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David Archuleta… “Forevermore”

David Archuleta… “Forevermore”

Feb 22, 2012

Last week, David Archuleta’s partner Ivory Music & Video, Inc. announced the forthcoming release of probably David’s last album before his intended 2-year break from the business to embark on an important spiritual mission.

“DAVID ARCHULETA… FOREVERMORE” is a collection of all original Filipino classic love songs written and composed by some of the Philippine’s renowned songwriters like Ogie Alcasid, Louie Ocampo, Jay Durias, Jimmy Antiporda, Cecil Azarcon, among others.

“Forevermore”, “You Are My Song”, “I’ll Never Go”, “Reaching Out”, “Rainbow”, “Tell Me”, and “Hold On” are some of the songs included in the album.

Why “Forevermore”? David is a much-loved international artist in the Philippines. This album is a fitting tribute not only to OPM (Original Pilipino Music), but to his countless fans who have remained loyal through the years. He wants his fans to know that he loves and appreciates them, wherever he may go… forevermore.

The album will be released in the Philippines by IVORY Music & Video in March 2012.

IVORY’s partner store AstroPlus is offering local and international shipping. Pre-order “Forevermore” online now: sign up for a free Multiply.com account, and order your copy of “Forevermore” at AstroVision.Multiply.com!

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  1. LeeDK /

    OMG I can’t wait!

  2. Gracie08 /

    Thank you for the miniseries, Nandito Ako, David. Truly enjoyed watching it. I just preordered your Forevermore CD….excited to hear your take on OPM. I’m sure you will do it justice. Good luck and God Bless!

  3. DorkAngel-GBW /

    No answer? :(

  4. this is available on Apple store ? :)

  5. dainiwa /

    OMG! Three songs has minus-one T__T

    Why is it that Nandito Ako doesn’t have one? I really really want the minus-one of Nandito Ako. Huhu.

    David do you have the instrumental of Nandito Ako? Can you give me a copy? LOL.

    This rearrangement of Nandito Ako is by far the best out of all I’d heard. Much even than the original. I want it. T_T

  6. violet4ever /

    I just saw what’s supposed to be the track listing:

    1. Forevermore
    2. Rainbow
    3. I’ll Never Go
    4. You Are My Song
    5. Hold On
    6. Wherever You Are
    7. Maybe
    8. Tell Me
    9. Reaching Out
    10. Nandito Ako
    11. Forevermore (minus-one)
    12. I’ll never Go (minus-one)
    13. Rainbow (minus-one)

    The minus-one tracks are just the music for Karaoke. And according to this they DID include Wherever You Go (which David sang for the miniseries and it is gorgeous). And Nandito Ako which is in Tagalog but it’s so beautiful – it’s about being in love with someone who is with someone else, and telling them you are waiting for them.

  7. skyangel /

    awww…. I LOVE FOREVERMORE!!!! We love you David ♥

  8. rotantrm /

    just ordered mine! but have to wait till July when i go home to see my cd! Thank You David for giving us a trunk load of music before your mission!

  9. HanneDenmark /

    I read that 1 CD is $33 – shipping is really costly!

    The more you buy the cheaper – so if you have some to share an order with that would be the best!!

  10. violet4ever /

    I believe all of the songs on Forevermore are in English. We know the song Nandito Ako (a Tagalog song) is not on the album. Not sure about Wherever You Are which is the other song David recorded for the TV miniseries. I do want to know how we can buy those if they are not on the album.

    As someone said above, with shipping one CD is about $32. And I don’t know if they changed it, but there used to be a separate Bulk Inquire link for buying 2-5 and getting one shipping cost. FansofDavid had that link and I used it to

    It is possible that WOWHD.us and their other country sites will be able to sell the Forevermore CD as an import (just like they sell the TOSOD Asian Tour Edition), and if they do get Forevermore then the shipping would be much cheaper. But I think until Forevermore is actually released or has a firm release date, they won’t know if they can get it for sale.

  11. ILoveeDavidA /

    I live in Colorado, can somebody please let me know how much the complete total of this CD is?? Please please please.. It would be much appreciated..

  12. ILoveeDavidA /

    Can you please tell me where you are from (where the cd is going to be shipped to) and what the total was. I tried checking the total and it said $1,340. That cant be right.. Please please please let me know..

  13. skyangel /

    we can’t forget youuuuu.. holding on and never letting go. THANK YOU FOR WORKING SO HARD TO KEEP US DAVID, WE WON’T LET YOU DOWN! WE’LL BE HERE!!

  14. Astrid /

    Mine is on pre-order!! I cannot wait! Wherever You Are is one of my favorite covers David has ever done! Beautiful!!

  15. creatingagem /

    So looking forward to this album!! I have already ordered 4 so I can give 3 away to get you new fans!

  16. MunkFOD /

    YAY!! so excited! I have pre-ordered “Forevermore” . This is going to be epic! I just know it. David, congratulations on your success in the Philippines. Wonderful doors flying wide open. :D And I wanted to say “thank you” for all that you have done for us! It is much appreciated! Best wishes to you on your mission. I know it will be life changing, and a wonderful anchor and foundation in your life. We will all be here when you get back! So happy and so grateful!

  17. Ang swerte nating mga Pilipino talaga,I can’t wait for this ,I’m gonna tell my friends to buy this album!

  18. I’ve pre-ordered my copy and can’t wait for it’s release! Thank you so very much David for this gift to all your fans! Wherever you Are Nandito Ako Forevermore!!!

  19. heartsong /

    David, we’ve already been so very blessed by the songs Nandito Ako and Wherever You Are (I LOVE that song!). I can’t wait for your Forevermore album!! What a treasure! I know you worked so hard and quickly to get it done and it is really very appreciated. :) Can’t wait for the release!

  20. LOOOOVE the song “Wherever You Are” … have been listening to it nonstop. Can’t wait for “Forevermore,” ordering multiple copies for friends & family … thank you so much, David, for taking the time out to record it!

  21. padmango /

    I think this CD will be big for David. To have a #1 debut on Astroplus OPM Charts already is incredible. With Nandito Ako and Forevermore, 2012 could be one of David’s biggest year’s career wise since 2009. It’s not just all the recent worldwide twitter trending for David but a tangible sense of momentum which really started with the My Kind of Christmas tour and which has been building with Nandito Ako and will continue to speed up throughout 2012 with Forevermore. As I said, great things ahead in 2012 for David and his fans.

    I know David will not be in the U.S. when Forevermore is released but hopefully he can record a video to promote the CD that can be uploaded on release day and do a few shorter videos talking about each of the songs, like he did for The Other Side of Down.

  22. lesarchie /

    Good news!!!!!! Can’t wait for the new album. ‘FOREVERMORE’ I love this title.I hope I can pre-order this album cause I find the list haven’t my place. Anyway,I proud to be your devoted fan.

  23. I am SO happy that we, here in the states, are able to order ‘Forevermore’!! Thank you, David, forevermore! <3

  24. Linda Marty /

    Wow!!! Can’t believe I will get to hear new songs from David soon. I ordered three, didn’t have any idea what the shipping was, just that it was more than the cost of the CD but don’t care. Gotta have more of David’s beautiful voice lol. Again, Thank You DAvid for all that you do for your fans. Oh, by the way, met one of your classmates the other day. An elder doing his missionary work and visiting me. Can’t help but realize it is what you will be doing soon too. Only I have a feeling you are going abroad where you will be using your Spanish skills. Caught that from one of your interviews, when you were asked about a Spanish album.

  25. leedongwook /

    The CDs aren’t released yet here in the Philippines so they are still in “pre-order”. It’ll be available by March.

  26. leedongwook /

    All the songs are in English and you’ll surely enjoy them because they are top ballads in the Philippines. I don’t know why they did not include the theme song of “Nandito Ako” which is also a great OPM song.

  27. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    Thank you so much David! I just pre ordered Forevermore! I’m so excited that we can purchase it in the USA too. I can’t thank you enough for all your dedication and hard work you do for everyone.You,and your AMAZING music mean the World to all of us. Please know that I’ll always be here to support you. I’m forever a devoted fan :)

  28. They won’t let me purchase the CDs. They will only let me “inquire” :(

  29. VindicatedMe80 /

    We’re just honored that you covered OPM songs. That means a lot to us and it’s truly special.
    Thank you David, continue what you’re doing and hope to see you again in the Philippines ;)

  30. joyluck /

    Thanks you for making this available to your fans all over the world. Hope you are getting some much needed R&R at home and having fun with family and friends. Loving you on Nandito Ako and looking forward to more acting (and music of course) from you when you return!

  31. DianeFOD /

    YEAH! I ordered my copy of “Forevermore” today. I’m really looking forward to listening to this CD and I’m so thankful to get it shipped to my home in the USA! David, you always treat your fans wonderfully and go out of your way to make ALL of us feel special. I appreciate all your hard work on this album and the music you are working on before you leave on your Mission. You have shared so much of yourself with us the last 4 years and we will continue to wait and support you the 2 years you are gone. There is just no way I can thank you enough. Take care of yourself… Diane

  32. dainiwa /

    Ohh yea!

    I pre-ordered!! This is the first time I pre-ordered a CD! Haha. I’m really excited on this CD, David sang most of my favorite OPM songs on it! I’m pretty sure it would be awesome!

  33. padmango /

    First, congratulations to David for debuting #1 on the Astroplus OPM chart. http://www.philcharts.com/2012/02/21/astrovisionastroplus-top-selling-albums-opm-february-13-19-2012/ Pretty impressive for a foreign artist his first ever OPM album.

    I have set up a Multiply account and ordered multiple copies of Forevermore from Astroplus to save on shipping. Just find a few people in your area who want the Forevermore CD and make one order for all of you. There’s a special Astroplus link for bulk orders. No need to spend $30 each for shipping, unless you have money to burn :)

  34. oh and does anyone happen to have a good link to the past eps. of Nandito Ako? I have tried sooo many sites but all of them don’t work. Anyone have a good one?

  35. It won’t be in the U.S? oh man. Gonna have to get it from the Phils. Hopefully we can hear the songs through something like youtube. He’s leaving us with so many gifts, bittersweet. Godbless

  36. NicolettePaul /

    We Miss you!
    See you soon!

  37. MaggieFOD /

    David, you’re leaving us so many gifts. We are blessed. Thank you. ♥

  38. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    ….& we love & appreciate you David..wherever you go..forevermore! I ordered my copy of the OPM today & SO looking forward to it. Anything you can leave with the fans will be treasured more than you’ll ever know, although I know your time is limited now. Most of all, please always remember we are here for you & remain dedicated to you & your career. You have my promise to be here supporting you any way I can while waiting for your return in 2014. Thank you, David~♥

  39. Heidijoy /

    OOps Filipino not fipino

  40. Heidijoy /

    So looking forward to the new album Forevermore and whatever else David is cooking up for us.

    All the songs are in English and have been sung by Fipino singers in the past.

    Order as many as 5 and you just pay one shipping cost.

    Team up with fans in your aread and you have a bargain.

    If you can’t afford the CD, keep checking FansofDavid.com and see if someone is gifting. There are always generous fans that will donate.

  41. Heidijoy /

    Did you click the Contact page below and let them know that.

    If not, Click the contact page and fill out the form to let them know!!

  42. galuv4u /

    I want this album so much. Anyone know how much it is and what the shipping will be. Did anyone that won the signed Glad Christmas Tidings album from here ever receive it. I won one but never got it. I got an email about a month ago after I inquired about it several times, and said it would be shipped out that day….but still haven’t gotten it.

  43. Lorraine-UK /

    Thank you David for recording these songs for us. We love you right back. It will be so nice to have these songs to listen to whilst you are on your mission. Please know we appreciate you so much. I hope you get to spend as much time as possible with your family before you leave. God Bless always.

  44. Scott_NJ /

    I ‘m so happy I was able to order Forevermore from here in the states! So excited to get it! THANK YOU so much David for everything you have and continue to do for your fans! WE do appreciate it ! I hope you know how much you mean to us and that we will always be here for you! I’m so very proud to be a fan and so happy for you to serve your mission! You are a shining example to us all!

  45. You can order up to 5 CD’s for the same amount of shipping so you could team up with others and share the shipping 5 ways!

  46. wow! really couldn’t wait! the songs surely suit david’s voice so well. ily dja! <3

  47. Thank You For Telling Me!,(:

  48. YAY!!!!!!

    Great news! Can’t wait to hear the beautiful songs. I’ve listened to the originals and I KNOW with your voice they are going to be epic!

    Thank you David for all your hard work. You could’ve hummed the entire album and I’d be first in line!!!

  49. pringle3 /

    Chelsea, the songs are in English. You can find the original versions on youtube. Greatly looking forward to this album, but I may wait until CDwow gets it to buy it. Astrovision is charging $21 shipping for US orders(the CD is $11 plus the shipping is $30+), which I can’t afford. So I have to wait to find it cheaper.

  50. pabuckie /

    Congratulations to you David on all the success you made in the Philippines by taking a risk once again and overcoming challenges. I’m so proud of you.

  51. rusharr /

    Lovely! SUPERAWESOMENESS! Forevermore such befitting tittle to the album! Preordered already! Can’t wait for Mac when it’ll be out! :) thank you for the music!!

  52. Awesome!. But How About The -U.S- Fan’s Is The Song’s In English??,,,\: