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BEGIN. Tracklist

BEGIN. Tracklist

Jun 13, 2012

BEGIN. to get excited!

Here is the official tracklist for David’s upcoming album BEGIN. – coming out August 7:
1 – Beautiful
2 – Somewhere Only We Know
3 – Everybody Hurts
4 – Don’t Give Up
5 – Angel
6 – Bridge Over Troubled Water
7 – Broken
8 – True Colors
9 – Pride (In The Name Of Love)
10 – Be Still My Soul

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  1. erlindita /

    I’m speechless. The more snippets we get the more in love i am with this album. And just imagine when we hear the entire album.

  2. trisha gonzales /

    This is really GREAT !! Thank God !! Can’t wait for the NEW GREAT SONGS. GODBLESS DAVID. PHILIPPINES MISS YOU SO SO SO MUCH! <3

  3. dAvhEn /

    This show us that David is not really gone,he is just away,I cannot wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. waiting for BEGIN in my country :)

  5. Siti Zuriena /

    gosh ! i can’t wait for it !!! :D

  6. wow,fantastic..
    I love it
    and i cant wait :D

  7. katrina_cacal /

    Can’t wait! These songs are amazing! So excited to hear the original song too! Thanks for this wonderful gift. We miss David.

  8. sarasongbird_16 /

    Man,, I cannot wait for this cd to come out!!! All of these songs fit his voice perfectly!!!! Augest 7th can’t get here soon enough!!!!

  9. lesarchie /

    Cool. Can’t wait for this album.#DA2014

  10. StrangeFate /

    OHMYGOSH!!!!!! I CAN’T wait!!! I can’t wipe the smile off my face when I read the track listing! It’s just so cute!! :D

  11. ArchieDavid /

    Love the song selection. Most excited for Bridge Over Troubled Water and Angel. And of course his original song Broken!

  12. Peter_Fun /

    Cant wait for this album to come out. I’ll have a new set of songs to practice. :)) Thanks David. Anyway, when will it be launched in the Philippines?

  13. Becca /

    Thank you David for leaving us with such beautiful songs. First Forevermore now this BEGIN., beautiful album of covers and one original. I love the choices of covers but most excited to hear your song. You write beautiful song. s with great messages

  14. ipul /

    awesome…. i just wanna say… tah,, you knoe

  15. allen /

    amazing! can’t wait! awww..

  16. i can’t wait i’m waiting for BEGIN i will forever more your fans :)

    BEGIN :)

  17. but how about in asia?when’s the launch?

  18. Patty467 /

    woow I can’t wait!!!! I Love it!!!

  19. sophia choy /

    seriously cant wait =) loving the track list already

  20. DianeFOD /

    I can’t BEGIN. to tell you how excited I am for your new album David! I already know your voice will sound amazing on all the cover songs and I can’t wait to hear the new original song you wrote. So many “treasures” you have left your fans, we are so blessed! #DA2014

  21. LET THE AWESOMENESS BEGIN!!! hehe!! thank you for this gift, David!! it’s wonderful already!! :D

  22. missitii91 /

    it’d be beautiful when he sing Angel <3 I can't wait

  23. Jana /

    I just don’t know what to say >>just so very happy! These choices are remarkable and so well thought out. I guess that’s why we are all still here;) Thanks David. #DA2014.

  24. AgMithaArchie /

    can’t wait to hear your new song ‘BROKEN’
    you such a great singer
    recording so much song only in a few weeks
    good job David and team
    thank you so much for make all the fans happy ;)
    you are so incredible :D

  25. Linda Marty /

    Can’t wait until August!!! Must have now. True Colors my favorite on Eva Cassidy’s album. And Bridge Over Troubled Waters, wow, that one takes me back a few years. Thank You David and team. You are so good to your fans. And the other songs are very exciting because I don’t recognize them. Love mystery.

  26. supergrandjudie /

    David, I’m excited and exhilirated over your BEGIN. track list. Love your choices of awe inspiring songs. Dying to hear your song”Broken”. Thank you my dear David for all you’ve done for us. God Bless you!

  27. searay /

    Cool song choices! I’m particularly excited for Somewhere Only We Know and Everybody Hurts. I think he does the alt sound really well.

  28. karoanton /

    I hyperventilate when I first saw the tracklist on Tumblr.

    I regret nothing.

    Super stoked right now!

  29. tawna21 /

    Can’t wait!!! Thank you, David, for the work you’ve done on this album. It’s going to be a great one. :)

  30. sunny /

    The tracklist sounds AMAZING!! Can’t wait to hear the entire cd! Thanks David for this wonderful gift to your fans!!

  31. rusharr /

    Just cant’t help but smile to this tracks list. You know those songs are familiar and at one point in time they were the great songs that inspired, to go on with everyday life. Great choice of songs! Gotta love you Dave :) Now too excited for the CD! And dying to know and to hear the song you accompanied with the piano!! Can not WAIT!! God bless you take care out there is the SA! :)

  32. Kathy /

    This is a fantastic collection of songs! WOOT! WOOT! Thanks so much for all your hard work David!
    #DA2014, I’ll be here.

  33. Jonerz /

    YAY!! It’s official! OUTSTANDING tracklist *\O/* I can’t wait to hear David’s interpretation of these songs! I love that he collaborated with Kurt Bestor on this project and I can’t wait to hear the orchestration on some of the songs! I’M SO EXCITED!!! :)

  34. SusanLynn_M /

    Oh my gosh, awesome! The music and the lyrics, especially, are timeless and even more special because they’re meaningful to you and you want to share them with us. Really looking forward to your original music, too! Missin’ you, but that’s okay. Can’t wait for BEGIN.

  35. skyangel /

    what the heaven!!! David!!! I am getting goosebumps just thinking about you singing these songs!!! ANGEL! BEAUTIFUL! BSTMS! Somewhere only we know! Broken! In the Name of LOVE!!! WAY COOL!!

  36. I’ve always wanted to hear him sing ‘Beautiful’ by Xtina; it has his name written all over it. I’m glad that that’s finally going to happen. I’m looking forward to the entire album, honestly, but I’m looking forward to this cover and ‘Broken’ more than the whole album even if it has a great selection of inspirational songs.

  37. sweetonda /

    This is going to be one amazing album. It’s going to be hard to wait! Thank you David for being so good to your fans. You are missed, but I’m so proud of you for following your heart!

  38. RaquelArchie93 /


    We’re so excited for this album!!

    Can’t wait!!:D

    07/08/12 :)

  39. OMG! I Can’t Wait!. ^____^ The Only Thing That Could Make This Album EVEN BETTER! Is Some Of Your On Song’s! But It’s Still Going To Be AMAZING!. -♥ #ILoveMyBigArchieFamily Follow My Archie Group On Twitter To Find The Link To The Facebook Group!.^__^ @DA2014_Group -♥

  40. violet4ever /

    David – you’re amazing. All of this beautiful stuff you made for us to keep us company :) I am really looking forward to hearing you sing these beautiful songs, especially Broken.

  41. skydancer1x /

    so excited!!Cannot wait to hear David sing these great songs
    and can’t wait to hear BROKEN! Thank you David!

  42. blue123 /

    looks great!

  43. This is a very interesting set of songs, many of which I have enjoyed for years. I look forward to experiencing David’s always inspiring interpretation of each of these selections. Three of these songs have been on my wishlist since the first time I heard David sing. I also look forward to hearing David’s original song “Broken.”

  44. Linda C /

    What a Great playlist!I Can Not BEGIN.to tell you how much I’m looking forward to August & it’s release!Thankyou David for finding the time…it’s gonna be a Classic

  45. syd-sf /

    Yay! New original song & covers, love the track list! I’ll be ordering multiple copies as gifts as usual! Thank you David!

  46. stephdanielle /

    Thanks for the official list David, we’re sooooo excited for this album!! :) God bless! #DA2014

  47. Ati_nya /

    Oh man!

  48. melissad309 /

    i am so excited for this album!! just seeing the fact that Be Still My Soul is on it makes me soooo happy, and a million times more excited. i love the other songs as well. and i can’t wait to hear broken. but be still my soul is my favorite hymn… and for that to be the first studio version of a hymn!!! CANNOT WAIT! The tracklist is perfect!

  49. So excited!!! Thank you Lord! :D

  50. connie@toronto /

    DANG!!!!Can’t “WAIT” for “BEGIN” to be released. Don’t worry we’re also excited to see your “I’LL NEVER GO” music video. Take care….

  51. TrudyFOD /

    This is so exciting David! Can’t wait for the new album & I love the album cover :-)

  52. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Hi David: Been thinking about you lately & wondering how you’ve been ♥ I’m so thrilled with your song choices for this wonderful CD you’ve put together for us. August 7th can’t come soon enough for me…counting the days! THANK YOU & take good care of yourself..you are loved!

    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  53. rubi_DA2014 /

    Hurry up August… please!

  54. betsy /

    What a thoughtful, perfectly DAVID tracklist. I love it. Can’t wait for a song leak. Or a snippet of a song leak. Or a snippet of a snippet of a song leak. ;)
    Can we know – are any of these songs acoustic?
    I want to purchase it now.

  55. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    Really excited! So happy! This is going to be such an amazing album! Can’t wait til Aug 7th!!!

  56. MunkFOD /

    This is awesome! So excited! Thank you David!

  57. Heidijoy /

    Love it!!

  58. SlashFox14 /

    Nice tracklist. :) Can’t wait to own the album on August 7, 2012! :)

  59. Chitra89 /

    I am so excited that i can’t even wait for this album to come out. Yay, David is just awesome.

  60. pabuckie /

    Can’t wait to hear it! Love the songs you chose! So inspiring :) Miss you & thank you for all you’ve done for us.

  61. skyangel /

    Thanks for listening!! Really cool and great songs! My favorites too!!!! Great selections! COOL!!

  62. Scott_NJ /

    So excited for this album! LOVE the track list! Really looking forward to BROKEN too! THank you David!

  63. Itchie_24 /

    No Bonus Tracks ? Hehehe =)

  64. Itchie_24 /

    icant Wait This !

    imissyou David =))

  65. archmae1228 /

    wooh..love it..gosh!! i can’t wait..

    let’s BEGIN.

  66. Fira Archuleta /

    can’t wait !! LOVE LOVE