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Meet David: VIP Packages

Meet David: VIP Packages

Sep 27, 2011

Updated to add information on when sales close and for general admission shows.

David Archuleta has partnered with VIP Nation (formerly “I Love All Access”) to offer VIP Packages on his upcoming “My Kind Of Christmas Tour 2011″ this December.

The VIP Packages offering Meet & Greet with David, reserved seating in the first 10 rows, exclusive merchandise and more will be on sale in limited quantities at each venue.

Each VIP package features:

  • One reserved ticket located in the first 10 rows or one G/A ticket with early entry *
  • Meet & Greet with David Archuleta
  • Personal photograph with David Archuleta
  • Autographed 8×10 photograph
  • Official Meet & Greet Laminate
  • Specially Designed Tour Shirt
  • Collectible Tour Poster
  • Exclusive Tour Gift Item
  • VIP Host
  • Crowd-free merchandise shopping

* G/A= general admission. Some shows are reserved; some G/A. See date for specifics.

VIP package fee: $195 (includes ticket price). Note that VIP Sales close when sold out or 10 days prior to each show.

For more information and to purchase, please visit VIP Nation.

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  1. aissel /

    oh my!! wish i could have that VIP ACCESS PASS!!
    need to buy plane ticket also before that…. miss you so much david!!!! hope you’re able to read my tweets…. =) God Bless You always…

  2. ArchieLove101 /

    :) still trying to get all the money!! <3

  3. Hi Dave!! Just wanted to let you know … you’re our favorite guy!!~(with my girls and I) ;) PLEASE ENTER SEATTLE IN YOUR TOUR DATES for the 2nd time around!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

    I’ll tell you this, you will be the next John Lennon to make it big!! ;) Just don’t forget your SIU-girls in Seattle!!! My favorite song from your album is “To Be With You”. You’re doing Wonderful job Dave!…and don’t give up…Please let us know when you comin’ out here. You got our moral support!! You have new friends and that’s us!! :)
    Hugs & kisses!!

    Stay safe. Take care…
    Your Siugirls. (Ann, Lianne, & Jacqi)

  4. HeyitsNixy /

    I know that David can’t go everywhere. But I hope the people who are going will enjoy the shows! I know you guys will! ;) If David won’t be able to go to Canada this time, I hope he will in the near future! He has a lot of fans in Canada. Hope there’s a chance for him to go soon. We love you, David! :)

  5. HeyitsNixy /

    I know! He really should come to Canada too. It’s been 3 years! But I know he can’t go everywhere. Hope he could someday…

  6. jimmygimmieABBA /

    i am simply “CRUSHED’ that ST PAUL,MINNESOTA is SO FAR not on the list as a stop on david’s 2011 christmas tour. it was the ONLY concert date that archie had to cancel on his 2010 christmas tour and his thousands of disappointed fans here in the TWIN CITIES thought maybe ST PAUL would have been a FIRST PRIORITY when scheduling this year’s tour as i know david felt really bad about what happened and kindly apologized on his website to his many fans here right after he had to cancel due to a blizzard. i realize he can’t go everywhere his many loyal fans are,as that would mean he’d have to perform in every city in america!, but i think if he can somehow logistically work in a stop anywhere in the midwest,it should be in ST PAUL or at least somewhere in the TWIN CITIES (ST PAUL OR MINNEAPOLIS).we have many beautiful theatres here, including the FITZGERALD THEATRE(HOME TO “A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION”) in downtown ST PAUL where david was to perform last year. we also have the world famous ORDWAY THEATRE also downtown ST PAUL. we are also home to the world famous ST PAUL CHAMBER ORCHESTRA and the MINNESOTA ORCHESTRA.ST PAUL will “have a blue christmas without you” david!,so i hope david and VIP NATION will do what they can to see if it’s at all possible to make it happen here.everyone knows it’s very cold here in the winter and the weather is unpredictable but the people of MINNESOTA are always warm and welcoming! but i know this, 2011 christmas concert date here or not, YOUR MINNESOTA FANS AND MYSELF WILL OF COURSE ALWAYS LOVE YA ANYWAY DAVID, NO MATTER WHAT! THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!

  7. lesarchie /

    I thought I need to wait the next time.:(

  8. SpicyPapaya /

    Just saw it got changed to “VIP coming soon” :)

  9. SpicyPapaya /

    Does “VIP sale date TBA” mean VIP is confirmed for that tour stop?

  10. katrina_cacal /

    I’m from Chicago, BUT, I just bought the VIP package for the LA show! Can’t wait to see you again, David! :)

  11. iHeartArt_archie /

    My mom and I both got VIP packages!! :) we’ve become such big fans of yours this past year David and can’t wait to see you live for the first time and meet you too, it’s gonna be great! See you in Stroudsburg!

  12. ArchieLove101 /

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Got to get it! David….I want to meet u sooooooo badly, that I am going to earn enough money ot pay for this myself! LOVE YOU!!!

  13. If only I was there at U.S maybe I’ll buy one. haha

  14. LOL I wasn’t hounding on ya. ;)

    And being obsessed about see David has nothing what I said. lol That’s how it is for all artists. There’s a lot of people out there that need to know how hard a life it actually is.

  15. David, come to Perú someday please. That day I will buy my VIP Packaget to meet you :D

  16. PLzzzzz come to Canada David! Omg, Im actually crying…I dnt even know why! lol

  17. rileybear /

    THANK YOU kt7!!!!!! And Amen to that!!

  18. Thank you for the early Christmas present and I love the name of the tour…it’s so you! :) See you in December!

  19. amy in VA /

    THANKS DAVID!, for all your hard work putting this tour together. I know it’s hard because you can’t go everywhere that people love you, cuz they love you everywhere! haha But we appreciate all you do to share your music with us. It we aren’t at a show, please know it is definitely NOT cuz we don’t luv ya, it just might not be the right location. But I’m thrilled for you to do this tour! It is the reason you have been given your talent – your music spreads an important message, and any time you can bless others with that message, you have done it justice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your voice, your music, your spirit, and ♫just the waayyyy you are!♫ :)

  20. So happy and excited about your Christmas tour. Guess I will be going back to UT again this year for the 3rd time. This is getting to be a habit. Last Dec, July and now. Can’t wait. I sure wish you would add TX to your list so I can see you twice. WOW!! I can’t wait though to see if you add TX because I want VIP tickets and they go on sale on the 29th for UT. I don’t want to miss out.

  21. dreamer4life11 /






  22. dreamer4life11 /





  23. Okay dreamer4life and everyone else who’s all upset shhhhhhh, don’t be upset because,
    A) Not all the tour dates have been announced. BE PATIENT. If you aren’t, it just makes things worse.
    B) David is one human being and booking shows just the ones that will happen this Winter is really hard! You heard David, he even said it in the blog!
    EVERYWHERE fans want him to go is impossible! lol He would have to have people drink polyjuice potion for that. ;)
    C)New York and California are a different animal when it comes to booking shows because there are different legal laws when it comes to those states with management and booking agents. The reason why they booked so many was because of that and the fact that David, the band, and tech crew probably have family there in California and maybe New York too? Both states are known for music. lol So, you have to get venues while you can or they will be gone. :)

    And be happy y’all! :D DAVID’S GONNA DO SOME SHOWS AGAIN!!! YAYYYYYYYYY! ^-^

    *side note. Remember this webby people. Two words. Ball State. ^-^

  24. blue123 /

    there are more dates coming.

  25. dreamer4life11 /

    that cant be all the dates and why is it always cali and new york dude not everyone lives there

  26. amy in VA /

    GREAT to see David doing a Christmas tour! I’m hoping to enjoy LIVE David for the 3rd Christmas in a row! It’s hard not to know all the dates up front though as I’d love to purchase VIPs for me and my kids (they’re gonna die if this doesn’t work out – they’ve never met him). I might have to gamble and wait for more dates, but that’s SCARY! Does the VIP include a little extra song from David? That was the best reason to purchase a VIP ticket – THE VOICE! It will be wonderful to hear/see David again.

  27. Very excited for this tour for David, and for us! And thanks for coming to a venue within an hour from me!

  28. SWEEEETTT!!!!!! expecting surprises!!! hehe!! :D this is gonna be awesome!!!

  29. SlashFox14 /

    Really cool David! :D

  30. somethingboutlife /


    and here’s tonss of people who want to see david in chicago!

  31. somethingboutlife /

    more dates have to be added!! if david doesn’t come to chicgao or somewhere in the midwest i can’t go!!! :(

  32. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!! So excited to see David in concert again…his CFTH Tour was FABULOUS! See ya’ there David even though I’m not sure which venue yet! Wouldn’t miss it for the world! <3

  33. KimmieDavid /

    This is so AWESOME! I am so excited!!! We love you David!!!

  34. blue123 /

    wait. is there not going to be either an acoustic set or a soundcheck viewing or was that just left off the list and assumed was included? that’s the only reason for me to do VIP.

  35. gc-r0cks /

    This would be the PERFECT gift for my friends birthday and Christmas present! too bad we’re students and not loaded with money AND we live in New Zealand.

  36. Scott_NJ /

    Woo hoo! VIP! Loved when VIP Nation ( ILAA) did the Vips last tour! So excited and thrilled for David to be touring again in the U.S!!

  37. DorkAngel-GBW /


  38. pabuckie /

    Can you let me know somehow if I would be getting a seat if I purchased a VIP for Irving Plaza? I heard that venue had no seats and it was a General Admission type of place, but maybe they are putting in seats?

  39. JonasArchieBTR /

    Please come to Houston! It’s been too long :( he always skips Texas

  40. heartsong /


  41. David1984 /

    Hi, How do fans in Toronto go for the VIP Packages?? I really want to see David as close as possible so is there a safe way for us to buy the VIP Packages?? Also is it possible for a Toronto concert to be booked in the future for this tour???