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Video blog – Christmas Tidings in September

Video blog – Christmas Tidings in September

Sep 6, 2011

The Glad Christmas Tidings CD and DVD is out now! Also have a few events coming up this next week. Also had a question about my sister who has Crohn’s disease, and if anyone happens to know more about it I’d appreciate it!

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  1. skyangel /

    are you coming to Canada?

  2. Thanks for the vlog. I received my Asian tour CD & DVD & MO TAB yesterday. OMG AMAZING. It’s the closet we will be in Heaven listening to you and the choir. God gave you a talent and I am glad you are using it. You are the role model for the young generation and I am 55 and have watched you since AI. You haven’t let fame change you, you are still David. I am so proud of you. I don’t have to worry about you falling into the addictions of the world & dying young. Keep up the hard work.

  3. David, just getting around to commenting on your very nice video blog. Am still waiting for my GCT DVD and CD to arrive but have been listening to the songs I bought from Itunes and they are all incredible. Incredibly beautiful! Your voice just soars with the choir, your vocals and delivery of the songs are just outstanding and heartfelt, bravo David!
    Sorry to hear about your sister’s condition. There is something I wanted to add that may help her. Yeast overgrowth (Candida) in the body can often contribute to all sorts of conditions, certainly intestinal problems, I know from experience. Don’t know if this relates to her or not but may be worth checking out. Some doctors are not too familiar (or researched) with Candida and its effects in the body but some are and there is a lot of info out there. I know people who had intestinal disorders and have been helped a lot by being treated for yeast overgrowth in the body (Candida).
    A couple of links, if interested and how it may relate to Crohns for some people:



    Blessings to your sis, you and family.

  4. dreamer4life11 /

    my friend told me this might be a way to show you my voice again… youve like it before and i just want more feed back this time im singing one of your songs and hopefully i can learn from you and maybe get some help from you…. you prob wont see this of care because im just a nobody and your a big somebody lol… okl here i go again rambling im turning into you jk lol love ya


    you you can help i love you more and my goal one day is to sing with you lol

    ps i can drive a stick ha ha just thought i share that lol

  5. mss glittery /

    all the best to your sis .. god bless ,, :)

  6. mss glittery /

    BACKGROUND & AIMS: Because the mode of Crohn’s disease inheritance is unknown, age-adjusted risk estimates and knowledge of disease characteristics will aid genetic counseling and modeling. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of familial occurrence of inflammatory bowel disease in first-degree relatives of patients with Crohn’s disease and estimate their age-adjusted risks. It also evaluates agreement in disease characteristics between generations within families with a history of Crohn’s disease. METHODS: Six hundred forty patients with Crohn’s disease and 800 control subjects were questioned about the occurrence of inflammatory bowel disease in their first-degree relatives. Agreement for age at diagnosis, initial disease location, disease behavior, and number of bowel resections was determined in 68 families with two or more members affected and compared with data in 100 unrelated patients with Crohn’s disease. RESULTS: Probands with Crohn’s disease had a more frequent positive family history than controls. The age at diagnosis between probands with and without a positive family history was insignificant. Crude and age-adjusted risk elements were higher in relatives of patients, especially daughters, compared with those of controls. The age at diagnosis was older for parents than offspring but similar between siblings. Initial disease location was especially striking between siblings. CONCLUSIONS: This study confirms familial aggregation and a high degree of disease concordance in Crohn’s disease. The age at diagnosis and initial disease location was especially strong within generations. (Gastroenterology 1996 Sep;111(3):597-603)

  7. mss glittery /

    btw she have to eat some snak and stop eating the fast food .. and when she feel sick she can some sport

  8. archanimal92 /

    Hey David! It’s great hearing from you again! :D

    Sorry to hear that your sister has Crohn’s Disease. I’m 19 and was diagnosed with Crohn’s about 2 years ago. The good news about it though, is that its completely manageable and there are many ways to avoid flare-ups. For me, I find if I avoid eating dairy and wheat it alleviates the pain. Make sure she stays away from seeds, or foods with a a leafy or thick skin, like tomatoes, blueberries, or stuff like that. Fruit smoothies, soup put in a blender, even salad has been put in a blender sometimes! haha

    I’ve been trying a few different medications, Pentasa, Prednisone etc… although none have seemed to work and the doctor prescribed me to start taking Remicade infusions. I’ll probably go to a naturopathic doctor first before starting those, just to see what other options I may have. It really depends on how severe her case is, in my case it was mild so I’m able to cope with it.

    For me, I think anxiety played a part in it as well, although the doctors will never tell you that! Every time I got anxious about something I’d start feeling pain, and it would ususally die down once the anxiety went away.

    But all in all, Crohn’s won’t be an issue if its handled properly. As someone mentioned before, Casey Abrams has colitis (which is similar to Crohn’s) and he’s doing pretty well! All the best to your sister, and be sure to let her know that we’re all praying for her, as well as for you, and the family! God Bless! :)

  9. mss glittery /

    Types of Crohn’s Disease and Associated Symptoms
    The symptoms and complications of Crohn’s disease differ, depending on what part of the intestinal tract is inflamed. That’s why it is important for you to know which part of your intestine is affected by Crohn’s disease. Your doctor may also refer to your illness by various names based on the principal area involved. The following are five types of Crohn’s disease, together with their presenting symptoms:

    •Ileocolitis: The most common form of Crohn’s, affecting the ileum and colon. Symptoms include diarrhea and cramping or pain in the right lower part or middle of the abdomen. Often accompanied by significant weight loss.

    •Ileitis: Affects the ileum. Symptoms same as ileocolitis. Complications may include fistulas or inflammatory abscess in right lower quadrant of abdomen.

    •Gastroduodenal Crohn’s disease: Affects the stomach and duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). Symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, and nausea. Vomiting may indicate that narrowed segments of the bowel are obstructed.

    •Jejunoileitis: Produces patchy areas of inflammation in the jejunum (upper half of the small intestine. Symptoms include abdominal pain (ranging from mild to intense) and cramps following meals, as well as diarrhea. Fistulas may form.

    •Crohn’s (granulomatous) colitis: Affects the colon only. Symptoms include diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and disease around the anus (abscess, fistulas, ulcers). Skin lesions and joint pains are more common in this form of Crohn’s than in others.

  10. mss glittery /

    Persistent diarrhea (loose, watery, or frequent bowel movements), crampy abdominal pain, fever, and, at times, rectal bleeding: These are the hallmark symptoms of Crohn’s disease, but they vary from person to person and may change over time. Loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss also may occur. However, the disease is not always limited to the GI tract; it can also affect the joints, eyes, skin, and liver. Fatigue is another common complaint. Children who have Crohn’s disease may suffer delayed growth and sexual development.

    Some patients may develop tears (fissures) in the lining of the anus, which may cause pain and bleeding, especially during bowel movements. Inflammation may also cause a fistula to develop. A fistula is a tunnel that leads from one loop of intestine to another, or that connects the intestine to the bladder, vagina, or skin. Fistulas occur most commonly around the anal area. If this complication arises, you may notice drainage of mucus, pus, or stool from this opening.

    Symptoms may range from mild to severe. Because Crohn’s is a chronic disease, patients will go through periods in which the disease flares up, is active, and causes symptoms. These episodes are followed by times of remission — periods in which symptoms disappear or decrease and good health returns. In general, though, people with Crohn’s disease lead full, active, and productive lives.

  11. mss glittery /

    Crohn’s disease, or also called CD, is a type of non-contagious, inflammatory bowel disease which affects the digestive system, and the walls of both the small intestine and large intestine. Experts still don’t know what causes it, but it is said that bacterial infection is the main culprit.]Crohn’s disease is somewhat similar to ulcerative colitis or UC, except that it can affect even the whole digestive tract and the bowel walls. ]Crohn’s disease can lead to worst digestive dilemmas, so if you suspect that you have it, you must treat it immediately

  12. mss glittery /

    and if u need anything als @mss_glittery

  13. mss glittery /

    Improve Your Diet
    . Since the problem is in the digestive system, it’s only sensible for your diet to be modified to ensure that treatment will go along smoothly.Here are some diet tips to remember
    . Add foods that don’t have any acidity, and won’t irritate the digestive system. ، . Celery, kale, garlic, broccoli, brown rice, Brussel sprouts, papaya and oatmeal are some examples.
    . Avoid foods that are histamine-high.This is a compound which includes nitrogen. . Most Crohn’s disease patients have a histamine intolerance, so make sure you avoid foods with it, so the symptoms will be relieved. ، . Examples of food to avoid are wine, tomatoes, dairy products and spinach.
    •. Stay away from foods that can irritate your digestive tract, such as carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks, eggs, meat, fatty fried foods, popcorn, spicy foods, chocolate and alcohol.
    •. Always cook vegetables before eating them. . You can boil bake or steam them. . Add little or no seasoning.

    Also, you should try not to overeat, to ensure that your digestion goes smoothly. . Take small bites and chew your food thoroughly ((( like i tell you make sure )) :) i hope you read that i think that good for here

  14. mss glittery /

    The doctor will recommend a combination of drugs to treat disease and relieve symptoms. If no improvements are seen, then he or she will add or change the prescription. If you see any improvement, then he or she will add or change a prescription. Some common examples of medication prescribed are: Some common examples of the drug are:
    • Antidiarrheal medications, such as loperamide are ideal for mild symptoms, stopping painful spasms in the intestine. Anti-diarrhea medicines, such as loperamide is ideal for mild symptoms, and stop painful spasms in the intestines.
    • Aminosalicylates (mesalamine or sulfasalazine) will manage most of the painful symptoms. Will Aminosalicylates (mesalamine or sulfasalazine) most of the management of painful symptoms.
    • Antibiotics (metronidazole or ciprofloxacin) can be taken with aminosalicylates. Can be taken antibiotics (metronidazole or ciprofloxacin) and aminosalicylates.
    • Corticosteroids (prednisone or budesonide) can be given to control inflammations. Can be given steroids (prednisone or budesonide) to control inflammation. This medication might have other side effects, so they must be taken in moderation. This drug may have other side effects, so it must be taken in moderation.
    • Medications for suppressing the immune system can be taken if the above medicines don’t work or if symptoms come back. Drugs that can be taken to suppress the immune system if the drugs mentioned above do not work or if symptoms return.

  15. mss glittery /

    1-she have to rest in here bed ..2- Food high in protein and calories and low in fiber, which can lead to abdominal pain due to tightness in the intestine. 3- – The use of drugs available to treat this disease. The most important Alakakirha cortisone Glucocorticosteroids and Alsafassalazen Sulphasalazin, and other compounds such as Alosekol Asacol, Pintasa, and other specially made to reduce the chronic inflammation in the lining of the intestine, and plays a real estate Aazotheiobrin Azathioprine an important role in reducing the amount of cortisone used and the drug last is to reduce the immune system to reduce the severity of inflammation 4- Surgery to play a role in cases of bowel obstruction not responding to drugs, and the presence of bacterial Suppurations, and fistula. And avoids Dr. processor surgery, where the disease often comes back in the same place grubber from the intestine, and also that the multiplicity of times surgery leads to a palace in the length of the intestine that lead to poor in the process of absorption resulting in an extremely weak, forcing Dr. to resort to other ways to feed. oh thats too long sorry .. but firt of all make sure about that and you can search here http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/health/how-to-get-rid-of-crohns-disease/

  16. mss glittery /

    hey david i can help you .. about your sis just wait ..

  17. mss glittery /

    thanks for the vlog david .. i just waiting to to reply me on the tweet .. anyway thanks again.. and i hope your sis get batter .. soon ..

  18. lesarchie /

    Thanks for your blog David. I don’t know about Crohn’s disease. I thought eat more fruits and vegetables better than more meat. Hope that your sister will get well soon.God bless u.

  19. heartsong /

    David, have you seen this video response to your request about information about Crohn’s disease from Rick Geswell of CCFA? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAuFGKvZ7jU

  20. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Hi David :) Just wanted to stop by & thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to keep in touch with us with your recent vlog. We just love hearing from you! I pre-ordered MOTAB/GCT CD/DVD ~have received the DVD & been enjoying it SO MUCH..almost like being back there again listening to your glorious voice in person..a memory I’ll treasure forever. My CD is on its way..just got word in an e-mail ~ yeah! My favorite thing to do is put in one of your CDs & go for a long drive~music full volume! I do it often! Want you to know that your Sister will be in my prayers. Take care♥

  21. cheer2012 /

    David, i actually have Crohn’s Disease. i’m 17 and have had it for 2 years. i have a remicade infusion every other month and it sucks cuz i gotta sit there for 2 hours while it goes into my system plus i HATE needles so its like adding insult to injury for me. i don’t know if your sis has to have an infusion but i found that midol actually helps the inflamation go down a lot, and it might help her. also if i eat spicy food it irritates my stomach so i dont eat anything spicy, i dont like spicy food anyways but i do like somewhat mildly spicy but i find that even the smallest of spicyness hurts and can cause an attack. the pain gets pretty bad that i have to miss school sometimes. a lotta people think i fake it when i get these attacks. there are different types of ways Crohn’s can affect. there are the “can’t go often type” and there is the normal of “going often type”. So on a nicer image i think its so cool that ur being a concerened bro to ur sis, i can tell u love ur fam. u and ur fam will be in my prayers more often than u have. u r an inspiration to me, i’m hard-of-hearing and i love ur music and hope there is another album on the way cuz i would like some more music to memorize how to sign!! i hope that there r more tours soon:D <3 u David and hope to meet u again!! (i met u like twice, i wouldnt expect u to remember haha:) and ive been to 3 concets too!!) i was the girl that signed to u at the christmas concert of urs in stroudsburg when asking u a question. :) God Bless!!
    <3 Nicole:)

  22. mariaimagine /

    Hope your sister is feeling better! I have a friend with Crohn’s disease and though I don’t really understand it, I know it is tough for her. Your sister is in my prayers!

  23. heartsong /

    Hi David, I’m anxiously awaiting my pre-order of Glad Christmas Tidings DVD/CD! I’m grateful to have been there for the Thursday performance…unforgettable and just so beautiful in so many ways.

    I’m so sorry you hear of your sister’s condition. I don’t know much about Crohn’s (only what I’ve read), but I’ll be praying for her and for the family. It has to be hard to deal with something that affects you so basically and affects everything you eat and how your stress level is. I really will be praying for relief for her.

    Thanks for your blog!! I always appreciate that you take the time to update us in a blog. :)

    Enjoy your upcoming events. I look forward to hearing more about upcoming projects and am anxiously awaiting Christmas tour dates as well! :)

    Thanks again, David!

  24. Thank you for the vlog and ‘woo hoo’ is right for release day of Glad Christmas Tidings. I’ve watched the DVD over and over and enjoy it immensely. So proud of you! Sorry to hear your sister is going through a rough time. She will be in my prayers.

  25. skyangel /

    P.S. Can’t wait to hear more about the new project your working on!! Hope everything works out!!! Thank you again for GTC… amazing to have a DVD of you and the choir!!! Christmas music and you are a great combination!!! Heaven on earth!!! And God bless you and your family <3 I hope your sister finds the help she needs. There has been a huge response and lots of good help here :) We care about you and your family here. Wishing the best for all of you! Love, Support and Peace!

  26. skyangel /

    These are some really good links for David’s sister. I hope this helps :)

  27. skyangel /

    I love this lol… oh gosh. I. Lovee. him. haha
    Posted by David in awesome, Blogs, David

  28. Great update. Thanks for all the info for upcoming events. GCT is just beautiful.

    I worked with people with irritable bowel disease early in my nursing days. There is alot of great research going on.

    A few good links for info:

    Center for Disease Control: http://www.cdc.gov/ibd/

    American College of Gastroenterology (this is an association of doctors who treat GI conditions) – the link is to a podcast on inflammatory bowel disease: http://www.acg.gi.org/patients/ibdpodcast.asp

    And they have an short informative podcast for children and teens with IBD: http://www.acg.gi.org/podcasts/Dubinsky/DubChallenges_for_children_and_teens_with_IBD.mp3

    Last, here is a link to an organization for families and youth with IBD to reach out to for a “hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on and the voices of experience…”:

    Best wishes to your sister.

  29. angelaschl /

    My nephew was just diagnosed with It last year. It was his senior year of high school. Every person is different. He takes medications and eats low sugar, low fat, dairy free and wheat free. He doesn’t follow this diet all the time, but if the symptoms start he goes back. He was pretty athletic before, then he started loosing weight when he was sick. Now, he started sports again and is enrolled in a firefighting program. I’m sorry to hear about your sister. It will get better I promise!

  30. Really glad to hear from you. I’ll be keeping your sister in my prayers every day. Also the rest of your family. We know God is in control. I’ve already ordered the DVD and CD. Can’t wait to hear it. I’m sure I’ll listen to it every day, just like I do with all your other CDs.haha ( actually I’m not kidding….I DO listen to your music every day, driving bak and forth to work.It keeps me in a good mood.

  31. Hi David! I’m so sorry to hear that one of your sisters has Crohn’s, but thank you for letting us know~ aren’t we all here to help each other out when and however we can? My bro was diagnosed when he was 12. It’s a very tough disease in that it’s very individualized. My bro had big ups & downs for yrs but was blessed never to have needed surgery. Many things you can’t control about how the disease waxes & wains, foods that he can or can’t digest, his energy level, wt. loss, … but the things that have been most impt are: a good GI Dr. who specializes in Crohns (I’m biased to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (but they’re also located in AZ and FL) because #1 Their Digestive MDs & research team are excellent! #2 I worked there for years, and #3 I know he’s had good care there over the yrs. Does she see someone regularly? Another big thing that is important in trying to stabilize Crohns is “pt. compliance.” Compliance with diet, meds, activity, etc. Nutrition is vital, though., and a good dietician who “clicks” well with your sis can help her understand her nutritional needs, limitations, and adjust accordingly. Another huge factor (at least for my bro) is stress management. The more immediate stress, the increased # and severity of flareups. This is a good Mayo Clinic website to visit . http://bit.ly/nEIBXn http://bit.ly/qEp0AU They also have a good online community …it’s a great resource. I’ve seen many other books & sites recommended to you, too. The promising thing is that there are more new advancements to help improve a person’s health and outlook. The other HUGE thing that you’ve opened by letting us know is our ability to be able to pray for healing. (potentially THE best medicine of all.) :) Big (((hugs))) to your sis & your family~ you’re all in it together ~ . Btw, I loved your vlog!! LOVE GCT & I feel so very blessed to have been there in UT last Dec.!! Can’t wait to hear more abt what you’re working on for us now! *you’re spoiling us!! haha Have an awesome day! :)

    View on Twitter

  32. I hope your sister is able to be in touch with Casey Abrams since he’s raising awareness about IBD and Crohn’s, as you are probably aware: http://idolwatchnews.blogspot.com/2011/07/casey-abrams-raising-awareness-for-ibd.html Best wishes to your family.

  33. somethingboutlife /

    hey david! sorry to hear about your sister. i gooled crohns disease for her. i think a ton if your fans did too haha. you’ve got some pretty helpful fans lol. anyway i found a few things that might be helpful. tell your sister to stay away from foods that are high in lactose. and fish is good thing to eat. tell her to stay from or instead of frying it, boil it or bake it! hope this helps!! :)

  34. skyangel /

    Fun to know that you’re into history. Looking up Labour Day. :) And also was interesting to hear about Spirited Away movie, it has great messages!!! Thank you David!! You loooook cute!! :)) SO nice to see you! And you’ve been doing an excellent job with the blogging!

  35. skyangel /

    Thanks for the blog!!! Sorry to hear about your sister… our hearts go out to her and your family <33 Glad Christmas Tidings is AMAZING Christmas music!!! So glad you're performing at the Spanish GALA!!! Awesome!!

  36. rastos7 /

    It was GREAT to hear from you again!! So excited for the DVD and CD to come out!! So sorry to hear about your sister. She is in my prayers. I have several friends who suffer from this. I believe God provided many natural ways for us to help heal our bodies. Please check out the book “Patient heal thyself” by Jordan Rubin. EXCELLENT book even for those who don’t have crohn’s disease. I noticed that someone else listed his website. Also he followed up with “The Makers Diet”. Both books are wonderful. And I do believe that coconut oil is amazing for many things :) May God bless you in all you do!! Looking forward to hearing you sing again :)

  37. KimmieDavid /

    Thanks for the blog David! I love all your blogs. You can never ramble too much. Excited about Glad Christmas Tidings too. The fans love everything you do.
    Sorry to hear about your sister too. I hate she is going through this, and having a rough time of it right now too. Hopefully she will go into remission soon for a long while. Although I know it is different for different people. Have you checked this website out? It has a lot of good info about the disease and might be helpful to you and her. I hope she gets to feeling better very soon. She and your family are in my prayers.

  38. Hi David! Thanks for the vlog… nice to hear from you again! Have fun at the Constitution Fair and in DC…looking forward to seeing videos of your performances if possible.
    Just wanted to let you know that my son has Crohn’s Disease..he was diagnosed at 14 (he is 20 now). Unfortunately the usual meds didn’t work for him so he now takes Remicade treatements…IV infusions that he gets every 8 weeks. He has been in complete remission since then. They are very, very expensive…so it helps to have good insurance. The Dr said diet really doesn’t make much difference…but it helps to stay away from things that cause irritation (everyone is different..just trial and error). Good luck to your sister…hope and pray she does well with treatment. I know how difficult this disease can be and my heart goes out to her!
    God Bless!

  39. nit@nit /

    hai david i’m sorry bout ur sister.. i’ll pray for her so she can get better soon.. ow i have a link maybe it could help you to know more bout crohn’s disease here’s the link.. i hope u would like to check this link


    the owner of the link is Jordan Rubin, he was diagnosed with crohn’s disease too.. i hope it help :)

    you can also follow him on twitter @jordansrubin if you have a question for him.. GBU david

  40. rania bsa /

    hai vid, about your sister disease you can open this link http://www.medicinenet.com/crohns_disease/article.htm . hope your sister get well soon.. :))

  41. canarchaudry /

    First of, Thanks for the special vlog and weekly update, David. As you know, everyone is excited about the release of “Glad Christmas tidings” DVD/CD!..I was actually bummed for not being able to attend the concert in Utah and been waiting for this day to come. Truly excited to be able to have the DVD/CD and watch the whole concert on the big screen..yeah,I also wonder about who will be distributing the 5000 copies that you signed David. I can only hope that Amazon.com will get some of those copies for the fans!! lol..but..I will understand if I don’t get it coz I know not everyone will get the limited signed copy.

    I am sorry to hear about your sister David. Crohn’s disease
    from what I heard is an autoimmune disease and can sometimes
    trigger by stress. Like you said thou, it affects people in many different ways. I noticed a lot of fans sent you good websites with good informations in controlling the flare up..If you don’t mind, may I add another website (if she has not seen this already) which I think might be helpful for her well being and condition.



    Well,I missed rambling on your last vlog and I could easily ramble more here but I better not haha. Kinda embarrasing when I am not making sense sometimes. Anyway,thank you again for the vlog and updates about your songwriting and stuff. Hope your sister will get better..I shall keep her in my prayers. Take care always and goodnight to you and your family David:):):)>

  42. Thanks for vblog update David :D

    Your sister problem, i’m so sorry… nothing I can do but I wish for the best …

    My mom said that coconut oil have a lot of good effect for our health…

    I trid and i think she right

    So let’s try it … I think

  43. pabuckie /

    So sorry to hear about your sister, David. I don’t know much about it, but will keep her in my prayers. I have the DVD of Glad Christmas Tidings and you and the choir are beautiful in it! Your voice on these Christmas songs — I can’t even describe it. I’m happy to hear of your upcoming events. Hope you can come to the NY area so I can see you again. Love You David! Thanks for the awesome vlog!

  44. TheNZArchAngel /

    oops sorry I meant “diet can affect its” not it’s. One apostrophe changes everything doesn’t it lol.
    But anyway, your sis can get through this!! Have faith and God Bless.

  45. TheNZArchAngel /

    Thanks for the blog David! Many congrats on your concert with the MoTab Choir and the release of Glad Christmas Tidings!! So happy for you :)
    Crohn’s Disease is as a result of over-the-top activiation of the immune system. Like, when the immune system is attacked, it leads the immune response to malfunction. Not sure what exactly causes Crohn’s Disease, but diet can affect it’s progress/inhibition. It’s best to avoid dairy food, and stick to the diet she is recommended on.
    My thoughts and prayers are with your sister <3

  46. Scott_NJ /

    Thanks for the blog! I was at the MoTab concert last Christmas and I am VERY excited for The DVD/CD! I actually got my DVD’s from Deseret book already and it’s AMAZING ! Great to be able to relive it!! Your voice with the Choir is breathtaking! Hmm.. Can’t wait to find out about the project you are working on ..Sounds exciting! Oh yes and I will be in Gilbert for he Show and I live in NJ! lol Exciting about the D.C show too! 
    Sorry about your sister having Crohn’s. I’ve heard of it but don’t know alot about it. I will keep her in my prayers though.

  47. SlashFox14 /

    Nice video blog. :) Hope you sister gets better soon. God bless you and your family.

  48. Heidijoy /

    Thanks for the Vlog David. Would love to know more about the Spanish Gala in DC and what song you will sing. Also looking forward to hearing more about your new songs and what is planned for a Winter Tour.
    Love the GCT DVD and Itunes of your songs. I’ll probably have the DVD worn out by Christmas. So proud of you and it brings back the memories of seeing you with the Morman Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra last year and meeting many of your other fans. You continue to bring us joy.

    Best wishes to your sister in her recovery. You are a great brother and devoted family man. Bless You and those you are concerned with.

  49. Thanks for the blog David! :) Can’t wait to get GCT and hope your sister feels better <3

  50. pringle3 /

    Thanks for keeping us updated as always, David. Excited for your upcoming events. Sorry to hear about your sister’s troubles. I have an older friend who has a son in his 50s with crohns and it’s not an easy thing to live with. Below this note are two links, I tweeted you one of them, with loads of info on crohns. It’s one of the more difficult in a family of intestinal issues. Like DBSandra said, your sister will need to watch what she eats as there are certain foods that can aggravate these types of conditions. WebMD also has a community for people with crohns, so your sister might want to look into that so she can get advice from others who have it. I hope she feels better soon and I’ll be keeping her and you and the rest of your family in my prayers :hugs:



  51. DBSandra-VZLA /

    David, forgot to add: Tell your sister to stop eating meat! all types! you should try to stop eating so much meat. It will help her and it will help you to have better health & it will also help stop animal cruelty. Take care!

  52. DBSandra-VZLA /

    Thanks for the vlog David! thanks for always taking the time for us. I’m excited about the GCT CD/DVD! I can’t wait to see the concert on TV. Sorry to hear about your sister :( I understand what she’s going through completely. I don’t suffer from Crohn’s disease but due to radiotherapy, I have some of the same symptoms. It’s a BIG and DAILY headache. She has to take care of what she eats of course. It’d good if she goes to a nutritionist. Please tell her to find info about homeopathic medication; natural remedies. It might help her. I wish I could help her in any way. I know how she feels. I wish her ALL the best! the best to all your family and to you too! God bless you!