more…..♡

  9. truc lee /

    Aw…your voice is so sweet David.

  10. Oh my goodness. I only listened to like 8 seconds cause I want to be surprised. But I couldnt help myself because I love this song so much. IM SO EXCITED. Absolutely beautiful

  11. SandyBeaches /

    Ditto for me too! Just love all that has been said and hearing your voice in this snippet was especially awesome.


  12. Alynne /

    It’s beautiful David. I love the song!

  13. urieldavid /

    Please stop me from pressing the play button of this preview. sgvbhkfbghbg!! release the whole thing :(( huhuhuh can’t wait!

  14. raelovingangels /

    What Dee said…ditto.

  15. i really can’t believe 20 seconds had AMAZED ME…but i know you never fail to amaze me, David…but just wow…chills and goossies all over!!! SO much STUFF in those seconds, my goshhh….IS IT AUGUST YET ALREADY OR WHAAATT?? XD

  16. Dee /

    It’s not easy trying to describe & put into words how much this 20 second snippet affected me at first listen. Let me BEGIN by thanking you for who you are and for gifting us with this short but powerful reminder of why we are still here now & forevermore. Only you, with your sublime voice, can show us what a little bit of Heaven is with a few magnificent notes in a mere 20 seconds!

  17. heartsong /

    First…well after my initial response…ahhhhh!!!, THANK you David for taking the time to make this album. I am truly grateful. I have a feeling hearing your voice and your take on the music you chose will be something I’ll be listening to for a very, very long time. Classic.

    Am I the only one who thought Paul McCartney after hearing this snippet for the umpteenth time? David’s voice is of course much smoother but still. Classic.

    Is it August yet? I am so ready for BEGIN. Thank you too, Kari for really being there for us. You rock in the biggest way and I truly appreciate you as well as those who keep this site going.

  18. Monica /

    Happy 4th of July David!!!! I absolutely cannot wait for begin!!! I’m so excited!!! We love you and miss you sooo much Buddy, take care. Thank you so much Kari for all you do for us, you’re awesome!!!!!

  19. MickiH /

    Happy 4th of July, David! Thanks so much for the snippet of “Somewhere Only We Know.” Can’t wait for the CD “Begin.” We love you and miss you so much!!!! Thanks to Kari also, for keeping us fans up to date!

  20. syd-sf /

    Happy 4th David! Can’t stop listening to the snippet, eekkkk!
    Not sweating the sales this time but great to see BEGIN. is #2 on Walmart best seller list! :)

  21. Robin Tuyen /

    Thanks, David and your team, especially to Kari. You are so good to the fans! I’m so excited and so ready to celebrate!!!
    BEGIN. is #1 Top Rated and #2 Best Sellers at Walmart.com!!

  22. Wow, this sounds awesome. Glad you chose this for the snippet. “Somewhere Only We Know” is the only cover I’m not familiar with. I’m looking forward to hearing the complete song. I know the entire album will be incredible. I can’t wait to BEGIN. listening to these special songs.

  23. stephdanielle /

    Oh David, this snippet is soooooo beautiful, can’t even tell you how excited we are for this album!! :) Thank you again for all you did up to the last minute to make this album possible, we are so grateful. We’ve already preordered lots of Begin cd’s, it will be the perfect Christmas gift for 2012! God bless you David, we miss you! :) #DA2014

  24. DorkAngel-GBW /

    I’m holding out for BEGIN. I want to hear the whole enchuleta! ;) Happy 4th of July!!!

  25. polisharchiefan /

    Ohh my.. ! Thank you David :’) I can’t wait to hear all songs of BEGIN. Wow, when I heard this part of “Somewhere Only We Know” .. I cried.. :’))) I love you so much David Archuleta, forevermore :)) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  26. GKS /

    I love, love, love it!!!!! How will I be able to wait a month? Please more snippets!

  27. funfee /

    David, you are amazing!!! I just can’t wait for this album! This song sounds so beautiful. Thank you so much for all your hard work! We appreciate it so much and will always be here waiting!!!! DA2014! Btw, absolutely love Forevermore too!

  28. free4all /

    I love it!!! Perfect song for the most amazing artist to cover. I am so excited about “BEGIN”. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs you worked so hard on for your fans. You continue to astound me with all you do for us. Thank you and Thanks to Kari for being here for us while you are following your heart. I miss you and will be here when you return. Know you are loved.

  29. polisharchiefan /

    Ohh my.. ! Thank you David :’) I can’t wait to hear all songs of BEGIN. Wow, when I heard this part of “Somewhere Only We Know” .. I cried.. :’))) I love you so much David Archuleta !! Forevermore :)) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  30. Gray /

    LOVE IT… Can’t wait to hear the whole song and the whole album!! Thank you so much David!

  31. Jana /

    Yes I do love this! Thank you:) A lovely 20 seconds, can tell the song will be incredible. So melodic!

  32. Gmax4 /

    David thank you so very much for all the gifts you have given to us! This snippet is just amazingly beautiful. I cannot wait to hear BEGIN.!!! I know every song will be a gem! Your voice and soul are always just GOLDEN!

    Thank you Kari for taking such good care of the fans…while David is touching the hearts of others. You both are just the best of the best!

  33. Thanks for covering a Keane song, David! You have the most amazing taste in music!!! (Love the home page snippet graphic btw! :) )

  34. Jonerz /

    I AM GONNA LOVE THIS ALBUM DAVID!! The tone of your voice is soooooo rich…like butter! GAH!! You just keep getting better and better! How is that possible?? I am so excited to hear the rest of it! Thank you David for providing this wonderful musical gift and making it fun to be your fan even while you are away. Thousands of miles may separate us but you will always be near in our hearts <333

  35. VaBeachArchie /

    David singing the snippet of “Somewhere Only We Know” sure makes me EXCITED to hear the rest of the songs on the BEGIN. album! His voice is AMAZING! Can’t wait… just waiting for my copies!!

  36. bankergin1 /

    WOW Awesome can’t wait to receive my albums. David is the best of the best. Loving everything David. ODD

  37. kimk /

    AGREE!! It should go to #1.. I LOVE IT!!

  38. Shelia /

    OMG. It’s beautiful. David’s voice oh me. The music in the back ground. This 1 should go to #1. I can’t wait till Aug. 7th. Please Please!!!!!!!!!

  39. noneetoj /

    I just murdered the play button for the XXXth time lol. I think its dead lol. Awesooome!!! I’m like BOOM! I need to have the album now! lol Thank you guys for giving us a preview.

  40. heyiamsunshine /

    I need to hear the whole song! aghjhghffdhggjgfkds

  41. YayonGarcia /

    This is amazing, David! I can’t wait to get my hands on BEGIN.

  42. ASDFGHJKL!!!!! let that album come here!!!

  43. HanneDenmark /

    Congrats to David – his preview of “Somewhere Only We Know” has excited his fans all over the world! Lets celebrate him to the 4th of July fireworks – he certainly deserves it!!

    I haven’t listen to it myself – but all the wonderful comments tells it all – your fans are so happy and grateful ♥ ツ

  44. Held my breath for 20 seconds! Love it!!! :) Can’t wait to BEGIN!

  45. AppleArchie328 /

    August is my birthday month and I want the Begin. album as my gift to myself. Elder Archuleta really cares for us even though his on his mission. Loving the album already ;)))))))))))))

  46. betsy /

    This was a great choice. I already love it. David, you sound amazing.
    Thanks. <3

  47. kimk /

    LOVE the snippet David.. the prettiest 20 seconds I ever heard!

  48. Elysian /

    This snippet is beyond AMAZING!!!!! I can’t even imagine how INCREDIBLE the entire song will be!! Moreover, I can’t wait to hear the entire CD because your song choices were BRILLIANT!!!! I love that you selected message songs which are emotionally deep, inspirational and uplifting. They all acknowledge the existence of deep pain and hurt, but they say that despite it all, the pain can be overcome. Your GORGEOUS voice, paired with these iconic songs, will make the whole world recognize your artistry! I can’t thank you enough David for gifting us with what I know will be an EPIC CD!!!!

  49. LaMusicaaa /

    Omg that was amazing!!!!!!!!!

  50. Elysian /

    This snippet is beyond AMAZING!! I can’t even imagine how INCREDIBLE the entire song will be!!! Moreover, I can’t wait to hear the entire CD because your song choices were BRILLIANT!!! I love that you selected message songs which are not only beautiful, but emotionally deep, inspirational and uplifting. All of the songs acknowledge deep pain and hurt, yet they say that despite it all, the pain can be overcome. Your GORGEOUS voice, paired with the iconic songs that you chose for BEGIN. will make the entire world recognize your artistry. I can’t thank you enough David for leaving us with what I know will be an EPIC CD!

  51. Linlee /

    WOW :) Amazing. Can’t wait for that amazing album David! #DA2014

  52. RaquelArchie93 /


    Thank you so much for the preview!!

    Can’t wait to BEGIN!!!

  53. LCT /

    Aw David! So excited to hear the entire album! Thank you and thanks to Kari who is doing a wonderful job of holding the fort while you’re gone! Love you & miss you! Take care!

  54. archangle_30 /

    you just made my day with those 20 seconds………… :)

  55. cindylimcom /

    beautiful! can’t wait for the full version and the new album <3 already miss David..

  56. support /

    Hi, iPhone and iPad do not support flash player, which is what you need for the audio player. There might be an app for it by now though. Check out the iTunes app store from your iPhone or go to google to search for a “flash player app for iPhone”.

  57. AgMithaArchie /

    thank you so much david
    it’s so amazing :)

  58. skyangel /

    This is AMAZING!!!!!! dear David, you rule!!! Happy 4th of July!!!

  59. joyluck /

    Love it! I can’t wait to hear the rest of your album David. Thank you so much! Miss you and hope you are doing well!

  60. Fira Archuleta /

    wow !! can’t wait to hear full song..

  61. padmango /

    This 20 second clip sounds great. Can’t wait to hear the full version of Somewhere Only We Know. The tracklist for this CD is incredible. I’m really looking forward to your cover of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors and of course your original track Broken.

  62. pepper /

    What a treat,love the snippet of the song! David you sound fabulous. Thank you for working so hard and blessing us with wonderful music. Cannot wait to hear this whole album!

  63. penciltopaper /

    I absolutely love love love this! Sooooo excited for BEGIN.!!!

  64. sunny /

    LOVE it!! Can’t wait to hear the entire song & album!

  65. Astrid /

    I love this song! The snippet sounds GREAT!! I’m more eager than ever to get my hands on BEGIN.! Thank you for always thinking of your fans, David!

  66. vanarchie /

    David your voice is sooo amazing.Love it.Love this song so much. Cant wait to hear all songs in your new album “BEGIN”

  67. rubi_DA2014 /

    Awww, thank you David and Kari for this awesome snippet.
    David has a powerful voice as ever. Am laven’ et! PERFECT…

  68. skyangel /

    Hi! I can see the thumbnail on the web but not on my iPhone.

  69. sam1346 /

    Awesome, This is the direction that he should take , just killer voice on a killer song , congrats David.

  70. admin /

    You should be able to. What browser and version are you using?

  71. I loooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    WOW!Love the snippet!!!SOUNDS AMAZING!!!Can’t wait to hear the entire song. Thank you David and Kari for these wonderful gifts!!! EXTREMELY EXCITED for BEGIN.

  73. Attwittsend /

    “Somewhere Only We Know” is perfect for your voice, David. Thanks for the snippet! I’m looking forward to hearing all of the song and the entire cd, BEGIN. Kari and your team are doing a great job keeping us informed and entertained! :) Thanks! ♥

  74. Mel /

    You sound amazing as always David! Can’t wait to listen to the rest of your album. You’re so beautiful :)

  75. searay /

    I cannot wait to hear the rest — it sounds awesome.

  76. catherine_va /

    Beautiful! I love hearing David sing this song. The album is going to be amazing:)

  77. SusanLynn_M /

    Thanks for the snippet and for involving your fans. Love all your surprises. Can hardly WAIT for the rest!

  78. JustCallFahry /

    that’s totally awesome amazing astonish… ahhh greatttt daviddd…

  79. syd-sf /

    OMG OMG OMG! David sounds sooooo amazing! Think i just died!

  80. archieangeltx /

    David, thank you so much for making this album for your fans! You are the best. LOVE the snippet. Cannot WAIT for BEGIN. God Bless you!

  81. juls10 /

    Love this song!! Love David’s rendition…can’t wait to hear the rest of the song. Anxiously awaiting for August 7th!!

  82. Jana /

    Loving the sound of this. Loving what you do with any song. Loving being a fan. Thank you, thank you,thank you..

  83. SandyBeaches /

    David, the snippet is wonderful! The whole album will be a smashing success and it will become a much loved album for many years to come! I am so pleased to hear your voice again! “Nobody sings it better!”


  84. DianeFOD /

    David, I have been anxiously waiting to hear you sing this song and I’m so thrilled to hear the beautiful snippet of it! Thank you for providing this gift to us. I plan on being in a blissful music coma on August 7th.

  85. missitii91 /

    Oh My GOD! He sings so softly. So different from the original version and I love it <3

  86. PaulaFOD /

    Love the preview…can’t wait until I can hear the whole album! Let’s BEGIN!

  87. Why can’t I see the play button?

  88. Shanny in Australia /

    Gah!!! Let me flail and fangirl for a moment!! Talk about letting the excitement Begin.! This little snippet sure is doing the trick for me! lol David what a gift you and your voice are. It’s like a little dew from heaven to hear this. Thank you, thank you and my prayers are with you each and every day dear David. Thanks also go to the stupendous team David for keeping us updated! :) Can’t wait…..

  89. Pixiechic /

    you sure know how to keep me want for more… excited to get hold of my copy of BEGIN. ^.^)

  90. rhoda247 /

    the lyrics/music of the song is very fitting for David, special mention to his “angelic” vocals that adds passion to it.. this new album BEGIN is a sure-fire treat & gift to all of us :)…. and that was only a snippet, haha…

  91. Whoa, I’m on a holiday trip so can’t listen to the snippet. Really can’t wait to listen to it soon. I’m so thrilled that they choose Somewhere Only We Know for snippet! I bet it’s amazing! :)

  92. 0o0bluedots0o0 /

    I love it David! Your voice always sounds soo strong and powerful! Cant WAIT for BEGIN!!! :)

  93. lilygirl2400 /

    From the first note you had me! Soooo Good- can’t wait for August. Love that this CD includes some of my favorite songs ever!

  94. willia02 /

    I am so excited for this album, can’t wait. I really with it comes out in the United States on August 7 as well because David’s US fans really want his new album also.

  95. kmd23 /

    I love this song. David sounds great. It is a perfect song for David to cover. I can’t wait to hear the whole song on his new album.

  96. David:
    Wow. this 20 second snippet is breathtaking. I love your voice on this song.

    I am beyond amazed at what you accomplished in the short amount of time you had to complete everything before your mission. I am so blessed to be your fan and all of your fans are so thankful for the gift you have given us.

    I am so excited for everyone around the world to hear your voice…you will be captivating the world with this CD!!

  97. Linda C /

    Thankyou much for the Somewhere Only We Know “appetizer”!It sounds AWESOME and makes me STARVING to hear the rest of BEGIN. :) I’m looking forward to This CD release very much.From David to his fans…w/love! What an amazing,talented,caring guy.. <3

  98. ShayluvsArchie /

    Love it!!!

  99. Lovnangels /

    SO BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to hear the entire album! Thank you, David James Archuleta! We love you and miss you.

  100. admin /

    Can you see a speaker and arrow next to the thumbnail? That’s the player. If you can’t see it, please let us know what version of what browser you are using.

  101. violet4ever /

    Oh wow it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to hear the whole album. I already preordered a couple for me and my niece.

  102. shelley /

    This is pure gorgeous!! Thank you so much David! I am so excited for BEGIN. that I can’t breathe:)

  103. Peter_Fun /

    This really makes me excited.cant wait for this album to come out. Hope it’ll be available in the Philippines as soon as possible. Thanks David. :))

  104. redsky7 /

    Where is the snippet I finally had the time to come to listen and it’s gone!! Was it only up for a few hours

  105. LucyPR /

    Nice to be reminded on how awesome you are David Archuleta. I truly miss your beautiful voice. Let BEGIN begin…

  106. empath2809 /

    Gosh, David. This is such an amazing 20 seconds of music. I will never not love your voice. But this is just another example of something a little different from you, I love that you keep growing and trying new music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all gifts of music you have made for us while you are gone. Yay! It’s gonna be a great album. BEGIN.

  107. Pastel /

    The short snippet is a great surprise! David’s voice is strong and it sounds more upbeat than the original. Thanks for showcasing the chorus! Anxious to hear the entire BEGIN.

  108. TrudyFOD /

    Thank you for the surprise snippet today from one of the songs…so excited for BEGIN to be released! Ahhhh…that voice! This is going to be another amazing release for David!

  109. Shirley /

    Man! that 20 secs snippet is SOOOO good! I am so excited and cant wait to hear the whole song. BEGIN is going to be an awesome album.

  110. Heidijoy /

    Love it and Looking forward to the whole album. BEGIN. The Next Chapter indeed. Thanks for the snippet!! going back to listen again.

  111. hollyre /

    This is a whole new song with David’s voice. Better IMO. Can’t wait for more!

  112. rocktellme /

    Love this♥♥♥ Thank you David! I’m so excited to hear the whole album ‘BEGIN.’

  113. The snippet is BEAUTIFUL David!! You chose a most relevant lyric in the song “I need somewhere to BEGIN. .” Your voice is strong and absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for this snippet David and Kari, and thank you for the amazing gift from you..from your heart… that will be ours on August 7th, 2012. <333

  114. DebVaFOD /

    Thanks so much for the snippet!! I am amazed at all the things you did for your fans before you left on your mission … soooo grateful!!

  115. cathk_ /

    There’s no doubt in my mind that i’m going to fall in love with this entire album!

  116. Rohdegirl /

    How can a 20 second snippet leave me breathless but it has. Can’t wait for BEGIN. Can’t wait for 2014!

  117. cadthu /

    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! AND LOVE YOU DAVID! Can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for us. I don’t think you will ever understand how much you mean to so many people.
    However, I’m BEGIN.ING to think I may not last until the release of BEGIN.!!! (killing me softly with his song…)

    And thank you Kari for all that you do on behalf of David and for us fans :)

  118. Omg I love it!!! Can’t wait to hear the whole song and the rest of the album!! :D

  119. ArchieDavid /

    Sounds Amazing. Wish the instruments were a little quieter.

  120. Linda Marty /

    I will never tire of hearing your voice David. I am excited to hear True Colors, it is one of my favorite songs that Eva Cassity covered. And the rest of the songs, Angel will be amazing. There is only one thing I would have changed, that you would have also put on this album, Dream Sky HIgh. But you are so kind and thoughtful. I have been watching the Nandito Ako series again. Before when it first came out I was still working and it was hard to keep up and it is nice to see it all together. You really did quite well with your acting. Miss you but pray you are making an impact on the people you are currently serving. God Bless You Always.

  121. prd9601 /

    This sounds great! Can not wait for BEGIN.! So excited to hear these new covers and what I am sure is a wonderful new original song from David!!

  122. Angelicavoiceda /

    You sir, are a genius. Can’t wait to hear this entire album. Love the way you sing “me” at the begin.ing and the word begin.

  123. connie@toronto /

    Awwwww …You sound amazing!!!!I have to repeat again and again.”BEGIN” coming very soon. Is it Aug 7 yet?

  124. barbs /

    Thank you soooo much. I’m getting so excited for BEGIN. I’m running over to WalMart to preorder, now!

  125. LOL /

    20 seconds of pure bliss!!! Can’t wait for the whole album!

  126. creatingagem /

    Can’t stop listening!!! Oh David Thank you so much for all you have done for us! So grateful to be one of your fans! Prayers for you on your mission! Will be here waiting for your return! #DA2014

  127. djafan /



  128. Maureen_abms /

    Fabulous 20 seconds! Cannot wait to listen to the entire CD. August 7 cannot come soon enough! :)

  129. djafanfromil /

    Dang!! Too short. But I heard your vibrato. Great!!

  130. Bichi_DA2014 /

    It is awesome!!! he is so talented!!! Thanks for this snipped!! We miss David, but we know he is doing something great for the Lord… he is happy preaching in South America! he is my great example to follow!!! thanks for this!!!

  131. AnneMarieFOD /

    Thank you so much David and Kari for this amazing snippet!! I was hoping this song was the one picked and David sounds fabulous!! Can’t wait to hear the whole song and the whole album!!! :)Let’s BEGIN.!!

  132. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    OMGsh David!!! I’m in love with your CD already..20 seconds of PURE HEAVEN is what you shared with us & I appreciate it so much. SO READY TO BEGIN David..love you~miss you! We’ll be here! #DA2014

    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  133. EimiSugita /

    I really wish my iPhone would let me listen to it! I’m sure it’s AMAZING!! <3

  134. suzzyy123 /

    I can just tell I’m going to wear out this snippet…already played it 10 times…ha!

  135. PlatinumArchie /

    Absolutely love this preview! It is my 1st choice of the ‘cover’ songs and I cannot wait to hear the rest! Gave me *goosebumps* right from the start! THANK YOU! ♥

  136. Gwen /

    OH DAVID, your voice is like no other. Absoutely loved it and can hardley wait for BEGIN. Thanks you so much for sharing this snippet. WOW!!!! I am in tears already.

  137. jazzypink_ /

    This is the song I am most excited about!!! Can’t wait to hear the full song!!!! :))))

  138. blue123 /

    sounds great. :) that is one of my favorite songs.

  139. MunkFOD /

    WOW!!! just wow! love it! How am I going to wait to BEGIN. now! LOL!

  140. This is the greatest song ever. I’m so glad he did this one! The preview isn’t long enough! I want the entire song lol. I love and miss you David. I can’t wait for the album!

  141. jenlalalovesdja /

    I LOVE IT!!!! yay, this is one of the ones I was really excited for! can’t wait to hear the whole album! so glad David took the time out to do this :)

  142. It’s the song the song from The Winnie the Pooh commercials! It’s called: Keane – Somewhere Only We Know

  143. EimiSugita /

    Sooo stoked for the album David! Me encanta su musica! Te cuidas mi querido! <3

  144. Scott_NJ /

    Thank you sooo much! I LOVE this snippet!Wow David sounds so GRREAT!! Can not wait until this album comes out !!

  145. Scott_NJ /

    Thank you sooo much! I LOVE this snippet!Wow he sounds so GRREAT!! Can not wait until this album comes out !!

  146. bjc /

    I was so hoping for Angels. I don’t know this song, but David sounds great.

  147. skyangel /


  148. suzzyy123 /

    Love it…sounds fantastic! Thanks so much David & Kari for this lovely awesome snippet! WOOHOO! So excited to hear the whole song!

  149. Awesome!!!!! So excited for this cd!!!!! Thank you David :)

  150. katrina_cacal /

    I LOVE the preview! This is one of my favorite songs. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it and the entire album!

  151. heartsong /


  152. sweetonda /

    Ohhhh, I need the rest of it now!!! Can’t wait for BEGIN.

  153. rusharr /

    Wow! Awesomeness! Sound so GOOD! Cant wait to BEGIN.:))

  154. pabuckie /

    Very excited to hear your new album BEGIN. Miss you David.