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Pre-order “BEGIN.”

Pre-order “BEGIN.”

Jun 22, 2012

David’s new album, set to release on August 7, 2012, is now available for pre-order via Deseret Book.

Album description courtesy of Deseret Book:

Fans everywhere are anticipating the new release from vocal pop sensation David Archuleta. The new album, BEGIN, is packed with some of modern music’s most moving songs.

David’s powerful vocals transform hit tunes including “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, and “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.

These songs, together with a selection of upbeat melodies such as “Pride (In the Name of Love)” by U2 and a completely original, never-before-heard song, make this album truly unique.

To pre-order “BEGIN.”, go to DeseretBook.com.

Also available for pre-order at Walmart.com and Amazon.com.

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  1. loisirvin /

    This is soooooo breath taking. These “teases” just leave us wanting more….Bless David and Kari and all involved in supporting him. It is so wonderful of him to have left music behind for us to enjoy while he is on his mission. Love, Love Love. That’s what he stands for….How did he have the time and energy to even think of doing it…let alone doing it. A very remarkable person. Thanks David.

  2. Suzy-Q /

    I have already pre-ordered five copies of the album. They will make a perfect gift for birthdays and then Christmas. This album is going to be so different than anything David has done in the past. I am so excited to hear the whole album.

  3. ipul /

    i just wanna waiting the real album.. archie… i can’t hold this…. ya for handful in my arm… he

  4. lesarchie /

    Wonderful. I hope it will sale in Asia. So I can buy it.#DA2014

  5. DorkAngel-GBW /

    I’ve order my copy, thanks!

    Ps, we’re already months closer to your return. WOOT!

  6. Heidijoy /

    Walmart has David’s Picture and the Tracklist!! Yea!!

  7. Heidijoy /

    Walmart.com now has BEGIN. listed for pre-order. They need a picture of David.

  8. Does a hard copy have to be ordered through Deseret? ): I have issues with them that are too deep to go into at length here and I’d prefer not to get myself tangled in another mess with them.

  9. I am so excited for this!! August cannot come soon enough. The track list is fantastic, the cover is beautiful and the title is beyond perfect. Can’t wait to hear the original song as well! David has yet again enthralled us with his voice.

  10. chocosundae /

    Will the album be sold in stores in Malaysia? I don’t have a credit card so I was hoping to be able to run down to the store and get a physical copy.

    AHHHH!! Kari! I’m desperate here!!

  11. padmango /

    I can’t wait for this CD. The choices for covers are perfect. True Colors and Angel are two of my all time favorite pop songs. BEGIN. is definitely not the CD of religious hymns that everyone was speculating about haha. Really hope the CD is offered on iTunes. August 7 can’t come too soon for me.

  12. joyluck /

    woo hoo! got my order in and ready to get more when it goes on itunes, Amazon! Can’t WAIT to BEGIN. Thank you for gifting your fans with such treasures while you’re gone. Hope you are doing well. See you in <2 years. #DA2014 <333333

  13. Heidijoy /

    Thanks Janey!! :))

  14. Gift /

    Awwwwwww….I’m excited!

  15. syd-sf /

    OMG just placed my order for physical CDs yay! I’ll download from iTunes later when available & for sure get more from amazon/Walmart for gifts WooHoo! :)

  16. janey /

    Heidijoy, Shadow Mountain Records said on Facebook that BEGIN. would be available on iTunes, Amazon, and large stores like Walmart.

  17. Very fond of David, has been supporting David, I hope David every day had a great time.

  18. pepper /

    Thank you, have pre-ordered and I am so excited for this album!
    Cannot wait to BEGIN. this incredible musical and inspirational experience from David. <3

  19. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    YAY! I just ordered a few :) Can’t wait til AUG 7th!!! Hoping it’s availabe on Amazon, Itunes,& other retail stores too. This is going to be one SPECIAL album! Thank you so much for everything you do ♥. I can’t BEGIN to tell you how much this means to all of us! I really love the album description too ♥

  20. connie@toronto /

    My order is in place. Let the waiting “BEGIN”. Can’t wait to receive in my mailbox.

  21. skyangel /

    STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Kari, David, And all that made this album happen!!! BEGIN. to get excited!!!! Can’t WAIT!!!!

  22. sunny /

    Got mine pre-ordered!!! I’m so excited to hear these songs! :)

  23. SlashFox14 /

    Woo! :D Can’t wait to have this album soon. :) Its gonna be one of the best albums from David. :)

  24. AnneMarieFOD /

    I just pre-ordered 4 copies of BEGIN.!! I am so excited to hear David sing these classic songs! It’s going to be heavenly!!!! Thank you so much David! FAN FOR LIFE!! :)

  25. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Great news David! Placing my pre-order in just a few minutes after I tell you how excited we are for this wonderful gift you’re giving us. Your song selections are absolutely incredible & we so appreciate the time you put into this CD just before leaving on your mission. You’re the BEST & that’s why I’m a fan for life ♥

    Love you.. Take Care…Be safe, healthy & happy ((hugs))
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  26. rusharr /

    Wow awesum possum!! :D

  27. Scott_NJ /

    YEAH! Going right now to pre-order a few copies!! THANK YOU . SO EXCITED!!

  28. djafan /

    My order is in for BEGIN.!!!!

    I’m also hoping it’s made available on itunes, amazon, walmart, target, heck everywhere!!!!

  29. Heidijoy /

    Yoo Hoo Let the ordering BEGIN.

    My first pre-order for 4 is in. Fans anxious to know if it will be on Itunes, Amazon etc.

    Know you will keep us posted.