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“Glad Christmas Tidings”

“Glad Christmas Tidings”

Jul 7, 2011

During December 2010, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square, and Bells on Temple Square were joined by singing sensation David Archuleta in a series of concerts that gloried in the old-time pioneer Christmases of centuries past, thrilling a combined audience of more than 80,000 in the Conference Center at Temple Square. Through magnificent music and spectacular dancing, the audience was transported back to simpler times on the frontier, when Christmas evoked the glow of candles and log fires, the smell of fir trees, and the frosty wideness of star-filled winter skies.

In this live recording from the concert series, David Archuleta sings of those Bethlehem shepherds in magnificent new arrangements of “Silent Night” and “The Cat and the Mouse Carol.” He reiterates the angel’s jubilant message in “Joy to the World,” and repeats the shepherds’ call to “Come, let us adore Him” in the Christmas classic “Gesú bambino.” In a nod to his own Latino heritage, Archuleta brings youthful charm and enthusiasm to “Los pastores a belén,” a favorite Spanish carol about the Bethlehem shepherds.

Alongside these outstanding solos, the Choir presents an energetic opening processional based on “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks,” majestic choruses by Mozart and Vaughan Williams, a dancing interpretation of three European carols, and the serene stillness of “Away in a Manger,” one of the most popular American Christmas carols. With organist Richard Elliott’s spirited reinterpretation of “Deck the Halls” as a rustic hoedown, and the rousing refrain of “Angels, from the Realms of Glory”—the Choir’s signature finale—this recording enthusiastically celebrates the “good tidings of great joy” heard on the hills outside Bethlehem that first Christmas night.

The full concert is available on DVD. And continuing a Christmas tradition, PBS will broadcast a one-hour version of the show during the holiday season.

Source: www.MormonTabernacleChoir.com


“Glad Christmas Tidings” (DVD)

Release date: September 6, 2011
SKU (Deseret Book): 5060815
Price: $24.98


“Glad Christmas Tidings” (CD)

Release date: September 6, 2011
SKU (Deseret Book): 5060810
Price: $18.98

1. Processional: “A Christmas Roundelay” (4:46) – Choir, Orchestra, and Bells

2. “Joy to the World” (3:20) – Choir, Orchestra, and Bells, feat. David Archuleta

3. “The Cat and the Mouse Carol” (6:28) – Choir and Orchestra, feat. David Archuleta

4. “Gloria in excelsis” from Mass in C Minor (2:23) – Choir and Orchestra

5. “Gesú bambino” (4:21) – Choir and Orchestra, feat. David Archuleta

6. “Ring Out, Ye Crystal Spheres” from Hodie (4:29) – Choir and Orchestra

7. “Los pastores a belén” (2:58) – David Archuleta with Orchestra

8. “Silent Night” (4:45) – Choir and Orchestra, feat. David Archuleta

9. Three Dancing Carols (5:47) – Choir, Orchestra, and Bells

10. A Holiday Hoedown for Organ (“Deck Them Halls”) (2:17) – Organist: Richard Elliott

11. “Away in a Manger” (3:34) – Choir and Orchestra

12. “Angels, from the Realms of Glory” (4:39) – Choir, Orchestra, and Bells, feat. David Archuleta

13. Sing, Choirs of Angels! (14:58) – Narrator: Michael York
Total running time: 65:44

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  1. Shirley /

    So happy that I’m finally able to download the songs that David sang with the Motab Choir over at Itunes. Beautiful music and exquisite performance….what a great combination, absolutely stunning!!!

  2. Heidijoy /

    Update: Glad Christmas Tidings now available for pre order on Itunes SNIPPITS AVAILABE TO HEAR THE SONGS.

  3. Heidijoy /

    I got my Glad Christmas Tidings today and have watched it twice so far. Oh it is so great to relive that experience.
    This copy came from Deseret which is sending it out early.
    Have also ordered from Ensign and Amazon.
    I’m in heaven. David is definitely featured in all the songs he sang and there is a special section where he talks of his experience and they add clips of his songs again. Well worth the investment. I’m in heaven.

    Both Deseret and Amazon service International fans on line for ordering. I checked for countries mentioned in this comments section and Amazon has listed all of them. Go to the section Shop here and check for sure.

  4. Bubalubas /

    I am sooooo excited. I got the opportunity to go to this concert twice… and David was simply amazing. Can’t wait to hear these songs again!!!! love you david!

  5. i love to have a copy of the dvd and cd… i’m from the philippines… just wanna ask HOW?

    will it be available here?

  6. Heidijoy /

    oops Its http:tinyurl.com/3ns4z7k.

    Credit goes to Angelica from TheVoice/David Archuleta for checking for a Finland fan.

    I then called and they name off numerous countries ie; Mexico,Phillipines,Norway, etc etc.

    I’ve also informed Administration here , so hopefully everyone will get the word.

    Can’t wait!!

  7. Heidijoy /

    I called Deseret Book store toll free 1-888-846-7302 and they said they do sell Internationally and you can order on line. http:tinyurl.com/3nz4z7z or call toll free.

  8. TheNZArchAngel /

    Wish I was able to go to this incredible concert.,but SO excited for the CD/DVD to come out too! Can’t wait!!! :D

  9. peglad /

    David is sings 5000 CD, can I get one? ( I’m in Vietnam)
    I think I have to order DVD haha

  10. skyangel /

    David is signing TODAY!!! I would love a signed one!! please let us know how to get one of the signed ones!!! THANK YOU!!!

  11. andzmendoza /

    carry on, carry on!! great job david, am really impressed to your heavenly talent, besides carrying out and proclaim to the world, the belief of the church. humble & proud to be an LDS… hooray,

  12. djafanfromil /

    I wonder if David gets any financial benefits from the album sales. I know that Mormon Church will get the profits, but I really hope that David will get awarded with monetary value.

  13. Shirley /

    Cant wait to receive my CD/DVD. A friend who had the chance to attend the concert had these exact words for me ‘YOU WILL DIE’ when you get to watch the DVD…so I am very well prepared. Bring it on, David! :D

  14. Shuyee /

    I have order and just can’t wait to receive it. I hope David will have a Christmas Concert Tour to Malaysia! It will be so amazing.

  15. blue123 /

    can’t wait!

  16. Will be avaliable in iTunes store?

  17. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee /

    Was so fortunate to have attended MOTAB..was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! David simply glowed during his performance there..so blessed to witness this incredible event. To be able to re-live the experience will be heaven-sent for me!

  18. MannySteward /

    will it be available in Singapore ? pls tell me !!!!!!!11

  19. Kathy /

    I also traveled from Michigan to this epic event! I’ll never forget the experience of David singing his heart out with such joy on his face! I was just burtsin’ at the seams with pride and happiness for him!
    This CD/DVD will make excellent gifts! Can’t wait!

  20. lovefrommich /

    This is going to be so awesome! I came from Michigan to see David perform with the Motab choir and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I know that David doesn’t really understand how & why we love him as we do, and that’s ok! Please pass along my thanks to him for having the courage to share his voice with us. I have been blessed and honored to be his fan.

  21. ds1no /

    Woohoo to September 6th! It will be an early birthday present to myself. I wasn’t able to attend in December but just watching the youtube versions were wonderful.

  22. Oh it sure was! Can’t wait to see it again!

  23. djafan /

    I’m so anxious for the DVD! I saw the live performance and there are no words to express the magic David creates with his amazing voice

  24. this is gonna be awesome!!!!! :DD hopefully it will be available in Asia too!!! it will surely get a good response over here as we love him here too much already!! hehe!!! :D

  25. DBSandra-VZLA /

    Wonderful news! I can’t wait to get the DVD & CD. Also it’s going to be a great Christmas present for family/friends. The cover picture on the DVD :o) That smile! that smile!!!! Dios te bendiga David!

  26. shelley /

    So is it September 6th yet??? I am soooo excited for this!!!!!

  27. MannySteward /

    Thanks! pls tell me when u find out ^^!

  28. admin /

    We don’t know but we are trying to find out.

  29. admin /

    Oh yes, then that’s a very good sign! I look forward to hearing that David’s CD with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is sold in Mexico. If not, I have used Amazon USA to purchase CDs to be shipped to other countries.

  30. Yes, there are 7 albums on sold, the most recently its called “Christmas Collection” Pack of 3 CDs. Includes the recording of the anual christmas concerts of the Mormon tabernacle choir With some invited Artist: Spirit of season ( with Sissel), Rejoice and Be Merry (with The king’s singers) and The Wonder of Christmas (with Various Artist).
    Well if this got not on sale, will this be able for shipping to mexico? (by a online buy)

  31. MannySteward /

    Can i buy this in Singapore and Viet Nam

  32. admin /

    We don’t know yet. Do you know if other Mormon Tabernacle Choir recordings are sold there?

  33. MannySteward /

    Awesome…i HAVE to buy this DVD/CD…crazy love ya ^^! David ^^!…

  34. rocktellme /

    Christmas is coming:))) Can’t wait for the moment when I receive and open both CD/DVD!!!!!

  35. Will this be avaliable in méxico?

  36. OMG, the mormon tabernacle my spirit wants this =D

  37. Awesome!! (: Gonna Buy It On The First Day It Comes Out!

  38. So wonderful,I will buy CD/DVD because I love David

  39. Jonerz /

    Is it September 6th yet??????? Can’t wait to share the wonder of David with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir with my friends and family!

  40. I hope I can buy both of them!! Especially the DVD!! Please.. let them be available in Asia too! :D

  41. rarchiefan /

    Counting down to have this wonderful CD/DVD in my collection, but mostly to try and relive the wonderful moment of sitting in the beautiful conference center and listening to David and that glorious choir, sing. It was a little bit of heaven. Not enough words to express the joy.

  42. barbs /

    Today I came here first, Admin. Just thought I’d let you know;)

  43. skyangel /

    when the pic on the main banner flashed to this pic! All I can say is WOW!

  44. I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT for these goodies to come out. Will buy them for sure! I want them in my hands NOW! Wish I had been able to go, but I live too far for my parents to feel safe about me traveling, ha.

  45. Bebereader /

    I can’t get past that incredible smile on David’s face!

    Looking forward to receiving my copies of what is sure to be an amazing CD/DVD.

  46. KarlaArchiee /

    i hope they sell them everywhere..Target is good!

  47. KarlaArchiee /

    I cat wait to get both of them! Super Excited :D!

  48. karoanton /

    *sigh* David in a bowtie :)

  49. skyangel /

    Really looking forward to getting this! Noone can do Christmas music like David Archuleta can!

  50. bepiarchie28 /

    WOW!!! I can’t wait for this, either! I love the traditional Christmas songs and I LOVE David!!!!!!!!! <3

  51. nit@nit /

    thank you.. i’ll wait for the update :)

  52. admin /

    I don’t know! Will try to find out.

  53. nit@nit /

    i have to get the DVD !!! i’m excited :) but will this cd n dvd being released in asia too ??? cos i live in Indonesia…

  54. Last year it was sold at Target lol :)

  55. melissad309 /

    I am so excited to get the dvd and cd of this!! Are we only going to be able to purchase it from deseretbook.com? or is it going to be sold anywhere else?

  56. joyacht /

    So excited! Can’t wait for this CD/DVD, woohooo!

  57. bluebar /

    “Bravo” to David, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Michael York – bringing the message of the season! This is your gift… to us!

  58. HanneDenmark /

    Ahhh this makes my heart beat a little faster in anticipation of what I’m going to experience when I receive this gift from David and the MOTAB choir <3

    I didn't go to the concert – but I "saw" the reaction from those that did – it was a once in a lifetime experience that will stay in their hearts forever!! I'm so happy that Christmas comes early this year :)

  59. rusharr /

    Hmm MUST get this CD&DVD!!

  60. syd-sf /

    Finally! I didn’t get to attend the concert and been anxiously waiting for the release date of cd/dvd!

  61. lanick /

    Holy Jesus!!! This is so excited. Sooo looking forward for this CD & DVD! :) I hope the Asian fans we’ll be able to get them :)

  62. pabuckie /

    I wasn’t there but I cannot wait to buy this! David and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir together will be a treasure to behold!

  63. AnneMarieFOD /

    I cannot wait to get this CD/DVD! I attended the Sunday performance and it was such a beautiful, moving experience! I also cannot wait to share this with family and friends! Everyone is getting a copy! :)That weekend holds such special memories for me and with the wonderful folks I was able to experience it with! :)

  64. Scott_NJ /

    I was at the MoTab concert and I am SOOOO looking forward to the CD/DVD ! What an incredible show it was. David and the Choir together was unforgetable! Such great memories! Everyone is getting a copy for Christmas this year!!

  65. SlashFox14 /


  66. --bianca /

    Christmas shopping is so easy this year!

    Seriously, best concert ever. I can’t wait for my copies!

  67. heartsong /

    I can’t even begin to say how excited I am to get this CD and DVD so I can relive the incredible experience I had with great friends in Salt Lake City last December. :)