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“Nandito Ako” Sneak Peek

“Nandito Ako” Sneak Peek

Jan 26, 2012

Here is a preview to David Archuleta’s rendition of the ballad “Nandito Ako” (sung in Tagalog; written by Aaron Paul), the official theme song of his upcoming prime time mini-series on Philippine network TV5.

Visit FollowArchuleta.ph for more videos, photos and exclusive updates from the “Nandito Ako” shoot, and watch out for a full version of the song to be released on FollowArchuleta.ph soon.

Video source: TV5Philippines | FollowArchuleta.ph

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  1. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Hi David! I can’t believe I haven’t commented on your Nandito Ako snippet! I’ve listened to it over & over ever since you shared it with us & I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with it ALREADY! Hoping to hear the full song real soon. I can imagine myself driving along a remote country road in North Carolina with this beautiful song playing full volume in my car. This is the way I enjoy your music the most…no distractions…just your pure voice which I have learned will soothe my soul….every day of my life. Thank you David. Enjoy the rest of your adventure there in Manila. I know it’s been beyond your imagination ~so happy for you! Take care & please know we are cheering you on from home…now & ALWAYS.

  2. Christin Stefphanie /

    So beautiful :)) Can’t wait to listen to the whole song…and the English version, of course!

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this little snippet of the song! What a wonderful 43 second preview. Looking forward to the whole thing. Thank you David and TV5.

  4. lesarchie /

    omg! Can’t wait to hear the full song. David you did the right things. Fans are proud of you.Love forever.:)

  5. Heidijoy /

    David sings NanditoAko beautifully!!! Thanks for the sneak peak. Exciting times over in Manila!!! Enjoying all the buzz and positive news of how well David is doing. Fans are really enjoying this.!! Hoping for Itunes, a Live Performance and DVD.

  6. pabuckie /

    You sound so beautiful! Can’t wait to hear the whole song :)

  7. Scott_NJ /

    Sounds great! Really can’t wait to hear the full song! David can sing anything , in any language and it’s amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. padmango /

    David, you make singing in a foreign language seem easy. I’m sure it’s not. Hope this is a big cross over hit for you. In North America, I can see this song (or its English version) being played on AC Radio or even Hot AC if it gets the right push. Fingers crossed.

  9. jmangoni /

    BRAVO David!!! You can just do anything and I mean ANYTHING!! I am impressed as always. Your favorite supporter,John, from Pasadena, CA!!!

  10. peglad /

    WOW!!! You’re very talent <3 I'm waiting for full and English version :)

  11. rocktellme /

    You sing this ballad so beautifully!!! Looking forward to listening to the full version SOON!

  12. this…is…REALLY amazing… you can sing practically anything… :D can’t wait to hear the whole thing David!! and we’re gonna see you in February, Josh!! hehe! :D

  13. If I didn’t know who you are, I would have thought the one singing it was actually a Filipino. You very much sounded like one in here. Great job, David aka Josh! Can’t wait to hear the full version! :)

  14. myperry /

    Get ready for your lines, sweetie! :-)

  15. myperry /

    Wow, David! You could sing Tagalog song! How long did you rehearse that. You know what, I appreciate it! You had a great job.

    It seems that I’m the one who first comment in this vlog. :-)