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New Album in August

New Album in August

May 7, 2012

David Archuleta is pleased to announce the title and release date of his new album. The album is titled BEGIN., and is set for release in the US on August 7, 2012.

BEGIN. will be a mix of cover songs and original tracks. It is David’s fifth solo album after his debut record “David Archuleta”, the holiday album “Christmas From The Heart”, the sophomore record “The Other Side Of Down”, and the OPM album “Forevermore”.

Let the anticipation BEGIN. Keep checking back here regularly for more information on the new album, including international release dates.

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  1. concha2 /

    OMG! please,please,please share this possible song list of songs with me???

  2. cathk_ /

    WOW!! I saw what may be the song list for BEGIN.!! I am THRILLED with what you’ve chosen, David!! This album will be a masterpiece from you! I can not wait!!! THANK YOU for all the hard work you did to give us another beautiful album! :)

  3. skyangel /


  4. ArchieLove101 /

    Wow! I’m SO excited to hear that there will be a new album out!(: Can’t wait to add it to my David Archuleta CD’s! lol

  5. jojo /

    Oh my gosh David!!! That’s SO awesome!!! Best Birthday present ever!!! After buying “Forevermore” and learning the Tagalog song “Nandito Ako” and every other song on the album I wanted more and I am so happy to hear I will be able to hear more of Archie!!! And I am listening to him right now… haha. We miss you David!!! But we are so proud!!! Keep spreadin’ the word!!!

  6. pabuckie /

    I’m really excited to hear your new album David. It’s getting closer now, closer now. Begin!

  7. concha2 /

    This is so exciting! I really wish David would make a spanish album or a single at least. He sounds so good in spanish. But I’ll listen to anything he sings and love it! And of course I know this album will outstanding.

  8. DorkAngel-GBW /

    It’s available at Amazon and Wowhd.

    It’s the 28th and we’re 2 months closer to David’s return. YaY!

  9. sweetprincess /

    Do you know what stores is his latest album, Forevermore? I can’t find it. Is it in Wal-Mart, K-Mart?

  10. sweetprincess /

    Where can I look for the album “Forevermore”? I looked everywhere. Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Conway, the mall. I can’t find it. Is it in the United States too or just in the Phillipines?

  11. sophia choy /

    cool :) cant wait. Stay strong David and we’ll see you soon.

  12. julieannehabacon0928 /

    Love to hear all his new songs :)))

  13. julieannehabacon0928 /

    how can you put a picture on your profile ? :)

  14. julieannehabacon0928 /

    hello :) wow so excited to about his album ,,, :)

  15. Maryana Hidayat /

    New music to add to my collection.. :D
    And so glad it’ll be released internationally
    Thank you David!!!!! <3

  16. syd-sf /

    Eeeeekkkk, it’s getting closer to the release! So exciting! Thank You David! :)

  17. sunny /

    So excited!! David is sooooo good to his fans! Miss him so much!!!!!!

  18. pabuckie /

    Love the title of your new album David :) Begin. Can’t wait to hear it! Thanks for always uplifting me with your beautiful voice :)

  19. rotantrm /


    when will the international date be up? :)

  20. dmmystery_22 /

    i cannot wait until its august…..i do really love his albums…archuleta fan forever..=D

  21. Carlos Cortez /

    Yay! :)

  22. Itchie_24 /

    wow ! I Cant Wait this Album
    im so Very Excited !!

  23. I need to be patient! :)

  24. xjam13x /

    Cannot wait for this! As much as I love his original songs, I must admit I’ve missed David’s covers.

  25. kande4 /

    I am so excited for this to happen! What a day for this to be posted! AWESOMEST DAY EVER! That just made my whole summer! Love ya and miss ya David!

  26. brenchong08 /

    really dying right now…so cool!!!now,i’m gonna check this thing everyday…excited for the international release dates!!!

  27. ds1no /

    Yayyyy for another album of David’s to enjoy! So excited and can’t wait to hear all the songs! A huge THANK YOU to David for always working so hard and for being so giving to his fans. I’ll Be Here #DA2014

  28. stephdanielle /

    We’re excited for “Begin” David! We appreciate all the hard work you and everyone involved put into making this album possible before leaving on your mission. No doubt it will be beautiful and inspiring! :) We’re loving “Forevermore” too by the way, and enjoy it everyday. Love how every one of your albums is unique and very special in its own way. You’re the best David, take good care and God bless you always! #DA2014

  29. padmango /

    Very excited for this new CD. If BEGIN. is even half as good as Forevermore, we are in for a big treat. I can’t believe the amount of new music we are getting.

  30. syd-sf /

    Wow, didn’t expect the new cd to come out so soon but what a wonderful surprise! Thank you David!
    How will it be released? On iTunes? OS? Will we be able to purchase in stores or just on line? Haha guess I’ll just have to be patient!

  31. Heidijoy /

    Kari responded on twitter today that she would explain the Title closer to release date.
    Yoo Hoo!! We will know by Aug 7-Stay Tuned.

  32. 1fan /

    This is wonderful news. i’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED and thrilled for the new album. Daivd is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and got the best smile in the world. i love how he’s not snobbish, or thinks that he is better than everyone else simply because he’s famous. so glad he is on a mission. been hoping that ever since i heard about him.
    LOVE YOU, DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 1fan /

    THANK YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 1fan /

    I totally agree with you all the way. I LOVE DAVID WITH ALL MY HEART AND EVERYTHING I’VE GOT!!!!!!!!
    David is a wonderful and talented young man.

  35. 1fan /

    i want to know the backstory on this album as well, but i will gladly wait until Daivd comes back from his mission. He is doing the right thing, and should be supported in this. it is hard to wait, i know, but it’s the least we can do for him after everything has has done for us. he’ll have so much more to tell us when he comes back from his mission, and will most likely be able to relate his album better. keep up the good work, David. We will gladly wait for you!!

  36. 1fan /

    i hope that there will be some ‘released’ singles.

  37. 1fan /

    I am happy for this news as well. and excited. good luck, David!!

  38. 1fan /

    Daivd has done an AMAZING job with all his albums. I think that his one will be the most popular album from him, because he is so good and cute.

  39. 1fan /

    Can’t wait to hear them either. I’m so excited to hear them. It is a great name for an album, i quite agree.

  40. 1fan /

    i totally agree. i can’t wait to own another album either. i listen to his music so many times that I have them memorized. i absolutely LOVE him and his music. i know that i can listen to any of his songs and not have to listen to swearing or vulgar words.

  41. archuletafrvr /

    OMG. I’m so excited! I’m sure BEGIN. will be another success for David. I miss you, D. :)

  42. SlashFox14 /

    Awesome! :D Can’t wait to own another David Archuleta album in my collection. ^^ We’re all very blessed and happy to have an inspiring musician like David Archuleta. Let the countdown BEGIN for August 7, 2012! :D

  43. Shirley /

    THANK YOU for this wonderful news, David! You are so good to your fans. BEGIN – what a great name! Cover songs and original tracks, cant wait to hear them! August 7th couldnt come any sooner :D

  44. Apple@pinas /

    God Bless David.

  45. Apple@pinas /

    Thanks for the good news! Let’s BEGIN to save money!

  46. kc_arch /

    David thanks a lot for the hardwork and how you showed the love and care to your fans. Can’t wait the album BEGIN to begin. You can always count on us for voting/promoting your music or anything we could as long as archu fans are alive in the universe.


  47. CharsSo20 /

    Wow! May Be This Time We Could Have The Original Versions Of These Amazing Songs “Senseless”, “She’s Not You” And “Not A Very Good Liar”

  48. vanessa tan /

    Can’t wait to own one of the album! It will be great! :D David, you have really done a good job in all your previous album. I bet this album is going to be AWESOME!

  49. Same here! It’s my birthday too! :) #BEGIN would be the best bday gift ever :)

  50. pepper /

    So excited to hear this news! Love the title and cannot wait to hear the songs (covers and originals), fantastic. Thank you David, you are simply the best. You are so good to your fans, thank you for working so dang hard and for the incredible music. I am so immersed in Forevermore and this upcoming album will be an additional gem to have and to listen to. Can’t get enough of that gorgeous voice! God Bless David.

  51. tawna21 /

    BEGIN. Now this is just the perfect way to begin a new week!! New Music!and New Pictures!upcoming!! Thank you for the good news!

    Miss you David ♥♥


  52. tawna21 /

    backstory….yes, I do to…do we have to wait 23 months to hear about it?

  53. rhoda247 /

    great!!! i wanna listen to David’s original tracks… that would be very exciting… BEGIN!!!

  54. wengski12 /

    Wow, so exciting! nice title of the album “BEGIN” can’t wait to buy this..I’m happy for this good news….I miss you David….Thanks so much!

  55. Wow, this is amazing, David! I can’t wait to hear the tracks! Thank you so much for recordong this to release whilst you are away!

  56. TxArchie /

    I’m beyond excited about this new album!! Thank you for giving up your precious time for your fans just before your mission began. We can’t wait until August 7th!! :-)

  57. shelley /

    Let the anticipation BEGIN is RIGHT!!! Thank you so much David!! I can not wait until this album is released!! EXCITING!!!!

  58. skyangel /

    5 ALBUMS since American Idol !!!! WOW!!! I LOVE IT!!! Hardest working guy in the business!!!

  59. sweetonda /

    This is one album that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Thank you for this great news! Love the title BEGIN.

  60. TrudyFOD /

    Wow…I just saw the awesome news! David’s next album…Love the title of the album “Begin”. Gotta love any new music from David…can’t wait to hear the covers and originals. I wonder if any will be “released” singles?

  61. karoanton /

    Breathe in, breathe out.
    My emotions are out of control right now! I wonder what songs he’s covering :D

  62. Heidijoy /

    oops! Noticed it’s BEGIN.

  63. StephanieViri /

    So excited for this new album! And i love the title tooo! Thank you David <3

  64. suzzyy123 /

    Another awesome gift from David to his fans! WOOHOO!

  65. DianeFOD /

    Thanks for the update! I’m so excited to hear the songs and your beautiful voice! Let the countdown BEGIN!!

  66. skyangel /

    I like the title! BEGIN. how original?!? Cool!

  67. Bebereader /

    David, you’re so good to us! Just what we want, just what we need…to hear your voice on a new album! The name BEGIN. So intriguing! Excited for us and for you! Five albums in not even five years! WTG!

  68. daveniel /

    What a great news! I love the album title BEGIN. I wish August would come fast.

  69. SusanLynn_M /

    Fantastic news! Love the title BEGIN.

  70. Exciting!!! :D

  71. juls10 /

    This is awesome news! Thank you David and everyone helping with this album. Words can’t express how grateful we are to be fans of such an amazing individual. Can’t wait to listen! Covers and new songs??? Wow!!

  72. djafan /


    BEGIN. All caps and a period, intriguing. I want the back story to this. Now we wait for tracklist, album cover art, will a single be released before the album? Exciting times.

    Love and miss you young man ♥

  73. prd9601 /

    Very excited! Can’t wait to BEGIN!!!

  74. GA_Archie /

    OMG, Aug 7 is my birthday and I can’t think of a better birthday present. I can’t wait. This year I have a have a great reason to look forward to my birthday other than just getting a year older. I’m really curious to see the track list too. This is the best Monday news ever.

  75. sOPHEA /

    AW I’m so excited.
    BEGIN to cry

  76. searay /

    Very intriguing title–can’t wait to hear it!

  77. Maureen_abms /

    Exactly 3 months from today we will have new music from David to add to our collection…what a gift!! Even though David may be away on his mission for two years, he still keeps his connection to his fans through his music…and we are so grateful! The anticipation has begun for BEGIN!!

  78. Amy (in VA) /

    David is soooo good to us! I’m so excited to have more new music this year! Will my heart be able to take another cd so close to the last one? (um, yeah, I think I’ll manage! haha) Thanks so much to everyone who is and has been working so hard to make this happen! I cannot BELIEVE how many albums David has put together in these few short years! What a workhorse! I hope he knows it’s okay to go one year without an album lol LOVE YOU DAVID.

  79. cathk_ /

    WOO HOO!!! August 7th!! Can’t wait to know which songs will be on it!! You’re an ANGEL, David!

  80. What great news to wake up to on an early Monday morning!! Didn’t expect it to include original songs too! Wow! Can’t wait, and thank you guys soooo much <3

  81. RaquelArchie93 /

    Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!so excited!!!:D

    I cannot wait to “international release date”!:D

    Miss you,D <3 #DA2014

  82. Julie /

    Wonderful news, what a way to BEGIN the week. Please let David know how grateful we are for all he did for us before he left on his mission. David, your light and love continue to shine even while you’re gone. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  83. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Message to Elder Archuleta: David, I’m so EXCITED ..how do I BEGIN to tell you how much?! Your announcement of ANOTHER CD as a gift to your fans is a wonderful way to BEGIN our week :) Thank you kind sir… *forever grateful*..God Bless you on your mission & keep you safe.

    You are loved beyond measure ♥
    Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

  84. LOL /

    Other than David doing a vblog saying “The is David, I’m baaacck”, this is the next best thing to start the week. LOVING the title!

  85. Soooooo excited!!!! Will BEGIN flailing now!!!!

    Thank you, David!!!!

  86. Astrid /

    David! Way to perk everyone up on a Monday morning! Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to the album. Can’t wait to hear the original songs as well!

  87. joyluck /

    This is wonderful news! A big thank you to David for thinking of us fans even while he is gone. Hoping to hear him sing some of the beautiful songs from Forevermore and as well from BEGIN, which I am sure is going to be amazing when he returns. God Bless– hope he is doing well on his mission. I will be here. #DA2014


    “Let the game BEGIN..” hahahha XD

  89. Jana /

    I am THRILLED! August 7th! I was just expressing how curious I was (on Twitter;)about the upcoming CD. Love the new details! Thanks TEAM DAVID! Jana

  90. puri /

    BEGIN saving …

  91. theOliviaK /

    Ooh! my excitement is to the point of overflowing. I will have to make myself wait patiently. Love you David <3

  92. LyLuvMusic /

    OMG I can’t wait!!! XD

  93. Heidijoy /

    Exciting news!! Thanks David for taking such good care of us. Looking forward to new music and covers from you. Begin……..Love the name and looking forward to it!!

  94. Wouldn’t it be too early to release another album? But I would love to buy that. LOL

  95. Wouldn’t it be too early to release another album?

  96. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! I can’t wait for August! Sooooo excited to hear David sing new songs! :D

  97. skyangel /

    ATTA BOY!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! Love all the work David has done for us!!! He’s amazing!!! What a beautiful gifted talented artist!!!

  98. spacegirl360 /

    YEAH!!!!! Soo can’t wait! :D

  99. AHHHH!! THANK YOU!!! <3 THIS IS THE BEST!!! Wow, David…just, wow…thank you and your team…thank you for everything!!! lets BEGIN!!!

  100. MaggieFOD /

    Exciting news! Can’t wait. The title is intriguing . . . “BEGIN.” with all caps and a period. Is it an acronym? Please share how the album got its name.

  101. sandyronquillo /

    Another album to watch out for!

  102. Erin /

    This is good news for arch angel. I can’t wait for it. #excited

  103. Oh My Josh. Yep, my life is complete!

  104. Fira Archuleta /

    yeaa.. can’t wait !! :D

  105. Wooooww.. This is gonna be my b’day gift :D

  106. rocktellme /

    What an exciting title ‘BEGIN.’ is!!!!! Thank you David and your team:) Can’t believe you’re away but we can have your gift here♥  

  107. sandyronquillo /

    Another journey BEGINS!

  108. This is awesome!!! Love the title! And the release date is on my birthday! Wowza :) Thank you David!!!!!

  109. rubi_DA2014 /

    Can’t wait for this album. Thank you for the good news.
    Loving David2014 so much!

  110. pabuckie /

    Love the title David “BEGIN”. Very happy for you and can’t wait to hear it.

  111. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    Such exciting news! Love the title too!Can’t wait for August! Thank you David for all your dedication and hard work :))

  112. Scott_NJ /

    This is AWESOME news!I am super excited for this album! A HUGE thanks to David for everything he has done for us fans to leave us with new music while he is away serving his mission! He is just too good to us and I can never say thank you enough!!

  113. lesarchie /

    HURRAY!!! It’s the good news for me. Miss you David.

  114. rusharr /

    Yeah the International Releas date is important..hehe can’t wait hope its a close date! :)) wooweeee!!

  115. rusharr /

    THE AWESOMEST NEWS EVER!! Happy!! YEAH LETS BEGIN!!! Woot woot!! Thanks for the news!