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“Wait” Music Video

“Wait” Music Video

Dec 30, 2011

The WAIT is over!

Here is the official music video for David Archuleta’s “Wait”!

Produced by [V] Entertainment, and shot in Hong Kong at the beginning of November 2011.

(C) 2011 Channel [V]HD

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    I’LL WAIT FOR YOU, DAVID!!!!!!!!

  2. This is an amazing video and song!!
    Great Job, David!!!!

  3. i love this song and the video. Daivd is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. myperry /

    thank you for the new song, archie. :-)

  5. myperry /

    That’s ok. the important is, there’s David Archuleta in that video.

  6. Chimpy888 /

    This is so cool I live in Hong Kong and didn’t know about this

  7. This is exellent music video “Wait”. David Archuleta always makes awesome music!

  8. so much emotion that you’ve shown here and the whole video itself gets you thinking!!! :D wonderful song too!!! thank you so much for this!!! :’)

  9. dAvhEn /

    I wanna cry,so loving the video,David says “Wait”,so I do.

  10. AlesitaArchie /

    I Love This Video :D Good Joob :)

  11. Becca /

    Love your Wait Video, has a more mature feel to it than your previous ones. I think you are trying to show us that you are not that teen idol that everyone tried to label you with. Congratulations David. BTW, you look stunning:)

  12. Natacha /

    I love you soo much! *-*
    thank you so much =’)

  13. Noelle /

    I love this video! David, you look so gorgeous. Very well done(:

  14. syd-sf /

    Happy New Year David!
    Thank you for the new mv, I love it! And your acting is getting really good also!

  15. pabuckie /

    Happy New Year David! God Bless you & your family. Thank you for being just you. You truly are a wonderful person. So compassionate. I wish you good luck on your journey this year. You will be so missed cause you are so loved.


  17. iamflying /

    I mean the video is ok, but I don’t like they save on him… But when David is not signed, we should be thankful for what we’ve got….

  18. iamflying /

    I’m sorry, I don’t like the video. Also you can see it’s low budget. David isn’t standing in the street but he’s been pasted into the video… ;/

  19. Amazing!, Best Video Yet!, :D, My Mom Even Like’s It,!! :D,,♥♥♥♥,,Keep Up The Good Work,:D

  20. TrudyFOD /

    David your Wait video is sooooo good. I will really miss your music/voice while you are away. Happy New Year David to you and your family.

  21. pabuckie /

    I love your new video and the song. Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year to you and your family. May God Bless you on your journey. You’ve touched my heart and soul with your kindness. Love you.

  22. Ahh, ilove himmm. This video is amazinggg!

  23. Love the video, when can we buy it. Also where do we buy it?

  24. Scott_NJ /

    Again I say I LOVE this video!!

  25. lesarchie /

    David,I love the video. But I can’t imagine the videos without you in the coming 2 years. I will ‘wait’ for you come back to the stage again. God bless. LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  26. padmango /

    Based on this video, I think David should definitely try some acting. Think outside the box David. Lot’s of singers do acting gigs on the side. I heard you mention taking some acting lessons. Don’t waste your money. You’re a natural. More Mark Wahlberg than Justin Bieber.

  27. Edith-Archuleta /

    When I click to listen to this MV.
    The first scene come from my mind tell me that that’s in Hong Kong! I live near Hong Kong. And you know, I really want to see you when you said that you were visiting HK!
    I really love the song. It means a lot to me.
    2years;It’s a long time for me.
    But I won’t give you up! =)
    I am glad that you have a clear mind about what you are going to do in the future.
    David Archuleta, GoGoGo! I will always stand by you!
    Remember, I, Edith, am not your fan;but your friend. ;)

  28. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    David ~if I may, I would like to add just one thing that’s been on my mind since seeing you in Stroudsburg. If I had only known about your mission, I would have tried to find the words to express my support & thank you for four beautiful years of your music & your generous spirit that has come to mean so much to us. I’m sending you this message today in the hopes that you know how grateful I am for all that you have added to my life.
    Forever your fan~

  29. AxelBeaudelot /

    This clip is great, I love!

  30. skyangel /

    Absolutely love it! Love Wait! We will wait for you,

  31. ilove da /

    The Wait is over
    God Bless

  32. Scott_NJ /

    THANK YOU! Love this video and Love the song! I take it as a loss of someone in general that we all feel at some point and wish we could change but can’t. Great job!

  33. RaquelArchie93 /

    Awwww finallyyy!

    Thank you so much!

    I love it…:’) <33

  34. willia02 /

    Thanks so much for every thing you have done David, this is just another great song and video for me to watch and listen to while you are away doing God’s work. Know that you will be missed greatly by milions of people all around the world who will be praying for you. I just want you to know how you have changed my life with your songs and life, I stopped going to church about 5 years ago for personal reasons and lost my love for music. You have revived my love for music in a way I thought would never happen again and I am some what open to God again. If you are in the Los Angeles area and have the time and desire to stude the bible with me I would love to hear what the Morman Church is all about, ( like that is going to happen) but you never know unless you ask. Well THANKS SO MUCK FOR CHANGING MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER IN MANY WAYS And I eagerly await your return to the music industry with an open heart… WLM

  35. rotantrm /


  36. prd9601 /

    I love the song and really enjoy the video! Thanks so much for the Asian Tour Edition and the video for “Wait”. Sure hope you are able to release the extra tracks in the US.

  37. DianeFOD /

    I have always loved your song “Wait” David, and I’m so glad you made a video on it! Even though I’m not used to seeing you looking sad, I love the video! You are really getting us to think on this one.. LOL. Great job all around! :)

  38. Allie1234 /

    I love it!!! Great job David!!!:)

  39. Just love the HD video of Wait! Have loved the song from day one, has special meaning for me. This is a wonderful video, very creative and artistically abstract, makes you think and feel. Fantastic job David.

  40. Amy (in VA) /

    Thanks for the song, the video, and all you do! I like that this video was different than your other ones, more abstract. And I see you have been practicing your acting skills (for an upcoming gig, maybe?) haha I am impressed at how you continue to accomplish new things, even in light of your decision to go on your mission. Many would just walk away and “deal with it later.” As I’ve said before a zillion times, your instincts are perfection – stay with that and follow where the Spirit leads! You know you are on the right path! Love and best wishes and THANKS FOR THE MUSIC and inspiration galore!!!!!

  41. Heidijoy /

    My favorite song on the Asian Edition of TOSOD. Enjoyed hearing it at your concerts. ……….and now we get a Video which is very dramatic and thought provoking.
    David, you are so handsome and portray the character of the song so dramatically. There are lots of interpretaions among the Fan Sites.
    Hoping you’ll keep us informed before you go and will have someone here to update us in a general way as we know you will not be able to communicate with fans when you are doing your Mission.

  42. Love, love, love this song and you can’t go wrong with a lot of David closeups in the video! So proud of everything David does!

  43. Loved it when you sang “Wait” on your MKOC Tour!! I like the video a lot except that I have a different interpretation of it everytime I watch it. Thanks for making this video for us before you leave!!

  44. stenocruiser /

    David, I love the song. Love the video — can’t stop watching it. Fascinating! Thank you and best wishes for the future.

  45. David!

    Your most mature video yet! Great job emoting;) But please…. hoping there won’t be a test cause I keep changing my mind on what this about.haha So well done, you should be proud! Jana~OR

  46. Love, love, love this song! The video is very abstract. I like it because it’s different. Thanks for making this video!

  47. heartsong /

    I LOVE this, David. I didn’t think I would but you really do angst well. I’m not even going to try to interpret what it may or may not mean. I just love it. Thank you again, David for this gift. I see every song, every video, every vlog, every tweet and every message a gift that I’ll treasure. :)

  48. Hazeleyd71(Michelle) /

    Such raw emotion! What an incredible video! Love “Wait” so much! Fantastic job David!

  49. skyangel /

    WOAH !!! Great video!!! Love it DAVID!!!! so cool!!!

  50. TrudyFOD /

    Wow…I love this HD version of the video for “Wait”…it’s crystal clear and you hear all the little extra sounds …like the glass breaking. Awesome job David!!! Great video!!

  51. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Way to go David! Maybe you could share your take on the meaning behind the video in a vlog. I’m so lame..still trying to figure it out but it has some eye-catching visuals & you look handsome as always..lol ~So thanks so much for sharing this with us so we can enjoy it while you’re away & BTW, want you to know although I’ll miss you a ton..wish you all the very best on your mission. You are gonna’ be so fulfilled by your experiences by the time you return, it’ll be wonderful to hear all about it & I’ll be waiting. GodSpeed ♥

  52. AnneMarieFOD /

    I love the Wait video!! One of my favorite songs from the ATE!! Thank you so much for posting!

  53. Finally, thank you so much <3

  54. pabuckie /

    David, I’ve loved this song the moment I heard it and I love your new video too :)

  55. shelley /

    I love your video of Wait David!!! Another wonderful video for us to watch!! And the song is my favorite from the Asain Tour Edition! I hope it gets released here in the US.