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Making Of “Wait”

Making Of “Wait”

Feb 6, 2012

Watch Channel V’s Behind-the-Scenes video of the making of the music video for David’s song “Wait” – produced by [V] Entertainment, and shot in Hong Kong at the beginning of November 2011 – and hear David’s thoughts on the concept behind it.

Video source: Channel [V]HD

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  1. Javalpix /

    Wow… Glad to have this on my archives..haha

  2. djafanfromil /

    Tks David. I wish you could explain more about symbols in the video because fans debated each scene on what’s the meaning behind the scene. Well, your expressions were dang good.

  3. lesarchie /

    wow, first time to watch this scene. Love it. Thanks David.

  4. Nice concept and love how David puts so much emotion into the song. Love ‘Wait’!!

  5. I didn’t get to watch the 11 mins. I want to watch the bloopers! :(

  6. blue123 /

    nice :)

  7. dizon rudcelle /

    nice job archie….keep moving forward, !!!! hope you enjoy staying here in the Philippines…..;)

  8. Scott_NJ /

    Thanks for the BTS vid!! I love it and the little blooper at the end is fun! Love this song and the video! You are pretty dang amazing sir!

  9. djafan /

    Love Wait!!! Thank you for the behind the scenes!!! I also hear there was a longer version of this and missed it.

    Thank you David ♥

  10. skyangel /

    Woah! Sweeeet!

  11. MaggieFOD /

    I love behind-the-scenes videos . . . but I still need the symbolisms explained to me. lol Thanks for the post!

  12. heartsong /

    Wait! I thought I saw that this was 11 minutes long earlier today. What did I miss?
    Thanks for the BTS vid! I always enjoy those. :)

  13. Heidijoy /

    Very Interesting!! Is there an 11 minute version that I missed ? Thanks David! Would love to hear more about the Symbolism too!!

  14. myperry /

    I really liked it! super!!!!!!!!

  15. myperry /

    wow! new post again!!!!!!!!!!!!!