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Video Blog – One Month

Video Blog – One Month

Mar 1, 2012

I wanted to let you guys know March is the last month I have left before I leave. Keeping busy this month to make sure everything falls into place, though! There will be music! Sorry if this is so long and rambly again.

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  1. soccerplayer15 /

    I am so happy that you are going on a mission! You are going to have one the the greatest experiences of your life and grow and learn so much! Although it is sad to hear that you only have one more month, know that your fans are all very proud of you! Best of luck to you on your mission! (:

  2. skyangel /

    Hi David, is it almost time to day goodbye now? Sigh… We’ll miss you. From the beginning I hoped you would have made it back up to Canada. Hopefully, we’ll see you in 2 years. I know for sure you will go back to the Philippines. Love you David
    P.S. Can you make a long last blog?

  3. pepper /

    Oh David there is so much love and gratitude that will be going with you on this next two year journey of your life. You have been wonderful to your fans and I could say
    thank you a thousand times. Absolutely adoring you in Nandito Ako, so impressed with your acting! You have also worked so hard to create music for those blessed ears and open hearts that will be very fortunate to hear it. Thank you for that, it means so much!
    Have ordered copies of ‘Forevermore’ and cannot wait to get them. You have recorded some beautiful songs for us on that album and any other music you leave us will be wonderful and so very much appreciated. Hope you really have had enough time to spend with family, etc. and time for yourself too. You are such a hard worker and I think you put your heart into everything you do (and then some).
    Will only be wishing you safe travels and that you will stay healthy, happy and safe while away. I have no doubt that you will be inspiring others. Your fans will still be here when you return, I know that I will be. We’ll be missing you but I hope you know by now that we are here for the long haul, too much goodness to ever let go of!
    Also hope you can do another blog before you leave (if you are up to it and have time). Would love to see that wonderful smile again. My comment is a little long but wanted to wish you well and say thank you. By the way…your ‘long and rambly’ blogs are never too long. We enjoy every minute of them. :)

  4. rhoda247 /

    I’ve watched you since your auditions in American Idol, & honestly I still can’t believe you were here in the Philippines for a tv mini-series. I watched Nandito Ako. You’re a natural actor, your eyes tell everything. Thank you again for sharing with us your passion, artistry, your love of music, your gifted talents, your kindness & genuine personality. Thank you for doing an OPM album, it means a lot to us Filipinos that you appreciated our musicality.
    We will surely miss everything of you – your smiles, your tweets/vlogs, specially your music. FOREVERMORE you will be in our hearts, & we are just right here waiting for you.
    All the best in your next chapter in life.. We love you, David! Philippines will wait for your return.
    And i hope you get to read this message, too… :)

  5. canarchaudry /

    Gosh David…what am I going to do without your vlog that brings so much fun!..are you sure the snow is outside and not inside?? lol!! and yeah! I clearly remember Katsu, awesom cat! thanks to him for taking your mind away for a split second there while blogging. Honestly,you have the most priceless reaction to subtle noises around you…put a smile on my face each time haha..idk,why that is. and oh,
    let me guess…letter A is probably Amber’s! (nvm)

    Well, it’s day off and thought to come here and ramble a bit:) I must say..what a tremendous accomplishment that is for you to be able to act the leading role of the famous Nandito Ako miniseries, you did such an amzing job playing Josh Bradley, I almost forgot your real name haha…really enjoying all the episodes so far including the bunnysuit scene!:)..I agree, what a great bunch of people!…Nandito Ako family is!!…Oh, and Bench family too..awesome stuff!:)

    Good to know you are in a relax mode at home even thou you are still busy w/ the finishing touches on OPM Forevermore album(exciited) and also with working on the new songs for everyone to enjoy to be release while you are on your 2 years mission. Thank you for always choosing songs carefully and lovingly which relate to what’s going on in your next chapter in life. I would like to think this kind of heartfelt emotional songs is what you are able to connect your heart with the world, a special gift that you are bless with, David:) Thank you for following your heart and spreading the peace,love and harmony thru music. I believe it is the most important things human race struggle with from the beginning of time and it is gonna come haha…

    Oh boy..sorry for rambling way longer than you…the least I could do before you go, hope this is not the end thou:) Thank you for everything David. looking forward sending you a letter or postcard on your mail address. gosh, hope you will find it lol.

    Alright,have fun with the family, take care always David:):):)>

  6. jamilla /

    We will truly gonna miss you so much David! You gave us so many great things to remember! It was so sad hearing that this will be the last month but I’m happy for you. And don’t forget that we’re always here to support you in everything! Thanks like million times for all you have done that made us very happy and inspired. I am so proud of you David! May God bless you in all the way.

  7. DianeFOD /

    I LOVE your Vlogs David! And they can never be too long or rambling for me! I feel so blessed to be your fan and will fully support you always. It’s great to see how excited you are for your new journey. You will have such a wonderful experience and will touch so many lives with your beautiful heart and spirit. Looking forward to your new music and hopefully a Nandito Ako DVD.. I’m really enjoying watching you act! You are a natural!! :)

  8. ds1no /

    Thank You for providing for us fans and for staying connected. We appreciate ALL that you do! I admire what you said in an interview, that “you trust God and this decision is for Him. He wlll provide a way when you get back just like He always has”! I’ll be right here waiting for you David.

  9. TheNZArchAngel /

    Btw, I’ve been watching Nandito Ako too! I stay up a little late to catch the episodes through livestream since I’m in NZ lol, but it’s all good! Loving the show and you’re a pretty awesome actor as well:)

  10. TheNZArchAngel /

    Only one month..sigh.. Going to miss you loads! But I’m so excited for you and your new adventures! Appreciate you so much for all that you do. You are such a hard worker and so thoughtful. Really excited for all the music coming up:) Thanks heaps, David. Thanks so much for everything. And hope you have an awesome month spending time with your loved ones :)

  11. Lovnangels /

    Thank you for all you’ve done for your fans. We will miss you very much but we are so happy that you are going on your mission. We look forward to the OPM and the album you are recording now. Please spend time with your family and friends. We have Nandito Ako to watch over & over again and many videos. We will be waiting for you, David. We will be here when you get back! Blessings to you and your family!

  12. skyangel /

    Kinda sad hearing, “I won’t be here” … wishing you the best on your mission. I love all your video blogs. And yes, I’ll HOLD ON.. I have no intentions on leaving. Your voice is what brought me here in the first place, your person is what keeps me here. Bless you and your family ♥ You’ll be missed.

  13. skyangel /

    Going to MISS you soooooo much!!! Thank you for ALL the gifts you are leaving us with, never expected SO much! It’s a wonderful surprise!!!!! Thank you for always staying in contact with us! Involving us!! You’ve done an AMAZING job!!! I love you David!! I’m keeping you, not throwing you away, never to be forgotten, I’ll be here for you when you return.. your going to do what you need to do!!! It’s for all the right reasons!! And I honor and respect you for that and everything you’ve done for us!!!!

  14. Heidijoy /

    Thank You so much David for the wonderful Vlog. So happy that you are able to be with family now and that it works out you can do your music there. I appreciate so much, how much you are doing for us before you leave and relieved to find out you are not overwhelmed and feeling like everything is happening in the right way for you. You are a joy to watch and I’m always glad you spend the time with us, the longer the better. Thanks for the tour of the snow and a glimpse of the Cat. You are the best!!

  15. stephdanielle /

    Just wanted to thank you for being so good to your fans David. Know how much we appreciate everything you are doing when it’s such a busy time for you with getting ready for your mission and trying to spend that precious time with your family. We’re looking forward to the wonderful music you have in store for us while you’re away, and we’ve already ordered our Forevermore cds. We’re also really enjoying the Nandito Ako epidodes, you’re such a good actor David! God bless you always! :)

  16. Oh Man!,,, Your Laving On My Birthday!!.. Well That’s Okay!,, At Lest I Will Have All You Amazing Music!,:D,♥♥♥ Wish You Lot Of Luck On Your Mission,, God Bless You David!,♥♥,(:

  17. Patricia Jhors Alabat /

    Hi David. We will all gonna miss you but we know that the two years on your mission will make you happy, and all the things that make you happy will make us happy too.
    well, we will all wish you to enjoy your mission (we know that you will surely enjoy it) and hope to see you soon.
    just one thing keep safe and enjoy :)

    your cat is so cute:)
    you know what my classmates always say to me…???
    i look like a cat emphasizing my eyes. hahaha. LOLs.

  18. lesarchie /

    David,thanks for the vlog. I’m gonna miss u. But I thought ‘serve God is a beautiful thing. And life is beautiful and full of excitement.’ Love and bless you.:)

  19. sunny /

    Thanks for the vlog! It made me cry thinking that you are leaving so soon!! I’m happy that you are going because you seem so happy about your decision! You are going to be a fantastic missionary & the people you are going to serve are lucky to have you for 2 years!!

  20. vanormansa /

    Maybe I missed it… but have you told us where you’ll be serving? Wherever it is you will be awesome! Sending our well wishes from Lehi, UT!

  21. padmango /

    I really hope you include your cool cover of Daniel Bedingfield’s Gotta Get Thru This/Message in a Bottle. It is brilliant and inspirational, and will blow people away.

  22. padmango /

    Thanks David. Looks like you have a very busy, exciting and fun month ahead. Best of luck to you.

    I know your ability to communicate with the outside world during your mission will be limited but I hope your mission president will allow you to continue supporting, in some way, the many charities that you have helped over the past four years. These charities really benefit from your association with them or even your brief mention of them during a vlog. I hope that there will be some way for you to continue helping groups like Children’s Miracle Network, Child Fund, Rising Star Outreach and many others over the next two years.

  23. Kencasf /

    Hey David,

    Much strength and well wishes for your journey. Your spirit will shine through your work always. The music will always be inside of you…just remember that.

  24. pabuckie /

    David, I’m gonna miss you soooo much! But I am so happy for you too! Thank you for the vlog and for always going out of your way for us. I wish you much peace & happiness on your mission. I know it wont be easy for you or for us. I love how much you enjoy staying connected to us. It means so much. Thank you for making new music too. I want you to hear our reaction to it. Maybe your family will be able to tell you how much we love it. :) Take care & God Bless you and your family. ♥

  25. Scott_NJ /

    Thank you for everything David! No way we could ever say it enough. You always go above and beyond for your fans and we will ALWAYS do the same for you! I’m excited for te new music and glad you are feeling good about how everything is going! We will miss you more than we can say but we will be here to support you while you are away and when you return! I am so happy for you to serve your mission. You will be an AMAZING missionary and bless so many lives just like you have us! Enjoy this final month doing what you love. spending time with family/ friends and making music! Oh you can talk for hrs ans hrs and it would never be a waste of our time! I am soo proud to be your fan ALWAYS!

  26. David1984 /

    He looks so refreshed and relaxed…I can tell he’s not that happy about going away and disconnecting from his fans…I’m sure he is going to miss singing so much!!!

  27. heartsong /

    David, how do you know exactly what to say to reassure us? We’re concerned you aren’t getting enough family time and you say you’re having a great time at home with family. We’re concerned you might be getting overwhelmed at trying to do too much for us before you leave and you say you’re feeling good about things and not overwhelmed. You want us to feel a part of the next phase of your life and have chosen songs for this album to do just that. Do you have any idea how much that helps us to feel that we are a part of it? I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for being your fan and being a part of what feels like a family to me. Thank you David.

  28. Megan *Archuleta* :) /

    I’m honestly gonna start crying haha. i wish you the best of luck on your mission and i am going to miss you soo much !! can’t wait for the new albums by the way lol! :) <3

  29. thedman /

    Our family thinks you are awesome. Such a good example of happy righteous living. From what you said, maybe you are already doing this, but I think a lot of people would love a CD of you singing LDS/spirtual hymns. I would play it in seminary every day-I am a seminary teacher and also have 5 boys and lots of missionaries! The seminary youth would love it with your sincere and beautiful voice. We have all your other CD’s. Wish you had something like that. You could be like Davids harp!! (OT this year). :) :)

  30. rusharr /

    Kinda sad of hearing the words ..the last month..but happy for you too..the great mission..so mucho gracias for the early Friday morning(local time) VLOG!! You always made our day you know that! Bless you! :))